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Running Woes

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I can't wait for running to get easy :(

I know I need to just accept that some days are easier than others, and that's life. But I get frustrated!

Today I headed out for my run, 3.15 miles mapped out, and I am determined to jog the whole thing, even if it takes me 50 minutes! (this is not counting my warm up walk and cool down walk.)

Well, instead, 5 minutes in I feel so sore and out of breath that I decide I will take a 1 minute walking break, so I do. After 1 minute of walking I painfully struggle through another couple minutes of jogging but by this point I'm only half jogging and half limping in pain.

So instead I went 1.64 miles, mostly walking. (this is counting my warm up walk and cool down walk. )

I don't know what was going on. Once I slowed to a walk, my legs still hurt but I wasn't limping anymore and I wasn't feeling sore at all before I started running.

I just keep telling myself- I will get there eventually. Eventually.


Running Update

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So today I tried to do a 5K route near my house to see how it would go. I jogged for 30 minutes, then slowed and walked for 3, jogged for 3, walked for 3 and then jogged and walked uneven intervals the rest of the way (slowing to a walk several times because of people who didn't have their dogs on leashes -_- I don't like jogging by unleashed dogs. Jogging makes me far more dog paranoid than walking, because the mere act of jogging has the ability to trigger a dogs instinct to chase things that walking may not).
It took me 51 minutes total and turns out I was a little off about the route so it actually was just a slight bit short of a 5K.
Pace was 17 min/mile average.
Really frustrating seeing how far from my 30 minute 5K goal I still am when I thought I was so close to it.

And my feet are so sore today now :(

Also, still didn't lose any weight this week again.


Starvation Study

Saturday, August 14, 2010

So someone just was talking about this study, and I looked it up on wikipedia:

I'm kind of creeped out.
Right now my calorie range on here is 1,200-1,550. The starvation diet used in the experiment was 1,560.

On one hand, it makes me worry that this isn't as healthy as it's made out to be.

On the other hand, I'm stuck wondering how anyone can be so starved by 1,560 calories that they cut off their fingers o.0

One the one hand, scary possible consequences of me eating this little.

On the other hand, it doesn't feel like a "starvation diet" to me at all.

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GIRRRLYCHILD 8/14/2010 11:38PM

    they had them eating over 3000 calories at first! i wonder how many gained weight during that phase? and the 1560 phase is a "semi-starvation" phase, which sounds about right. i mean, we'd be eating more than that if we weren't purposely restricting our food intake. i dunno. i'm not too worried about it. :)

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Frustrated with my Health

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my health I want to cry, and sometimes I do. This is one of those times.

I was reading a conversation online today where this person was talking about all the endocrine problems that can cause weight gain and how these are so poorly understood by most doctors and not even tested for most of the time, et cetera. And the thing is, I start to wonder if my weight is somehow medically caused because it has become so incredibly hard for me to lose weight. Even when I'm watching what I eat and exercising, I just can't seem to lose the weight. Added in with the fact that years ago when I went from aprox 150 to 200 it was not gradual. So often on here I hear "you didn't gain the weight overnight, so you can't expect to lose it overnight either". Things is, for me, it pretty much was overnight that I gained 50lbs. Sure, 150 I wasn't that skinny. But 150 is very different than 200. At the time I attributed the weight gain to me giving up caffeine. I've reintroduced caffeine with no changes.
My thyroid is normal, so that is ruled out. But then people are talking about cushings, and pcos, and a whole bunch of unnamed disorders just being discovered, and yada yada.
I'm not giving up my weight loss through diet/exercise efforts. I'm not expecting for doctors to be able to give me a magic pill that allows me to sit on my ass eating ice cream all day and still lose weight. But if there is something medical at work, then it would help me a lot to know about it, even if there is no medication to treat it and I just have to work 10 times harder for the same result than a healthy person. And if there is a treatment, chances are I'm not getting all the way to my goal without it.
But who knows? Maybe I'm also just fat and my endocrine system and hormones are all perfectly fine. Only thing I've had tests done for (when it comes to endocrine/hormones) is my TSH and FT4 thyroid tests, so I don't know.

But googling some of these disorders makes me realize how general my problems are. I mean, my biggest issue that I'm trying to get help with is the fatigue. You know what conditions fatigue is a symptom of? ALL OF THEM! Everything! It makes me feel like I will never know what this is, and never have an explanation or a treatment.

I'm also frustrated today because my body temp when I randomly took it (don't recall why) was 95.8. It's hot out! Why is my body temp under 96? Similarly, I often have low fevers for no reason. And my body temperature in my heated house in the winter regularly falls below 95, even below 94. Which is not normal.
Likewise I have been feeling happy about my blood pressure being low most of the time. Except for no identifiable reason, every now and then my diastolic shoots up to 95+ and my heart rate shoots up over 100. (Systolic is never high). But at the same time, it's occasionally diastolic under 70, Systolic under 100. Not hypotension low, but fairly low.
I was googling to see if there was information on why my blood pressure might be high for no known reason just every now and then and read got a bunch of sites talking about how this causes an even higher risk of stroke than consistently high blood pressure. Great. But doesn't treatment run the risk of occasionally causing me hypotension when my blood pressure occasionally is also below "normal"?
It just makes me feel like my body is messed up, and I'm never going to know how or why, or be able to fix it.

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GIRRRLYCHILD 8/14/2010 11:03PM

    that sounds like me. i've always been heavy, but when i went off the pill, i gained 40 lbs in seriously no more than 2 months. and i agree, even a diagnosis without any treatment can help a person stay motivated. at least then you know for sure that there's something else at work and get the nagging feeling that you're doing something to sabotage yourself out of your head. just keep telling yourself that your healthy lifestyle is worth it even if you aren't losing weight.

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PATTISWIMMER 8/14/2010 4:26AM

    Well I am not losing too fast either but staying within my calories and exercising 2 hours a day... so I added the iodine supplement by having kelp in case it is thyroid... I don't know I don't use salt in years... I also exercise twice a day and have small meals.I did lose 20 pounds but that was March to May

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Push Up Problems, C25K and Feeling Fat

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So, I really want to be able to do good form, real push ups. I started doing the knee push ups because using a stool to lift my upper body never seemed to give me a good enough chest workout, but I cannot get real push ups. I know there is debate over whether or not knee push ups are an acceptable easier variation. That's not my issue though. I have real problems with push up form. I know I'm doing it wrong, and that is a big part of my problem- how to do it right, I just can't seem to get my body to do. I was doing some yesterday and was frustrated because I didn't feel any workout in my muscles, just joint discomfort. My wrists never seem to be in a good angle (I would like to try those push up floor bar things to help with the wrist issues, but I have no money and no income right now, so not happening...), as well, I can't seem to get my elbows to bend how they are supposed to, and my elbows end up feeling uncomfortable. It's making my consider just giving up on push ups :(

As for C25K, I sort of jumped ahead today. I was supposed to jog 25 minutes I think, but I decided I wanted to keep jogging until I was five minutes walking distance from my house. Ended up taking me till 32 minutes exactly of jogging. I know I have shouldn't push it like that, but I was in a real rush today and didn't want to spend more time by walking that extra distance. At this point, while it still is not easy, distance/length of time is not really my biggest issue. It's speed. I can jog 32 minutes at a just slightly faster than my walking speed (the jogging speed where serious speed walkers are flying by me), but I have trouble getting faster.

Including my warm up and cool down walks (10 minutes of it) it took me 42 minutes today to complete the 2.26 mile loop. So that averages according to sparkpeople's fitness tracker to 19 min/mile pace. Which means slower when I was walking, faster when I was running. But obviously not by insane amounts. In theory, according to C25Ks estimates, 30 minutes of jogging should be approximately equal to 3.1 miles. Obviously I'm not even close. And my goal is to run an actual 5K race in a time that is at least only moderately embarrassing.

In weight issues, I haven't lost much recently. I have a wardrobe in my room with mirror doors, so that I can see myself pretty much at all times in my room. It helps for getting dressed and seeing how I look, doing hair, et cetera. On the other hand I saw myself as I was getting myself dressed into my workout clothes. I saw myself half naked in the mirror and couldn't believe how old and fat my body looked. I'm only 23, everything looked saggy, I have so much back fat it makes my butt look flat, and all over was just ugh.

Also I checked my goal on here for weight loss and realized my goal date was too far back and that my goal weight was too high. Since starting this healthy wage thing, my goal has changed to being to 125- what I need to be to have a "normal" bmi. I would probably be happy at 135 and technically overweight by bmi, but I only get the $100 if I get to a "normal" bmi. I also have to get there by one year from the time I signed up.
So I changed my spark goal and my calorie intake goals went way down. So perhaps that is part of why I wasn't losing weight. Hopefully this helps. I need to slowly increase my exercise as well. And my "need" I mean "want" because I want to be burning more calories. Eventually need too because I can only go so low on calories, eventual I won't be able to meet the deficit with calories and only a little exercise. Right now I'm set to burn 1500 a week, which I just increased from 1000. My goal is to get up to 3500, but I gotta start getting really fit for that. I would like to help get there by riding my bike more but a few problems:
1. Most of the places I go are downtown Detroit area, which is not a bike-able distance from my house. (Without bad traffic it's a 20 minute drive on the freeway. I cannot bike 70mph.)
2. I still need to get my bike back- it ended up at my grandparents during my move.
3. Winter is coming and biking will be hard then- especially since I cannot count on shoveled or plowed sidewalks or streets around here. Biking in a couple feet of snow is a challenge, but one I don't fit to be worth it.

Right now I have been doing 42-45 minutes for my jogs 3 days a week (sun, tues, thurs), I plan to increase right now by adding in short walks (mon, wed, fri), which are also my current strength training days.

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DEVSANTA 8/11/2010 12:10PM

    For pushups, have you tried doing them on a wall focusing on form? You can move your hands lower and lower down the wall (making sure you think about form) and then get to the floor when you are ready. And you will have been practicing correct form the entire time.

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TAMLKING 8/11/2010 7:11AM

    Push-ups are harder for me too, especially when it comes to form. I know that it is easier to have good form with upper body strength, so work on developing that. And the best way to do that is to keep on with those push-ups!
I had been doing the C25K and had some problems with my knee. Sounds like you're making good progress though, and you keep going back to it and that's important. You'll build up to that 5K in 30 minutes in no time!

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