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The holidays are over

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I got through the holidays just fine. I few too many sweets, but okay.

Tomorrow is doctor day, but I have to work tonight. Things are quiet right now, but I still have one empty room and one client who does not speak English.

Nothing much new here. Looking forward to a fresh start in the new year and possibly getting off some medicine that helped me gain weight. Need to get back in touch with the personal trainer her after the New Year also.

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JIBBIE49 12/30/2008 10:35AM

    That P.T. sounds good. Wish I had one!!!!! emoticon

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Need a Plan

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My latest medication regimen is doing fine. I am more motivated to do thing at work and around the house. At work, I am actually a little hyper, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. At home though when I have several days off, I am still wanting to spend too much time in bed. It seems that I do better when I have something to get up for. One of my docs suggested I get out of the house and do something each day. That helps, but does not stop the sleepiness I feel and lack of motivation on those cloudy, snowy, and or rainy days.

Today my activity was to go to a baby shower. That didn't happen as the mother is on bedrest so the party was canceled. Instead, I went to the gym and did some walking. I am getting better and having plans in place, but it takes quite a bit of effort. Tomorrow is group therapy. Tuesday is the gym. Wednesday, I haven't got a plan for yet.

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JMCAMJ1 12/15/2008 8:14AM

    sounds good!!! i'm glad your feeling better. i wish the best for mom and baby! remember one day at a time.

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JIBBIE49 12/15/2008 3:24AM

    Hope the baby and the mother are fine! Glad you got to the gym. emoticon

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HNOTTINGHAM 12/14/2008 9:00PM

    Sorry to hear that the party was canceled. But you did get to the gym so that was great. Just take each day one at a time.

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DDOORN 12/14/2008 8:35PM

    There is something about those dreary days that seems to take a little extra OOMPH to get going, isn't there?

Glad to hear your meds are working well! I know how tricky that can be to accomplish!

Don, Co-Leader for the All Health Professionals SparkTeam

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Mi Vida Loco

Saturday, December 06, 2008

It seems like over the past week or so, I have been working or seeing doctors. I really haven't had time to blog or even log on to the computer, as I have just been too tired. I can blame part of that on the depression, but that is why all the doctor's appointments. My psychiatrist is trying me on Effexor XR, which seems to be helping. The other issue seems to be missing family around the holidays.

My job is going well. Just applied for a job as a nurse in a dual diagnosis unit. substace abuse and another mental health diagnosis, of the hospital. I have been trying to get such a job for more than a year, but I haven't heard anything on this job yet. On Monday, I may try to talk to the manager of the unit to see if she has already hired someone.

I hope all is going well for you all. I appreciate all your support and concern. I am working with a great team of doctors.

The positive stuff that has happened over the last few weeks include getting an estimate on reshingling the house and got a fuse box fixed. I guess I can credit the interpresonal skills of DBT for this, as I used these projects as my homework for a couple different projects.

Best Holiday wishes to you all.


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JIBBIE49 12/6/2008 10:58AM

    If you don't get the job there, can you possibly volunteer there any? I have read that that is the best way to get a job, so they get to know you and how serious you are to work there.

My friend wanted to work as a Social Worker and had done it years ago and had a college degree. She volunteered in the Mental Health office and then was hired over 70 people, who applied for an opening.

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Patience will bring Victory

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I finally lost instead of gained weight here recently. It had to have been from eating healthier, as my physical activity has not been increased that much. My depression has made me want to sleep whenever I am at home. Anyway4 lbs are gone for now.

DBT is still going okay. This week, I set a goal of calling someone to come repair my roof and I accomplished that. Now I have to call the insurance company to see how much of it they are going to cover.

I have decided to keep doing the personal trainer thing about once a week. That seems to be the best we can do to get together. I meet with her tomorrow for a session.

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JIBBIE49 11/22/2008 9:40PM

    Oh, I'm glad you were able to get some of those "items" off your TO DO LIST. emoticon

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Icky Interpersonal

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The last couple of weeks in DBT, we have been covering interpersonal skills. I didn't understand the assignment for last week, so I need to redo that one before really moving onto the next one. I can kind of do them together and probably will for time's sake. This kind of left me embarressed in front of the class and ashamed personally. This interpersonal stuff is really icky for me, as I try to be very independent and not ask others for help, at times even when I need it.

I have also been greiving the death of an uncle and went to some educational information sessions on things such as domestic violence and violence in the work place that made me quite sad. At least today I am feeling better. Later on, I will meet up with my personal trainer, hopefully that will work out some of this anxiety and sadness.

I know I can do this.
It will just take time.
Patience is key.
I am the door
that it will open
to new opportunities.

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JIBBIE49 10/28/2008 11:53PM

    Patience is the Key is so right. emoticon

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DDOORN 10/28/2008 8:39PM

    It takes a special kind of strength to know when you need to ask for a helping hand...good for you to keep moving forward!


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