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The New Scale...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So I've never been into scales. I prefer to put on previously tightly fitting clothes, and watch them hang on me. So I hadn't weighed myself in years, until I was helping my sister set up her Wii Fit, and while she chased her baby around, stepped on the Balance Board to help get things going. Oof! That's a slap in the face.

Since then, I've been randomly pulling out my mom's dial scale, which she received for a wedding present... 49 years ago... Inaccuracy didn't really matter to me, since I was weighing myself every month and a half or so. As long as the number was going down, I was happy. But weighing yourself every week with an inaccurate scale... well, that's just an exercise in frustration (which, as far as exercise goes, is one of the least pleasurable, but I still like it more than pilates.... :)

But today, I got a shiny new digital scale. And do you know what? Every time I got on the scale, it said the same thing! And it's definitely less than my dial scale told me (by between 3 and 7 pounds).


The Sprint...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I haven't really run in years. And each brush I've had with running has reminded me exactly why I haven't run in years. All that pounding the ground and sucking wind just doesn't do it for me. So, I've avoided running like a champ.... until yesterday.

The downpour that afternoon made it impossible to see through my windshield while I puttered home through the flooding streets in my tiny car. Once there, I promptly sat in front of my computer, then in front of the tv... and then I started to feel restless. Before I started exercising, I never felt restless in front of the tv. I could sit there for hours and hardly have to change positions. But yesterday, I just couldn't sit still. I just *needed* to move.

I looked out the window and saw that the rain had stopped, and though the sky was still dark, bits of blue were showing through the clouds. So I decided that it was safe to go out for a quick walk.

A mile into it, the thunder started again.... 'Oh crap.... ok, just pick up the pace. I'll take a shortcut... about three quarters of a mile to go.'

The sky darkened ominously.

'You're ok... you'll make it..."

The wind picked up and whipped the leaves in the trees.

'Ok, half a mile... I'm good....'

I would have done any speed walker proud by the time the first drops started to fall.

'This is nothing. Actually, the rain is kind of pleasant.'

Definitely not pleasant for long. The rain started falling in sheets, the wind whipping toward me, blowing the rain directly in my eyes and blinding me. I walked in long strides until the drops started to HURT, then I broke my promise to myself: I ran.

I ran hard, pumping my legs, leaping on and off the curb when needed, splashing through the street. And as I ran, I kept expecting to be too tired -- to have to stop. But I wasn't. I ran all the way to the safety of my house, breathless, but ok. I had just run a quarter of a mile (a massive distance for me), and I was ok.

In all my life, I don't think I've ever run a full quarter mile without stopping (collapsing is more like it). All this hard work I've been doing, all the classes I've taken, all the breathlessness and soreness I've dealt with in just a couple of weeks are showing up here, now, in ways I didn't even expect or think about.

Maybe running isn't so bad afterall... :)


The Visitors...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Visitors are great! When you have visitors, you know that when you get home at the end of the day, you aren't going to have a boring couch-fest. Visitors mean things to DO, places to GO, and lots and lots of stuff to EAT! And that last one is what gets me in trouble when we have company.

My nutrition tracker has been pretty mad at me this past week. I'm eating the correct number of calories, but all the nutrients I'm tracking kind of went into the toilet. You mean that the sweet, beautiful pumpkin ice cream (*mouth waters exuberantly*) that I had ISN'T a nutrient-rich food?!

Vegetables have gone by the wayside in favor of lots and lots of treats. And eating out has made my sodium tracker so depressed, I had to talk it down off of a bridge yesterday, promising that it will be like old times. That I'll go back to making all those home-cooked meals that had made us such good friends.

Well, my visitors are gone, and today is the first day of normal eating/exercising in a week. And I'm back on track.........

......except for all of those leftovers looming in the fridge..... *Dun dun DUUNNNNNN!!!!*


The Old Pants...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My sister is visiting, and made a comment to me about this being the skinniest Iíve ever been. I thought of other times Iíve lost weight. ďIíve definitely been thinner than this,Ē I said with a dismissive wave of my hand. She disagreed, but we left it at that.

Last Wednesday, a shelf broke in the particleboard bookshelf in my bedroom, causing my stereo and a pile of books to tumble to the floor. I looked on the mess with apathy, turned around and marched out of the room. The temperature was in the high 90ís, and it was far too hot to deal with the intensive clean up it would take.

Today, though, with the temperature down, I began the process of getting it sorted out, which made me finally get around to about a dozen other cleaning projects that I had been putting off, including finding a home for all the new clothes Iíve bought since Iíve lost weight. The jeans that just fall off of my hips to a crumpled ball around my ankles when I donít hold them up went into a Good Will box. I found a series of older pants that I had previously grown out of, but have apparently missed the window of opportunity to wear them again, because they are too large now. Into the box they went.

Then I stumbled onto a few pairs of pants I had as a sophomore in high school. Now Iíve always been overweight, but it really spiraled out of control about the end of my junior year of high school. I held them up, thought ĎWhat the hell?í and tried them on. They fit. They fit better than they had in high school. My sister was right.

Iíve still got a long way to go, but this is the most encouraging thing Iíve seen so far. Iíve lost weight before. Iíve lost *significant* amounts of weight before. But the fact that Iíve come this far with simple lifestyle changes like cooking for myself, avoiding processed food, and adding a walk into my routine a few times a week (something I *like* to do), makes me very optimistic for the prospect of keeping this going. Yay!

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TURNEREYZ 7/11/2010 3:34PM

  Yes sisters unfortunately tell us what we need to hear and sometimes what they want to believe! Though my current weight loss of 30 lbs has my sister and I at almost a 100 lb weight difference she swears our legs and arms are the same size! emoticon

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REDCASTLE9 7/11/2010 3:21PM

    Sisters tell it like it is. :)

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Instructor is Sooooo Important....

Thursday, July 08, 2010

So after singing the praises of Zumba yesterday, imagine how excited I was when a patient canceled, leaving me time to make a 6:30 class last night at the gym. This was a different teacher, and oh what a difference. I didn't realize each teacher does his/her own choreography for classes, so the style of dance was completely different. Whereas the teacher I had seen previously had more of a Latin dance crossed with belly dance style, this was far more hip hop crossed with pole dancing (not a knock... seriously... I just can't think of any other way to describe it.)

I don't do hip hop well. I've tried. I suck. And so, I tried extremely hard to follow along with this teacher. And what do you think happened? Well, I sucked. :) She also tended to repeat a step only three times before moving on to the next. Now, I usually need a step to be done once to see it done, once to set myself up, and then once to try it out. After that, I can usually follow along, but she moved on too quickly, leaving me standing there for much of the class trying to figure out what she was doing.

She did have one song in which she included many repetitions of the same steps, so it was easier to follow along. Unfortunately, it was a version of "Cotton Eye Joe," and the steps were all very... um... cotton-eye-Joe-ish. She included a sort of "happy prospector" dance, and while I was following along for the first time of the night, I was thinking, 'Oh god, the only dance I can do is this honky pokey!'

Well there are a quite a number of other instructors that I can try out, plus the instructor I like teaches every Monday. I'm also planning on trying out Nia on Tuesday, and I'll let you know how that goes...


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