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28-day Reunion Challenge

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I have about a month until my husband's family reunion. Right now I am at the lightest weight that my husband has ever known me (and thus his family). I have 1 lb to go to reach 20 lbs lost, and I have 2 lbs to go reach the 220s, a number I haven't seen since the early 1990s.

My problem area is still my middle most of all, it is where the weight is clinging on, and this past month I haven't been so good about the sugar. I am nowhere near my pre-sugar challenge levels, but sugar has crept back in (mainly in the form of frozen lemonade with margarita flavor) and fast food is creeping back in too. Most days I stay within my ranges, but the last two weeks saw quite a few days that went over, mainly in fat and sodium. And I've been bad about water.

So for the next 28 days I'm going to challenge myself to get reunion-ready. Here's a few things I'm going to do:

** no "d-day" - "d-day" has become the affectionate term that my husband and I have started calling Saturday morning doughnut runs - the one doughnut that I get isn't really too much of a problem, except that it makes the rest of the day challenging in regards to fat consumption, and my discovery of their "individual" cake boxes for 99 cents which is really more like 3 servings, is reason enough to put off this treat for a few weeks

** no fast food - even though I've been making healthier choices at these places, the temptation is becoming to great - I'm starting to rely too heavily on the rush I get from going through the drive thru, and from there it isn't far from "blowing it" on a stressful day when the pretty pictures are more alluring than my wavering resolve - also if I stay out of the drive thrus, I am less likely to drink my calories, even if they are in the form of yummy frozen lemonades - plus the sodium levels at these places, even in the healthier choices are ridiculous

** bye-bye coffee - I don't know why I've been possessed about coffee lately, I've been drinking my favorite French Market chicory coffee blend A LOT lately - sometimes making it twice a day - I'm going to switch to one cup at a time tea brewing, there is more mindfulness in it

** exercise at least 15 minutes a day - I've become a little lax in my exercise lately - the only thing that has been keeping me going is the Survivor Challenge on one of my teams - if it weren't for that I think I would have given myself a few too many nights off - I also know that when I do it, I like it, and the more I do it, the more I want to do it - so 15 minutes it is

** do something for me daily - I know that sounds kind of silly, but lately I haven't been focusing on me - this is going to include simple things like coloring my hair and giving myself 30 minutes of hobby time

** drink 12 cups of water a day - I've been struggling to get 8 some days, so I'm making this a priority

So what is my goal? I'd like to get to the low 220s - but anywhere in the 220s would be great.

How am I going to track it? I've printed out a calendar, and I'm going to give myself a star everyday I follow the things I've listed above.

My reward? Being able to go to the reunion feeling more confident, and not worrying about who might snap me in a picture.

Let the countdown begin!

edited 6.8.11:
I've decided on a number goal I'd like to reach in the 28 days - 225 is 10% of my starting weight, and it is only 6 lbs away, if I lose 1.5 lbs a week I'll be there

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I love these challenges you do. I like how focused they are so they're the small steps along the way to your bigger goals. It's inspiring!!!

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Pizza = not worth it

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I shouldn't have even eaten pizza right now because of the dairy free thing, but I made an exception

and it was so not worth it

I have been scale obsessed for about a month now (something I need to work on, but that is for another time) - and on both Sunday and Monday I saw a highly encouraging number - I was on track to meet a milestone goal

so a little pizza wouldn't hurt, right?

uh, yeah, no

the scale actually showed a half pound up from last week

my body didn't like the salt - and it is paying me back today

I can even tell - I look puffy in the face (the calories in 2 1/2 slices of pizza wouldn't do that, but I'll be the salt would)

I just looked at my sodium intake for yesterday and it was twice my recommended amount - yep - it is the sodium

was all that sodium worth the delay of a milestone victory this week?


was the pizza really even all that good?

for like 2 minutes and then the rush wore off and my body wanted more

trigger food?


sometimes learning things the hard way is how we make them stick


sparking on!

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    ahhh Pizza.... How I do love thee.... I'm having to seriously watch my sodium intake, it IS crazy how fast it adds up! Well, at least you know now it's a trigger food! Next week is going to be even better!!! emoticon

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MELSBELLS 6/2/2011 11:00AM

    I love all pizza. I can't give it up. But, I've found if I make it at home on my own it can be just as yummy. Have you heard of Hungry Girl? It's a website that has recipes for all you're favorite "naughty" foods but low cal. There's a calzone recipe I love. You could use soy cheese instead of cows milk. I think it's good to find better options of some of your favorite foods rather than deprive yourself. Because food is yummy and just because we are dieting, doesn't mean we still can't enjoy our food. Right? I agree eating high calorie pizza is not worth sabotaging all your hard work. Try making the low cal alternative and see if it satisfies!

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NEWNAC304 5/31/2011 2:07PM

    Pizza is one of my favorite foods so I understand the temptation. It's not really worth the extra calories and sodium though. Your next weigh in will be better!

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ERICACEAE 5/31/2011 11:13AM

    Arg, sodium is a killer. It can be so hard to judge what the levels are in something until it's too late! Don't worry, you'll be recovered by the end of the week and back on track for that milestone!

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PERPETUALPLUM 5/31/2011 10:41AM

    Yeah, I try to avoid pizza. Thanks for reminding me about the salt. I haven't been looking. Spark on! I feel like I'm speaking vulcon...hahahahaha

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JAMBUTTER 5/31/2011 10:35AM

  Thumbs up for you!

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JAMBUTTER 5/31/2011 10:34AM

  Thumbs up for you!

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Slow & Steady

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am shocked. I think that this is working. Set a goal and actually perform to the goal. After years of yo-yo weight (with sometimes drastic swings) and after other years of just kind of giving up and staying steady, I am amazed when I see this:

My "actual" line is keeping pace with my "goal" line. So weird - but nice :)

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KALIGIRL 5/25/2011 2:00PM

    emoticon emoticonYou are doing emoticon

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LALAGIRL7 5/25/2011 12:10PM


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JTREMBATH 5/24/2011 2:59PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SWEETNEENI 5/24/2011 10:57AM

    emoticon emoticon

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VOCALMAMA 5/24/2011 10:41AM

    That is awesome! You should be so proud of yourself! And Weird is GOOD in this case! I live in Ashveille and you don't know how many bumper stickers I see here that say "Keep Asheville Weird." Go Girl! Love the new profile pic, too! emoticon

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28-day Sugar Challenge - week 4

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

so my sugar challenge is officially over

the biggest success of this challenge is that I have broken my soda habit, which I now just have to make an effort to maintain

it has also opened my eyes to sugar and the grip that it really had (has) on me

today there was a great article linked on the main page about corn syrup
- the most interesting thing that I took away from the article was that a good number to strive for each day in sugars (and this is all sugars, not just added) is 32 grams or 8 teaspoons

so that is going to be my goal going forward, to try to limit my sugar intake each day to fall within that guideline (which even during this sugar challenge I think I may have been going over each day, just in the sugars in foods) - even if I can't meet the range goals each day, I know it will make me even more conscious of what I am putting in my mouth - I just wish it was a trackable nutrient in the nutrition tracker (I'll have to look again, but I'm pretty sure it isn't there - you can track "sucrose" but I don't think that is the same thing)

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    YAY YOU!!! emoticon Good job on kicking the soda habit! I'm still in the "thinking about it" part of the process... :D I too wish we could track sugars...maybe someday.

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KALIGIRL 5/18/2011 10:26AM

    Way to break your soda habit!

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PERFECTVELVET 5/17/2011 12:09PM

    Definitely checking out your challenge, lol - I love me some sugar!

The reason there is no way to track sugar in the tracker is because of the inability to distinguish between natural and artificial sugar. Nutrition labels don't say how much is natural vs. artificial. If you were trying to eliminate sugar, you'd end up eliminating things like apples which have natural sugar but are good for you. Still, it would be nice just to get an idea of how much we're consuming, right?

Way to go on breaking the soda habit!

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SWEETNEENI 5/17/2011 11:33AM

    "I just wish it was a trackable nutrient in the nutrition tracker"

TOTALLY! I keep checking, hoping that they'll add it.

emoticonon beating the emoticon emoticon!!!

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Size 18 skinny jeans

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I want to laugh as I type that - but for me it is true.

I've spent a good part of the last 3 years in maternity pants or elastic waist pants/skirts - and so I don't think I had a really good idea of what I was actually wearing when it came to size - and those two pregnancies did a number on my middle section even though they had virtually no impact on my weight.

I started at both of my pregnancies about 250 (the weight that my body liked to settle at again and again) - during the first trimester of both I lost weight to the low 240s, and then gained in both to somewhere between 270 and 280 - with both I lost all of the baby weight (down again to 250) within the first two months - but I swear that weight must have come off other places because my waist seemed larger - or at the very least different.

Since starting SparkPeople, I've already outgrown my 20Ws and my 18Ws are now fitting comfortably - so last week when I was going through all of my clothes, I found a pair of 18 (normal sized, not W) that I had bought prior to getting pregnant because I had lost a little weight and I bought them as goal jeans - guess what? They fit! I had to suck in a little, but they closed and zipped.

I can officially wear my skinny jeans - LOL!

Once they get loose I'll treat myself to a pair of 16s - this time around I'm only buying what I need to get by.

Now I just have to figure out a way around my dilemma about finding the right fit of jeans - to be blunt, I have no butt (thanks dad!) - so to get pants that fit my waist they are almost always saggy in the butt (I'm an apple shape) - one way I sometimes get around this is buying men's jeans because they tend to be cut a little slimmer through the butt and hips - and now that my waist is "inching" closer and closer to 40 inches, it will be easier to find them in the store (I also like men's jeans because I can get longer lengths on them) - any ideas for more feminine options?

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LAURIE-RN 5/17/2011 10:31AM

    Congratulations on your skinny jeans!


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KALIGIRL 5/16/2011 12:30PM

    I've found the newer styles are 'off' the waist, which allows those of us who have less than endowed posteriors to find flattering clothes. Can't remember the brand, but found them @ Sams and they have elastic in the material for even more comfort.
Good luck and emoticonon your new shape!

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