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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yesterday was an important test for me. emoticon
Despite being walker/exerciser/hiker all my long life and an adventurer to boot, I thought this part of my life was over. Three years ago life bombarded me with small shock waves for months leaving me lonely, and in pain-physically and emotionally. Steadily I have improved my ability to walk since then, but dangers imagined and real have prevented me from accomplishing what I now know, I' can do.

I had regained some of my lost balance thanks to the good Lord, and I learned to walk a good number of steps each day. I had even begun to add strengthening and toning exercises daily. Unfortunately I was ignoring the fact that I had become quite fearful of certain physical and emotional challenges. Shyness which I have always suffered from was interfering with progress in my life. I seemed to be going backwards. I told myself, "Don't worry. You're just getting older. Relax. There's nothing to prove!"

I became inconsistent and exercise effort was random. I hired a cleaning lady. T.V replaced reading. Though I walked many steps per day when I did walk, ,the perimeter of the walks was limited to neard my home. The effort was so inconsistent..

Several things happened to move me from the couch. First I adopted a four-year old male Pug/Beagal mix last November. I began walking consistently again.

Two days ago, Spark Coach Spark Guy, challenged us to face our fears. Fears, I suppose, block us from moving forward. At the same the Coaches have urged me to blog. I faithfully read a lot of blogs for ideas, but stubbornly ignored the suggestion I blog. I feared the idea of publically displaying my writing. Not good enough. Probably boring, I thought.

Somehow lightening struck yesterday. "Face your fears." A dare, I thought. I rallied. I finally understood that I wasn't writing a University paper if I wrote a blog. The important thing about blogging was to help myself. This is my second one.

Secondly, if I can take my small dog on walks which amount to 10,000 steps daily, why can't I just change my route? Yesterday I walked across town, had a healthy lunch with friends and walked back.

Yesterday was a success and so is today. I'm writing my second blog and......... I have walked a trajectory off the beaten path again today.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Thank you Spark Coaches.

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GRANJERRY1 7/11/2014 12:22AM

    Nancy that's a brilliant achievement....So proud of you emoticon

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Facing My Fears

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Today I shall face two fears. I am writing this blog because I know if I challenge myself publicly I'll do it.
I have been unable to blog for a long time. I have suffered from "blogger's block". It has frightened me to write publicly for many reasons. Today Coach Chris Downey challenged us to face a fear. I have never turned my back on a dare. I never do things in a small way so I shall face the following two frightening scenarios I've been unable to do for 3 years. (Keep in mind I am a senior citizen.)

Since my arthritis worsened, hip surgery and a heart procedure, I continued to following three paths basically and not very far from my home.
Today I my challenge is to walk across town to and then home again from my friends' home for lunch today.

I'll blog about the results tomorrow. I promise!

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DEBIGENE 7/9/2014 7:34PM

    Good for you hon emoticon emoticon

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GLORYB2014 7/9/2014 8:53AM

    Nancy, I know how difficult it is to face your fears and I commend you for doing so. I think we all get a case of writer's block now and then, even if you come on to say Hi, I'm fine . . . that is a blog.

Walking across town is a big challenge! Let us know how that went in a blog tomorrow?

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GLORY63 7/9/2014 6:49AM


Facing your fear of putting yourself out there can be scary. The good thing about it is you find you are not alone and there are others in the "same boat".


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Re-thinking my Strategy

Monday, October 29, 2012

A famous inventor was queried about his hundreds of failures. Why hadn't he become discouraged? Why did he continue to try?
He said that it was from his failures and his analysis of each failure that he finally learned what worked. Right now I am in the process of really understanding what I need to learn from my failures of yo-yo dieting over many,many years.
My blogs will now deal with some of my revelations and moving forward.

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IAM_HIS2 10/29/2012 11:54PM

    WTG You got it right...awesome insight!!

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Trying something different

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I have finally accepted the fact that the road to a healthier life style takes patience and time. For me, this means working at my mental attitude and committment hour to hour.
I attend TOPS every week but lately I had missed- three weeks in a row . I had gained as I let the old pessimism settle back in. .
I shall not skip any more TOPS meeting.
When I consider what 1/2 pound of lard looks like, I shall be content with 1/2 pound loss, instead of endless self criticism and recrimination..
This week I am concentrating on keeping my food journal. When I make a wrong choice I shall highlight in my journal.
I shall drink my water.
I shall concentrate on eating at least 7 vegetables per day and two fruit. I love the fresh vegetables I buy at organic farms in this area during the summer. I enjoy every mouthful. Until next Thursday, I am committed.
Nancy emoticon

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IMAVISION 4/26/2014 7:51PM

    emoticon Nancy!

I see that this blog was written some time back --- I am wondering how things are going for you now?

I hope you are enjoying success!

God bless!


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Friday, July 20, 2012

I finally have a new computer with faster and better perrformance and with many new features. In a way this is an analogy for my life at the present moment.
I am walking faster, and performing household chores more efficiently, and with less difficulty. I have finally added strengthening exercises to my my exercise regime. Though July has not been productive in weight loss, I have manged to lose ten pound since January.
These are a few of my successes since posting my last blog. Probably my biggest success is that I am beginning to be patient with myself. I look ahead more often than I do in critising myself. I love the old saying, "Fall six times, rise up seven!"
I look forward to being on SparksPeople daily checking my favorite groups and people.

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ONTARIOWALKER63 7/20/2012 7:17AM

    excellent news!! (on all counts) .. looking forward to "seeing" you around on the boards again :D

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