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Have to share some good news....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have to share some good news with all of you. When hubby was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in June, his A1C was 12.7 and his sugar was 324. We have worked together as a team to cut out sugar and eat a healthy diet. He has done a great job and I'm so proud of him!!! Today we got his 4 month A1C blood test with sugar back and it was all the way down to 6! His doctor was very, very impressed! He said that a 6.7 point drop in the A1C in a period of 4 months is absolutely outstanding! Hubby's calculated blood sugar was 76 too! I am so proud of my husband I could just pop!

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FITCOFFEEMOM357 10/22/2010 10:19PM

    First I love love your background picture. Secondly, I am so proud of you and dh. Great team work!!!!!

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DONNABRIGHT 10/22/2010 2:31PM

    Wow, keep up the good work!

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AMANDAJCD 10/21/2010 8:36AM

    That's just awesome!!!!!!!!! Congrats, both of you :D

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TBRANCH2 10/20/2010 8:57PM

    emoticon go,mike!

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APIRLRAIN888 10/20/2010 8:14PM

    wooohooo totally awesome!

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L*I*T*A* 10/20/2010 8:06PM

    wonderful news!!!
blessings and hugs..............lita

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KAITLYNN51 10/20/2010 8:05PM

    WOW, that's absolutely wonderful! Congratulations! emoticon emoticon

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WILD4STARS 10/20/2010 8:04PM

    emoticonWhat an inspiration your story is!

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MARJUANA 10/20/2010 8:03PM

    Tell him congratulation. And its nice you both are working on it together. Health is life!
Good job!

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MUSIC66 10/20/2010 7:50PM

    awsome that is so great.

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SLIMMERJESSE 10/20/2010 7:50PM

    That's absolutely fabulous news. Wonderful!

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A Fun Weekend

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hubby and I had a really fun weekend.

On Friday night we went to the Tow Jam in Bartow. If you're not familiar with this; the third Friday night of every month the City of Bartow (Florida) closes down part of Main Street and has a live band play and an antique car show. Vendors sell food/drinks and some crafts, activities are available for children and some of the restaurants are open for business. The Tow Jam is open to the public and it is free. We really enjoyed ourselves!

On Sunday afternoon, we attended The Hispanic Festival in Auburndale, Florida. We listened to a variety of wonderful live bands play, ate some delicious food, did some walking and visited with some friends who were vendors. The sun was really hot in the early afternoon so the scheduled cattle events had to be continued later in the afternoon when it got cooler. I had wanted to see that but could understand why they didn't do it. We had a great time and returned home hot, tired and happy.

I've always been a person who loves to listen to all kinds of music. To be able to listen to it twice in one weekend was a rare treat. All of the bands played with enthusiasm and flair. The people listening got caught up in the music just as I did and responded to it. It makes the music almost magical. People at both places were dancing and having fun; which was a pleasure to watch. I love to hear the sounds of laughter and enjoyment and see smiles on the faces around me. That's what makes the heart take flight!

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SLIMMERJESSE 10/20/2010 11:03AM

    I enjoy similar things and feel it's an essential part of staying healthy - music, laughter, etc. Have a wonderful day.

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DONNABRIGHT 10/18/2010 3:08PM

    Wow, what a great weekend. I think just being around other people makes me feel happier. Throw in some music and life doesn't get much better.

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L*I*T*A* 10/18/2010 12:56PM

    so glad you have a great weekend ............
have an awesome week..........
blessings and hugs............lita

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Today I'm Thankful For.....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today I'm thankful for.....

Nature's glorious display of fall colors
The beautiful day today - complete with sunshine and blue sky
My hubby
Our daughters
Spark friends
Swimming buddies
Friends Theresa, Judy, Margie and Marsha - without them, where would I be.
My church and my faith
A country where I have so many freedoms that I can't begin to count them
Our two fur babies
Healthy food
A roof over my head
Running water and electricity

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JAE_HENNINGTON 10/17/2010 9:51AM

  I love starting my day or ending my day with my gratitude journal.. keeps everything in perspective

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L*I*T*A* 10/16/2010 9:20PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SLENDERELLA61 10/16/2010 9:12PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WILD4STARS 10/16/2010 8:03PM


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DONNABRIGHT 10/16/2010 6:01PM


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RVANTER 10/16/2010 4:53PM

    I am thankful for my personal relationship with God, my hubby, adult children and my new commitment to accentuate the positive things in my life. I am also grateful for your blog which reminded me to count my blessings.

God Bless You!

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TINABLEAP 10/16/2010 4:04PM


Well said..

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Live, Laugh, Love and be Happy

Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you ever sitting waiting for happiness to find you? WooHoo, happiness, I'm over here! Come and get me is what I think on occasion. Then I stop and think, this is totally absurd. Intellectually I know that in order to be happy, I have to live, laugh and love. I have to act alive and be involved in life. I have to risk being hurt and put myself out there a little. I also have to stop letting people walk all over me. I have to put myself at the top of the list, own my behavior and take care of my needs. All of that can feel really uncomfortable because I'm not used to it. I need to get over that.

How easy it is to give in to old patterns even when they are detrimental to my own mental and physical health. If I make plans and someone else needs something, I let my plans go right out the window in favor of theirs. I've even caught myself feeling resentful when the reverse was the case and do you think the other people changed their plans? You get three guesses here, and the answer isn't yes. The point I'm trying to make is that the fault isn't with them, it's with me. Unless the house is on fire or someone needs to go to the hospital, why am I always sliding my plans for myself down the list?

Why do I always consider everyone else more important than I ? In my case I decided to do a closer study. I actually tracked the pattern of this behavior back to childhood. It started when I was about 3-4 years old believe it or not!!! Shocking as it may seem, my pattern is a very old and established one. During discussions with several of my friends, some of them (not all but some) could track the same type of "training" early into their childhoods. Now the trick is how to undo it. I think this is easier said than done. Since I'm no spring chicken, we're dealing with long established patterns here.

Spark People says to start with baby steps. That sounds good to me. I consulted some professionals in the field for people who want to make changes and they said pretty much the same thing. Small steps, change a little bit at a time. Small changes add up over time. Be patient, don't rush and practice, practice, practice.

So here I am a few steps closer to my goal. Weekday mornings are reserved for me and my exercise, period. If people need me, I'm available after eleven thirty. And you know what? It didn't hurt a bit!

I feel less resentful and more happy. I'm at the top of my list. I'm living, laughing more (not as much as I'd like but I'm getting there) and I'm more loving towards myself (I've always been loving towards others). I'm making progress!

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1BEACHWALKER 10/15/2010 11:30PM

    Loved your blog! I have been doing the same thing-doing more for me and thinking of myself first. It is a hard habit to break, putting others needs above your own. I was experiencing burn out and came close to a nervous breakdonw years ago. And of course, food was my comfort zone. One thing it is hard to get over is the guilt you feel when you say No (like you said-unless it is a true emergency or the house is on fire) No should be used alot more often to save your sanity! It is a good feeling when you start to master it and it gets easier with time. But, there will be those who will hold it against you (believe me) that you didn't put them first or jump when they say jump!!! Guess what I did with them-Bye! Best thing I ever did! Connie
emoticon emoticon

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SLENDERELLA61 10/15/2010 10:23PM

    Great blog!! You are really making progress!

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MIAOWMIAOW 10/15/2010 9:08PM

    Loved your blog!

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DONNABRIGHT 10/15/2010 7:37PM

    Awesome - you deserve it!

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L*I*T*A* 10/15/2010 7:03PM

    awesome blog.........
thanks for sharing...........
blessings and hugs........lita

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HALFFAST 10/15/2010 5:32PM

    Great blog!

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QUILTINGQUE 10/15/2010 4:49PM

    emoticon emoticon
Great job! Keep it up

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Stop And Take A Moment To Be Thankful

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At church Saturday night we had a spry old priest who filled in for our regular priest. I believe the gentleman said that he is 88 years old and still going strong. The reason I enjoy listening to this priest speak is that he seems to be able to relate his own humanity to the people of the congregation and he does it with a touch of wry humor. The topic of his sermon was taking the time to acknowledge the things that are being given to us or done for us by God and other human beings. Most importantly, is for us to take the time to say, thank you for them on a regular basis.

This started me thinking. I know that I read an article in Spark People somewhere about a gratitude journal. I know that my friend WILD4STARS often does blogs that are about affirmations and gratitude and they always make me feel lifted up when I read them. In this time of economic strife and mental stress many of us are so wrapped up in getting from point A to point B that we don't think about the many gifts that we have. Sometimes we get used to placing the focus on the negative, all the things we need but don't have. What would happen if we put the focus on the gifts we have been given instead? If we were to stop every day and take a moment to be thankful for the gifts we've already been given, what would happen then? How would that affect us and those around us?

I am thankful for...
Second chances
Old friends
My daughter
My Spark friends
My God
Healthy food
A comfortable bed
My home
My hubby
Running water
My car

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DONNABRIGHT 10/14/2010 9:31AM

    Sometimes we so need to be reminded of the obvious. Today I am thankful for:

Good health
A loving husband
Two children
A granddaughter
Being able to travel
Clean motel rooms
Hot showers
Phone calls from friends and family

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L*I*T*A* 10/12/2010 9:53PM

    great reminders............
love you awesome list!!!
blessings and hugs.........lita

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SLENDERELLA61 10/12/2010 7:48PM

    Yes, I felt a little guilty that our team walk for Saturday was cancelled, but this blog helped me get the proper perspective back. I am grateful that I can walk, that I enjoy walking, and that I will find some time on Saturday and almost every day to walk.

There is so much to be grateful about. It is so easy to see the negative. Thanks for reminding me. -Marsha

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COMEONMA 10/12/2010 3:51PM

    First off, I'm thankful for you and this post! Great idea. A new twist on "stop and smell the roses!"

I'm thankful for:
My health
My 87 year old parents and all they have taught us
My 4 brothers
My extended family, including my boyfriend and his kids,
The lessons learned on Spark and at Jenny Craig that have finally let me get a hold of my weight loss and move forward with it.
This beautiful sunny day
The fact that I am employed and able to support myself
The kind of friends who are there no matter what, and no matter how long it's been since I've seen them or talked to them, it always feels like yesterday
God and everything he gives me everyday
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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