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A Little Ray of Hope....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I don't want to jinx it but for the first time since her accident, after taking just 3 of her anti-seizure pills, my daughter and I had a normal conversation on the phone today. It was the first time since May 11, 2009, that I've been able to talk to her and have her actually follow our conversation and not have me repeat everything 3-4 times and stare into space. I asked her if she could tell any difference yet and she said that she was a little sharper mentally. I could see a difference and am glad she could too. I could have cried with relief! I only hope this will continue! A big weight is starting to lift off of my shoulders.

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IUHRYTR 7/27/2009 4:01AM

    What a blessing medication can often be. Let's hope for continued improvement. -- Lou

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L*I*T*A* 7/27/2009 12:06AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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A Major Setback

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm pretty upset right now. Yes, I'm glad to be home. I really missed hubby, my fur babies and all my Spark friends. However, this morning my daughter called me in a panic. Her neurologist called and asked her to come into his office right away. Of course nobody was available to go with her so she had to go by herself. When my daughter and I went for her last appointment on Monday (7/20) I assumed that since all of her tests had been done that everything was okay. The doctor had just come back from vacation, was running late and hadn't reviewed all of her test results thoroughly. He said that the data from her EEG wasn't in her file. Maybe that's true, I don't know. So she went in immediately. Upon review of her EEG, the doctor told her that she had abnormal brain waves that were indicative of possible seizure activity. He immediately put her on some strong medication and will do an EEG that will last 24 hours sometime in August. So, she got the prescription filled and took it just like he instructed her to. Unfortunately, the medication makes her act drunk and she is all over the place mentally. Not exactly what you want when you're dealing with people's computer problems as a problem solver. At first I was really angry with her doctor because now she has to go back to work or lose her job. Now that I've calmed down, I'm afraid that this is going to be a life-long illness as a result of an accident caused because someone else wasn't paying attention and can't remember what he was doing when he ran into her. So far, she hasn't had a full blown seizure - that's the good news. However, when you talk to her she hears the sound of your voice but can't process your words and may have to have you repeat things 2 or 3 times before she can process what you're saying. In stressful situations she has real problems maintaining attention. Hopefully the medication will start working before she has to leave for work on Monday morning. I shutter to think about her taking the medication that makes her loopy, and getting behind the steering wheel of a car. According to my daughter, the doctor said that if she can avoid any full blown seizures there is a chance that it will heal and go away. If this is really the case, why would the doctor ask her if she wants to have children in the next few years? He selected her medication with that in mind because some seizure medications have side effects that will affect a fetus. That doesn't sound temporary to me, it sounds permanent. I'm just so upset about all of this that I think I'm going to go into the bedroom and have myself a good cry. Hey, at least I'm not grabbing for a candy bar!

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TBRANCH2 7/26/2009 11:51AM

    Am sorry to read about the setback! Do you think that she could go on short-term disability until this leg of her healing is over? Then, if need be, maybe she could go on long-term disability until things are straight with her. Her insurance may even pay for a "sitter" to be with her to take her to the doctor and the such so that she isn't behind the wheel. God knows that she doesn't need to be in another accident! After my accident, I had a "sitter" that was with me during the day until my daughter came home from school. She took me to appts., shopping and did small chores. It's just a suggestion. emoticon

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2CATS2LOVE1 7/25/2009 1:08PM

    So sorry to hear that things are not going so well for you. You have alot to contend w/ for sure. Let's just hope for the best and continue to take one day at a time. Perhaps your daughter will need therapy too. When I was in the hospital back in 1979 during my first manic episode, I was there 3 months. I was even catatonic; which means you are unable to function or respond. Don't know how long I was like that but I did get better and on w/ my life. Things looked pretty grim in that year for me. The mind is a strange thing and can repair itself. Continue to be patient and love your daughter and be there for her. It's not easy for either of you, but love helps in tremendous ways. My thoughts are w/ you at this time.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Sorry to her about your daughter's problems. Glad to hear that you didn't run for the candy bar!. I will remember all of you in my prayers. emoticon

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WOLFSPIRITS 7/25/2009 11:01AM


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L*I*T*A* 7/24/2009 11:41PM

    so sorry to hear of your daugther's set back.............hoping and praying that this is short lived and perhaps she can prove the dr's wrong.................wishing her well soon......................blesisngs and hugs.................lita

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Up date on my daughter...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm back from spending 3+ weeks taking care of my daughter after her auto accident. I'm pleased to say that she has made some progress and will be returning to work (after 2.5 months off) with lots of limitations on what she can and can't do. The neurologist will re-evaluate her on August 18 to check on her progress and see if any of the restrictions (that he put on her) can be lifted. The good news is that she has been reassigned to a different contract and will no longer have to endure the efforts of the co worker who tried to make her miserable before her accident. She is having flashbacks of the accident which makes me very concerned but with time should get better. She will continue physical therapy for her neck, back and right arm (where she has a pinched nerve). She has 6 bulging disks and lots of muscle damage. Her brain is healing slowly and she still has bouts of dizziness and occasional passing out (thus all of the restrictions put on her). She will, hopefully, see a vestibular therapist for her balance problems and a cardiologist for the wide swings in her blood pressure (most likely pain related). The good news is that her bouts with "spacing out" and not processing information are getting much better. She is now allowed to drive but must pull over if she starts to feel dizzy. This does scare me but short of my going back up there and driving her to and from work everyday, there is nothing I can do about it. Her prognosis is fairly positive and the healing will just take time. According to what her doctors tell me, it could take as long as 1-3 years to get back to even close to her old self. Much of her damage to her back may be permanent but I didn't want to share that with her at this point in time. She is eagerly awaiting her return to work and to her life before her accident. That is very positive. We did get to spend some quality time together doing a few mother daughter things which was fun but she has so many restrictions on her that the activities were very limited.

I did get her short term disability straightened out once the company realised that they couldn't snow me as they did my daughter. That they would take advantage of someone who was disabled (as she is) made me furious. It only took me 7-8 business days to get the results we wanted. (She had been working on it for 6 weeks before I got there). Once I got her situated, it was time for me to come home. (Hubby and dogs were miserable without me.) Today and tomorrow she is working from home doing some training and I'm going to the grocery store to buy some healthy food! It's time to get back to my program and re-commit myself to my personal goals.

Many thanks to all of my Spark Friends who have been so supportive throughout this whole ordeal. I really couldn't have done it without you! It's good to be back home and it's good to be able to use a computer to get back on Spark People!

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EDNABP 7/26/2009 3:18PM

    Welcome back home. I am really glad that she is able to get back into working. Short term disability has a lot of issues to it. If you know what needs to be done it can actually go smoothly. I work in disability so trust me I know. If you need anything all you have to do is call me. Thank you for the update.

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PEGGYANNSCH 7/24/2009 8:55AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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L*I*T*A* 7/23/2009 8:12PM

    welcome back..................what a relief to know things are getting better albeit ever so slowly...............we missed you too.........................blessin
gs and hugs...............lita

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2CATS2LOVE1 7/23/2009 7:47PM

    Isn't it funny how we miss our sparkfriends! I started back to work for the summer so can't get online as often as before. Today at work I said "I miss my sparkfriends!" Then, I explained to the person I was working w/ what that meant. So good having you back. So GLAD your daughter is doing better. Things take be patient w/ her and yourself. I'm bipolar and when I was first hospitalized it took 3 months for me to be better and be discharged. Takes time for the mind as well as the body to heal itself. Just know, you were dearly missed and I am glad you are back w/ us.

emoticon emoticon emoticonDiane

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1AVERY 7/23/2009 2:39PM

    Cyndi, I am sorry to hear about your daughters accident but glad to hear things are coming along for her and you as well. It is hard to stay on track when there are other things taking up our time. I know about the disability issue with ins. company's that is for sure. I am glad you got that straightened out, they take our money real fast but when we are entitled to theirs that is a whole other story. You take care of yourself now and good for you getting back on track. Teri emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TBRANCH2 7/23/2009 1:33PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonBACK! You were dearly missed by all of us, too!

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Getting Ready For My Trip

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm getting ready for my trip up north to see my daughter. There isn't a whole lot left to be done except for packing. Ah, the power of making a list way in advance and taking care of most of it with time to spare. My daughter is very excited and I expect rather relieved to have me coming up to take care of her. She slept for most of the day today because she is feeling so dizzy. I have made a list of things that I need to go over with her and a list of things that I need to do to take care of me while I'm there. Today I ran a few errands and have been resting because I'm pretty sore. I know that I'll probably need to get an MRI on the lower back, when I return from staying with my daughter, but I'll worry about that when I get back. I need to think of this as an adventure but because I don't feel that great, my mind set just isn't there yet. Tomorrow is another day. I will prevail!

Thanks in advance for all of the lovely support and love that you have showered upon me. I am very blessed my it!

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READY2BEME 6/30/2009 9:15PM

    I will be praying for you both. Rebecca

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EDNABP 6/28/2009 7:55PM

    Have a safe trip and if you need me give me a call.

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L*I*T*A* 6/28/2009 7:42PM

    any trip can be taxing so please take care .............wishes and prayers for better health for mother and daughter......................
lessings and hugs........................lita

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ETAGGEL 6/28/2009 7:18PM

    Just take things easy!


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Feeling better today

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I had a rough night and only slept 4 hours but I'm actually feeling much better today. My back is very sore but the burning pains have stopped. Yea! I'm getting ready to take a small nap or perhaps read a book. I'm being very careful and taking care of me today. I have a list of coping techniques made up to use to reduce my stress when I visit my daughter on Tuesday. This preparation has calmed me down and I feel more like my regular self. All in all, this has been a promising day so far.

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L*I*T*A* 6/28/2009 11:21AM

    “Courage, it would seem, is nothing less than the power to
overcome danger, misfortune, fear, injustice, while continuing
to affirm inwardly that life with all its sorrows is good; that
everything is meaningful even if in a sense beyond our
understanding; and that there is always tomorrow.”
~Dorothy Thompson

some how this didn't work so instead added some thoughts for you..............
blessings and hugs....................lita

Comment edited on: 6/28/2009 11:24:49 AM

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L*I*T*A* 6/28/2009 11:21AM

"At first our dreams seem impossible,
then they seem improbable, but when we
summon the will, they become inevitable."

--Christopher Reeve

Comment edited on: 6/28/2009 11:22:59 AM

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L*I*T*A* 6/28/2009 11:21AM

    what an inspiration you are!!!
take good care and will continue with prayers.................
wishing you well soon..............
blessings and hugs................lita

Comment edited on: 6/28/2009 11:21:52 AM

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