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Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day weekend is like the start of summer for me. But before I dive into those salads, barbecued chicken or fruit/veggie platters, it's important to remember what Memorial Day is all about. Webster defines Memorial Day ....
Memorial Day a legal holiday in the U.S. (the last Monday in May in most states) in memory of members of the armed forces killed in war.

Let's all take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy our freedom. Thank you to all who have served our country; both past and present. God Bless the U.S.A.! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CINNIEMAY 5/24/2009 11:34PM

    I was blessed that both of my uncles returned from the Vitanam war!

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XHASTEDMOMOF2 5/23/2009 11:44PM

    I would not be an American if it were not for the success of D-Day so yes, I am very grateful and proud of our armed forces!! Thanks for the reminder!!


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L*I*T*A* 5/23/2009 12:36PM

    we should all count our blessings and be grateful for the freedoms we enjoy...............have a wonderful weekend.....................blessin
gs and hugs..................lita

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My Knees Are Doing Well!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yesterday, I had my one year check up for my latest knee replacement. I'm thrilled to report that my knees are both doing well and the doctor doesn't need to see me for 2 years! Of course it took a lot of effort on my part to get them this far but it was well worth the blood, sweat and tears. The doctor said that the knees should last around 15 years. That would put me at around 70 years old. This is good news indeed! My knee replacements have given me a new lease on life. If you follow the rehabilitation exercises and follow up by working out at a gym on a regular basis, the new knees are well worth all of the pain and hassle.

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L*I*T*A* 5/22/2009 3:25PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ESS@HOME 5/22/2009 1:03PM

    emoticon That is very good news indeed!


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It Has Been One Year Since My Left Knee Replacement

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today I'm going for my one year check up on my left knee replacement. Where has the time gone? My knee replacement has been a blessing. It has enabled me to become much more active. I haven't lost that much weight this past year, but I've lost lots of inches. You can really tell the difference in my body, how my clothes fit and in the way I move. I am much more confident of who I am. The increase in activity has caused some other injuries - my back and my right foot - but overall, I feel much more healthy! I hope everything checks out okay today! I'm also getting my IV Boniva shot to help my bones get stronger. I am blessed!

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CINNIEMAY 5/24/2009 11:33PM

    Losing inces is a great!

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L*I*T*A* 5/21/2009 2:43PM

    i'm sure your dr will be very happy with your efforts so far...................
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ESS@HOME 5/21/2009 11:48AM

    Good luck at the doctor visit! It sounds like you've really trimmed up. Congrats! By the way, love the background on your page!


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1AVERY 5/21/2009 8:11AM

    Hi Cyndi, My one year checkup was last week and mine was my right knee. It does really make a difference in the activities etc. I still have some numbness in my left knee that was done 2.5 years ago and my rt. one also right on the outside of both knees do you experience this. I still have some pain in movements and my stiffness is when I exercise not in the morning. I was so happy I thought I was going to get rid of the clunking sound when I had the replacement do your knees clunk when you bend them? Now those are just the little issues I have with mine but I don't experience any real pain that needs medication or anything and I can go up and down stairs easily now. So the PROS definitely out weigh the CONS. So anyone thinking of having one I would say GO FOR IT you will really notice a POSITIVE CHANGE. Teri. emoticon

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I'm Getting Emotionally Stronger

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I was leafing through my journal this morning and it occurred to me that with introspective study and work, I'm getting emotionally stronger. I can actually see my own progress! emoticon I still have some issues to work through, but I am pleased with how far I've come since January. The items I have chosen to work on for the next few months will be tough ones but I know I can do it. It won't be easy but it is necessary for me in order to grow and achieve a balance in mind body and spirit.

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CINNIEMAY 5/24/2009 11:32PM

    I know that you can work through it and come out stronger for it!

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_MAOMAO_ 5/20/2009 12:09AM

  I was walking around a local pond last week, or the week before. I did one of my usual jogging spurts and it wasn't a painful effort. I had that same kind of experience, this sense of my own progress. Thanx for sharing this!

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L*I*T*A* 5/19/2009 11:29PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/19/2009 11:30:41 PM

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Monday, May 18, 2009

I slept over 9 hours last night and I would still be sleeping if I didn't have to get up to answer nature's calling. I'm still very tired and groggy and I've been up for 2.5 hours! Today I will take my sister out to lunch for her birthday. It's a milestone birthday and I think she's a bit depressed about it. It also looks like we're going to get some more much needed rain. Hooray! Our grass was dead looking and the bushes in the front yard were brown. Now I see signs of green! I hope it is a sign of good things to come!

Today I will make good choices, stay within my range, drink 8-10 glasses of H2O, eat 5+ servings of fruits and veggies and treat my body with respect!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PEGGYANNSCH 5/19/2009 3:30PM

    I hope everything is going well for you.I see you like your new bed.

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ESS@HOME 5/19/2009 1:36PM

    I just caught your post from yesterday. Did you have a good lunch? BTW, I'm wishing I could sleep 9 hours! Whew, that must be awesome.


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L*I*T*A* 5/18/2009 3:49PM

    so great to hear................9 hours,wow................that must be some bed!!!
have a great sunday.................blessings and hugs...............lita

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CINNIEMAY 5/18/2009 12:12PM

    I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!!

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FLAGIRL32 5/18/2009 11:46AM

    That new bed may be a dangerous weapon!
I am happy you are sleeping better.


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