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I'm back!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I have been gone for a while due to school. It was hard for me to log in because of homework, taking care of my daughter, etc. But now, the semester is close to ending and all major assignments have been completed emoticon

I have been working out everyday! I am so happy about that. I was going to the gym everyday, but I decided that I love running and cardio. So I will be going to the gym two days out of the week, running once a week, cardio workouts (Zumba, Spark workout videos,etc) 3 times a week.

I want to start off running once a week and slowly increase it to everyday. With summer coming up, I will have a lot more time to run.

I am excited about this journey I am on. I am glad that I am living a healthier life. emoticon

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APRIL4110 3/19/2013 7:51PM

    Thank you emoticon

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PATSYB7 3/19/2013 6:13AM

    Nice work! Keep going! emoticon

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Monday, January 21, 2013

After I had my daughter, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Actually, I was a few pounds lighter. It was disappointing to see that I couldn't fit into my old jeans. I thought I would fit in them considering the fact that I weighed less. I realized that I had that extra 'fat'or 'tummy' you get after having a baby. I was so upset.

Since I started SparkPeople, I have been eating healthier and exercising. I tried on one of my old pair of jeans and to my surprise...they fit! They fit a little tight, but I was able to button it up! Before, I couldn't even do that. I am so happy!

Now I am more determined and motivated to eating healthy and exercising! I'm super excited!

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SHRINKING_SARA 1/21/2013 12:44PM

    emoticon emoticon

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APRIL4110 1/21/2013 12:24PM

    Thank you! emoticon

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NANNBIRD 1/21/2013 12:11PM

    I'm super-excited for you! So glad to see that you are seeing results and feeling encouraged! Your attitude makes a huge difference, and sounds like you have a really strong one! Congrats and keep up the good work!

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Tough One

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tomorrow I start school. I am excited, but I am not to happy with having to go to school everyday. I have always scheduled all my classes to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, the education classes that I need to take, all seem to be at the same time on Tues/Thurs for this semester. Oh well, I just have to suck it up emoticon

I decided to do a Zumba workout today. Instead of doing a 20 minute workout, I decided to do the 45 minute one. I got to say that it was tough. The first 30 minutes of the workout was great, but I struggled with the last 15 minutes. I just wanted to see if I could do it. Next time, I am going to do a 20-30 minute Zumba workout and build up to the 45 minute one. I don't want to overdo myself. Well I hope everyone has a great day!

**And remember, emoticon

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APRIL4110 1/16/2013 10:04PM

    Thanks Patsyb7 emoticon

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PATSYB7 1/16/2013 6:54AM

    Keep dancing and have a great day! emoticon emoticon

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Relaxing Day

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today was a pretty good day. Aside from doing some chores, I was able to relax and enjoy the day. I was able to go to the park with my husband and daughter. My babygirl had so fun on the swing. After spending some time at the park, we went to my mother-in-law's house. My niece and nephew were there. It is always a joy to see them.

After some family time, I went to H-E-B to do some grocery shopping. I am proud that I followed the advice I received on SparkPeople. I noticed that my cart had a lot more fruit and veggies, as well as, whole grain products. I am excited to try out some recipes that I found on SparkPeople.

I am really glad that I found SparkPeople because it has helped me out a lot on my journey to being healthy. I have realized that I am drinking a lot more water than before. I drink at least 6 cups of water each day. I am trying my best to aim to 8 cups or more a day. I feel motivated to exercise each day and I am being conscious of what I eat throughout the day. I am in a great place right now. I hope that everyone has a great day and keep it up!

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APRIL4110 1/14/2013 6:10PM

    Thanks! emoticon

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MPETERSON2311 1/14/2013 2:56PM

    great shopping trip!

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PATSYB7 1/14/2013 5:42AM

    Great job! Keep going! emoticon

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Today was a blah day. I guess the reason for my mood is the weather-it has been raining on and off. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that I went over my calorie intake goal.

This is the first time since I started my program that I went over my calorie intake goal. I asked myself, 'why did I let myself make unhealthy choices?'' But, then I thought, 'It's okay. This is going to happen here and there. I just need to try my best to make better choices.' To lift my spirit, I read a few inspirational quotes and felt much better.

Even though I wasn't feeling energetic, I was determined to workout today. I did a 20 minute class of Zumba Fitness Core and a single song on Zumba. After I finished my workout, I felt so energized! I am proud of myself! I didn't let my mood stop me from working out.

I know that there are going to be days where I may feel tired or 'not up to it', but I know now that I will feel better after that workout. I hope that all of you never give up! 'Til next time, have a great day!

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APRIL4110 1/13/2013 2:01PM

    Thanks everyone! emoticon And emoticon

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MJ-SHE-BEAST 1/13/2013 10:47AM

    Great attitude. Going over calories now and then is NORMAL and not getting off track. Getting off track is going over calories for long stretches of time. I'm glad you found the determination to work out and felt good about it. Good for you!

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NANNABLACK 1/13/2013 8:16AM


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    Hey April, you got in a Zumba workout! That's great! I have to start doing Zumba again. I have MANY Zumba DVDs as I'm licensed as a Zumba Instructor and receive monthly DVDs/CDs for instructors. (I stopped paying the monthly membership just a couple of months ago but plan to restart it again so I can continue receiving the material by this Summer... Once finances are better)

Well done on not letting your mood put you off. You can do this!

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