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Thursday, November 06, 2014

I am going to use this blog to chart my progress towards a special weekend.

6/11. Pilates 50 mins

8/11 Gym 40 mins (Arm weights 3 x 8 sets, 10 Cross Trainer, 10 Bike, 15 Treadmill)
9/11 Gym 40 mins (10 Bike, 30 Treadmill, squats 2 x 8 sets)
10/11 Gym 40 Mins (10 Bike, 30 Treadmill, 4 x 8 Chest Press, 3 x 8 seated row, Swim 1 set of 5)
11/11 Rest Day
12/11 Rest day
13/11 Gym 40 Mins (10 Bike, 30 Treadmill, 4 x 8 Chest Press, 3 x 8 seated row, Swim 1 set of 5) Walked to work
14/11 Lazy day and even drank wine :-(
15/11 About ten minutes of yogalattes and some weights - didnt give myself enough time
16/11 1 hr 20 min walk - beautiful



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AKELAZ 11/10/2014 9:30AM

    Only just seen this due to a work trip but want to say 'Good for you'. Setting goals is always good. Keep working at it - and keep us posted on your progress towards that special weekend.
Will be thinking of you emoticon

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RAPUNZEL53 11/6/2014 5:28PM


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Two steps forward, one back

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So I ate really well last week and it felt amazing but by the time the weekend came I partied too much. Me and a freind I hadnt seen for ages went out Friday and we had around 3 hours sleep, another party Sat involving more sugary drinks and shots. Then to top it off Sunday night was a meal and more drinks. I woke up so tired Monday and I had also agreed to take home lots of extra work from work so by the time last night came I was sat on my laptop in bed, approaching midnight, surrounded by crisp and sweets.

Could this be the daqy I turn it around again. I havent been the gym for a week or so as I had a chest infection so maybe if I can get back there plus make a healthy tea that can help. I have put on 3 pounds since last week and feel washed out. I still have a lot of extra work to do at home and my flaty could do with a clean but if I can go the gym before I start my work then that shouold hopefully make me feel better.

So Jobs for today

-Start back at gym - you will feel so great in steam room afterwards
-Make healthy Tea
-Do washing and quick tidy of flat
-Get yourself cosy and get some more of this extra work done - think of the money


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AKELAZ 10/15/2014 11:28AM

    Go for it Debbi!
You're so like me - a few days - indeed weeks - of good intentions fulfilled and then wine and food get the better of me and everything slithers. I know it's a huge effort but just get back to it and you'll feel so much better. Effort is everything I'm afraid - no fun, but true.
DO hope you have/had a successful day. Let me know?
BIG encouraging emoticon

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Met my goals

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Well for the first time in so long I have managed to eat under my cal range. All day I have felt unsettled. Waiting for the comfort of my usual chocolate and crisp but enough is enough. I have such a bad diet and it all shows on my belly. Last moth I was able to stay with spark. I didn't track my food but small changes led to a loss of four puns so now I am ready to try and be fully accountable. It's not just my weight it's my health and mood that needs looking after too. Xx


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AKELAZ 10/13/2014 2:06PM

    So sorry I missed seeing this sooner - lost all my blog subscriptions somehow and failed to visit to see how you're doing. Forgive me. See that things are going well in various ways and your positive attitude is bound to help all that.
Be proud, Hero, and stick with it!

emoticon emoticon

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    Awesome, and I know you can do it again tomorrow!

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COMPCHIC52 10/9/2014 5:49PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PHHHISC 10/9/2014 4:42PM


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Tidying Mission

Friday, September 19, 2014

So the last few days I have been cleaning and tidying everything in sight. A really good spring clean. I still havent been the gym since last Thursday but I am hoping all this housework is burning some calrories Plus its making me feel better in my home.

I have been trying to make small changes and stay close to the spark but I dont know if I want to just get started now and start logging my food. I am scared if I set my goals too high I will fail but also feeling impatient now and just want to get stuck in.

I do eat over my calories but the main problem I have is not eating the right things. I dont eat any fruit and veg some days/weeks. I have soda and crisp. Maybe it would be more realistic to just say no soda or crisp for a week to start me off or maybe I should be tracking everything and just go for it.

Anyways happy Friday everyone xx

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AKELAZ 10/2/2014 11:27AM

    emoticon I count myself lucky to truly love veggies - not fruit so much but I've been making smoothies with a mixture of fruit and veggies - mostly frozen berries with spinach and carrot and added coconut milk. Really tasty AND good for me.
I'm ambivalent about tracking food as I am about the scales but on balance - for me - tracking is better than not. Can't really comment on soda and crisps cos I don't eat either but cutting down would probably be good. And speaking of cutting down - how's giving up the dreaded 'S' word going. That's a task in itself, poor you. Can only say you're making big efforts - keep at it all - habits do change with a bit of perseverence.
BIG encouraging emoticon


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GHOSTFLAMES 9/19/2014 6:12AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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OSDOWNS 9/19/2014 4:14AM

    Small and simple things eventually make a big impact. Hang in there. You are worth it.

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Slippery slope

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So last week I was doing really well and was starting to get back on track. Went the gym Thursday and then had a friend over for tea. All was lovely until we drank too much wine and I overslept for work the next day. Work when I did arrive was awful which resulted in me eating bad all day. I then slept in again on the Saturday so didn't go the gym. The days that followed that where more of the same.

I have really tried not to set my goals too high because I don't meet them and then I give up but still I find myself kind of doing the same. At least I haven't gone totally off the rails and I am still here and ready to carry on. I managed to keep some goals such as not smoking and walking to work.

I could have gone the gym today but I decided to have a super tidy of my home which has made me feel better too. Xx

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HEAITHYMOMMA 9/18/2014 9:10AM

    Not giving up is the most important thing. Your a winning already cause your still here and still trying. If you find your goals to hard to reach. Try setting small goals for now and then working up to larger ones.

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COMPCHIC52 9/18/2014 2:49AM

    emoticon Glad you are still here!! Stay with us. None of us do it all right trust me. emoticon

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COMPCHIC52 9/18/2014 2:46AM

    ok so I am a thinking no drinking for you. emoticon Really you should read about the calories in it and what it does in processing your food it aint good for a healthy diet. Even Wine you know how they say a bit is good for you well I mean there is 100 cals in 5 oz of wine. Just wow.

emoticon emoticon

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CAROL494 9/17/2014 4:44PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GEORGE815 9/17/2014 4:43PM

    We all need to refocus at times.

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