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Staying on track for El Tour de Tucson

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's certainly been a whirlwind few months. Between quitting smoking and my hormones, I've gained more weight that needs to come off. UGH! That said, I know any doctor in his/her right mind would tell me that quitting smoking is far more important than weight gain.

I'm going to be 47 this summer and I'm pretty sure I've been going through pre-menopause. I love to eat, I really do. But I've never experienced out of control eating like I have for the last several months. I finally saw my OBGYN and we came up with a plan of action that will balance my hormones. I can feel the difference already...I feel so much better!

On another note, I've been bicycling with a riding group for about ten months now. I decided it was time to get a new bike when I was riding 30-40 mile distances each week with the group. So last July, I found a great deal on Craig's List that I couldn't pass up. A gal was selling her 2 year old Specialized Dolce Comp that had less than 100 miles on it. SCORE! What a difference the new bike made. My riding group continued to meet every Saturday, even in the summer when temperatures in Tucson hovered around 110 degrees. We were on a mission - we had goals to attain! Fast forward to November, where I rode in the 60 mile El Tour de Tucson cycling event in which there were almost 9,000 participants from all over the world. What a fantastic event!!! How do I surpass that goal?

I'd really like to stick to my weight loss plan and ride a longer distance in El Tour this November. When I take this extra weight off, I want to ride the 85 or 109 mile event. I have several months to prepare for this and I can make it a reality if I stay on track. It's this kind of goal that will help me stay on track. :)

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2DANCEAGAIN 3/28/2012 11:40PM

    Wow, good for you! A goal like that is great for motivation. so proud of you for quitting smoking. I had a slip with that and felt like CRAP! I just got off again and I sure hope I start feeling better again!
Thanks for the support on my blog, really do appreciate it!!

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DANCINCAJUN1 3/25/2012 11:44PM

So proud of you !! I gained about 15 pounds after I quit but the health benefits really do make a difference .... every day adds up to a better healthy day for us. You have done some impressive biking my friend .... I'm still a "novice" and ride the trails here that used to be railroad tracks .... but keeps me out of traffic !! LOL Roc

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6 months cigarette free!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

6 month anniversary. OH YEAH!!!
Time Smoke-Free: 187 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes and 31 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 4698
Lifetime Saved: 1 month, 5 days, 21 hours
Money Saved: $1,527.50

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LADY-YOOPER 11/6/2011 9:57AM

    way to go!!!! I am a smoker I wish I could finally put the Nasty Habit to rest ...Awesom!! emoticon

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SHINJU39 11/6/2011 6:16AM


that is stunning

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SLFGOLF 11/6/2011 1:01AM

    emoticon emoticonThat is wonderful. Great for your health! Great for your budget!

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2DANCEAGAIN 11/5/2011 10:52PM

    WOO HOO - CONGRATS!!!! Been about 7 months for me I think!! Feels great doesnt it. emoticon emoticon

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DANCINCAJUN1 11/5/2011 10:23PM

    Oh my Friend I have been waiting to hear from you to see how it was going -- you have done marvelous ... and I also love the tidbits you included .... kind of puts it in perspective doesn't it? For me it has been 2 years and 8 months .... how great we are !! yessiree !! Roc
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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APOLLO45 11/5/2011 9:34PM

    Thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement! Lesliesenior, congrats on your almost 20.5 YEARS of not smoking. That is amazing!!! There is a great web site called QuitNet.com that will keep track of the stats for you once you enter a little bit of information. There is also a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/QuitNet) and it looks like some good support is provided there. Kudos to your husband for quitting when he did. I'm sure it's very helpful to have you cheering him on. Best of luck!

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MARGIE4230 11/5/2011 8:58PM

    emoticon emoticon

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LESLIESENIOR 11/5/2011 8:56PM

    This is a MIRACULOUS accomplishment! I am here to cheer you on!!!! My husband quit 4 months ago after over 40 years of smoking. I have been keeping track of his days and his $$$$ saved, but you give me good ideas for other stats to keep to encourage him.
How very wonderful for you.
All the best to you,
Leslie in California
(20 years 5 months smoke free for me) emoticon

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I'm still around

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feeling really good lately even though I haven't lost any weight. I still haven't smoked any cigarettes (quit May 1) yay!! I am beginning yet another new job in two days and am in the process of moving. I'm surrounded by boxes as I type this. I've been terribly busy making these transitions and hope to get back on track ASAP. In the meantime I am cycling regularly, which is a good feeling. We've upped our distance to 25-30 miles a ride even in these extreme (107 yesterday) temperatures.

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YOGATIME 6/30/2011 10:56PM

    Hey girl! I haven't checked on you in a bit and look at you!! You've quit smoking and have a new job!! Where are you moving to--I hope it has great cycling wherever it is. I am up to 210 of my 500 mile goal this summer.

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DANCINCAJUN1 6/25/2011 9:11PM

    well it is a done deal for you ..... you will bike rather than have a cig !!! fantastic !!!

Have you figured out what you are going to buy since you don't need gasoline or cigs? you are gonna be RICH !!! WooHoo

So proud of you !!

emoticon emoticon

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MELLABELLAS 6/25/2011 12:26PM

    Hey way to go for not smoking! I bet now you feel like you can do anything if you put your mind to it. See how strong you are?
It was 107 here last week UGH! Remember to drink plenty of water & keep cool out there miss biker!


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One month anniversary

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I am super-de-dupiter excited to announce that I have been nicotine free for one month!!! Yay me!!

I started a new job a few weeks ago and I'm trying to get settled into a new 12 hour work day routine. The time goes by really fast at work and at the end of the day I don't have much energy to cook, so I'm not eating very well when it comes to dinner. I'm doing really well with my other two meals, though.

My exercise routine has slowed down due to my work schedule, but I'm also riding my bike longer distances. I rode 27 miles last Saturday - my longest ride EVER!!! The group of people with whom I ride want me to enter El Tour de Tucson and do the 66 mile ride. 66 miles is such a long distance and I'm not sure if I'm capable of it. The 40 mile ride seems attainable, though, and the race isn't until November so I have plenty of time to train.

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MELLABELLAS 6/3/2011 3:29AM

    A whole month! Way to go! I knew you could do it. You are getting stronger every day, and I think that if you can quit smoking, you can def do the tour! You have proven to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.
12 hour days sound brutal! I am glad that they go by fast for you though.
I look forward to hearing about your progress!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DANCINCAJUN1 6/1/2011 11:30AM

    I am soooooooooooo proud of you .... in everything !!! I betcha you will do that 66 miler ... just watch & see !!

Hope your new job will eventually give you more "you" time ....


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KMYLIN 6/1/2011 11:18AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I am SO PROUD of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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Been busy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've been so busy!! My biggest accomplishment so far is quitting smoking. Today is day 19 without cigarettes. Yay!!! My weight loss has slowed down...in part because I quit smoking? I'm not sure, but at this point I am more happy about quitting than losing weight.

I started a new job recently. My hours are a bit unconventional, but I'll have some flexibility to keep my workouts interesting. Since I am working 12 hour shifts I'll only have time to work out on my days off. That's fine....between cycling, hiking and walking I'm sure I'll be able to burn those calories. I do need to cut back on my calorie intake though. I've gotten a bit lazy about tracking and I find myself getting careless when I eat out, especially for dinner. So for the next couple of weeks I am going to focus on improving the dinner/self-control aspect of my weight loss journey.

Today I rode just over 19 miles on the bike. I covered an area that I haven't ridden in over a year and I could not believe how easy the ride was today!!! This is proof positive that my fitness level is increasing and it felt very good to ride this distance when half of it was uphill. :) This ride increased my confidence level tremendously. I really want to get a lighter, faster bike. I guess I better start playing the lottery, huh?!?

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MZWHITLEY 5/24/2011 7:22PM

    wow! I'm taking a huge deep breadth and letting out a big WOO HOO! In your honor! Keep those lungs happy :)

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MELLABELLAS 5/20/2011 11:09AM

    I am super happy for you. Quitting smoking and being in a new job is proof of how strong you are. Keep up the awesomeness chica

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KMYLIN 5/19/2011 9:51PM

    That's a great idea! To put a can with the picture of your "new" bike, and as often as you'd buy a carton, put that $ in the can! I am so proud of you! emoticon emoticon
I gotta admit i love our nutrition tracker! It's what makes this a little more fun for me.I gotta remember every day too! I love the new suggestions & simple recipes.
Busy just means its a good , full life ....right? Glad you're doing great! emoticon

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DANCINCAJUN1 5/19/2011 6:08PM

    19 days 19 miles .... you are GOOD !!! my legs are like jelly just thinking about that !! Keep up the good work ... but ya better keep up with the nutritional tracker -- it makes you stop and think about what you are eating when you are out and about ...

Hey, you should get a new bike soon ... 19 days times how many days? will pay for it, right ???

Congratulations -- we're proud of ya !!

emoticon emoticon

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