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Yoga Part 2

Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Yoga!!!! This is part two to my Yoga VLOG ventures! I'm a bit more shaky in this one, but I enjoyed these exercises so much. I will say that my balance STINKS-It always has. I am really trying to improve that stinky balance, all the time. I really get into this side of it with the leg extensions. Wanna improve strength and flexibility? Gotta try some Yoga..... emoticon emoticon

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EMILYDOODLE 7/30/2012 3:37PM

  emoticon emoticon

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CAROLC64 7/29/2012 9:48AM

    You're rockin' it gurl!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WOLF648 7/29/2012 5:34AM


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Yoga Live

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is my first Vlog ever! I am a total Yogi, and thought it might be interesting to see how I look when I am practicing a routine. I picked a routine that I have NEVER done before, so this will not be perfect, BUT isn't that what makes life REAL? Enjoy me looking as graceful as an elephant . Get ready to see my "nerdiness" and hear southern accent emoticon

This routine and many other's are free on Hulu.


emoticon emoticon emoticon

There were some weird moments here, and I have 3 more video's that actually finish the routine. I made this video to be REAL and not perfect, so don't expect anything I do to be "spot on". i actually adjusted the camera and some items on the other video's so they won't look the same.

We are all here for REAL motivation and not gimmicks right?

If nothing else you will get a few laughs out of my weirdness. Jack my kittah had a cameo as well :) Yeah, that black lump in the chair is Jack, he will eventually jump down.

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GEMINIGEM6 7/28/2012 6:49PM

    I thought you did great!! I couldn't put my arms behind my back like that for nothing! Lol. And you said 'kittah'. Lol. Like Cartman on South Park. Lol. I love it.

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XPHOENIX 7/27/2012 11:47PM

    hehehehe! I love your voice, you're so freakin' CUTE!!!
Well, I'm just excited to see this vlog! YOU GO GIRL! Did I mention that I love your nerdiness? hehe
You're a bendy straw!! hehehe So flexible, my goodness! :p People do not give yoga nearly enough credit! It's super tough!! Well done!! LOVE IT!
emoticon emoticon

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CCREILLEY 7/27/2012 8:55AM

    Very good form! Great job. emoticon

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EMILYDOODLE 7/26/2012 3:48PM

  emoticon emoticon i also love yogi, you really get a great workout.

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CAROLC64 7/25/2012 11:25PM

    Great job!

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DIANEMAR 7/25/2012 12:58PM

    Good job!!! I love yoga but have not found a dvd like the one you use, which one is it? thanks!

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Me...... and .. My.. Bouncy....... Ball....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So last week I cleaned my bedroom, and I found an unused gift card from Target ,and I thought to myself, "Hmm... What will I do with this?". Needless to say, I had been wanting to buy a balance ball for some time now, and I knew that it was high time that I done so! So without further adieu, here is my workout on my new bouncy ball :). The ball came with a workout DVD, and resistance band so that was super cool! Never mind the awkwardness, LOL I was focused (most of the time)....

Sporting the excitement, that is the Blue Ball! emoticon

I must admit that I was actually afraid that I would pop this thing! As you can see, the fear went away quickly!!!!! Gotta start out with some good stretching!

Getting into it with some simple crunches!

Working those Arms!

And now comes the BUSINESS!

My Abs are a BURNIN!

Now for the REAL DEAL! Double crunches and leg raises!

I love this angle!!


Now for Swimming...


Don't laugh, it ain't easy, ok go ahead and laugh- I did after falling off the ball many times!!

Now for some silly time!! Time for the "GUN" show!!

And what does my cat do this whole time he is in the same room with me??? emoticon


I had a blast with my new toy, and it REALLY added another dimension to my ST Mondays!!!

If you don't already have one, you so gotta go get one!!!! This thing rocks!!!

Stupid iPhone has rotated the pictures, sorry about the perspective ya'll.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SAPHRAEL 8/23/2012 11:44PM

    Oh my gosh, I was cracking up over your cat. Mine does the same thing. Occasionally, she'll join me on my yoga mat and stare at me.


Comment edited on: 8/23/2012 11:45:21 PM

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SMURFETE09 7/29/2012 8:06AM

    I love my ball. It's really fun if you have the run, to get a quick walking or running start and super man on the ball..... but be careful!

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CYWSMILEY 7/25/2012 12:09PM

    I have a Ball also ad truly enjoy working out on it. Ii actually look forward to my workouts and don't feel right if I miss them. I mix my workouts out with stretching dvds on the ball, pilates, yoga and core fitness. There is so many different styles to work out on with the ball and each provides its own fun. I have actually noticed the difference in my clothes also. The real plus. Keep it up and you will find it is a new and enjoyable journey to venture out on.

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CAROLC64 7/24/2012 10:18AM

    Love it!! Looks like you're having a great time. Gonna have to get me one. emoticon emoticon

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AWESOMEKATY 7/24/2012 8:39AM

    That looks like such fun! I think I'll definitely get one now. But the thing that I love most about that workout session is your supportive cat!

Keep up the good work! emoticon

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GAYLLYNNE 7/24/2012 7:53AM

    Looks like fun!! What a great purchase!

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DABLUECAT 7/24/2012 7:11AM

    I got my ticket to the gun show!

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OLIVIANIGHT 7/24/2012 6:59AM

    Haha I love your cat! That looks like a good work out, I'd really like to get one of those balls.

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LADYDARYA 7/24/2012 6:21AM

    Had to laugh at the cat picture. I bought a balance ball and almost killed myself on it... I am so not coordinated. The cats are also terrified of it but it's still out....

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SSHIRLCAL 7/24/2012 1:50AM


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2ABBYNORMAL 7/24/2012 12:58AM

    What a great gift you bought yourself and got right to exercising. The pictures are excellent. Keep it up.
emoticon emoticon

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Too much to soon?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

So this week has been a tough one for me. Everything pretty much came to a grinding emoticon! I was so weak and tired that I could barely function let alone exercise. I didn't even bother with taking time to fix meals. I haven't been so tired in over a year. emoticon

I cannot begin to tell you how long I slept last week. I know that Monday I slept a normal 8 hours, got up ate breakfast, took a two hour nap, got up ate lunch, and took a 21/2 hour nap. It was bad. I knew something was up because not only was I exhausted but I was also feeling light- headed.

I finally went to the doctor because I thinking that it had been a few months since I had my Vitamin B12 injection. i then realized that I also have a Vitamin D deficiency along with the B12, and Iron.
I was told to to eat a little more and back off the exercise. ARE YOU SERIOUS? EAT MORE AND STOP EXERCISING?! That is so not what I wanted to hear!

These vitamins are essential to having a strong functioning body and brain. The lack of B12 was causing tingling and neurological issues.

The Vitamin D Deficiency was what was making me want to sleep constantly.

So I got the B12 infusion, and picked up some Vitamin D supplements. My hubby also bought Vitamin D milk for me to drink. I know this is a good thing but I do worry about the fat content.

I have managed to let this go, and take good care of myself this week. I have not exercised ANY this week, and I gave myself a few " free" days. I did not go crazy, but I noticed that when I ate more (especially protein), that I felt a lot better.

Now, that I am feeling better, I am going to get back on track, but I'm revamping my daily calories up a bit until I get back up to speed.

As for the Vitamin D, lets see, drink vitamin D milk, and get some sun. You mean to tell me that I just need to lay out? Yeah, I think I can handle that!

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LILSHINE 7/25/2012 12:45PM

    Glad you went to the doctor before it got worse and happy you're feeling better. I'm also lacking in D and iron probably B12 too. I take a B12 daily and take iron tabs when I start to feel different or go on an ice binge. One thing I found out is that when my iron is low so is my blood pressure which I take everyday. When I started my spinach smoothies, it made a big different with my iron levels and I felt great. Hang in there and take care of yourself. Hope you're back to winning soon

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BLONDEE53 7/23/2012 10:46AM

    I stold your cat!
You are on top of this and I am just very glad you went to the Dr. when you did. Jiminy Chrismas...this is some good info and I loved your creative pics...haha
Blessings to you...

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APLUSGURL 7/22/2012 4:13PM

    Thank you so much for the love ladies ;) XOXO!! I am feeling SO much better, I just had to slow things down a bit-although I did not want too! LOL Nixxie!! I'm thinking Vin Diesel and Henry Cavil serving us the umberella drinks, and giving us the mani-pedi's LOL !!! I appreciate all the love ya'll. It was a tough week, but I GOT THIS!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COURTNEY055 7/22/2012 12:53PM

    Glad you're starting to feel better! Not getting enough vitamins really can do a toll on the body. I take a multivite in the am and still feel a little rundown sometimes. I take folic acid and my bvitamins. It does help. I'm just glad you're ok! Best wishes on your journey!

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GAYLLYNNE 7/22/2012 9:06AM

    I take a "D" supplement every day. If you do lay out in the sun be very careful. 10 minutes without sunscreen is plenty! Take a nap mid-day, that helps too!!

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CAROLC64 7/22/2012 8:46AM

    Just be sure to use sunscreen when you lay out. Skim milk has added Vit D-same amount as whole milk. So you can use skim milk and don't have to worry about the fat. So glad you're feeling better.

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SPANKYBUNNS 7/22/2012 7:11AM

  Glad your feeling better....Great info and fun pics..very well done!

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XPHOENIX 7/22/2012 6:45AM

    We need a day poolside with really obedient do-boys that will give up pedicures and massages and cute umbrella drinks (that are, of course, calorie and fat free but also delicious). If I am going to daydream, it's going to be GOOD! hehe Glad you are starting to feel better.. I was worried!! When your body says "HEY YOU! REST!!!" you should do it! hehe Take care of you! Love you bunches! XOXO
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Weekend Warrior - ANIMAL DG Mini-Challenge

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mini- Challenge for the DG. I actually was doing my usual Saturday Astanga Yoga , and integrated a few "animal" moves in with some pics. My hubby shot these random photos of me doing my THANG :D. One of my goals is to one day do a full scorpion, but I'm proud of what I can do NOW!

Down Dog



Trying Scorpion

Eagle Pose (Modified)



Table Top

Other Random Poses Randomly Caught

I'm very proud of this one.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    These pix are awesome!!! That last one is wild! What is that called?? I used to do yoga.. not recently, but that looks like so much fun I want to do it again!

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TX_JEN37 7/18/2012 12:11AM

    I'm gonna have to try that!! awesome!!! emoticon

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MAERETH 7/17/2012 9:29AM

    Looking great!

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LILYEN 7/17/2012 1:39AM

    Epic poses! I have never done yoga before and the animal mini-challenge is royally kicking my butt lol. You rocked them tho! emoticon emoticon

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APLUSGURL 7/16/2012 11:32PM

    Haha, thanks, I this is the "Man's Room" that used to be the Master Bedroom. I made the decision to covert it into a Music/Media/Gaming Room :D. We spend A Lot of time in this room :D

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XPHOENIX 7/16/2012 11:28PM

    YAYYYYYYYYY OMG you are so cool!!! My son took a few pics of me today doing my ST... I will share those tomorrow! :) hehe Love the full Scorpion goal! That's awesome! I dont do yoga a lot, but I want to do it more often for sure. That's one of MY goals, to do more things.. different things to keep my workouts "spicy" hehe. XOXO

P.S. That room looks amazing by the way. Like one I would just stay in anyway.. lol FUN!

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