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Virtual Relay 2012 : Trip #3 ALREADY

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hi spark


some technical info

IF you still don't know what this is....

join us in this VIRTUAL relay.
we did around the world last year 13000 miles ;p

this year we are doing TRIPS, see how many we can do!

IF you are new! TALLY up your 2012 miles!!!
and subtract it to our # miles to go ;p

any mileages from your exercise ;p
Run, bike, swim, spin (21 per hr class), walk, kayak, etc. MAN POWERED ;p

Trip #1 Oregon Trail 2000 miles
Trip #2 Amazon river 3500/4000 miles TOTAL 6000 when done

Since we are 500 miles from the END

VOTE time!!!

A. Lewis and Clark Trail 4600 miles
B. Nile river 4000
C. Trans-siberian Railway 5800

Where shall we go next???

and if you have any more ideas and mileage let me know

Spark on

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DOCTATITO 3/31/2012 9:16PM

    I vote Trans-Siberian Railway!

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NATPLUMMER 3/31/2012 7:17PM

    Trans-Siberian Railway :-)

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official 30k race finisher lol

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hi spark

Can't upload pics now

I'm dead last but its okay
I beat my set time

Planned to walk run it BC of my ankled

No injure!

I met sparklers

Bobby waited at finish line for me even though they took it down

No sparker left behind. ;)

My hubby missed it they actually came and left right when they took down the counter

I finished

I learned some awesome lessons
I wanted to finish

Boo to 2 sprained ankles in past 3 wks

But I can still run
I walked ran today...
I did OK...only everyone was running at 9-10 min mile
So hahaha

The good thing is I came in with last group

Lol 5 more wks to full marathon
I can do this

Today was just an it just SUX day
mental battle!

But I m so psyched for the full

Off to bday party

But all I wanna do is zzzzz

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DEE797 4/1/2012 1:36PM

    emoticon emoticon on finishing! Do take care of your ankles, especially with another race coming up. emoticon

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JOYFULSPIRIT920 4/1/2012 9:25AM

    Congrats on pushing through and finishing!! Woo hoo!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EVER-HOPEFUL 4/1/2012 7:07AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonhave fun at the party.

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CHRISTIE_UIOWA 4/1/2012 12:33AM

    Congrats!! I hope your ankles feel better soon!

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FIT_FOR_LIFE85 3/31/2012 8:41PM

    emoticon emoticon I love what DDHEART said- every race run (or walked) is a race won! Great job (but do watch those ankles)!

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    Good work and awesome attitude! Proud of you! Good luck with your marathon.

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LINDABENEDICT 3/31/2012 7:44PM


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LETSSPARKLE 3/31/2012 7:17PM

    Congratulations! I'm running my first Half Marathon soon. Enjoy the afterglow!

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NATPLUMMER 3/31/2012 7:16PM

    Even without two sprained ankles I can't run a 9-10 min mile...well maybe one but I couldn't sustain it for the whole race.

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ACTIVE_AT_60 3/31/2012 7:14PM

    I don't mean to be a grinch and I do understand what you are trying to accomplish, but I am concerned what you might be doing to your ankles long term.

I hope you iced both ankles when you were done.

You may want to have a sports medicine doc look at it. I am not telling what to do - but to share my concern about what you are doing and the long term consequences. I have been there myself!!!

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ECHAVEZ2 3/31/2012 5:07PM

    emoticon another accomplishment under your belt. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DDHEART 3/31/2012 5:06PM

    Every race run is a race won!

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MASRITE 3/31/2012 4:36PM

    Congrats on finishing. Wow, your marathon is so soon. Ready for it?? Good luck with the rest of the training!!

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BEFIT_WITHGUSTO 3/31/2012 4:04PM

    Congrats! Love your attitude!!

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BAYBELIEVER 3/31/2012 3:32PM

    Congratulations! You did it!

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jasr aka 18 miler race

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hi spark

Wow time flies
Sorry about MIA

Kids spring break 2 wks. 1 down, 1 to go...

Jasr peep. Looks like repeat of last year.
Ill have to see u at the races and bail
bday event right after


Just gardening and backyard orchard.
Pics soon...
And I need to come back here lol

Ankles healed OK.
plan to walk run my 18 miler :)

See u there

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AMYB1985 3/30/2012 8:34AM

    An ankle brace might be a good idea.

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WONDERWOMAN 3/29/2012 10:24PM

    Enjoy JASR. Hope the ankle holds up extremely well.

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CATS_MEOW_0911 3/27/2012 12:21AM

    Best of luck on the 18 miler!

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FITSPOGUY 3/26/2012 9:05PM

    18K? WOW Girl!

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-CORAL- 3/26/2012 2:51PM

    Two weeks for spring break? Wow! I am taking a couple days off work this week (spring break here too) to spend time with my daughter. It will be so nice :) Have fun on spring break and your race!

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MASRITE 3/26/2012 2:34PM

    Glad your ankle is feeling good. Hope you're having fun with the kids on their Spring Break. Mine are off next week!!

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NATPLUMMER 3/26/2012 11:26AM

    Sounds like you're keeping busy. Glad the ankle is doing well. Good luck!!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 3/26/2012 11:13AM

    wish i could join you all.have fun. emoticon

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CBAILEYC 3/26/2012 11:09AM

    I'm looking forward to meeting you at JASR!

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KKINNEA 3/26/2012 10:49AM

    You've got it, girl!

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1 mile after sprained ankle

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi spark

I'm glad I can still run ;)
My race is on 31st 18 or 30k

I haven't touched base with any jasr peeps. Been crazy here

But slow and steady.
Took 1 wks off to heal.
So only 1 awesome mile

Going to increase as days come

Spark on

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITSPOGUY 3/16/2012 8:57PM

    I sure feel for you! My ankle started acting up when I was working in an attic and walking around on the rafters. Thankfully it has settled down again but boy it sure made me remember not to take healthy ankles for granted.

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AIMLESS07 3/13/2012 12:45AM

    Glad you are healing. I thought I did something to my abdominal and groin area last week and took a couple days off. I didn't want to but I am glad I did.

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MASRITE 3/13/2012 12:04AM

    Take it easy. Don't over do it!!

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LYNNANN43 3/12/2012 11:45PM

    Be careful with that ankle! You can always call and just run or walk the 5K if you're able.

We're all getting together for a Pot Luck dinner at the Comfort Inn on Friday and going to MOJO Running store on Saturday evening during JASR. I do hope you can come!!!

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BOBBYD31 3/12/2012 10:11PM

    haven't seen you around much, hope your ankle treats you well. are you coming to hang out with us after JASR?

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    Glad that you are on the mend!

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FLGIRL1234 3/12/2012 4:54PM

    Take it easy! Great attitude about it though. :)

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JOYFULSPIRIT920 3/12/2012 3:11PM

    Glad your healing ... take it easy!

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FUNGIRL81005 3/12/2012 2:00PM

    emoticon emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 3/12/2012 1:31PM


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KKINNEA 3/12/2012 1:13PM

    Smart planning on the ramp up - take care but have fun!

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TINASWEEP 3/12/2012 12:10PM

    Glad to hear from you! Have a bright, healthy week of continued healing and gradual exercise.

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MINDY502 3/12/2012 10:07AM

    glad to hear you are healing. emoticon

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RUNNINGPFUHL 3/12/2012 9:58AM

    Great attitude!! emoticon

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 3/12/2012 9:33AM

    So glad your ankle is healing so you can run your race. emoticon

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Garden File #2: Compost, my SP report card (pic)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hi Spark

Quick update!

SNOW, SNOW. SNOW...no running.... yeah don't wanna slip and fall bef my race;p

This week is GET MY DD enroll in our public school, b/c I am going to be in Asia over the summer. Gotta get it done now-ish!

As you know. I am gonna start gardening this year. However, I will only be here in SPRING and FALL.

so I am looking at WHAT to plant! ??????
and/or what can I plant , and just have my hubby water and I'll harvest in FALL

HOW Composting Relates to SP

I started my compost in 2009, when I started SP.
(Well, I started SP and it Sparked my Composting, is more like it!)

VERY long Story Short!

Having lived in a place with REALY bad Soil condition.... I found Composting
When I researched COMPOSTING, I had no idea HOW GREEN it was ;p emoticon

IF you don't know the first thing about composting like me! It was WOW!

Recycle! Promotes Healthy Living! and Awesome for Garden ;p

So, I bought my bin and started ;p


what goes into the compost????
emoticon and emoticon

yeah!!! so if I am NOT eating my Fruits and Veggies...my compost bin is EMPTY!!

LOL....simple as that!

And it takes 1 year to make ;p

so that is HOW my COMPOST is my SP health Report card ;p

and another SURPISE it decreased my Trash but a LOT!!!!!

Because.....it takes

1. Organic waste (green Cooking scraps)
2. Egg shell and Egg cartons!!!!
3. Paper Products (that is not GLOSSY (takes longer) aka JUNK mail.

and Meat waste goes to my other composter (HUSKY)

so if you are thinking about composting ;p DO IT!
youtube and the internet has very good videos!!!

Thanks for reading ;p

You can as usual skip this rest of this... if you aren't interested ;p


AGAIN.... I am NOT an EXPERT....
I am just documenting how I did it ;p


It is basically DECOMPOSED organic Matter.

It happens NATURALLY...

In nature,

Trees drop leaves in fall
Worms and mirco-organism breaks it down over winter
Leaves turns into "soil"
Trees Root recycle this and makes new GROWTH

That is MY UNDERSTANDING if I have to explain to my 8 yr old DD


I know there is a LOT of options out there.... really simple to complicated

Basically, you need OPEN bottom, Airation (holes) and a COVER

I just got one from LOWES it was $60-70
it was OK to put together....


It needs to be Semi-Permanent location.
It will be HEAVY, you don't want to move it around!

It may Stink....so you want to put it some what AWAY from the house.

If you rake leaves, make sure you can GET them there
Do you have Excesss to WATER!!!! (LOL I have to bring a pitcher each time)

This is my SETUP

This is a closer look, UNDER the SNOW is all the leaves we raked on my AUTUMN FALL pics



Now that you have your bin, you need a small container to keep your kitchen scraps

I just used an OLD WOODEN salad bowl.

If you worry about insects and flies...get one with cover....

we throw it into the compost almost daily so it not an issue
We get flies in summer REGARDLESS of kitchen compost (ARGH)

the only OOPIES:

is the WOODEN part... it's on it's 2nd year now... and some of the bottom is being eaten away by the material

and NOT that WATER tight


Compost is broken up into GREENS and BROWNS

* Kitchen "green" Scraps (GREEN)

This is any green organics from your kitchen! Spoiled freggies, disposed parts of freggies you don't eat, pits and cores ;p

* Egg Shell (MINERAL)

This is the only mineral the compost gets (calcium).
When I TURNED the compost daily, you can't see the egg shells
When I LASAGNA the compost, you can see the whole shells....so crush them here

* Paper Product (BROWN)

I only ever put egg cartons, newpaper, junk mail and paper bags.
Paper Towels, if and only if NO CONTACT with Meat or chemicals

lol only the plastic mailing bits are left of my junk mail envelops

I did a MILK carton before (horizon one) and since it was "glossy" it took a WHILE!

* Garden foilage (GREEN)

Garden Clipping, and Weeds (careful, if you put seeds in...well you know)
Grass.....(I have heard yes/no on this....) I don't
Flowers (bought or grown)

* DRIED Leaves (BROWN)

This is the MAJOR part of the compost. And when I run out of leaves...I go with paper


Again there is so many formulas out there.

This is HOW I did it!

When you FIRST start.... you DON'T have the micro-organism and worm

so that is why it will take about a YEAR to make,
unless you TURN it everyday and add water ;p
I heard you can get it in 6 MONTHS!

so to start, your material will be at the BOTTOM of the bin (LONG SHOVEL/FORK)

my formula is:

4 BROWN: 1 GREEN...and water as needed

so for every bowl of kitchen scraps, I dump in 4 bowls of "leaves"
it's not PRECISE! I EYEBALL it!

I STARTED with a SMALL batch! added enough water to DAM it
and TURNED like a maniac for a few week.

I added daily batches, water as needed and TURNED

STEAM was coming out... it's pretty cool!

Mines is OLD so my NEW is at the TOP of the Pile

AFTER 6 months ;p it was summer
it was HOT!

so I started the LASAGNA method.

1 Green,
4 Brown, Dampen,
1 Green.
4 Brown ,Dampen (repeat)

Like a lasagna and pretty MUCH IGNORE it!

6. WHAT IS HAPPENING (the Chemstry)

well, if I am to explain to my 8 yr old DD

The Brown provides the "environment" or HOME for the benefical critters doing the work

The Water is also for a better "environment"

The Green is their FOOD

so it's a balance to keep everything HAPPY

so if your compost is too

DRY; add some water and kitchen scraps
WET: add more BROWN

that's it, the long and short of it

Why Layers?

In the begining with I was TURNING, I wasn't getting the layers, old and new was all mixed up, because I wanted to invite the critters in ;p

once established the critter stay at the bottom and "decomposes"/eat/do magic on my new/old layer....

once the nutrition is gone for THEM, the critter move up to my NEWER layer, because I am consistantly making new layers.

The bottom layer that is "DONE" is MY compost
They can't do anything more to it...but my PLANTS can ;p

See the GAPPING hole, that is where my COMPOST was
and the straw looking stuff..... not done yet...it's the intermediate compost.


After my first Year.... I was only able to get a FREEZER LARGE ziplock bag full!

My bin was full, however

I gave it to my MIL to use in her house plants

2nd year!!!!! I got a ton I can layer 2 raise bed 3x3 (as shown with the gap)

I don't water it anymore, b/c the lid is broke and it gets rained on

LOL that was long
but I hope it made sense

so worth it...you should do it if you are even thinking about it

spark on

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LETSSPARKLE 3/31/2012 7:13PM

    AWESOME post!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 3/11/2012 5:34AM

    great i once wrote a blogcalled less waist=more waste.it is amazing how much more waste we have with potatoe peel ,apple cores etc when we increase our fruit and veg´s.good idear to make your own compost.keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon

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MASRITE 3/10/2012 12:49AM

    If I was a gardner, I might have done this. But, I'm not!! Can't believe you'll be in Asia for the summer. How lucky are you!!

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SEEHOLZ 3/8/2012 1:36PM

    Cool info about the compost- I so do not garden. Just no time/energy and/or enough interest!

Pretty cool about spending the summer in Asia- I'm sort of jealous and happy for you :-)

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MBSHAZZER 3/7/2012 9:21AM

    April, I am SO GLAD you posted this!!! BF and I just bought a house and the previous owner left behind her compost bin! We are so excited but I wasn't entirely sure about how to use it (what goes in, etc). so this post was SO TIMELY! Thank you!!!

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KANSASROSE67 3/6/2012 3:54PM

    There aren't many edibles you can plant and not have to care for all summer. Maybe winter squash, pumpkins, etc. if you have a lot of room, because they spread. Herbs might be another idea.

Otherwise you might plant early spring crops like radishes, lettuce, spinach, beets and turnips. Most of these will be ready to harvest before summer. And they're easy to grow, too!

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-CORAL- 3/6/2012 2:57PM

    What a great explanation! I am a compost dummy! I tried last year, too much green and not enough brown I guess, the kitchen scraps started growing and I had a patch of potatoes and onions in there LOL!

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FLUFFYSUE1 3/6/2012 2:53PM

    Would love to but my garden isn't that big and i worry about the smell. Maybe when i do my garden there maybe somewhere away from the house. Love your pics and your making me all excited! Can't wait to start sowing my garden.

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JERSEYFLOWER 3/6/2012 2:48PM

    Cool stuff!

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WORTHEYMOM 3/6/2012 2:31PM

    I will be doing some research for sure now. Hoping this is something my family can start together this spring!

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LENKA763 3/6/2012 2:11PM

    i have my bin full, and hoping to get the most of it out in the spring, but I will try the layer thing.

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NATPLUMMER 3/6/2012 2:06PM

    Cool. Thanks for the info.

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 3/6/2012 1:47PM


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