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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Running is going well. I'm up to 1 min running/30 seconds walking for 15 intervals. My leg hasn't been hurting, but it doesn't feel quite right either. I'm finding it really hard to determine between paranoia that I'm doing too much and legitimately doing too much. Nothing hurts like it used to but it just twinges a bit in that hamstring and now I'm sitting on the couch that butt cheek feels a little more uncomfortable. A lot of it is probably because I'm also doing hamstring and gluteal exercises which makes me a bit sore. It's just really hard to know if I stop challenging myself or just keep persisting.

I read an article by a woman who has spent 4 years battling an upper hamstring injury. I've also read about how the tendon weakens and how few treatment options there are. It has all been very depressing. There are stretches and strengthening exercises which I'm doing but it still is sad to think I may still be at this point in 4 years. And I haven't even had an MRI or cortisone injections.

So for now I will keep pushing a little further. And I will keep doing physio exercises and stretching. Strength training has also been going very well. I'm being really careful with squats and cleans. So far so good, but they make me nearly as paranoid about my hamstring as running does.

I think riding my horse more is also making for some strange muscle soreness. New muscles that haven't been used in awhile. Nothing quite replicates it. Hopefully increasing hip/pelvic/gluteal strength riding will help with injury prevention.

I'm doing marginally well with eating although not great. It's been a busy week so that'd be why. I did my measurements and they are the same or slightly smaller than February even though I'm a few kilos heavier. That's positive. Hopefully my body composition is changing with this strength training.

And I think I'm off to take a bath as my back felt much better until my ride this morning.

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BIGPAWSUP 7/31/2014 10:24AM

    It is hard not to be paranoid but in the end only you know what you can handle. Best of luck.

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Sore back

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I did fitness class on Tuesday night and somehow tweaked my back. Just the right side. I kept going as it wasn't that bad and was hoping it would loosen up. It didn't. It did a bit yesterday but is still a bit sore. I'm still not sure if it was the deadlifts I did Monday night or the fact I was carrying around a fat 33kg (72lb) Labrador at work on Tuesday. Either way I managed a run yesterday but haven't been doing any weights since. I also opted not to ride my horse, yesterday because I hurt and it was windy (and she's a little crazy when really windy) and today mainly because I was lazy but I doubt it'd be the best activity with a sore back. Hopefully it'll go okay at boxing tonight and maybe another run.

I have tracked my food in advance today and am hoping to see some progress on the scale this week. So far it has only gone up a bit. I am sure that one of the reasons I've struggled to get back on track as the scale doesn't seem to care if I'm trying or not trying. A couple of months ago I was working out reasonable amounts and tracking 1400 calories a day and saw zero progress. Hopefully now I'm back on track again the scale can also cooperate. I'm all about non-scale victories but when the scale goes up or won't budge and my clothes aren't fitting any better it's easy to get frustrated quickly!

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BIGPAWSUP 7/24/2014 9:18PM

    Hope you feel better soon.

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SNOWFILLY 7/24/2014 8:04AM

    I hope your back feels better soon. I have noticed if my muscles are sore, because I have used ones that haven't been used lately. The scale will go up a little, then after they heal the scale will go down a little. Hope that helps. Why were you carrying the lab? I think you need a cart. LOL

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CHODGES83 7/23/2014 10:50PM

    Hope you feel better!

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Finally making progress

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

After over a year with a high hamstring injury that just didn't want to get better I feel like I'm finally making some progress to get back running distances. I am currently doing 1 minute running/30 sec walking for 15 reps with no pain. I've been able to do shorter distances in fitness classes for ages but the hamstring exercises and forcing myself to be patient in increasing my intervals is finally working. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself but am hoping to do a 15k trail race when we're on holiday in November. Fingers crossed!

I've also been getting back to lifting a bit heavier at home. I decided to reduce myself down to only a couple classes a week rather than 5 or 6. This has given me enough time to cook properly, prep snacks properly and to do other exercise. So far so good. I really was feeling time pinched when I wrote my last blog and I know that not having time is just an excuse blah blah blah but there is a limit to how much time there is left to do more than an hour exercise and cook when working 50 hours most weeks and caring for a horse.

And now, what I'm doing well:
- tracking food
- running/lifting
- horseback riding including working on improving my seat eg. trotting with no stirrups, riding in half seat and if there's any horse back riders reading this I'd love to have some suggestions that don't involve me improving those inner thigh/pelvic muscles while not riding because none of the more obvious inner thigh exercises make trotting with no stirrups any easier!
- less snacking

And what I could be doing better:
- drinking water
- not overeating on weekends
- more consistently staying in calorie
- baking less

I am also feeling a lot less depressed. My husband has been helping around the house more and spending a bit more time with me which has helped. Hopefully all of this will make for some progress on the scale!

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SNOWFILLY 7/23/2014 7:50AM

    Glad to hear that everything is coming together for you!!! Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to stop and re-figure out what works for you. Great job!!

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WENDYJM4 7/22/2014 11:03PM


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BIGPAWSUP 7/22/2014 9:35PM

    Congrats, sounds like you have started down a good path. Hope things continue to improve.

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CHODGES83 7/22/2014 11:58AM

    I think the hardest part is finding balance. I love the time I spend on healthy activities for my body, but I also need time for a healthy mind. What I mean by that is not sacrificing sleep for an early workout, or taking time to read a book/watching a movie with my family in the evenings, or hanging out with friends, plus just regular life stuff, like running errands. It's like what's realistic? What can be maintained? It's awesome to hear you're finding that balance! Keep up the positive talk!

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JAZZII4 7/22/2014 9:54AM

    It's great, that you are finding a balance, in your life. emoticon

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No Time

Friday, June 20, 2014

I hate to make excuses but I am really struggling to create a schedule that gives me time to make healthy food and get as much exercise as I'd like. Maybe I can get some suggestions from others. I'm currently working 40-50 hour weeks and while that may improve some it isn't that promising. My usual day goes a little like this:
5-6am - alarm goes off at 5 and I get up somewhere closer to 6am since I can't say I'm that keen to actually get up
Shower and off to ride horse by 645ish
730 - finish ride
730-830 - eat breakfast, do dishes, grab lunch
830-5pm - work - some days I'm really busy and some days I do very little, it varies a lot, I try to make time for lunch but it doesn't always happen until 2-3pm
5pm - snack
530-630pm - fitness class
630pm - dinner & tv/paying bills/emailing/editing photos
830-9pm bed

I'm still having time to do fitness class Monday-Thursday and some Saturday mornings and I am riding my horse 3-4 days a week but I'm having trouble fitting in time to run, shop for healthy foods, and cook. I also work Saturday morning 9-anytime between 12 and 2pm. So really I only get 1 and 1/2 days off each week. I also am doing horse dental work on the side so next Saturday I'll be spending my whole afternoon doing that.

I have tried running after fitness class but I'm usually really hungry. I have been thinking of bringing weights to work to keep out the back but I'm not sure how often I'd get to use them. I also don't want to be too sweaty and gross at work.

I know I'm working too much but I work on a percentage only and I'm competing against another clinic in a small town. And the people who own that clinic are kind of awful. They enjoy telling people that our clinic has packed up and left town since prior to me being here full-time (which started in Jan) the clinic was only staffed 1-2 days a week. I really don't enjoy working so much but I need the clinic to get to a point where it breaks even. The only reason I've taken this job is so that my husband can get contract work in a mine, my job provides rent free accommodation which up here rent can be $1000/week. Hopefully that contract work can become permanent making my income less important.

I am having trained and qualified nurses starting in the next week so I'm hoping this will help take some pressure off. I just cannot figure out how to make the time to eat healthy regularly without giving up all of my time vegging out in the evenings. I think without that time I'd struggle as I'm fairly constantly stressed by work.

I know I probably need to make health more of a priority than work but I can't quite see how that is an option at the moment. I also would probably be better off not having my horse to care for but she also provides a good release.

I have been doing batch cooking but even that can be a challenge here. Being so remote we sometimes fail to have basic items like chicken breast or fresh veggies. I just get so frustrated because I know how to do this but it just isn't happening. Today was awful in terms of food, breakfast was a bowl of not that healthy cereal and a coffee, lunch was a dare iced coffee milk as I had no lunch food at home to bring with me and if I leave the clinic for lunch it means I have to lock up which I hate to do in case I get business through the doors. Dinner was takeaway burger and fries and some wine. I could have done better for dinner but right before I left work, 30min after close, I xrayed a case I had in hospital and found what appears to be an invasive tumour of the skull. I've now spent this evening dreading the fact I will have to tell the owners the bad news when the get back from being overseas. This is after I emailed them to tell the bloodwork looked good today. And since I ran out of time to get stuff ready for the markets today I have to get into work super early tomorrow to get stuff ready.

Anyway I'm just complaining now. I really do need to find someway to balance this. I just have no idea how.

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FIT4MEIN2013 6/20/2014 10:46AM

    I make my breakfast and lunch for the next day while I cook/clean up dinner. I have go-to meals that I use. Breakfast is ALWAYS an egg and high fiber English muffin. I will cook my egg when cooking dinner and it is cool enough to package while I wash dishes. I make my coffees for the next day so they can chill over night (to drink iced after the gym. I also keep healthy soups, packages of tuna, crackers and meal bars in my office so that there is no excuse to eat garbage. Hope these tips help some!

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LOVELESMILLS 6/20/2014 9:40AM

  Too much! emoticon

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Photo from my hike

Sunday, May 04, 2014

I can't get any of the other photos to upload without resizing but here's a picture of Lucky on our hike up Mt Nameless today

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SPOONGIRLDEB 5/5/2014 8:35PM


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SNOWFILLY 5/5/2014 7:36AM

    Wow!! That is Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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WENDYJM4 5/4/2014 9:18PM

    looks awesome

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BIGPAWSUP 5/4/2014 10:11AM

    Looks wonderful!

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DFOLKARD 5/4/2014 8:45AM

    Looks awesome!

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