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What's your take on Supplements (especially Whey protein)?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For most part of my life I have been one of those people who believe that all these Supplements, meal replacement powders and even Whey protein are "Artificial" means of weight loss and that they do more harm than good! emoticon
Well, I am starting to question that now! And the more I read or talk about it, the more confusing it gets because I keep receiving conflicting views. emoticon So, let me list out the pros and cons I see and it would be great if you could provide your opinion and also share your own experience if you have used any of these food supplements to aid your weight loss efforts -
Pros -
1. Our diet does not provide all the essential nutrients we need to stay healthy. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
2. Also unless we are on a 100% organic diet, we really don't know how much benefit (nutrients) are our freshly cooked meals actually providing us.
3. Coming to Whey protein or other protein supplements - Although there are enough protein sources even in a vegetarian diet, I'm not sure that we include enough of them in our daily diet to meet our protein requirement.
4. The supplements provide you the nutrients in a concentrated and "PURE?" form. Meaning that you don't have to eat as much to meet your nutrient requirement and hence save on Calories. emoticon

Cons -
1. Its processed. We don't get to see what goes into making them and how healthy they really are. emoticon
2. I don't know if its true, but have heard that your body gets kinda addicted to it. So, if you stop using them after taking them for a while then you would put on all the lost weight back and More!!! emoticon
3. That they may have harmful effects on the kidney and liver etc etc.

Well, these are just a few... you might have heard of some more! So, what do you think? emoticon Ever used them or learnt some interesting facts? Would you recommend them as part of your daily diet? and if yes, How much and for how long? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MICHIGANLORI 5/28/2013 9:06PM

    I use whey protein and love it. I add whey protein into my green smoothies to help me get my protein in. I'm not a big protein eater so whey protein supplement helps me out.

FYI - I stick with whey protein that doesn't have added sugar (or very little).

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PKCTTS 5/28/2013 12:01PM

    I'm not one of those people that takes 30 supplements a day, but I do think that I need a good daily multivitamin and a little extra calcium as insurance. And, on the whey, after tracking nutrition for a long time I've come to realize that I rarely hit even the bottom of my protein requirements. And I feel that it is essential for me to work on building more muscle mass - so, most mornings I have a green smoothie with a full serving of organic whey protein (whey only, no flavoring or sugar) in it.

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ALISHAB3 5/28/2013 10:58AM

    It just depends on how your body reacts. Mine put on weight with whey powder (organic, sweetened with Stevia, organic coco). Just watch how it effects your body.

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ZANNACHAN 5/28/2013 10:11AM

    I take vitamin/mineral supplements per doctor's orders because, living with my husband's food allergies, it's hard for us to get all the vitamins etc. that we need and the vitamins help bridge that gap. I struggle to get enough protein but I don't supplement my protein; I just try to be careful that every meal/snack has a good source of protein.

I've never thought of them as weight loss aids. Eating protein in any form helps you lose weight because protein makes you feel full and stay full longer, but you get the same benefit from eating chicken or hummus or a handful of nuts as you do whey protein.

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ELAYNE39 5/28/2013 9:56AM

    You should be able to get all the nutrients you need eating a healthy diet. That said, I think taking supplements can be a way to help meet one's needs. We don't eat perfectly everyday, at least I don't. So for supplements, it depends on what you think you need. I drink a protein shake every day (30 gr protein), but I have a higher protein need as I lift weights. And I mean I lift heavy weights. So I use a protein shake to help boost the protein intake for a smaller amount of calories plus it is easier for me to take along. Stonecot is correct, I could get more protein through dairy and as a natural source would be better, but I'm one of those that can't ingest a lot of dairy. Supplements are not the key to weight loss. Supplements are just what they say they supplement. They are not meant to be a replacement or the only source of nutrition. Generally, the supplements are not the best source for what nutrients you need, but they can help fill a short gap.

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STONECOT 5/28/2013 8:45AM

    I really do not see why a healthy diet would not contain all the nutrients needed. Mine does, including the protein. I've never seen any scientific evidence that any of them aid weight loss. If people stopped cutting out diary, when they are not lactose intolerant, they would get most of the protein and other nutrients they needed. Scientific research has shown, that the fats contained in full cream milk, prevent the body from absorbing saturated fats, eliminating them from the system. Milk is a more natural product than any supplement. emoticon

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Its silly I know :(

Friday, May 24, 2013

Alright friends , I'm going to ask a very silly question - How can anyone plateau at the beginning itself of their weight loss journey??
I know it does not make any sense but I am really getting concerned now and did not know who else to ask! :(
So the background is this - Just untill last year I was at my goal weight (after losing 18 kgs) which I had achieved after a LOT of effort and maintained it for 2.5 years. But then I had to undergo a surgery in June last year after which I started putting on weight. Now I am 8 kilos heavier! So about 2 months back I got really concerned about this sudden gain and started making some serious efforts for weight loss. I have been exercising regularly most of the time. Haven't had any binging episodes since 6 weeks now ... trying to control my carb n fat intake but still I havn't lost a single pound! It just refuses to budge!!!

I kept trying to keep myself motivated... But I'm losing it now. Mainly because I just cant figure out what is missing in my efforts! So I was wondering if may be I should do some sort of Diet like a GM diet or something for a few days just to move the scale! That might help break the plateau. Well, I'm never in favor of so called "weight loss diets" but this is just a desperate effort now. I feel horrible to see that I'm back sliding so fast... Its scary!

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    Just as you need to vary your nutrition composition.. ( that is ... do NOT eat the same meals every day/week) You also need to vary your exercise routines.. how you burn your calories. Doing the same cardio and strength training for extended periods of time..
According to the articles I have read your body quite readily adapts to any routine and then makes that its new normal and adjusts itself to metabolize and store your calories for just in case there is a new famine.

Being a creature of habit myself - I find it hard to put a lot of (much of any!) variety into my life... the calories in & out part at least.

But I am not an authority... just have found plateau busting for me means I have been doing the same things for too long and need to make some changes.

Hope this has been at least a little helpful.
We will meet our goals, with a little or a lot of help from our friends.
Good luck,

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ZANNACHAN 5/24/2013 12:02PM

    If you are losing inches but not pounds, you are probably replacing muscle you lost while recouping from surgery. Which means you are making progress--it's just progress that the scale can measure.

If not... I know that I have been on this weight loss journey for 4 years now and have very little to show for it, and for me the big culprit seems to be stress--I exercise regularly, I eat well, I tracked religiously for a long time and while I'm not so religious about it any more, I do still track and I'm still eating on target most of the time. But I'm also under a LOT of stress, which causes a boost in cortisone, which can cause weight gain (I'm not gaining at least!). Lack of sleep can also do it.

*hugs* and remember... breathe in, breathe out, you can do this!

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PAULAAUTUMN 5/24/2013 11:34AM

    It is so frustrating when the scales do not shift I had a period of lose 1 pound then gain it back the next week for about 4 weeks and got really fed up.
Then I started tracking and weighing the portions and using a 9 inch plate. That worked I am now back to losing. I know it sounds daft but a smaller plate really does help.
Don't give you emoticon you did it before and emoticon again.

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    When this happens I become more diligent about tracking and measuring my food. I can usually find the culprit by doing this and make the needed adjustment.

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AMARANTHA120S 5/24/2013 10:26AM

    Hugs and hang in there. Could it be that you maintained successfully for a long time and though you view this as the beginning of a new weight loss journey, you are really just maintaining and dealing with an episode of regain?

Dunno, just wondering.

Don't worry, just keep doing the right things and the scale WILL move.

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TCANNO 5/24/2013 10:07AM

    Have you use the tape as you could be loosing inches instead of pounds?

I change my diet weekly and I think that helps. Don't walk / run the same distance every day.

Do different exercises by mixing them up.

I hope this help but do keep trying

Have a good weekend

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Fake it until you make it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heard this from a Kabbalist friend and it hit a chord... emoticon

"Did you know that we can borrow from a better version of ourselves before it becomes manifest?

Imagine how the person you really want to be would handle the ins and outs of your everyday life, and then be that! With practice, those better behaviors become like second nature to us.

You can fake it until you make it because what we give energy to becomes our destiny."

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ZANNACHAN 5/14/2013 10:08AM

    I've also read how smiling--even when you don't feel like it--can lower your stress levels and in the long run make you happier in reality. So *smile*

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Distress Call!...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry for making my First Blog Entry ever, sound like a Distress Call...!!! But it really is something like that.
Going straight to the point, I need as much advice and suggestions that could help me reduce my Fat Percentage!!! I have been able to lose a decent amount of weight in about one year - Approx 12 kgs but my Fat % for some reason hasn't come down that much. It's at a Whooping 32% currently even though Weight-wise I am well within my BMI range (22). I am 5' 8" tall incase you were wondering.
I know the 2 most important factors that control Fat loss are - Strength Training & Diet along with regular Cardio ofcourse.
Though I am not perfect, my diet has been pretty much under control (Most of the Time). I dont have any fried stuff or Junk either. Oil intake is well under control. BUT Well, that's only from my Perspective! so your advice on Diet control that could enhance Fat loss is most Welcome.
Also I take care of my meal timings, so that could not be an issue either.
I try to do Cardio 4-5 times a week.
Coming to Strength Training - Well, yes I have not been doing that regularly but even when I was, there wasn't such a significant drop in Fat % .... So I can't really find out the reason why my Fat loves me so much! emoticon
And so I thought of turning to you all !
Also would like to know how much time do u think it takes to lose extra fat? Just like we have an ideal range of 1-2 pounds per week for Wt loss, is there anything like that for Fat as well?
Looking forward to hear your Experiences & Views abt this! And I promise to make my next Blog a better one! emoticon

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RAIN454 8/30/2011 10:47AM

    I know time is limited but the one thing I would suggest tracking is your oil intake. One tiny teaspoon holds about 5 grams of fat. I only use olive oil and never thought I used much until I started actually measuring it. A lot comes from a few swigs around a pan.
And yes, ST is really important. But like the others are saying, BMI of 22 and your height, I can't imagine you having fat issues but maybe its just extra skin that you need to tone up, which ST will be really useful. Drink tons of water too. Always helps. Good luck!!! :)

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FINALLYBEINGME 8/30/2011 12:04AM

    I agree with the strength training suggestion..sounds like you're already doing well but need to tweak your nutrition and exercise just a little..good luck :). emoticon

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POORGIRL_DIET 9/16/2010 1:38AM

    Hi hunny, hope you are getting on well. Unfortunately I was not great at maths at school so I don't think I can really help you out on that. However why don't you take a different approach and work out an eating plan, you can follow this with spark and how many calories that you have. As for exercise I do an alternate day with one being cardio and one strength training although it depends on where you want to lose the weight. With me its all over and I find that its working for me.

Everyone is different and there will probably be allot of trial and error before you can get to the happy medium to try a little bit of everything out and for now don't worry about percentages. I, for one looking at that get so confused that I wonder to myself if my brain is working overtime then I am not going to be able to put it into action,

You will get there and we are all here to offer you lots of advice and most of all support

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PHATBOTTOMGAL 8/31/2010 3:41PM

    gosh, if i had to face that kind of math i would easily give up. too overwhelming for me! i am just happy to make the changes i need to, adding a bit of exercise and eating healthy, and seeing the scale drop. good luck!

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JESKA27 8/31/2010 12:24PM

    Fat loves my body as well.
I went to a gym and they told me that my body is 33% fat.
Just stick with your workout routine and be aware of what's going in your mouth.

Looking at your profile I feel like you can lose the fat. You seem committed and that's very commendable. Keep it up!


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JESKA27 8/31/2010 12:24PM

    Fat loves my body as well.
I went to a gym and they told me that my body is 33% fat.
Just stick with your workout routine and be aware of what's going in your mouth.

Looking at your profile I feel like you can lose the fat. You seem committed and that's very commendable. Keep it up!


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SAASHA17 8/31/2010 11:19AM

    Hey girl..It happens slowly. dont give up. ST is imp to make muscles and in turn they burn more calories and u shud see some change. and Depends on how you are measuring BF%. Dont depend on the scale. use the calipers or ask ur Trainer to take measurements.


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ARCHIMEDESII 8/31/2010 11:11AM

    Hello ! If your current BMI is 22 and you're height is 5ft 8", you are not the least bit overweight.

Now, how did you determine that your body fat was 32 % ? did you use a body fat scale ? If you used a body fat scale, take any reading with a grain of salt. Body fat scales are notoriously inaccurate. If you want a true measurement of your body fat you need to be tested hydro-statically. That's where you'll be dunked in a tank of water. the water you displace will be compared to your weight on land. That's the most accurate way to determine body fat. If you can't afford that kind of test, the next best test is a 9 point caliper skin fold test. Any reputable personal trainer can do this test for you for a nominal fee. Some trainers might do it for free if you happen to know them.

If you want to decrease your body fat, you need to increase your lean muscle. That means you need to strength train. Also, as you correctly noted, not only do you need to strength train, you need to watch what you eat.

Now, if you want to show some definition, you'd need to lower your body fat substantially. Women have a higher body fat percentage than men. therefore if they want to see definition, then they need to lower their body fat. You can do this, BUT you have to be careful. If your body fat goes too low, you're at risk for losing your menstrual cycle. Your body fat influences your hormones which influences your period. So, you don't want your body fat to go too low.

So, the question is what are you goals ? What do you hope to achieve by lowering your body fat and increasing your lean muscle ? What do you want to achieve ? When you've decided what your goal is, then you need to sit and decide how you want to achieve your goal.

Also, how long were you strength training ? You have to give strength training a chance to work. You won't see results overnight or in a few weeks. it takes WEEKS and even months of hard work in the weight room for a woman to see results. BUT, it is worth it. Don't give up on strength training because you don't think you were making a change. You just didn't see the external changes. That takes time. I can assure you that when you strength train, you make internal changes you don't automatically see. but you will with time.

My advice ? Start up strength training again and be very mindful of what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. AND you have to be consistent, if you start working out, you can't stop. don't do this willy nilly. if you want results, you've really got to be as consistent as possible.

And don't forget to have your body tested by a reputable person. Don't go by body fat scales, there are very inaccurate. My body fat scale says I'm 10% higher than the caliper test I had done.


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ZANNACHAN 8/31/2010 11:06AM

    It sounds like you have some good advice already. I second the recommendation for exercise--especially strength training, which helps build lean muscle.


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TONYA_JO 8/31/2010 10:00AM

    I haven't read many of the comments, sorry if I repeat something someone else already suggested.

Try some interval training. You can do it with just cardio or combo cardio and strength. With just cardio do a warm up, 2-3 minute of hard exertion, 1-2 of slower pace to recover, repeat as much as needed to get your amount of time you want to workout. Cool down 5 minutes. With strength combo, 5 minute warm up of cardio, 2-3 sets of whatever strength you are doing first, 3-5 minutes higher intensity cardio, next strength, and so on. Cool down 5 minutes. I was having the most success when working with a personal trainer when we were doing the strength/cardio intervals.

Hang in there!

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RAGGARWALAX 8/31/2010 9:19AM

    Hey Anu - first of all - great blog! I can't add a whole lot since u have already received some great advice. I am curious though in how you determined your body fat percentage. There are several ways to check body fat and not all of them are accurate!

Since it is not really weight loss that you are looking for, it sounds like weight training is the way to go and I totally agree with the other comments on lifting heavier weights and working to the point of muscle failure as I have been reading the exact same thing which I have just started easing myself into :-)

Good can do it!

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AUNTJENNY7 8/31/2010 7:38AM

    Hi Anu,

I think strength and cardio are going to be key here. Your muscle mass is your calorie burner. Strenghthening your muscles will help to slowly deplete some of the fat stores and will make the fat that you do have be less noticable.

At a weight of 149, you are within your ideal body weight range (as a 5'8" woman, your range is 140 +/-10% and your BMI is also within normal range as well.

Don't over do it, but 1 hour a day of strengh and cardio combined might help to do it for you. Plus, an hour a day is really good for the body. I'm working this season on building up to that. Try to do a variety of exercises, shake it up through out the week.


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NORTHMOUNTAIN 8/31/2010 7:36AM


It takes longer to build muscle than to lose fat, so you have to be patient.

I don't know exactly what sort of strength training you're following, but if I've noticed a common misconception among women who train, it's that they are afraid of lifting heavy weights. They'll spend an hour or two at the gym, doing endless repetitions with five and ten pound weights, when actually they could handle several times as much. I think perhaps they're afraid that if they lift heavy they'll bulk up and look masculine, but that's virtually impossible for most women. Without lots of testosterone you can't build that really thick muscle tissue that'd turn you into a male action figure.

However, if you lift relatively heavy weights (and ask a trainer or spotter to help you until you're comfortable with the motions and certain you can lift safely) you WILL create dense muscle tissue, and you'll do it in a fraction of the time taken in a low weight, high rep routine.

I'd focus on three, multi joint, multi -motion exercises that work your whole body and let you lift relatively heavy weights. If you work at a gym, do bench press, assisted pullups (or full pullups if you can manage them), and dead lift.

If you're at home, try pushups, one leg squats and door handle rows (drop me an email if you want those described and I'll try to find links for you)

It shouldn't take you longer than thirty minutes to hit your whole body with a focused routine of these exercises. Do it three times a week and that should be all you need to build some dense muscle. And, of course, that muscle will help you burn additional calories.

Good luck!

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KOMAL53 8/31/2010 3:31AM

    Welcome to the Bloggers World!!!Your first attempt is great too----so Congratulations on opening your account!!!As for your Fat Problem---that's way beyond me 'coz I never understood it either----so will make a suggestion---post on a relevant Message Board with your query---Coach Nicole or someone else will give you the Right answer!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DRASADAF 8/31/2010 3:26AM

    i think u focus on cardio too alongwith strength training,have ur lipid profile test done if that is also too high then consider testing ur thyroid glands....just to make sure everything is alright have patience and don't worry as long as u r working the way nice first blog..though i thought ur blogs were

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    I totally understand your struggle! I'm about 1/3rd if the way to my target weight and still have 60 pounds to go. It's taken my 6 months to lose 29 pounds and I feel as if I'm going crazy... and flabby! lol!

One thing that my best friend has tried to help me with (her hubby is a personal trainer and nutritionist) is eating the right things at the right time. You should try to eat 6 meals a day. That's about 2-3 hours apart. Eat more grains/ carbs in the mornings and more protein at night. That said- no more fruit after lunch. Adding more protein to your diet will also help your body build up more muscle.

Also you can't build muscle with out resistance training. Try using free-weights... three reps of 10? You want to reach muscle failure (not complete the third rep) at about rep 7 or 8. If you can do all 30 reps then you're using too light of weights.

I say this as if I know what I'm talking about... however it's a struggle every single day for me to keep up my regimen. I understand the frustration of having too much fat. There's something about the way someone looks when they have a lower fat percentage! :) Lean and beautiful!

Hope I helped and good luck!

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LOSE4GOODMN 8/31/2010 2:26AM

    I think that your first entry is just fine. It is hard when we are doing everything we can think of that is "right" and yet, we don't get the results we need. My advice? Press on and keep doing what is right. Eventually your body will get the message and start to let go of the fat. It has taken me a long time of going up and down in weight to lose the 20 pounds I need in order get below 300 pounds. I've not been "perfect", but I have stayed my course and I am determined that I am going to keep eating as healthy as I can, I am doing to get myself moving as much as I can, and I will make sure to get as much rest as possible for my body to rejuvenate... all the 'right' things... and slowly, the body gets the message!

Don't give up!! You're doing great!!

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