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Give it to me Raw, Please

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Yes i am back :)

This time with different goals and different attitudes. This change isn't just about me anymore, its also about the things i care about.

If u can't tell from the title i am transitioning into a raw lifestyle. I'm not sure if this is going to be for the long haul but i want to give this my all.

I am likely to tweak it here and there as i'm not so keen on giving up meat altogether (in the long run) but i want to see how my body responds. I believe in listening to your body and it will tell me if i find the balance.

This is definitely going to be a challenge but i am learning 'other' reasons for dropping the crap food.

To be brief its about discontinuing my support of an industry that frankly does not give a damn about my well-being. With propelling and using GMO's, harmful ingredients, destruction and pollution of our environment, false advertising and inhumane treatment as just some of the offenses i have in mind.

I want to drastically reduce my consumption of their products AND eat the best i can.

Today i am starting this journey by going Raw probably 50-60% to begin and see where to go from there.

I'm not gonna make it complicated but just start with eating apples, blueberries, cherries, apricots, carrots, baby spinach, kiwis, etc just as they are. But i will probably have one heavier, more regular meal for lunch/dinner just so its not SO drastic.

When i am in social situations (like this Sunday i am going to a BBQ) I am going to eat 'normally' but still avoid processed crap like chips and soda but definitely have some BBQ ribs or whatever it may be. I don't want to be one of 'those' party poopers. HAHA

What i bought at Safeway today:
I went to safeway before work. Oh i love not having to be there until 10am!

-Blueberries (a TON of them for Cheap!)
-Seedless Watermelon ---> It this gentically modified? Dang i didn't think of that
-Baby Carrots
-Bing Cherries
-Ice cream ---> i couldn't resist! Its been SO hot lately
-Lunchable ---> Also couldn't resist! LOL

Saturday there is the saturday market. While i do work that day, it isn't until noon so i can definitely make it. I read that its a good idea to go to those things toward the end to get even better deals but oh well i am just so excited. I get my first paycheck tomorrow (and i don't work) and i can't spend much of it but i do plan on getting some yummy things/

Yay im so excited!

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FEWCHERNERSE44 7/30/2009 3:41PM

    Go for it...Sounds like you have a plan right for you. Keep us posted.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's been forever since i've written... But i haven't completely fallen off the wagon - just sorta. Especially with things like Soda but i am working on getting that under control by drinking hot tea...
Oh yeah... IM SICK! i have a awful sore throat. Before and after taking a shower this morning at my boyfriends, i coughed up that junk at the back of my throat. It was weird, i just coughed and out it came (much easier than normal). My boyfriend got me sick, bastard! But he made up for it today by taking me to Ulta. I love that store. And i finally signed up for their membership thing. But i got a smashbox kit worth $140 for $39 on sale. And a little ulta kit for $10 on sale and buy 1 get 1 free Revlon. So i got my foundation and tried their mineral powder - which isn't anything special. So yeah, i spent more than i wanted to.. lol

So i didn't get a 4.0 last term... Instead i got a A in PS 101, A- in CS 106, and B+ in BA 213.. Bleh But i am going to do better this term. Actually i just took my managerial accounting midterm on Wednesday and i think it went pretty well. And i have a speech on thursday for my speech class too. Last two weeks of school have been sooo hectic! I am ready for this term to be over... Because after this term I will have my business school pre req completed - even though i still can't take classes til fall! Eh, oh well

well, this week should be less crazy. i am trying to not let the craziness take over my life but wow its hard


finals kills me

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So i have my last final tomorrow at 8am. I don't feel very prepared but i am so sick of studying... Not to mention that i can't find my damn business calculator so i have to learn how to use a damn chart. I am so unorganized right now i can't find a calculator i just had like a week ago? Thats pretty bad. i feel like i looked everywhere it could be and i would just rather use what i know and not learn a new chart. arghhh
so this term i dont think my grades are going to be as good as usual. I'll probably get a A- at best in my accounting... and i am borderline for my Computer science class between A and B.
Oh and i get my Political science grade tomorrow. ugh i hate finals week, it is just so much stress. i am SOOOOO ready for it to be over. But now i have to study.

Oh and i thought i would share that my eating has been crappy today.
I stayed the night at my bfs so i missed breakfast. But for lunch i had some baby carrots, cucumber, and a grilled cheese on wheat. Not terrible... but dinner i had a can of ravioli mainly because i need a lot more time to cook dinner than i have tonight. Oh well... This break will be all about getting organized, getting in the swing of exercising and keeping my fridge stocked of good food and cooking.

So i am taking a head needs it and after i will get back to studying and learning that damn chart.

ugh i hate finals... so much stress
anyway, tata!

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M.A.C. 12/12/2008 12:11PM

    I hope you survived finals week! I remember those weeks and I don't miss them at all! I do miss school, though. I hope you have a better week next week. emoticon

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BETHANYBOO 12/11/2008 9:44AM

    Good luck with finals! And it's cool to hear about a girl in Comp Sci. There weren't many girls in my computer science classes!

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Grocery shopping...

Monday, December 08, 2008

So i went grocery shopping and did good. Not just in what i buy but also sticking to my budget too.

-green leaf x2
-baby carrots
-cucumber x2
-gala apples x5
-frozen green beans
-frozen snap peas (never had them before - thought i would try something new)

-pork shoulder (to make kalua pork and cabbage)

-cheese slices
-vanilla yogurt
-cheddar cheese (enchiladas)
-mozzarella cheese (pasta)
-2% milk

-frozen popcorn shrimp x2
-can of ravioli x3

-100% whole wheat

-Kashi strawberry fields cereal
-Liquid smoke

What i forgot:
-trash bags
-freezer bags
-sea salt

I wanted to buy some more fruit but winco doesn't have the best selection. But overall, the only thing that wasn't on the list was sliced cheese but i just forgot to add it. Overall, i spent $44.50 exactly.
So i bought the junk food because well... i love popcorn shrimp so suck it - i am eating it. lol And ravioli is that in case i have no time. The sliced cheese can be classified under junk because i use it to make grilled cheese, another quick meal. But quick meals are sooooo important to have handy even if they aren't exactly healthy. Why? Because otherwise i spend $5-8 on junk fast food that is even worse if i don't have it. So a grille cheese can be paired with some baby carrots and an apple. Or Raviolli with some green beans. At least i'll get some veggies or fruit that way, right?

So i have this huge thing on whey protein that i have hardly used. So to make a little dessert out of it, i will pair it with low fat vanilla yogurt with ice sometime tomorrow - since it is good to stabilize your sugar levels with protein.

Anyways... two entries in one day - LOOKOUT HERE I COME haha
I am off to bed now to rest up for my CS final (and to get up early and hopefully get some hot water in the shower - i hope!)

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GREEKSPARK 12/8/2008 9:35PM

  Your cart of groceries sounds so good!
Funny not to see ramen like every other college student.
Suggestion: Try making the switch to skim milk.
Take care

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a little surprise

Sunday, December 07, 2008

so i have been eating well on and off but i have been out of food for a while. Usually i would walk and get the essentials but it has been freezing cold and raining - on top of being super busy. So i have been eating out...But for the most part i have an 8 inch turkey sandwich. Better than mcdonalds right? But on sundays they are closed so today i went to Chipotle for lunch.Luckily, i don't like burritos so i get the tacos with almost nothing on them (compared to the burritos) so its only at 520calories or so. Not bad. But now i am sooooo full. i think i scarfed it down too fast haha i only had a bowl of cereal which doesn't keep me full for very long. But once again, it didnt even taste very good. I really wanted that turkey sandwich. lol Or ome kalua pork and cabbage... or enchiladas!

well before 'that time' hit, my weight was about the same. So at least it doesn't seem like i have done too much damage.

So today sergio is taking me to get some groceries. FINALLY!

And finals start tomorrow.
Tomorrow i have my computer science final but i wont be studying... lol just need to make a note card...
Tuesday is my political science final which sounds like it may be easier than the midterm - not even a essay question this time. But i definitely need to review for a few hours.
And Thursday is my accounting.. I'll be honest, i have been slacking with the readings in that class so i have a LOT to go over. But i have all tuesday (PS final ends at 10am) and wednesday to study so i think all should go pretty well.

I am a bit concerned with my CS class because my grade is right at 89% and haven't gotten a B at all in college so i want to keep that record going. If i get a 90 on the final, i will just get by with a A- (argh, i hate those minuses) which is good enough for me... But if i do get a B... i will be very upset with myself coz i know i can do this. Oh and i got the last exam back and i got an 88 - i missed one big question worth 10pts. i just went through the process too fast but i know how to do it. i am the one helping other people. Argh Isnt that annoying?

So in between the studying, i am going to start to tidy up my room. It is on the verge of disaster. haha i swear, once midterms hit, i am so bad with keeping my room tidy. I have combs in my little paper drawer, wrapped presents on top of my bunnies maze house, a load of clothes on my desk chair... But i am so strange - i will get in moods where i just want to clean, clean, clean... and other times i just reeeeallllyyy dont want to. So i figure if i start with just 30-60minutes a day of reorganizing, it will slowly get better. Oh and i also have to rearrange my room again. This time it isn't just for fun... I need to move my desk near the outlet because i don't want cords all over (for my bunnies safety). So this requires a whole shift of not only the desk but everything. But first i gotta store my AC unit at my Bfs (big and bulky) and probably move my suitcases too as they take so much room. And go through some stuff and throw out some things. So consider all the winter cleaning a big long workout. haha
But i love the feeling of a newly reorganized and rearranged room - it just feels GGRRRREEEAAAT! haha

Okay so i should get working on my notecard before i go grocery shopping... but right now thinking of cleaning... i want to clean! That reminds me... Our shower reeeally needs a good scrub. Hasnt been cleaned in like 3 months! Ew, i know.

I wish there are just 5 more hours in a day... i could get so much more done and still have a life.

Oh so did i mention i joined a professional business fraternity? i think it did - AKPsi. Well, its been keeping me buuussyyy. Not to mention some issues with a particular person. It has been bothering me because i have gotten to used to dealing with only the people i want to deal with. But if i want to continue with AKPsi, i just have to deal with that negativity.

So on a heavier note............ its almost that time of the year that my mom passed away. I really cant believe it has been almost a year. i try not think about it because it just... sucks. Especially during the holidays because my 'family' always was my mom and my sister. So a year ago half my family was taken from me.
I try so hard not to cry but the thought of never having a real christmas kills me. I mean, i spend all the holidays with my bf and his parents! I know i should be gratful for what i have... but well... nevermind.

Anyways let me get to studying, grocery shopping and if i am lucky, cleaning a little.

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GREEKSPARK 12/8/2008 12:07AM

  Dang girl you are busy!! I know that you will kick butt on those finals!!

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VBCLOWN 12/7/2008 11:40PM

    Chipotle has some good options. They are in my regular lunch rotation.

I get the the Burrito bowl...

Rice, Chicken, Fajita vegi's, hot sauce, and lettuce = 488 calories. If I'm more hungry I'll do the Fajita vegi's and Pinto Beans which pushes lunch up to 620 calories. Still not too bad.

Keep up the great work, and good luck with your upcoming tests!

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