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Insanity: Day 2

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I was feeling REALLY sore this morning. It took so much effort to get out of bed, but I did, and I completed Day 2 Plyo Cardio Circuit. It was tough, but I remember the movements and how I liked that it's a quick burst of intensity, 30 sec rest, x3 for that set of movements. I had never really noticed the organization of it before.

Unfortunately my workout was cut about 6 min short because the disk started skipping! OH NO! I tried to keep going for another minute or so on my own using my watch to guide me, but it definitely wasn't the same.

Tonight's Crossfit class looks good, and I don't think I could do any more than what it calls for, so thank goodness for small miracles.

Cleans 75#
21, 15, 9 for time

If I wasn't feeling sore, I'd try to up my weight to maybe 85lbs, but I'm REALLY sore and don't want to push it too much and injure myself, so I'll stick with the Rx of 75# this time.

I need to be getting more protein without upping my carbs at the same time. This is not an easy task!


Insanity: Day 1

Monday, July 09, 2012

So I decided to give Insanity another go.

Day 1 7/9/12: Fit Test; Results

Switch Kicks 92
Power Jacks 50
Power Knees 100
Power Jumps 27
Globe Jumps 10
Suicide Jumps 11
Push-up Jacks 12
Low Plank Obliques 28

We'll see how I can incorporate Insanity into my routine without giving up Crossfit or lifting at the gym. Don't want to be doing too much, but also want to give it a legitimate try!

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PROJECTFIT4LIFE 7/9/2012 11:32PM

    you can do it. don't think about it too much just DO IT! today i was so sore that i didn't want to workout at all but I went to the gym and ran 2 miles after work, then came home made dinner for the family, played with the kids and then did insanity (day 3!). Now that its bed time I feel great and am so glad I didn't wimp out!

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SIMPLE-DIMPLES 7/9/2012 9:21AM

    Wonderful I want to do it again today. I'm in a competition with people at work for weight loss so I need to change my again diet also.

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STUDLEEJOE 7/9/2012 8:42AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Been a while! I promise I've been active, I just prefer to log my calories/workouts on MFP because it's a lot easier to do so. I like the mobile app a lot better, too.

In any case, FINALLY got a full week of my desired workout routine complete! Ever since I aimed to follow my workout plan, every week has had to be modified in some way. I finally got a full week of:
Monday- AM Weights @ gym, PM Crossfit
Tuesday- AM crossfit
Wednesday- AM weights @ gym, PM Crossfit
Thursday- AM crossfit
Friday- AM weights @ gym

I burned a total of 3215 in workouts this week. WHOO!

I can really see definition coming in on the upper part of my back and in my arms. I love it! Have only lost about 2 lbs, but I'm going more for quality over quantity :)

So I thought June was going to be my last month of Crossfit for a while... hubs and I decided paying over $150/mo for me to go to Crossfit and for both of us to have a gym membership was kind of a lot right now as we are trying to pay off all our debt. I was sad, but knew it was the responsible thing to do. I shared the sad news with my best XF friend and my "XF Mom" as I like to call her, and my XF mom was very sad. She's the aunt of the owner, and offered to break the news to him (as I knew it would upset him- he loves that I come to XF and has been really instrumental in my progress).

A week later, my bff and I were talking to the owner after the WOD, and he suddenly tells me "oh by the way, you're good through september. like membership wise you're paid up." and I was like ...wait what? He told me an anonymous donor came forward and paid for me to go to Crossfit for three additional months! I immediately told him I couldn't accept that and demanded he tell me who it was. He said it was too late, check's already been cashed and as part of the "deal" he was not to disclose the identity to me. I felt awful. I was sure it had been my Crossfit mom, who doesn't have any kids of her own but is so supportive of me and such a genuinely sweet person. I felt just dreadful! I in no way expected her to react like this to my telling her I was stopping.

I went home that night and told my husband what had happened. He seemed surprised..and when I told him I knew it had to be my XF mom, he gets up and comes to give me a hug.

J: I love you.
A: I love you...wait, was it you?
J: ::smiles::
cue me BURSTING into tears.
J: ::wraps me up in his arms
A: What? How? Where did you get the money? Babe that's WAY too expensive we can't afford that.
J: I've been putting money aside for a while now, all the extra cash I've made from pressure washing and the other odd jobs. I had started to save it for your goal tattoo because I know that's going to be expensive, but I know how much you love Crossfit and how happy it makes you, and I didn't want to see you quit.
A: Babe, you are too much. When did you do this?
J: A couple of weeks ago, I went in and told him that you were going to be telling him sometime in the future that you'd have to stop XF, but I know it makes you happy and didn't want you to stop, so if he could give me the discounted rate for three months I'd pay cash in hand right then. He accepted.

I seriously burst into sobs. What a man. How did I get so blessed to have such a man as my husband?!

So I will be continuing Crossfit for at least another three months. Unless something changes for us financially by then (ie promotion at work), September will be my last month for a while... but I am so happy to have three more months.

I just love that man.


Working out too much?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I burned almost 2900 calories last week through exercise (crossfit, running, and gym workouts).

The week before, I burned almost 3300 calories.

It averages out that I do at least one 2-a-day workout each week, although my goal is for two 2-a-days per week (Monday and Wednesday).

I mostly follow my calorie guidelines for each day, although MFP adds to your daily calorie goal with each calorie burned during exercise. I'm not sure if I should be adhering to this. If I burn 750 calories in a day, does that mean I should be eating an additional 750 calories? If I do no exercise, my calorie goal is 1200/day. I'm assuming this is based off of my MBR of appx 1600 calories, so a 1200/day goal would result in a 400 calorie deficit, which just under a lb lost per week if I were to do no exercise and adhere to the 1200/day goal.

Am I doing myself a disservice by not adding on the additional calories? I don't ever eat BELOW 1200, and usually I've been averaging around 1300-1500. I noticed on my two-a-days, I eat more, closer to 1500-1600.

I just don't want to be hurting myself by not eating enough to sustain my workout schedule. I enjoy working out as much as I do, but I'm also not losing weight as fast as I would have expected.



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    thanks for the suggestions! i will try to add into my daily intake half of what i burn. like today, i worked out this morning at the gym (burned 435 cals according to HR monitor), and i will be going into crossfit tonight (where I'm bound to burn at a minimum, 500 cals)... so i'll try to make sure i eat an additional 450-500 calories.

it makes a lot of sense... i remember when i first started working out wayy back in 2009 and started on SP, i was trying to keep my calorie intake at 1000 or below (silly me!) while exercising for 30 minutes, and i didn't lose a drop. once i bumped my cals up to 1400, i lost 3 lbs! i guess it's just hard finding a balance...and when i do make a big salad to try to get my cals, i end up feeling so full before i'm done that i can't finish!

okay, today's goal, 1700! thanks ladies :)

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PAG2809 6/5/2012 4:00PM

    A large deficit can keep you from losing. When I'm working out a lot I've found that I lose more if I eat more. I don't think you need to replace every calorie you burn. I don't remember where I read this, so take this with a major grain of salt, but I think that its sometimes recommended that you add half the calories you burned.

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    i definitely think you should be eating more if you are working out that much. i allow myself up to 1700 cals on my heavy workout days. try it for a week and see what happens...i burned 2700 cals last week and lost 4 lbs!!

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WILSON1926 6/5/2012 10:29AM

    WOW! Look at those muscles.
You go girl


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five days off = worst idea ever.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

epic FAIL!

i skipped crossfit thursday morning because i had to be into work half an hour earlier than usual and did not want to chance not getting out on time. i had set my alarm anyway, resolving to just go for a 2 mile run instead, but that didn't happen.

friday i took off as well...thursday night i got home from dinner with friends and our AC was broken! it was a very late night waiting for the after hours emergency repairman to show up and thankfully he was able to fix it! while i did not go to the gym friday morning as usual, i did spend from 1pm to 11pm working NONSTOP on cleaning the house and preparing for the party we had saturday. an unconventional way to burn calories, but i am sure that i worked hard. heavy cleaning PLUS mowing the lawn?! definitely.

saturday and sunday was party time + recovery time. monday was parade time + party time.

needless to say , i woke up today dreading my 6am crossfit class, but knowing that i HAD to go, however wretched i felt. i got to crossfit early and was able to run about two miles before the start of the class. two miles in 18 minutes.... about a 6.5mph pace and burned 350 calories. then the class..... oh god.

warm up:
200 m row
10 push ups
10 pull ups
15 thrusters

7 Thrusters (i did three rounds with 55lb, then went to 45lb)
7 knee to elbow
7 slam ball
7 kb swings
7 pull ups
7 box jumps
7 burpees

7 rounds for time.

finished in 30:30 and wanted to DIE. burned an additional appx 650 calories..making my total for the day 1000 before the sun even fully rose!

i didn't get out of there until 6:45 and rushed home to shower and get ready..left my house 20 min later than i usually do, got stuck with all the traffic that coincides with leaving later, and just barely made it to work on time with about 30 seconds to spare. and my gas light came on as i pulled into my parking space. awesome.

five days off from working out was the worst thing ever. never. again.

i love working out in the AM, and i love being able to do crossfit in the AM...but i can't do that again. cutting it way too close and because i'm so rushed, i don't stop sweating!

anyway... it's almost a new month, so i'm just going to start today and go through the end of june with my new nutrition challenge.

+1200-1600 calories max/day (higher cals on my two-a-days)
+no carbs after 4pm (except on two-a-day days, i'll have like sweet potatoes with dinner immediately after WOD)
+ one gallon of water daily (128oz in a gallon, appx 24oz in each tumbler full, so about 5.5 tumblers of water daily)
+ no refined sugar/candy/treats or sweets!

i want to stick it out for 30 days, then re-evaluate. i have no birthdays or parties or anything in the month of june, so no excuses to allow slip ups or cheats! one full month of no cheats - i can do this!

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ANNIEINIT2WINIT 5/30/2012 7:39AM

    yah girl! i tell you what, it's HARD trying to keep my carbs front-stacked, and not eat any in the late afternoon. that's what i found most difficult yesterday.

i need to get some sweet potatoes! today's a two-a-day and idk what "healthy carb" i will eat after crossfit...

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E3WEMILY 5/29/2012 11:27AM

    Sounds like a great plan! I'm aiming for the same nutritional goals and doing P90X. Yahoo! :P

You got this!

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