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low point

Friday, July 19, 2013

Today am at one of my lowest points in a long time. I cant stop crying over my hernia. It's like no matter how much weight I lose it's never going to go away. I have no insurance so the few times I've had to go to the ER because of it the doctors wont do anything. It's causing me so much pain physically and emotionally. People are asking me if I'm pregnant bc of the way it sticks out and calling me other names. After so long it just really hurts no matter how many walls I put up. I can hardly eat without being in sever pain or throwing up. I have been suffering from sever acid reflux for about 5yrs over this and have to take a daily antacid for it. It also prevents me from doing a lot of exercises and even prevents me from being intament with my husband. here's a pic of me and "It" it's that pointy thing above my belly button. If anyone has ANY ADVICE that can help me please leave a comment.

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JANETTEB553 7/19/2013 8:37PM

    best wishes in your efforts emoticon

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SKIRNIR 7/19/2013 7:20PM

    Glad someone posted a long post with advice, as I have none. All I can say is I hope things get better for you and soon. That would drive me crazy too.

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ICEDEMETER 7/19/2013 6:59PM

    Hang in there!

I had to take a second look to see if you were me, cuz I'd swear that the pic was of my hernia! The difference is that yours doesn't have the lovely zipper scars all over it like mine does.

You are right - no matter how much weight you lose, it is not going to go away. BUT it's very important to lose weight to take the pressure off of it so that it doesn't get any bigger and so that you are less likely to have problems eating. It's also important to lose as much weight as possible so that you are more likely to have a permanently successful repair once you do have insurance and can get in for surgery. It also won't stick out nearly as much without the extra weight on the outside pulling it forward.

I am NOT saying to go on to some crazy diet! You need to maintain as much muscle as you can, so the Spark plan is ideal for that. You can walk and swim and bike with no danger to the hernia. You need to try very carefully, but if you're like me then you can still do squats and lunges and planks and other body-weight exercises without bothering the hernia. If something that you're doing makes it feel sore, then stop and do something else, but it's worth a try.

As for eating, my trick is to start with a clear liquid diet for a day, then start with a low-residue diet for a few days (there are lots of examples if you Google it). Once you have it calmed down (you should be able to "push it back in" with no resistance when you are lying on your back), then you can start very gradually increasing fibre. I mean REALLY gradually --- as in a few grams each week or two, with an increase in water intake along with it. See how you feel and how your body reacts, and if all is well then try to increase it again.

I've done much better with it by sticking with many small meals throughout the day, since a large amount of food at once is just not going to go well. I make sure that I'm really well hydrated, and that I am drinking some water with everything I'm eating. My tracker shows things as "meals", but most of those are spread out over a couple of hours, since I need to give things time to go through a little at a time. I personally find that it works better if I eat while reclining back slightly, although this is a really individual thing and may or may not help for you.

Finally, I'm in Canada so have no idea what it's like where you are, but have seen folks on here blogging about some different options for getting needed surgeries without insurance. It would be well worth a few phone calls to local hospitals and surgeon's offices to see what they can suggest.

Seriously, you are NOT alone, and it really is possible to deal with this! Hang in there and stay strong!

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My baby

Saturday, February 23, 2013

this is my inspiration to get up every morning and exercise, my very active 22 month old daughter Kara.

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    Dear Annie0617,

!!!! How sweet is this little one and how wonderful that she is your inspiration!! Enjoy every minute because it goes by so, so fast! My granddaughter is now 3 and it's just all flying by!

Thanks for sharing, she sure looks adorable! "Ten mucho cuidado" means "take good care"!! sincerely,
Riisa emoticon

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