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Did you say RUN???

Monday, September 02, 2013

Yea you heard me. I think I have lost my mind. I have had this on my bucket list for ages. Even when I didn't have weight to lose, I have always wanted to run. Every runner I see is lean, fit, has great legs, and did I say FIT? Right now, the elliptical is really my main form of exercise . I love it! Ultimately, having both in my life would be ideal. I have now lost 6 pounds, and beginning to feel something might be wrong with my system. I am not losing weight very fast. At my age I understand it comes off slower, however I am wondering if hormones aren't playing a significant role in the massive weight gain and the will power of it to STAY ON!! I literally have to burn 500 calories a day in a work out to see any result. Ok back to running.

So, I live in a rather nice middle class country home community. My neighbors are two police families that are always running up and down the roads. The very large neighbor lady who is always out for a walk (kudos to her) The teenage boys who run all over the place (probably for sports) and the few middle age women who walk their dogs and a very leisure pace obviously not for losing weight or they wouldn't be walking so slow. Here is my issue. My ThIGHS!!!

They rub together like I'm trying to make a boy scout campfire. They edge up my shorts between my legs and I have to pull them out all the time. Most of my weight has gathered on my thighs and my hips. I am very pear shaped. So in 90 degree weather I gues I need to buy some bike shorts and good running shoes to start this journey. Now you will see a fat chick in nice clothing trying to jog down our road.. lovely thoughts, lovely thoughts....

Ok now seriously. We all have struggled with self-esteem, self-worth, motivation to keep going. Laughing at ourselves is not only good therapy, its good motivation to keep going.

My parents are here for a visit and I've been doing very good so far! Slipped a few times of course. But overall I've been doing well.

Steps this week:
Start running (ok slow jog with my feet moving up and down)

Go me!!

What is my motivation?
To get rid of the slider thighs. You know what I'm talking about. How many of you end up with holes in your thigh area. Bleh..

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GLORIAMAJDI 9/4/2013 8:13PM

    I set a goal to run a mile....starting out small and then I will move to a Couch to 5K after I can manage the mile. I got an app called personal running trainer for my iPod - had to pay to get the mile trainer but it is so worth it. It starts you out slowly, goes for four weeks. I ended up taking an extra week. And I use my treadmill since it is so hilly around here (Nashville). I don't go as fast as I need to (going now at about 4.8 mph) so I am adapting it to my needs. First I will get to the mile, then I will build up speed, then I will start using the incline on the treadmill so that I can take it outdoors. It is working really well....I couldn't run for even 30 seconds but now I am up to eight minutes!

Sooo.....good luck, if I can do it, I know you can do it! BTW, I love your humor. I am pear shaped too.

emoticon emoticon

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JULABELLE 9/4/2013 11:16AM

    I ditto the comment on the compression capri's. AWESOME. Good shoes, a good sports bra, foam roller and you are good to go!
A friend and I are starting out tomorrow evening with the C25K program. Just to get moving while our girls are in soccer. I cannot wait.

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ROCKLE45 9/2/2013 6:01PM

  You've got this! A couple of things that may help with the thigh rub: a glide stick (sold at sports stores) and/or some compression pants/capris. That last one is only a recent discovery of mine. I have got some super thighs, too, but the compression capris I have at least help keep everything from jiggling around too much, and I don't get the painful thigh rub and no need for the glide stick like before. If you're self-conscious about wearing them, you can always put a pair of shorts on over them!

And yes, good running shoes are a MUST! I finally made the investment in a good pair and I can't believe I didn't earlier! It makes a huge difference. Just make sure you go to a good store and get fitted for them.

emoticon emoticon

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JASDOIT 9/2/2013 12:17PM

    Good for you! emoticon emoticon At the moment, I'm doing well if I manage out for a reasonably paced walk. I use my parents' dog as a good reason for going out, but with the dog, comes lots of stopping for sniffing (the dog, not me!) and dog owner responsibilities (a hem!) so a good pace is usually only lasts a short distance - oh, and then there's the stopping to "socialise" with other dogs. emoticon Running (slow jogging even) is something that never appealed to me - I just can't seem to do it. However, I'm kind of feeling like I'd like to try. Where to start though... and like you say - everyone else out doing it is slim and fit. I would look rather ridiculous stomping along the road with my thighs rubbing together and belly and backside wobbling about. Best to leave it until the cover of darkness if I'm going to try, I think.

Good luck to you.
emoticon emoticon

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BRASKIN 9/2/2013 10:23AM

  LOL! Clearly you can see my body too!! emoticon

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Challenge Accepted

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Phew!! Ok well I went off the wagon for a few weeks. Life happens. We see the opportunity to jump off something that is perceived as hard or discouraging we LEAP!! The good news?? I didn't regain any of the weight that I had lost which was roughly 5 lbs. I got my mojo back a few days ago and have dropped an additional 1.8 pounds. So almost at 7 lbs now.

I have A LOT to go!! I wanted to lose roughly 60 pounds. I know I will never have that 22 year old body again, but damn here are some beautiful 40+ women in the world that look better than some 20 somethings!! Mostly I want to be healthy. I don't want to spend the later part of my life being sick, worn down, in hospitals or nursing homes. I want to LIVE!! I know what I have to do in order to achieve that. Challenge myself.

Here is my personal challenge.

1. To always stop for a moment to enjoy the small things in life. Such as the feel of the sun on my skin or the sounds of birds chirping. The trees softly blowing or a set of wind chimes in the breeze. Take in a deep breath of air and realize its good to be alive.

2. Treat my body as a temple. That saying goes a long way. We have to live with what we do to ourselves. And frankly we abuse ourselves with food or lack of self esteem. Forget about those voices that always nag you. 'You can't do this" .. Pfttt on them. I will show that voice a thing or two.

3. To do AT LEAST 30 min of cardio a day as well as some form of weight training. Its been proven that the weight training helps your bones as you age!! And both are known factors in 'age rejuvenation! If your not sweating.. your not doing it right.

4. Take baby steps and give myself rewards! and this doesn't mean food rewards!!! Every 5 pounds I will reward myself. Be it a pedicure, new lipstick.. It will be a reward that doen't include food. I own a fitbit, which I love, but my 20 pound goal is going to be a bodybug. (150 bucks) at 50 pounds.. I get to buy new clothing because none of mine will fit anymore. That is reward enough.

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OILPAINTER 8/29/2013 1:35AM

    GREAT GOALS! I own and highly recommend the Body Media Fit Armband (what they use on the Biggest Loser T.V. Show) -- our SparkPeople nutrition and fitness charts SYNC with their tracker!!! Also $150.00, & very motivational like the BodyBug.

Come join us in SparkNashville's Town Square Chat Thread! We are beginning a 4-Week Challenge today!!!

hville Team Leader

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JASDOIT 8/28/2013 6:38PM

    I love this blog! Love your goals and your attitude. Welcome back & Well done for getting back on it and for not having regained any. That in itself is an achievement. I'd like to follow your story, so hope it's ok to add you as a friend.

emoticon emoticon

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LDAVENPOR4 8/28/2013 12:55PM

    Well, you go girl and congratulations on taking that leap and recovering so nicely. Your goals are reasonable and it sounds like you know how to meet them. Best wishes to you.

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Elliptical, Zumba, and Running, OH MY!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

So I hear all the hype about doing Zumba and decide, well if they can all do it, so can I!! I was picturing myself getting all hot and sweaty feeling the Latin beat rush through my body. I would be a Goddess on 2 legs!! My hands would flow as my hips shake. Ok, let's wake up. I was more like a child given too much sugar set free in a china shop. They went left, I went right. My arms flailed around like loose fat spaghetti. If I didn't in my own house, the neighbors would have thought I was moving furniture with the help of a few elephants. My husband walked up and tried VERY hard not to laugh. He walked up the stairs, watched for about 2 min then left.(Good thing, you don't piss of a woman doing Zumba)

So, I will give it a shot again today. This time with a more positive thought. I will be imagining I am actually taking a zumba class somewhere that a man named "Antonio" will be greeting me with one of those drinks that come with umbrellas. I can picture it now. I walk into Zumba class, Antonio says something I don't understand and hands me a towel..

(My version of Antonio)

So now it comes to my Elliptical.
I LOVE LOVE my Elliptical. EXCEPT......... Mine is sqeaky and moves all over. Its from Yowza.. I don't recommend them. I literally am going to have to invest in a wireless TV headset so I can even hear tv while I use it. If you have never really had an experience with an Elliptical---WOW!! You can choose your resistance. I was starting to have knee issues and the elliptical is lower impact on your joints. It's good to use if you need a break from the pounding movements. I will incorporate my elliptical, with my Zumba.. and the running (its more like walk fast, walk slow, bounce around out of breath).

As for me?? I am feeling strong and motivated. I have set some small goals for myself. I have made it to day 4!! I've resisted Yummy sauce, Cheryl's cookies, Ice cream, and Pizza ALL in the last 4 days. THAT IS an Accomplishment. (Strong is sexy!!)

First mini goal is 5 pounds. I am sitting now at 195 pounds. I never want to see 190's again. I am only moving forward not looking back. I have other issues I need to conquer in order to maintain this lifestyle. Emotional eating habits is one issue that will cripple me faster than any of them. Negative thoughts a close second runner up.

I will beat those thoughts out!!

PEACE emoticon

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FITWITHIN 7/21/2013 9:45PM

    I'm a serious Zumba girl. I haven't been able to Zumba in 2 months due to some injuries. Not from Zumba. I plan to participate in an upcoming Zumbathon next month, so I'm doing what the doctor says. Lol I enjoy working out on the different types of elliptical at the gym. Each of them are different and will make you sweat some serious buckets of water. Keep up the great work with the Zumba moves. emoticon

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JULABELLE 7/21/2013 10:43AM

    Keep going to Zumba! Once you learn the steps, you will have a blast! Good luck and have fun!

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One pound at a time

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I remember being in my teens. I was very thin. So think my parents at one time thought I might have an eating disorder. I remember looking at my arms and feeling insecure because they were so thin. Pants would fall off me. I was called 'skinny, skeleton, anorexic, every skinny comment out there. I would eat and eat and eat and nothing would stick to my bones. Because of this, I never was taught proper eating habits. I never learned about fresh produce or eat veggies. Then enter age 21. All of a sudden I realized my pants were tight?? HOW could that be? That is when it started, my early 20's. I jumped up to 133 pounds. ( I am 5'6) Then it happened again when I hit my 30's I jumped up to 150's. Even after 2 children I managed to get down to that 150's and maintained it for most of my adult life. Out of the blue.. here come the 40's.... BAM!!!! I jump up to 195 pounds!!!!
I am having to rethink and relearn habits turning them into healthy choices.. One day at a time.
I am committed to this concept now and it starts tomorrow.. why not today?? Because I have to go shopping!!! I will also be Video Blogging my daily emotions, exercise routines and recipes to keep myself honest. So stay tuned I need your support in this journey :)

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JULABELLE 7/17/2013 7:34AM

    You can achieve what you decide you can achieve. I'm in the same boat (44, need to lose about 45 lbs....), so let's do this together, shall we?

Welcome to SparkPeople - hope you like it here. emoticon

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NIKO27 7/16/2013 9:00PM


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HFITZ1 7/16/2013 6:00PM

    This sounds just like me! I was so skinny no matter what I ate, and boy, did I eat. Then I started having kids right before I turned 21 and spent many years pregnant. I also never learned to eat right and have struggled for years. I'm glad you made your way here! emoticon

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ICEANGEL0531 7/16/2013 6:00PM

    You can succeed, keeping focused on the prize works for me

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