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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ok self... I get it. You've been struggling to meet your goals for 2 weeks now. You planned to do a countdown to Christmas challenge for 24 days, and today is day 15 and you've only hit your goals here and there. And it's frustrating and you're mad at yourself, and it makes you want to say "I've screwed up this far, what's the point in trying the last 10 days?".

Well here's why: You aren't going to be perfect. Ever. Just get that out of the way now. However, you CAN do your best and try your hardest whenever YOU choose to. You won't magically get overcome with motivation or willpower. Every day, every meal, every time you workout... that is what counts. Yes, you've made poor food choices, (including the cookies you just had for breakfast), but you're going to turn that right around and enjoy that salad for lunch. And you've already made a fabulous, healthy meal last night that will last you another couple of nights, so you don't even have to think about how to make a healthy choice for dinner. It's already there waiting to be warmed up. The tempting cookies are GONE (good job throwing away the extras!), and you will throw away the leftover potato salad (that is SO high in fat and calories, it just isn't worth it!) as soon as you get home tonight.

And remember, self... you sit on your butt for hours and hours... you owe it to yourself to MOVE tonight, and every night. Get the hubby off to work, and get things done! You know what's so easy to do ANY day of the week? Jump on the treadmill and watch a TV show for 20 - 45 minutes. Nothing to it! Or how about a quick yoga session to loosen up those stress-tightened muscles? No excuses. It's time to take better care of yourself. I know getting on the scale and seeing a 3 pound weight gain over the past 2 weeks wasn't fun, but you know the reasons why, and you know you can turn things around. And you definately don't want to see another increase next time, right? Right!

Now, take a quick break right now, get some more water and knock out a few reps of bathroom break exercises. I CAN do this!


Day um... 10?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oops... haven't exactly been keeping up with my blog. I'm now on day 10 of what was supposed to be my countdown to christmas challenge. I've pretty much failed miserably on that. I hate that I hold myself back. I have been doing better with being aware of my calories and tracking them better, but I'm still making poor choices when it would be so easy to make good ones. It might not be quite as bad when I'm still in my calorie range, but instead of those cookies, I could have had a more filling and nutritious choice. And my easiest goal... just drinking 6-8 cups of water a day... again, I've done better, but still struggle.

And the exercising... will it be such a struggle forever?? Even the workouts that I don't really mind doing I put off and make excuses. It's terrible! I know I need it for so many reasons... I sit at a desk for 10+ hours a day, plus the 1+ hour sitting in a car, and then whatever time I end up on the couch after work... if I'm up from 5:30am - 10:30pm... that's 17 hours a day I'm awake, and probably 13-14 of those hours I'm sitting! It makes me want to never sit down at home again! Perhaps it's time to set up my desk to make it a stand up. A while ago I looked it up, and I'd burn at least 60 more calories an hour just standing rather than sitting. And if I do work up to standing the whole 10 hours, that's a 600 calorie a day difference, without a single workout! It's just a matter of actually doing it. I'm terribly self-conscious, and I know this will bring unwanted attention and questions my way. I actually bought a unit that I could place on top of my current desk to do this, and it's been sitting in my garage for... a year? 2 years? It's hard to go ahead and set it up.

On that note, I'm going to get out of my chair for a few minutes right now, and go refill my water bottle (2 cups down this morning). Happy hump day!

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JANELEANNB313 12/11/2014 11:28AM

    That's got to be difficult having a desk job! standing for 10hours straight is probably possible, I'd give you mad credit for even attempting it, as the idea strikes me as insane. I'm with you on all of it: the food choices "but I want the cookie!" I've literally ate 4 small apples in attempt to avoid the cookie, & eat it anyway. and why is exercise programmed in my brain as something to dread & excuse my way around? h

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JANELEANNB313 12/11/2014 11:25AM

    That's got to be difficult having a desk job! standing for 10hours straight is probably possible, I'd give you mad credit for even attempting it, as the idea strikes me as insane. I'm with you on all of it: the food choices "but I want the cookie!" I've literally ate 4 small apples in attempt to avoid the cookie, & eat it anyway. and why is exercise programmed in my brain as something to dread & excuse my way around? even if I was skinny or whatever it is my goal is to accomplish, I don't even know anymore because I think about it constantly, exercise still makes me feel amazing with nothing but positive benefits. so what the hell do we do now?

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Day 3

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Day 3 wasn't too terrible. I ate well throughout the day (this is made easier since I plan and bring food from home), drank enough water, and even tried a new healthy recipe for dinner (chicken with a sweet potato, corn, and kale bake). A small negative: I made cookies last night for a function at work, and not only did i eat 2 (I had to make sure they were good, right?), but I also ate some of the dough, which was at least another cookie.

But, even with the cookie eating I can see a little positive. It could have been 4 or 5 or 6 cookies (which wouldn't be unusual for me), so there was a tiny bit of self control there. I also did a very good job of trying to talk myself out of working out (I was sore from yesterday, my hubby was off work for the first night this week, I had to spend time making those cookies, etc). Instead, I made myself do a 20 minute turbo jam video. Did I go all out and give it all I had? No. But I did it. And I did burn calories and don't feel the guilt of skipping a workout I promised myself I'd do.

So then, tonight I plan do do 1.5 miles on the treadmill, and possibly some upper body strength. I've read amazing things about lifting weights for women (you don't bulk up and you can burn major fat), but something keeps holding me back. Maybe because it's unfamiliar and different. I'm used to workouts being treadmills or ellipticals or a cardio DVD. I don't know. We'll see.

Now today's challenge... I forgot to bring most of my usual food! I only have my salad (half of lunch), plus one apple, some almonds, and a mini bag of popcorn. Hmm... I hope water is filling today! I don't want to go anywhere in the rain. :

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LUCIOUSKITTY 12/4/2014 7:15PM

    You're doing great, it's hard to say no to yummy treats but sounds like you were able find a happy medium, eat 2 and stop. :-) great job on the exercise! Keep it up,missy!

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Day 2

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I will not get discouraged. I will not beat myself up. I will not give up.

Yesterday was day ONE of my self-imposed countdown to Christmas challenge. Eat healthy (i.e.: stay in my calorie range every day), drink 6+ cups of water, and do some form of exercise every day. Well, I stayed in my calorie range and drank enough water, but I didn't manage to work out....

Here comes the excuse... ;) I was going to try a new DVD, and I realized I never replaced the DVD player in the living room. Oops. So then I thought I'd pull up a yoga routine on a system we call "the box". And of course, the operating system needed updated, and as I am not a full fledged computer nerd, I stumbled through it and it took me almost 3 hours before I figured it all out! By then it was 10:30pm and yes, I skipped it. Day 1... and I already feel like I failed.

BUT, regardless, today is a new day and day 2 of good habits and healthy actions. I believe tonight I'll get on the treadmill and then do some yoga (that makes up for yesterday, right?). I'm also already on track for my calories and water.

Did I mention I sit at a desk all day? Well, I'm trying to shake things up a little there too. Nothing major, and nothing I'll track (as far as calorie burn), but with the extra water I'm drinking I figure I'd add a positive to my increased potty visits. Each time I go, I'm going to do a mini "workout"... a set of squats or wall pushups, etc. I'd imagine I'll get 6+ in a day... At least I'm getting in a little movement!

Ok... that is all. :)


Wait... what happened to summer?

Monday, December 01, 2014

I can't believe not only is Thanksgiving over, but it's December! I'm still in shock that it's not summer anymore. I suppose I need to do some Christmas shopping and decorating... :)

So, I believe fate brought me to sparkpeople today. I admit, I have not been a faithful sparker, and only log on or post sporadically. But today I updated some things and calculated how long it would take me to get to my goal weight if I lose a reasonable 2 pounds per week. Do you know what it told me? April 21, 2015. And that, is my 31st birthday. Fate? I have to believe so.

So, on that note, I'm starting off day 1 with a "countdown to Christmas" streak. I will eat mindfully (using my tracker), exercise in some fashion (anything from yoga to jogging to a DVD), and drink at least 6 cups of water every day, from now until Christmas!

And I plan on giving myself the best birthday gift I can think of... a healthy new me!



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