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I've been away~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

But am still maintaining and not gaining pounds.

I'm going to start being a bit cleaner starting tomorrow. Though, I've not been very UN clean in the last few months.

I was walking at least a mile a day with my family and my dog. I've been unable to walk very far at all at any time for the last few months. Its gotten progressively worse. NOT GOOD. I have horrible pain in my sacral illiac joint~ or just off to the side. So, Every movement I make almost is causing me pain. Sitting, standing, walking, moving all hurt. I can do some walking for a bit on any given day. That night, or the next day? I'm pretty well done. VERY done.

Have had xrays to check for many different issues and am now working on getting OMT (Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy) its a mix of massage and chiropractic therapies. I just wish I could get it every other day. Its crazy. This pain. It could possibly be caused by scar tissue from my bone marrow biopsy last year.

I am mentally and physically exhausted all the time because of the pain and dealing with it. I can deal with pain. I am used to pain all the time. This is above and beyond what I can handle.

My eating has not been perfect. I've allowed corn back into my food, and I need to take it back out for a while. Or just once in a while. Instead of almost daily. Wheat is non existent in my food, as it makes me violently ill now. Daughter ate a roll that she had made with my mom, after being wheat free for two months, and realized just what an allergic reaction feels like. Throat got sore and scratchy and even swollen.

I want to be able to dance without pain again. Walk without pain and really do ANYTHING without pain!!!! My poor dog is feeling very neglected. Walking to the bus stop twice a day is not enough activity for her old bones. She is very lovey and cuddly tho.

I have a fair ammt of veggies and meats on hand~ roasted a turkey this weekend and will have at least one more meal from that. Turkey soup with gluten free dumplings.

I dont really call myself 'primal' anymore because I've made it my own way of life and way of eating and it really seems to be working well.

Its an hour till the kids go to bed. That means its an hour till I can take a shower and go to bed myself! Exhaustion is not my friend.

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BONNIEMARGAY 10/15/2012 4:32PM

    Wishing you relief.

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Busy busy busy busy~

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I have been so busy the last month! This month will show a slower bit for me but honestly not alot~ I have an event at the end of the month that is going to take alot out of me!

First event was Seadogs, a pirate festival that I do every year and its like family for me!! Then, the next weekend (this last weekend) was Faerieworlds. 12000 people were there... perhaps more. I ate pretty well all weekend both weekends, more carbs this last weekend at faerieworlds but for some reason I felt that I needed them, and today seem to be down some pounds even though I'm still inflamed and swollen from water retention and sunburn. Its amazing how easy its becoming to be 99% gluten free (I say 99% because I had soy sauce) My carbs arent as low as they should be, but my comfort is more important to me than that.
This is the Mad Hatter, queen of hearts and the march hare! =) All three friends of mine!

I am on the left in this picture~ =)

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BONNIEMARGAY 8/2/2012 2:15AM

    Looks like a blast!

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    Looks like a fun weekend!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My garden is starting to do quite well! We've had spinach and my tomatoes are starting to get little green nubbins on them! *YAY*

I really miss having a huge giant garden. My itty bitty one is doing just fine for me right now though! Quite pleased. Bought a sugar baby watermelon plant to get put into the ground and another slicer cucumber. Would love to get ahold of some local strawberries too~ Just may do that~ Found some that are already picked for $2 a pound. NOM! Lots of frozen goodness!

Its supposed to rain tomorrow. Would be nice to have a bit of cool weather... not that its been super hot, but I'm not a big fan of heat...

Walking almost daily again, not doing so well with carbs, but keeping my food clean is currently my goal. Clean it has been. I've been looking at the brownies that came in the gleaner box on tuesday, and havent eaten one. Just not worth it. I really wanted beer... JUST NOT WORTH IT! I miss beer~

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BONNIEMARGAY 6/23/2012 4:57AM

    Mmm, nothing better than fresh food right from your garden!

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GOPINTOS 6/22/2012 6:24PM

    Hey Girl!

Trying to catch up with everyone. Glad your garden is going. That is what has been keeping me so busy also. Vegetable and flower garden.

Have a great weekend!


Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Wheat Belly Team

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-LINDA_S 6/22/2012 3:42PM

    Good luck with your garden. Been so hot I haven't checked on mine in a few days. Hoping for some rain today! Have a great weekend!

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PASTORMAE5 6/22/2012 12:30AM

    gardening is great fun, exercise, and yummy rewards

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ANGELIA.R 6/21/2012 11:57PM

    Beer CAN hurt me~ Wheat makes my guts try to kill me~

Now~ if I could get ahold of some rice beer!!!!

I do have vodka in the freezer... not too terribly worried about it. I really just miss the flavor of beer. My family is German! (as in my mom's mom is an immigrant)

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SMILES650 6/21/2012 11:38PM

  Have a beer on the weekend, one or two is not going to hurt you, you can actually get quite decent low cal/low carb now. Good for you for eating clean! emoticon

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am feeling more and more irritated today! I honestly just cant figure out why!!! Today is day one of no school, I got lots of work done yesterday, yet so much is making me want to scream at the world. I'm fighting back the urge to snap and yell at the kids for every other thing they do or say. The dog is even rubbing me the wrong way. and all she wants is love and scratching on her ears. and perhaps belly =)

Sometimes I know that writing things down helps me to put things into perspective. I slept well last night, I ate well yesterday and I'm not gaining pounds or inches.

went to costco and got some coffee at dutch brothers (coconut milk sugar free half caffeine mocha) and I'm ready to start cutting and sewing~ I've got a few items that need to be taken to the post office too!!

we'll see how the day goes. Kids are cleaning the car right now.

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BONNIEMARGAY 6/16/2012 5:42PM

    Wishing you relief.

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NOREGRET2010 6/16/2012 11:15AM

    Ugh, I know that massively irritated feeling!! Everything rubs me the wrong way and I could....scream! But, I remind myself, it doesn't last forever (only seems like it) and to b-r-e-a-t-h-e....Hugs.

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ANGELIA.R 6/14/2012 3:35PM

    I'm sure that it has something to do with the thyroid medicine~ Or the absolute irritation from yesterday! Dogs dogs dogs! CRAZY ONES! My dog has a cut on her face from trying to protect my kiddos from the dog that shares our back fence. and my husband was attacked but not harmed (thanks to steel toed boots) while we were on a walk by a GIANT brown dog that looked alot like a wolfhound... but wasnt....


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GRACEMCDOG 6/14/2012 3:30PM

    Oh, I know that feeling. It's awful. Hope it goes away and doesn't return. Hormones can do that, I think. I don't have it much at all since I quit grains and sugar. And my hormones have all moved to Las Vegas so I can't blame them for anything anymore. Feel better. Sewing will help, I bet.

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PARKERB2 6/14/2012 3:21PM

    Hope your day goes a little easier now that you have gotten to blog and put some things in writing. It does help to get things off your chest. Have a great day.

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This is one of my teachers~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is a video of one of my teachers~ I cant wait till the other posts her winning dance!!!!

Feeling kinda meh today~ Had migraine last night when I got home, and have kinda been in a fog the rest of the time. Worked with some fabric and have it separated into "jobs" so that it will be easy to pick and choose what I'm going to use for what =)

Today was the last day of school for the kids~ I've already turned off the alarms on my phone. HAHAHAHA Though~ I will set one so that I'm up before 10 am so that I can get work done. I've got LOTS of work to do!!! LOTS!!!

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SCARLET29 6/21/2012 9:40PM

    Hope you are enjoying your time off.

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BONNIEMARGAY 6/16/2012 5:41PM

    Hooray for more time for you!

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