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Down 80lbs.....huh???

Thursday, December 18, 2008

That was my reaction after weighing in for the first time in almost two weeks yesterday. I'd lost another 3lbs without changing any of my routine, or at least not in any significant way I could think of.

Cardio workout 5 days a week

Strength training 2 days a week (in theory but they have been suffering lack of commitment lately)

Still constantly running around the house, and with the recent weather changes, shoveling snow

I even brought home dinner for both of us from our favorite Mexican place this past Sunday after spending the entire day running errands and being too tired to cook. Instead of cutting my meal in half (two chicken enchiladas, rice and beans, no cheese, sour cream or guacamole) I chose to eat the entire dinner. After a very early breakfast, no snack or lunch I was starving. I also felt no guilt afterwards, a HUGE accomplishment for me!! two weeks ago I started TRYING to eat the increase in calories for maintenance but found into the first week I felt bloated, miserable and by the end of more than one day, nauseated. I know my body needs to adjust to a higher calorie intake but I was extremely, physically uncomfortable so I adjusted my daily intake manually. I didn't take the numbers back down to weight loss mode but to a happy middle ground. Apparently with my workout routine and activity level I need to try the higher caloric/fat/carb/protein intake again because I'm down to 135 lbs (technically it's 134.6 according to my scale). I know a lot of members would be thrilled to be there, and don't get me wrong, a part of me is very happy with the weight. Another part of me though is a little scared at the continued loss.....I've been there once before when I was younger and looking back on it (mentally and in some of my pics) when I started losing and kept losing, I see why everyone thought I was sick and/or anorexic. It just didn't look good and while I felt good, I do remember not feeling as good as I could have.

So, yesterday......I entered my new weight and once again, adjusted my nutrition goals. The numbers are back up in the "scary range". But my sweetie gave me an idea I'm going to try.....cut back on my cardio/treadmill workouts (my favorite form of exercise is cardio) and increase my strength training while working on finding the nutritional balance that leaves me feeling satisfied but not miserable and/or bloated at the end of the day. I'm going to try his idea, go back to weekly weigh ins and see how it goes. I've managed to not be terribly "saggy" with the weight loss but do need more toning still, so it won't be a bad thing. I just need to re-focus on the tubes, weights etc. I'm thinking of trying some of the yoga workouts as well.....I could certainly use some help with balance, in more ways than one :)

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    Your sweetie gave you sage advise!!! Cutting the cardio and increase the ST will definitely help!!! There are ways to increase your calories without increasing the bulk of your can easily add 100-200 calories a day by adding an additional slice of bread and a piece of fruit or 1 Luna bar midday for a sweet but healthy treat!!! Making the transition is tough but you will stop losing and feel better in the process!!! Best of luck and keep me posted on your progress!!! Jackie!!!

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Time to see the damage

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ok so not a very upbeat way to look at it but, but it's sort of how I feel, aside from still being extremely stuffy......and while I'm on the subject, kleenex with lotion only works for so long then it all feels like you're rubbing your face with sandpaper.....and cold medicine *gag*

As I posted before today, I've been dealing with a head cold. From the top of my shoulders down, I've felt peachy keen jelly bean *g* but from there up is a whole other story. Even doing a load of laundry winded me and wore me out because I couldn't breathe well so there went the workouts *sigh* Add to that fuzzy, muddled thinking and there went tracking my food......well, that may not be so bad as far as my psyche goes considering when I'm sick like this I can't taste anything so I tend to eat comfort foods simply because I know I have to eat, and I've downed more orange juice in the past three days than I have in three years. Well........after yesterday, a whole day that which I'm ambivalent about to say the least mind you......I've decided to hop back on that food tracking path as well as work back up to my workouts by tackling a heavy housework day including running up and down the stairs to my private retreat room and finishing boxing up items for storage and charity. I'm going to start by weighing in for the first time in almost two weeks (the last weigh in showed a 1lb loss). The numbers may freak me out, and I may get winded as all get out during the house work but I'll beat it.........I'm strong of will, heart and mind and this little hiccup is the least of things I've met head on this year. Plus I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired......I HATE being sick and laying in bed!!!!

So my motto for the day is "ONWARD AND UPWARD".

Now......where did I put that new case of kleenex *achoo!!!*




Exercise and time....making them fit

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This is an interesting question, and it used to be, in my pre-weight loss days, that excuses abound for me to NOT fit in fitness. Looking back on it, the excuses were silly of course but at the time, I truthfully couldn't figure out how in the world to fit in walk time, strength training time etc. Here's an example of my daily routine, which by the way has NOT changed since I started on my new path to fact, the daily routine hasn't changed much more than hour here or there in the past ten's that for consistency??!

5:30am.....wake up, get coffee, begin medical routine if it's Mon or Thur, otherwise check daily list/calender for things that have to be done that day. If no list is made, make one by doing mental checklist and write them down in order of importance.

6:30....check email and back when our home biz was still open reply to customers, organize orders received etc.

7:00-10:30....have breakfast, feed animals, get sweetie in the shower, up for the day, get ready for work at family store, do a quick house cleaning in case anyone comes by to visit while I'm at work, make bed, start a load of laundry, make sure everything is handy for sweetie and within reach for him to he's set up while I'm gone.

11:00-1/ at family store

1/ more laundry, finish housework, do paperwork, run errands, work on customer orders or pack orders for shipping, plan dinner, deal with local customers stopping by the house for a variety of reasons, answer phone calls, an generally run, run, run.

4-5....prepare and have evening meal

5 til bedtime which is usually 9ish.........clean up after dinner, play time with critters, watch a little bit of tv with sweetie, cover any dangling emails from that morning, finish up any laundry and generally run with a bunch of busy work

Now..........the scheduling hasn't really changed much. I no longer work outside the home and our home biz has been closed for most of this year due to family issues, loss of my FIL etc. In the midst of all the items above is a bunch of busy work that I didn't list but that kept me scattered and running. My days are still full......and unless I'm sick like I am today *still* I'm running all the fact you probably wouldn't see me blogs are pretty much hit and miss depending my schedule :) I've just learned to differentiate between necessary work and time passing busy work so that I can actually fit in my daily workouts.

These days, I do a cardio workout first thing in the morning after breakfast. It's quiet then, Kyle is still asleep and I can safely plug my MP3 player in my ears, take a phone in case it rings and hop on the treadmill for an hour, or do strength training workouts from right here on spark or a combination of both. On those mornings that are too tight time wise, I schedule my workout for that afternoon in the hour to hour and half before dinner prep.......things are slowing down at that point and I have accomplished enough that I can workout without feeling like I'm letting something else slide because it is just as important as anything else I do.

Something else I've learned in all of this, is how to calculate and add up the "little things" I do in a day that add up to calories burned. Light to heavy housework, yard work, cleaning out closets, packing items into boxes for charity and moving them, walking to town for my errands and so on. I used to take for granted the little things and now I realize.....I'm not sitting on my butt in front of the fact these days I rarely sit until meal time or bed time, a HUGE change for me.

The point is....if you actually take the time to look at your typical day, no matter how busy it is, you can find ways to fit in your workouts just like I did. You just need to stop making excuses as to why you can't, and list all the reasons why you should.


A new day....

Friday, November 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. My message to myself for today is....

Forgive myself for the slip-ups

I tend to be a perfectionist and rather anal retentive in many areas, if one couldn't tell by my last few blogs, so even minor slips or hiccups can wreak havoc in my own mind if I let them. This year has been chock full of stress and this month in particular has been just a blink shy of a nightmare, so I've had several slip-ups and excuses to cover them all. The sayings for excuses are plenty but whether I make excuses or not the one thing I'm going to do from now on is forgive myself for them all, slip-ups and excuses alike.

In an effort to not overeat at the Thanksgiving table yesterday (small portions of 1/2 cup or less of sides, 2oz of turkey breast, 1/8th cup gravy etc) I was starving last night....but at least my snack was healthy, until I decided I needed some pretzels (fat free at least). I didn't gorge mind you but the growling edge of hunger was gone, then the guilt started.

I've far surpassed my goals in weight loss, I'm active and work out regularly without being fanatical (something I can easily slip into). I've been told by more than a few people that I need to stop losing weight, my sweetie tells me the same thing and a couple of people have said I look a little on the sick side. My response is I'm not trying to lose anymore, I lost another pound last week, and I'm reaching my daily nutrition goals on a regular basis......which still tends to freak me out a bit when I look at those numbers. With all of this in mind, I say to self...


I will NOT gain everything back if I give in to my urge for a little chocolate treat.....I will NOT suffer some horrible set back if I opt for regular butter over a substitute such as butter buds.....I'm NOT a bad person, PERIOD!!

The only thing happening from all of this self imposed guilt and garbage is damage to me.....which I refuse to let happen any longer.

It's time to relax, re-focus and learn to filter out the fanatics out there preaching doom and gloom surrounding this choice or that choice that I may make, after all I don't care what they think about anything else I do, say or wear so why should my food/exercise choices be any different.

Today is a whole new GONE!!! You no longer have power in my life emoticon

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MARYRAM 11/28/2008 8:36AM

    Guilt has no place in our lives. So happy you decided to kick it to the curb! Congratulations on your weight loss, and your ability to take it easy at the Thanksgiving feast.

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Monthly food craving....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well......this is something all or almost all women out there who may read this should understand or have at least experienced once.

Monthly Food Cravings!!

I thought once my son was born that food cravings would cease to be an issue. I don't just mean those "hmm, I really like ice cream" type.....I mean the ones that consist of foods/spices you wouldn't normally eat such as, in my case, things with LOTS of salt. Apparently for me, I was wrong.

Now before I became pregnant all those years ago, I never had this sole problems were bloating like an over-soaked sponge and intense cramps. Nowadays, since I'm getting older *gasp* I experience a need for salt so out of character for me as to be crazy as well as episodes of extreme exhaustion that simply pull the energy drain plug as my sweetie puts it on top of prolonged cramps that interfere with my best laid plans. Today.....they are lingering in the background with the attitude that says "go ahead.....get on that treadmill" followed by a zinger of a cramp that shoots through me as some weird internal warning. I have been up since 5:30, cleaning house and pretty much moving constantly when all of a sudden, I felt like I could sleep standing up and became so fuzzy headed that if you asked me name I'd most likely respond with a blank stare.

Not all months are like that, and I KNOW I need to go for a check LEAST favorite type of Dr appt.......the most recent trip to the Dentist wherein shots in my eye teeth region resulted in the sensation of my eyeballs being ripped out comes to mind as being preferential to being "strapped to the rack" as Mr Man puts it..........his compassion is underwhelming at times *sigh* I also know that it might not be a bad idea to have a blood test for my hormone level to see if things are a'changin.

The question is will I get it done, or should I say WHEN will my current chaotic lifestyle, supporting my sweetie through nightmare "family" battles I've lived through once before myself, helping my son (doing it all) with paperwork for the never-ending hospital bills he can't afford and we can't really afford to help with either (poor kid is getting a taste of adult chaos the hard way), TRYING to stay afloat in a sea of insanity and still manage to get through each day somehow intact, I barely managed to get to the Dentist without worrying what was being put on the back burner as a result........and yea this particular type of Dr appt is more important than the Dentist but, as I said, more dreaded.

Any lady who reads this and shares the same weird episodes, how do you deal with it? I actually took a nap this afternoon........I have slightly more energy than I did but the cramps in my lower back etc are making me ill at the thought of doing anymore activity than I already am which is frustrating the he** out of me but gads, I don't think I can! I'm sitting here thinking "chocolate be damned, give me salt".



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