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Moving into March!

Monday, March 04, 2013

February ended pretty well for me. I didn't see much in the way of weight loss, and while I saw a tiny gain, the scale stayed in maintenance range, and it is moving downward again. There are many reasons for that. One, I just needed a break from being so "good." It was refreshing to see that even with a few indulgences, I was able to stay pretty stable. Two, I started weight training again, and when I come back after some time off, I tend to see a stall or some gain. Some have theorized it's water stored by the muscles, but I think it's just my body adjusting to added stress on those areas I have let go for awhile.

The other reason I see for it is that I haven't been running in awhile. Yes, I've done some treadmill workouts, and I really need to get back to those. Plus the indoor track at the gym where I have karate is good to use too, but it's winter. And winter hit us hard in the Northwest Chicago suburbs these past two weeks. I need to get going though if I'm going to do a 10K in June.

In other news, the family is healthy, finally. I tried making my Gramma's angel strudel, and the first attempt results were promising. I just need to work on my rolling techniques: both rolling out the dough and rolling up the dough. I think I'm going to try nut roll for Easter too.

I've been doing yoga for about the past month, and I like the relaxation it gives me. I'm hoping to strengthen my core as that will hopefully help to tighten my stomach and help me in karate as well.

That's all for now. Hope all is well, Sparkers.


Stressed will not equal desserts!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

It's been a stressful few days Chez Andsheewas, but luckily I've been finding ways to try to relax through it. Funny enough, work has seemed to help.

My husband is laid up with a back injury. We're not sure what happened, but Friday he sends me a text from work telling me that his back and his hip are hurting. By Saturday morning, he can barely get out of bed without a lot of pain. So off to immediate care we went. He was back with the doctor for almost two hours, and just as I was getting up to ask what was going on, he comes out, looking a little pale. They gave him an injection, which made him light headed. But he had an x-ray, and everything looked normal. He's been on medication since Saturday, but now the pain has moved to his leg. He was going to try to go to work today, so he didn't take the heavy duty pain killers or muscle relaxers, but he had trouble moving around in the shower and was still in a lot of pain. We have a follow-up tomorrow morning, so hopefully he'll either feel better or we can find a solution.

It's stressful not to know what's going on or how to make it better. I also worry about things like time off from work and if he'll have to take some leave. I'm hoping it won't be a severe as that, but the mind wanders. I've been turning to yoga to help relieve some of this stress, but it's hard just to let go. I'm hoping karate tonight will help to work out some of my frustration with not being able to help him.

Most of all, I have resolved not to turn to comfort foods. I just need to focus on my husband and myself and make sure he gets better without sacrificing my own health. It helps just to get this down.

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MURRAY4LOSS4 2/5/2013 9:21AM

  Wow I no how you feel when things feel like they come crashing down. My husband dr told him he would like him to quite his job and he didn't want to send him back to work. We are one income family and I was so nerved up and wanted to be out of control with food. But I had to look at it as I can go to work and things will workout. But I have to take care of myself to help him out. That was 2 years ago he does his therapy every morning and had no problems with his back and hip, his left shoulder its just a matter of time when he has to have it taken car of. Hang in there

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Checking in: 100 w/ Sparkpeople, My Red Belt, Yoga, and More

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's been forever since I wrote a blog here, and I apologize. I hit 100 and then some, but then the holidays happened, so I floated around that one pound before I hit 100 pounds lost with SparkPeople. I'm happy to say yesterday the scale started moving back in the right direction.

December saw a lot of fitness goals hit. I managed the Santa Hustle 5K in under 30 minutes and I successfully tested up to my red belt in karate. I am really enjoying karate and the inner strength it is giving me. I feel calmer and more toned. Plus, I could kick someone's butt if I really needed to. emoticon

To help with karate and core strength, I decided to try a yoga class this morning. I really enjoyed it. I'm going to try a few more during this introductory week, and I hope to eventually try hot yoga in a few weeks. Sorry, wallet. emoticon

I also agreed to try and run the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February with my cousin. It's a good goal to have and something to work toward. We'll see how training goes. Hopefully my body (and life) won't get in the way.

I'm slowly getting used to this new size, and I am slowly feeling less self conscious when I go shopping for clothes. I'm loving the new me, and I can't wait to see what 2013 has to offer!

One step forward!



Monday, October 01, 2012

Saturday morning I did it. My scale sat nicely at 171. That meant I had lost 100 pounds. 100 pounds in 13 or so months. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable still was that moment last summer when I saw my scale at 271. I have always been a bigger person. I was happy to know I would never be (and still probably will never be) a size 4 or 6, and I was healthy. But 271 was a shock. I was officially closer to 300 pounds than I was to 200 pounds, and that did not sit right with me. I also turned 30 last year, and I wanted to ward off any potential health problems before they came. I'm sure there is nothing worse than having pressure on you to lose the weight due to some serious issues.

So, in August 2011, I did the impossible. I gave up pop. Not just my 20 oz. breakfast habit, but all of it, even diet. I followed the lead of my friend's husband and committed to Couch to 5K. On my own, I managed to drop 6 pounds and I was feeling great. Then, a co-worker turned me on to Spark.

Could I have lost this much without Spark? Maybe. I know I wouldn't have done it as quickly. When I started, I was just looking for a free place to count calories and maybe get some workout resources. Little did I know, I would be able to get everything I needed, and for free! I had been on Weight Watchers in my early teens, so I knew the principles of eating well. I really just needed motivation to keep moving, and I found that.

My first goal was to be under 200 pounds, which I reached right after my first wedding anniversary in April. At that moment, I was breaking into new territory. I honestly can't remember when I was last under 200 pounds--was I a freshman in high school? It's been a struggle since then to accept the new me, and it is truly on a physical level. I'm not quite comfortable with myself, but I'm getting there. And the shopping spree treat I took myself on on Saturday definitely helped with that. I love that I can shop sales and clearance racks and have a selection! I cancelled my Lane Bryant credit card, which I've had since high school. I feel excited and liberated now, and I know my concept of myself will only catch up.

So where to next and what are my challenges? I've set a temporary goal of 165, but I may go another ten pounds after that so I am in the upper level of a "normal" BMI. My previous blogs have indicated my doubt with that figure. For now, I'll get to 165 and see how I feel. I also want to tone, tone, tone, so I'll have to get serious again about my strength training. I've found some activities I love, and I think I'll be okay for the middle-term, but I think next year will be the year I find a good gym, preferably with a pool. I want to start swimming on a regular basis, and I think it will help me in the cold Chicago winter months to stay motivated.

Challenges: To push aside those comments of people who tell me "You better not lose any more weight." Thank you. I have a goal in mind. What you don't realize is I've always looked smaller than my size, and while I may look, on the surface, like someone who is 20 pounds lighter than me, I have areas that need to be toned. No, I'm not "starving" myself. I'm not denying myself anything. I've made a change.

Maintenance will be a toughy, but vacation showed me that I can make good choices; I just need to stay active. I also need to adjust from losing mode, and I've been trying to do that in slow steps over this last 10-15 pounds. I want to stay committed to this, and for that reason, I got rid of all of my "fat" clothes. I think having them would just be a safety net I don't want to fall back on.

Worries aside, I'm excited to report this on my one-year Spark anniversary. I look back on the year, and I've run two 5K races (with two more coming up this year) and a mud run. I started karate. I've done so much, and I can't wait to see what else is in store for my future. Thanks to all of you for your support.

100 pounds. Geez. As one of my friends said, that's an Olson twin.

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JULIEANNCAN 10/1/2012 7:48PM

    emoticon emoticon Way to go! I'm glad you celebrated. :)

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POOKASLUAGH 10/1/2012 10:04AM

    You've done so incredible! Congrats on 100 lbs and on your sparkversary!

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Milestones and Pictures (finally!)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I officially hit (over) 90 pounds gone with Sparkpeople today. That puts me a mere 2.5 pounds from a major milestone, 100 pounds. It's hard to be that I could conceivably hit that mark within a year of my Sparkiversary. That is amazing. I can't even comprehend that amount. I have about 5 to 10 pounds to go after that, and then I'll see what my next steps/goals are. But seeing those numbers truly puts me in awe. I don't think I've been this light since, well, I was 12.

I've promised you some pictures from my summer, so without further ado:

All done up for my sister's wedding.

A blurry picture of my sister and mom. (See. Why don't I have those genes? lol)

My friend Katie and I at another wedding, looking gorgeous!

The hubby and I on my birthday weekend.

Hope you are having great weeks!

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LOLAINSC 9/15/2012 11:57PM

    Wow, 100 pounds you must want it sooo bad. I know we are not supposed to be slaves to the scale but reaching those magic numbers feels so great. Hope you have some special reward all picked out for the grand occassion.

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POOKASLUAGH 9/15/2012 8:27PM

    Congrats!!! That's absolutely fantastic!

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JULIEANNCAN 9/15/2012 6:35PM

    You look FANTASTIC! Congratulations! emoticon

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KELLY19770 9/15/2012 12:32PM


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CRAFTINWIFE 9/15/2012 12:23PM

    emoticon pics! That shade of blue on you looks awesome!

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BETHIEBOOPS 9/15/2012 12:01PM

    You look amazing!! Congratulations on your success!

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COURTNEY055 9/15/2012 11:24AM

    That is awesome! I am so happy for you! You are an inspiration..I joined SP in July and the going has been slow. I know now that with hard work and perseverance anything is possible..You must be SO happy. I wish u all the best and thank you for being a positive role model to all us "new girls" on here! Oh, what is the best advice u can give? emoticon emoticon emoticon

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