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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yesterday I binged.. best laid plans eh? But here's the silver lining. First, I did burn 500 calories on the bike. Second, while I did binge, I did log in all my food intake - and when I realised I had reaced about 2000 calories I stopped. And had nothing for the rest of the day. So...while I didn't stick to my 1550 cal goal, I didn't go over my daily maximum for a woman. I went to bed happy with an empty stomach. And woke up re-energised. I had a healthy breakfast, and while I didn't exercise this morning, I fully intend to exercise later today. I prepared a low carb lunch and brought some fruit to work. I've not been sipping some green tea. I feel good today.


Change of Attitude

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Its not just about the weight. Its about life in general. I need to refurbish my life. And one of the ways is to change my attitude. I need to make myself stronger and to learn that after all I'M IN CHARGE OF MY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. Nobody else has power over me. I'm the strongest influence over my life. In terms of food, its me who decides whether to eat or not, whether to exercise or not. Nobody else. Its time to take responsiblity for my own actions. The only difference is that this time I want to do it for other apsects of my life. I want to become stronger, more confident, and most importantly more disciplined. I bought some books to help me along the way too. It will be hard, but I'm unhappy, and that is motivating me to do something about it. I want to be happy and confident. And the only person who can help me achieve that is myself. I'm ready.



Monday, April 07, 2008

i did what i swore i wouldn't do.. i weighed myself. well, yesterday i did SO well..ate about 1100 cals to compensate for day i was very proud..and i weighed myself today..and no weight loss..nothing..nada...zilch..and now?? i want to EAT.. i have choclate in the house and its calling me...i feel a binge coming and i feel miserable about it..i have to hold out..i have to..why does it have to be so tough?? why no weight loss?? i cheated once ok..but i exercised 6 times in the week and i did keep the 1500 cals for a few hello?? i just want a bit of encouragement is all!!

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CHUNKSTER63 1/7/2009 8:52PM

    You are in control and you can do anything you set your mind to your a wonderfl person and you can do anything.

Chunk emoticon

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ANDINA 4/8/2008 4:49AM

    Wow I never expected all this advice!!! So many thanks to all of you! Feels wonderful to have such support...

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CHUNKSTER63 4/7/2008 4:47PM

    First thing drive to a dumpster and throw the candy away and second please do not weigh yourself every day once a week is ok but everyday it's very self destructive I know I have been there i hide the scale now so I have to go looking for it on weigh in day you are better then this you are stronger then this I believe you can do it and I know down deep you do too.

You have all the tools you have support and you are very motivated so you will lose. I wish there was more I could do for alot of people but distance is the only downside as for talking to you yeah I can do that and that's why I am here to make sure that you stay on track and once you do start losing and you will you will be happy. It takes a while fo your body to adjust but know that it will come off. Please stay off the scale for a week and then weigh yourself a week later.

Le me the team leaders know how your doing and remeber be good to you.


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    Thank you everyone for responding All very good advice!
And Andina get out of the house for an hour get outside and away from the temptation altogether! Eat or drink something as sour as you can possibly stand it It will effect your taste buds, go brush your teeth gargle with listerine! Anything can to be used as a detourant!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 4/7/2008 9:53AM

  Girl... we're going to have to do a "no weighing yourself every day" challenge!! Stop it... you fall into the same temptation as I do. Did you know that your body can fluctuate with water weight 1-2 lb per week? Yep... so I am being a drill sargeant here... but you know what's best for you... and eating everything in sight will just make you feel worse later.

On a brighter note... YOU CAN DO THIS!! Coming for help by journalling this is one step. You know that you are worth it, and you know that you can do it.

Looking forward to hear a better blog update tomorrow, okay?

Blessings and hugs, Naomi
calling all goonies

PS. I say it all out of love :O)

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RENA1965 4/7/2008 6:48AM

    Hi Andina,
You just experienced why you shouldn't weigh-in everyday. Professional organisations use 7 day period of time (21 meals) to get a correct weight loss period of time. The food we eat, some of it takes more time than other types to digest and when you weigh yourself daily you are feeding your head with a wrong picture and actually abusing your scales. Our weight naturally swings during the week and you obviously hit the wrong day to look, perhaps if you waited longer it may have surprised you in a positive way. The only time it is totally okay to use the scales every day is on maintance as we are reducing calories in our core food to accomodate the extras we re-introduce back into our lifes and it is important to know if we are doing okay or should take a break a day or so before trying the next type of extras... try to avoid weigh-in as it is disturbing your progress "big time" concentrate on your eating habits and don't over do the exercise or the project will eventually hang out your throat and get boring.... kind regards Rena

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ONEPACHIC 4/7/2008 6:08AM

    Hang in there! I personally weigh myself everyday and I am okay with that. It seems to keep me more on track if I go up a pound. I have read mixed reviews about weighing daily or just weekly. Regardless...don't give up! I had a BAD week last week and I am starting this week with a new found motivation. It happens to everyone! Keep your food choices in check, drink your water and keep moving! You will do great!

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TRACYZABELLE 4/7/2008 5:51AM

    Don't weigh in every day you will make yourself crazy! Just eat sensibly and stick to your exercise regimen and all will be fime.

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Sunday - one step back, 2 forward?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Well...I did very well yesterday till around 7.30pm..then there was an international evening after church, and there was food from all over the can imagine the result..all good intentions went out the window and i ruined a whole AMAZINGLY healthy day by overeating on **** . It made me ill...and also unhappy! at any rate..the challenge now is instantly gong back on track.. this morning I've eaten fruit salad instead of toast..and the aim is to stick to the lower end of the calorie allowance make up for last night.. and yet my brain is like "eat eat EAT EAT..WHAT CAN YOU EAT? NOW EAT..EAT NOW ..EAT....WHERE'S FOOD...EAT CHOCOLATE..EAT BREAD..JUST EAT!!" seriously how do you resist that?? i feel like i'm totally i am trying hard to be extra careful today to make up for yesterday but my brain is only interested in me getting fatter! anyway..i should keep away from the kitchen really! and keep occupied!! god help me!

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HAYLEY_J 4/7/2008 7:50PM

    everytime my head says EAT i treat it to a big glass of water and wait 15 minutes and the craving goes away. alot of the time we mistake thirst for that EAT feeling. remember you are in control and being proud of great efforts tastes way better then anything you put in your mouth when you are having a weak moment!
treats occasionally will stop the need to stick bad things down your throat 24/7.
now i will go and try to practice what i preach lol!!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 4/6/2008 9:08AM

  I can't give you very much advice when it comes to a point where your brain wants to make you EAT, EAT, EAT. Usually, I lose all control then. Just remind yourself that you are in control... not your brain!! Imagine how cruddy you'll feel tonight if you do this another day. DOn't let it turn into a week... because a week turns into a month... and then BAM.. you'll be heavier than when you started. So, forget about yesterday and start fresh today (like you stated), and don't let it get out of control. My afternoon will be filled with food because we have a gathering, so I will have to show restraint as well. Let's do this together!!

Naomi :O)

co-leader of Calling all Goonies

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Be happy with tiny successes

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Here my tiny success. Every friday I do my weekly shopping from the local supermarket - and every friday - no matter how good i've been foodwise during the day, or even week, i but lots of unhealthy food, i overeat, i dope myself with food and fall alseep miserable..and of course wake up miserable. yesterday i bought a chicken instead...i ate chicken and veg and went to sleep with an empty stomach and woke up feeling happier!!
Bad news is i promised not to weigh myself and i did and i PUT on weight..which is ridiculous since these past two days i've been under 1550 cals and i've exercsied lots! so..i need to igore that and move on. today is the third day i'm on sp again..and i really hope that my good days will roll by and in a few months i'll see a real difference. here's hoping.. PLEASE don't give up and PLEASE stay off the scale!!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 4/5/2008 9:47AM

  Sound like you're me!! So, what you need to do is (and my scale is calling me right now) to put that scale away!! Our bodies fluctuate with water weight... and you need to keep on track and not let it get to you. I am committing to weighing myself once a month now. Then... there is no daily discouragement. This weight will come off... and you need to stick to the program!! Keep up the good work, and if you need any help, you know where us Goonies are!!!


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