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Another New Habit- Exercise!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Now that I feel like my eating habits are under control, it's time to turn to my Achilles' heel of weight-loss: the dreaded exercise.

I think my key motivator when facing this task is that with my weight and metabolism, eating healthy just won't cut it. So exercise is what's standing between me and my weight-loss goal...except that I won't let anything stop me now!

I started on Tuesday by ignoring the whiny voice in my head telling me I was too tired to exercise at nine at night. I donned my work-out clothes and headed out the door. When I'm actually at the gym, (my gym is Planet Fitness) it's not so bad. My gym workout is simple, based on a few exercises a staff member showed me when I got my free consultation. I do the rear deltoid machine, about 30 push-ups, and about 40 squats. When I was done I paid for a coffee (you can get a coffee or tea for $1 in the gym!) to reward myself.

I decided to try exercising on Wednesday, but I screwed up the timing and didn't have time before my night class. On Thursday, I used my home treadmill and really worked up a sweat! :P Well, I guess that's a good thing. :) I walked for 30 minutes, and since I don't like the treadmill very much, I was proud of myself for sticking with it for a half hour. It really helped that I had my trusty iPod. For some strange reason, I really love working out to the song "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship.

On Friday, I was determined to keep exercising, so I went to the gym at nine again. It turns out that I went just in time- the gym closes at 10 on Friday! I did my typical squat/push-up/rear deltoid workout, and this time I also used a bicep machine. I rewarded myself with coffee again. Probably not a great idea for so late at night, but I managed to sleep like a baby anyway.

Today, Saturday, I knew I probably couldn't get to the gym, because I would want to exercise later in the day, and the gym closes at 7 on weekends. (Bummer!) It was such a nice day, I thought it would be nice to take a walk with my mom. We did, but we ended up going at night, right after dinner. There's a neighborhood by the beach that Mom likes to walk through, so we took that walk. (Later, I was able to map it on SparkPeople! That's a cool feature.)

It worked out well for both of us- I had company on my walk, and because of me, my mom got out and exercised today. My mom is pretty healthy, but lately she's been saying that she needs to exercise more. When we walk together, it's fun and it helps us both out.

I think I'm probably making a big deal out of it, but I can't help but be proud of myself. I have exercised so little in the past, I can't remember ever purposely exercising three days in a row. I've always hated exercise, but now I'm trying to do it every day to help me reach my goal. So far it's just a small step, but it still makes me really happy. I'm almost looking forward to what I can do for exercise tomorrow. :)


Now I see it!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

This will be a short one, just a piece of good news. I've lost 7 lbs. so far, but I don't look any different- I can't tell where the weight came off. At least not until the other day.

My sister thought my jeans looked a little loose on me, but I figured it was because they usually stretch out a little bit after a few wears. Just in case, though, I measured my waist (which I maybe should have been doing anyway). To my surprise, I was two inches smaller than I was in the beginning of August!

My stomach is my biggest problem area, so it's far from toned, and the difference isn't noticeable. But the numbers don't lie- 2 inches, gone! I was so excited, and still am! I can't wait to make more changes and watch my body change. I'm going to start recording my measurements along with my weight. :)


Habits are Good, but Weight is Up

Saturday, September 04, 2010

In little over a month, I've made some moderate to large changes in my eating habits. First, I eat to live, not live to eat. I'll have a brownie or ice cream sometimes, but only once in a while. Second, I've been eating smaller portions, and am getting used to it. I love the feeling of satisfied versus the feeling of being "stuffed"! Also, even though I don't get a lot of veggies during the day, I make sure to take plenty (along with salad) at dinner when I eat with my family. Overall, I feel a lot healthier, and I'm rarely hungry. There's just one drawback...

My weight hasn't been going down. Or if it does, very slowly. The first few weeks, my weight slowly dropped to 205 (although I experienced a yo-yo effect even getting that far). Then I got down to 202.5 lbs. I was so happy! I the went up to 203 a few days later, then back down to 202 a week later. In over a week, I only lost about half a pound!

My goal was to get down to 200 lbs. by September, but now we're half a week in and I'm still a few pounds away. I know it's not just about the numbers, but I haven't really noticed a change in my body with the loss of the first 7 lbs. This is the point at which I usually give up and revert back to my old habits, thinking "I just can't do this, so why bother?" This time, though, I'm going to keep moving forward. Even if I wasn't intent on my weight-loss goal, the truth is, I like the way I've been eating, and I don't want to go back.

What's the next step? Goods news and bad news for me. The good news is, I think I know the obvious answer to my dilemma- I may be eating better, but the real way for me to burn off these calories and pounds is by exercising. The bad news? I'm lazy about getting to the gym, especially when I have other things to do or I'm feeling tired. I have to remember that it's worth it to take an hour out of my day to exercise.

Knowing that working out will make help me lose more and get closer to my goal will really motivate me. :)


You Lose Some, You Gain Some

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things were actually going pretty well since I started making healthy changes (i.e. dieting, only hopefully more long-term). I lost 4 pounds, but it took me three weeks.

Then, for a couple of days I allowed myself to eat more than usual, especially for a barbecue, when I skipped my 100 cal. pudding cup to try all the desserts. :d Looking back, I could have limited myself better, even if I couldn't avoid it entirely.

The next day I weighed myself, and I was more than I started at! I panicked. I was pretty consistent that day, but at the end I had a big piece of one of those deliciously killer ice cream pies.

Finally, this morning, I decided that it was time to try again, no matter what I weighed. I found out I was 2.5 lbs. down from where I started, 1.5 up from where I was. It was also frustrated because I had exercised in two recent days, so I thought that should have counted for something. How can I lose anything when it's so easy to gain back?

But I'll keep trying, and I'll see what happens. Even if the weight isn't coming off easy, eating right puts my mind at ease, and exercising feels really good. I'll get there eventually.


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