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Gearing Up for 2014

Friday, December 27, 2013

Jim and I, I am 50 pounds down here

My good friend Rachel and I, I am 50 pounds down here.

Me in Bermuda, days before my surgery. I am 241 here, but weighed in at 237 on the day of surgery (yes I lost 4 pounds in Bermuda- unreal!). I use 237 as my start weight on this journey.

I have not blogged since 10/12/13, about 2 1/2 months. But I have been busy working towards my goals and making lifestyle changes.

I am happy to report I am down 54 pounds and I have lost 36 inches from my body. I have gone from a a size 22/24 to a size 14/16. I still have a ways to go but happily celebrate these number successes!! I am at peace with my slow losing, I really am- because while it is slow it is consistent and I can count on it. I have not introduced regular exercise into my plan yet (but will in 2014) and we all know that will only assist me to move along.

I have a number of non-scale, non-number victories. My newest and most fun thing is I can cross my legs, both ways. I LOVE sitting with crossed legs- I don't know why but I do and now my legs cross and fall comfortably. I am not sucking in my breath to keep my leg up nor do I have to old my calf to keep my leg in place. I so love this feeling.... I can wear heels comfortably again and not feel like a weeble, I have been enjoying wedge heels (and my foot shrunk!!!!). So physical changes are being felt and at times others notice. It is fun and I hope that it keeps motivating me to keep moving forward.

2014 means another year of hard work, as I have to start cooking again and I do need to implement a regular exercise routine. I have been relying on eating the same foods for 6 months now and it is time to add some variety. My husband will greatly enjoy my return to the kitchen. He has been so awesome about taken on those duties and I am so very lucky. But I need to return, I want to return to being in charge of the food again. I have already printed out some recipes that are packed in protein to try for the new year- I am going to stick to large portion cooking, believe it or not- so we can pick from the dishes for 2 days at a time and I can have a few meals. So I am going to be compiling casserole and crockpot recipes. And I will start with Coach Nicole here on Sparkpeople to get my body back in motion. I want to do strength training, body sculpting and to do some cardio. That is it. And Sparkpeople fitness has so much to offer. My husband and I are looking into a gym, and I would like to join one but we have to recover from the cost of Christmas first. And I can't wait to start until that recovery happens so I will use Coach Nicole. I am actually looking forward to it!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me along the way-- I could not do this with out the support and love from those that count to me. I am just a baby in this journey so hold on tight for the rest of the ride! And Come On 2014, take me down that last 36 pounds!!

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HINK2013 12/29/2013 6:05PM

    Looking great and sounds like you are doing great on your journey too!!! Keep it up, and keep on celebrating those NSV's along with the scale victories!


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AMYRENEE1967 12/27/2013 2:58PM

    Thank you CSYoung, I have worked out with Nicole before- she is great!

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CSYOUNG1952 12/27/2013 2:50PM

    emoticon emoticon Your looking great! I too was excited when I could cross my legs. I won a DVD of coach Nicole's and I'm telling you she can work you.


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I have FINALLY re-entered the world of ONE-DERLAND!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

If you look VERY closely you will see me high up in the trees. I am at Club Getaway, in Kent, CT. This is an adventure camp for kids and adults- it is awesome. I was there with my 7th grade class (90 of them!) and ready to take on all the activities availed to us! I was ready, I am about 40 pounds lighter and not feeling as self conscious as I have about my body and its abilities as I have in the past 20 years.

It took about fifteen 12 years olds to get me up- I am the highest the pulley will take you. They are strong and I am lighter- so it all worked! Once you get to the height you want, you pull the lever that keeps you carabeened to the pulley rope and release yourself. And then you literally SWING through the trees. It was amazing, fun and cathartic for me!! The kids thought it was a hoot and were nothing but encouraging and supportive. They have NO idea what that meant for me, that they could get me up there and that I would let them without fear of what difficulties my body would or would not allow them to do. Needless to say, I would have NEVER done this 40 pounds ago, I would have been on the sidelines! The confidence they provided me with- priceless. And they will never know- what an impact this made for me and my outlook of my journey. This was a great moment, a great day!

As the title of my blog reports... I have finally made it into the 100s. I am hoping by Oct 21st (my three month follow up from surgery) that I will solidly be in the 100s. I am 199.8 now and NOT looking back! I wanted to be in the 100s by this follow up appointment- I hope to lose a bit more to secure the possibility. I am hopeful!

In about 5-7 more pounds (depends on the day) I will be at my half way point. I have decided to lose 90 pounds. 147 seems like a good number to me! I didn't really know what I wanted until recently. It becomes clearer as time goes on. So soon I will be blogging about being halfway there, and it will be a good day!

Life is Good!

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MAIZEY 10/18/2013 7:54AM

    Congrats! Look at you floating with the trees! emoticon

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REAGANESQUE 10/15/2013 12:13PM

    I love the photo. It's got to feel great to be sharing the experience. No sitting on the sidelines!!

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TEREMC 10/14/2013 11:50AM

  Wow re-entrance to onderland started a plateau that lasted 4 I am down all of a sudden two pounds and feel hopefull that I have resumed my desent into onderland! Hope you have a great week emoticon

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THINNERHEATHER 10/13/2013 8:30AM

  Amazing and inspiring! Way to go!!

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LARRI2010 10/12/2013 12:02PM

    emoticon On your weight loss and swinging through the trees! emoticon

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HINK2013 10/12/2013 11:24AM

    emoticon Sooo cool and amazing that you were able to do that with your students!!! great recognition of the progress that you have made thus far!! You can do this!!

Congrats on making it to One-derland!!! Being at the halfway point will be a huge milestone!! emoticon

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TATTER3 10/12/2013 10:09AM

    WOW!!!!!! I'm so jealous!!! Good for you!!! Keep Sparkin'!!!

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JUST_BRENDA 10/12/2013 10:08AM


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RUNNINGYOGINIRE 10/12/2013 10:05AM


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KESTRYLL 10/12/2013 9:47AM

    Way to go!

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I'm feeling good, plenty of NSVs to report.....

Saturday, September 28, 2013

For those of you fortunate to never had to diet for long periods of time or numerous amounts of times an NSV stands for Non-Scale Victory. For us chronic dieters, lifestyle changers NSVs keep our sanity! The scale, while revered, can be a cruel way to measure victories for many of us. The scale is just plain wrong when measuring a person's weight loss/life style change efforts, except when it is right! So NSVs are the victories that will ground you and remind you each day that you spend working on bettering yourself is a good day!

SO I am going to list off some of my NSVs, I do this for you and I do this for me:

Being able to wrap by hand using middle finger and thumb around my wrist- and my fingers touch. Well it has been a LONG time for that! And my pointer finger to thumb wrap is getting close!!

Being able to put on my wedge sandals and buckling them with out holding my breathe and hurting my abs and without leaning in funny contortions on my bed to get the job done. I just slide my feet in and bend down and buckle and sweep back up feeling great!

Taking clothes out of the attic that got stored because they are too tight and unwearable- attempting to wear them only to find out two hours in your day that you can not wear them again-- because they are TOO BIG!

Having very little to wear in your closet because every thing is too big!!

Wearing your school spirit t-shirt from last year -- and it hangs to your knees because your belly has shrunk.... and to find you fit in one that is two sizes smaller!

Measuring your arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves... and learning you have LOST 12.5 inches... who cares if the scale is not moving-- the measuring tape is moving! AND no one has time to measure every day, all these body parts with a tape so you only do it once a month-- way less of a head game comes from this then the daily scale test!

OH-- this is a HUGE one... trying on calf high leather boots-- AND THE ZIPPER ZIPS UP THE ENTIRE CALF... like I could BUY them (but I didn't, I was just checking to see if I could do this at Kohl's the other day). IT HAS BEEN YEARS SINCE I COULD DO THIS!

Realizing that soon- sometime soon- YOU HAVE TO BUY NEW BRAS! My bras look ridiculous... like all bunching up under my shirts and soon it will just be unacceptable and unhidable. As much as I HATE buying bras (becauuse the cost so friggin much), I know I am going to have to soon. This brings me to the fact that my breasts NO LONGER bulge over- looking ridiculous and uncomfortable.

Being able to walk up my mountain-- and it doesn't terrify me or leave me dreading as I walk down, knowing I have to walk back up. I actually "take it on" and can walk up without stopping once!

Having NO leather coats to wear--- because they are all too huge! Thinking next year I can go leather coat shopping- that is exciting!

Actually-- having NO coats to wear at all... I have nothing that fits!

Going out in public with no make up on... and getting compliments- I am truly considering no more make up! People telling me my face looks so great-- and I am NOT wearing any make up- is so weird and wonderful!

OH-- this is a good one... a couple months before my surgery I bought several pairs of underwear-- got home and realized I bought sizes too small for me--I never ever took them back because I just didn't.... AND NOW BEING ABLE TO WEAR THEM! Be rid of all bigger girl panties!!! This is very awesome- cause I thought I just wasted all that money-- NOPE!

Playing golf and YOU KNOW your swing is better- and YOU KNOW it is the 30 less and 12.5 less of you.

Going to the hairdresser and having people tell you you look great- BEFORE YOUR HAIR CUT! Asking to hug you to tell you that they are proud and finding out they are following your posts/blogs! That was just awesome!

SO MANY NSVs!!!! I think everyone that is working hard at becoming healthier needs to stay away from scale (if that becomes your tool of torture) and needs to make a list of NSVs, once a month like they measure their body parts-- it is very cathartic and eye opening and way less of a head game! AND SHARE- share your successes with others!

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TEREMC 9/30/2013 2:01PM

  Love the NSV blog thinking I need to do one too. Scale has been mean for a few weeks now and I need to remind myself how much better nsv are.

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BLUEJEANS27 9/28/2013 8:43PM

    Great NSV reminders, thanks!!!


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MARINAK3 9/28/2013 2:18PM

    Thank you for sharing these "small" victories that mean so much! I will be glad to encounter some of these along the way and am thrilled you have accomplished so much! These are truly blessings!


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  Good for you! It is the little things that add up to feeling great about ourselves!

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Pity Party Over (well for now, you can never really trust me when it comes to pity parties!)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

So my last couple of blogs have been about frustration- to the "I think I might have regrets" level. And today I am hear to say that I am working (and succeeding) at coming to peace with the fact that I am a very slow loser- even with WLS. I am realizing that I have the rest of my life to lose the weight, there is no race, no specific occasion or deadline for this weight to come off-- it is just what I am currently working on at this time in my life. My mother (a WLS patient down 100 pounds and maintaining) keeps telling me to put no stock in the success of this decision until I hit my one year mark. She assures me that come July 16, 2014 I will be satisfied and happy with my body and my decision. She even tells me that I am probably the only person that is losing this slow BUT that I will serve as a role model to others that may follow and learn they are slow losers too. She always feels there is a bigger reason for why things happen. Apparently it has been decided by the weight loss gods that I will struggle so I can help others. And actually this does make sense to me.... why not? So I am afflicted so I can be helpful and if that is the reason than I will embrace the honor.

So I will work very hard on taking my trickling weight loss in stride and remember this is my life time journey- so if it takes its time so be it.

Some bizarre things have happened to my body and I do look forward to my next set of measurements (Sept 16)-- while the scale isn't really budging my clothes are definitely starting to swim on me. I have gone from a 2XL in t-shirts to an XL and some of my pants that I couldn't fit into pre surgery (sitting in my attic taunting me for 2 years) are starting to get loose. So I do know something is occurring.

And again, I swear my golf swing has improved- and it just feels easier now that I am down almost 30 pounds and several inches. My body change has affected my swing, and POSITIVELY-- and those that play with me, I am sure are like, "thank goodness!"

I am going up and down the stairs at my school with SO much more ease-- no embarrassing huffing and puffing (last year was a nightmare!). I walked some hills recently with a friend and I could talk AND walk... that is new for me.

So, for now I have put my big girl panties on (well, this may be TMI but I have gone down two sizes in big girl panty sizes) and I am forging ahead with positive thoughts and actions.

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HINK2013 9/14/2013 9:29PM

    You are doing great -- all of those NSV's are proof that positive changes are happening, no matter how slow the scale might move!!

emoticon emoticon

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STUDLEEJOE 9/14/2013 1:16PM

    We all have pity parities occasionally. Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep on sparking

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Dazed and Confused, where is my Sleeve Gastrectomy Journey leading me?

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I haven't blogged regularly because I have no idea what the hell is going on! And I have been unable to reach my dietician, but I will keep trying.

It is like my nightmare is coming true- and I know this is irrational but what else am I to think?

So what is going on?? Since I weighed in last 8/27, eight days ago- I have gained 3.8 pounds- who the hell eats 2 oz of food per meal, counts calories (under 1000), drinks a lot of fluids and GAINS weight. ME! It is a nightmare! Ahhhhhh!!!

Since my dietician is not getting back to me, I am left to do some research on my own and here is what I am finding. It is possible that I am not eating enough. I have consulted with other post op patients and it could be that I am not eating enough food and putting my body into starvation mode- so my body is freaking out and storing fat. That does make sense, so I have been trying to eat more-- and it just leaves me feeling ill and at times I have tossed my cookies because it is just too much. I just can't seem to get into a rhythm of this new life style. But I will.

I also am struggling with the fluid intake. I can't drink for 30 minutes after I eat, and I can't drink when I eat-- so for 3-4 hours out of my day I can not sip. This makes it all difficult BUT I have to do better at this. I have to get in all 64 oz. I thought it would be easier by now, but it is not. I will keep at it!

I don't want to be negative with all my blogs... so I have been holding off hoping for a drop. But it isn't happening. The weight is just not coming off, and the recent gain (and maintain) is just so discouragingly UNREAL.

I will not say I regret having the surgery because it is too early to make such a judgement and I am not going to give up only 7 weeks into this. I am going to just keep at it- I have to! I hope to get in touch with the dietician soon, my group meeting is in a couple of week so I will get help then.

Every day I will try my best to do all the right things. I have decided to go back to the shakes and to stick with what I know works and not introduce anything new until I lose again. I am committed to drink MORE fluids and keep up with the walking. I have decided to BELIEVE that the scale WILL MOVE in the right direction soon!

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TEREMC 9/6/2013 12:23PM

  Love all these comments. My weight loss has slowed to about 3/4 of a pound a week and some weeks not at all. Weeks that I appear to have gained usually end up that I have gotten dehydrated and therefore constipated. As soon as that passes emoticon things go back to normal so I am again backing off regular food back to fluid and protein. Did I say I am about six months out now and have lost 62 lbs. emoticon

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PATTYR81 9/5/2013 3:49PM

    For me, my weight loss came in fits and starts. It's never been one of those downward diagonal line chart things.

I noticed that I'd lose some weight and then my body seemed to need to readjust itself. the scale would stay the same or even go up, but my clothes would get looser and fall off. My fat seemed to rearrange itself. Weird.

I agree with your approach to go back to what's worked for you. To this day, I focus on getting my protein in and then water. I went thru a time when I wasn't getting in enough protein cuz I didn't 'feel' like eating. Weight fell off, but my hair started falling out. That got me back in line quick! emoticon

Also one hot day I was in line for a softball game and I got REALLY dizzy. Had to sit down on the sidewalk. Wake up call for me about not letting myself get dehydrated. I learned: Yes, it can REALLY happen to ME!!!!

You are doing great!!!! Keep on keepin' on!

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LMTORRES 9/4/2013 1:09PM

    I am about 3.5 month post-op and I too am a slow loser. On avg I am losing about 1.5lbs a week. I have decided to adopt the attitude that a loss no matter how big or small is a loss, whether it be pounds or inches. Like Hink said look for those NSVs they really help your mental state. I too concentrate more on protein and low carbs that anything else.

Good luck! emoticon

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HINK2013 9/4/2013 9:46AM

    I second everything FINALLYHEALTHY said.... and I'm pretty sure that I also really struggled with losing at about this point too.... I had several stalls in the first couple of months and it was very frustrating becuase of course my surgeon is saying that this is when I should be losing the most and I was just stalling out for weeks at a time! I definitely did NOT focus as much on calories as I do on getting my protein and fluids in... my nutritionist always focuses on getting the protein in, not the calories. anyway - hopefully it is reassuring to know that I too started losing more steadily after the 2 month mark, and have been losing pretty steadily for the last 3 months. I am not a BIG loser, I lose on avg 2 lbs a week, but I feel like slow and steady is a good way to lose.

OH and one other thing -- try not to focus as much on the scale, look for other non-scale victories too and celebrate those while the scale isn't cooperating. Don't get too discouraged!!! You can do this and you will get there!!

emoticon emoticon

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AMYRENEE1967 9/4/2013 5:45AM

    Thank you both!! FINALLYHEALTHY, your words are helpful- it has been stalled for 2 weeks (but feels like forever) and I am hopeful it is just a hic cup. The fluids are hard for me to get in and I think I obsess about calories and will stop that craziness and just make sure I get the protein grams in that I need. I am hoping to report a move in the right direction in next weeks blog! Thanks again!

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    I had a bypass but had the same issue! After two weeks of either staying the same or gaining I was terrified I had done the wrong thing. I talked with my doctor who told me that at about 2 months (which is about where you are) some people go through this body adjustment - kind of like starvation mode - where the body is wondering what is happening. However, it seemed like just a day or two after I spoke with her, it started falling away again! It has steadily been coming off ever since. I am now a little over 3 months out and am very happy with my decision.

Also, my doctor told me that fluid intake is very important. It helps flush toxins and other things out of your body which helps with weight loss. I have a problem - even now - getting enough fluids! I try hard though. The more I pay attention to it, the better I am. One final note, constipation. If that is an issue, not to fear - it will pass (ha ha). But additional fluids will help with that - but it may be a reason why you are lot losing and/or gaining.

Good luck - stick with it - you will do it and be happy with it! emoticon

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    Great attitude.

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