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Sunday, April 22, 2012

In four more weeks I'm allowed to run again. I can't believe it has been 6 weeks since my knee surgery. I still don't feel 100 percent, but that is to be expected. I wonder what my physical therapist is going to have me do this week. Whatever it is I'm ready. I really want to get back to where I was. Anyway have a good week my spark friends.

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  Yay, it's back on the horizon!

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SEPPIESUSAN 4/23/2012 9:21PM

    That's great - the wait is more than halfway over!

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New school

Monday, April 09, 2012

First day at my new job. It was very quiet today. I still don't have computer access so I had to sit around all day. I occupied my time with trade magazines and papers. The new place has an awesome cafeteria with a great salad bar, so there is no need for me to bring lunch to stay healthy. I'm going to try it for a couple of days to see if it's cost effective. If I can save money by bringing in lunch I think I will do that, but I also don't want to be anti social with my coworkers. Sometimes in some companies, people look at you funny if you bring your own lunch. I will bring my v8's and Greek yogurts so I have my healthy snacks handy. I caught myself eyeballing the vending machine today, but did notice there are some healthy options, just in case. It's exciting starting a new job. It definitely feels like the first day of school.

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DEBBYFROMMT 4/14/2012 10:43AM

    Great on your first day you're already scoping the healthy alternative! I hope you enjoy your new job!

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ANGEGOTENGAGED 4/12/2012 11:26AM

    Congrats and good luck! I felt the exact same way when I started my job. I moved out of my parents house and 3 hours was definitely like starting high school. As a matter of fact, that was when I started gaining my "happy weight" as my mom called it. Great job for already being aware of your healthy options! (I discovered Philly soft pretzels, and practically lived off of them! haha) emoticon

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  Congrats and best of luck to you in your new position!!

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FLEMIDG 4/10/2012 12:57AM

    Good luck to you in your new job. Hope things work out great for you.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

So tomorrow is my last day at my old job. I'm looking forward to starting my new job, but I will miss my coworkers. They're all good people and it was a good place to work but it's time to move on.

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FLEMIDG 4/6/2012 12:12AM

    Good luck to you as you start your new job. Hope you meet lots of wonderful new friends.

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BFMONICA 4/5/2012 11:24PM

    Good luck! emoticon

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Day 22 Post op

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I'm walking without the crutches at home, but with the crutches outside. It's more of a protection rather than a need. I'm limping a little but it's very quickly going away. It depends how well rested I am. For example this morning I wasn't limping at all, but in the afternoon it gets worse and my muscles get sore. Still doing PT 3x per week. It's kind of a grueling schedule, but I have to do it. They put me on the exercise bike last week for 10 mins each PT session with no resistance. I was pretty impressed with how well I could bike compared to walking actually. I'm honestly not too crazy about the physical therapy sessions, but I always feel better after, and I just have to pull through until my doc says it's ok to go to the gym. My job has been super stressful lately. It's my last week at my current job and I have to train my coworkers how to do all of my job functions. Needless to say it's 8pm and I'm just leaving. On top of that they laid off 6 people yesterday, so everyone is still in a bit of shock. We all knew it was coming, so it wasn't a huge surprise but it still is depressing. I work for a small german bank and they're shutting down the US branch. And then next week I'm jumping right into my new job, with no break in between. I didn't get to do any sparking today so I feel a little off and my diet has suffered for it. My well meaning coworker brought in peeps and Lindt chocolate bunnies and I just couldn't resist decapitating them for 2 days in a row. At least it's only a couple of more days until all the Easter candy madness is done.

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  I missed this post--wow, lots going on. Sorry you had a stressful day, but I am glad you found a new position. Better to get a job while you are still employed than search for one after a layoff. Good for you!

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IAMAGEMLOVER 4/4/2012 2:38PM

    Oh why did you mention Lindt chocolate. My favorite. Now my mouth is watering. When they are on sale it is usually 2/$5.00. I saw them this week 2/$7.00 That is a bit much. I like the truffles. You have to enjoy sometimes. I haven't had them since last October. I am due but not at that price.

Are you completely switching jobs are just doing something else at the job you are at? I wish you all the luck in your new job.

I am so happy that you are coming right along in your physical therapy and in your recovery. Before you know it, you will be back at the gym and back to your normal routine without the crutches. Wishing you continued health.

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Making Progress

Friday, March 30, 2012

Slowly starting to walk without crutches, but only at home and in the Physical Therapists office. It's such a great feeling making progress. As far as my diet is concerned, I've been really good through all this. I've maintained my current weight, which is all I can hope for without being able to do cardio. So I view this as success.

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IAMAGEMLOVER 3/30/2012 10:15AM

    That's emoticon to hear. emoticon on the progress. Without doing any exercise(cardio) maintaining your weight is emoticon. Soon you will be back to your old self and able to do everything you did before. That will feel terrific.

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DOTTIEJANE1 3/30/2012 10:07AM

    Good for you maintaning weight with out cardo is HUGE , glad you can walk a little.

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HANNALA1 3/30/2012 8:39AM

    That's great to hear! emoticon

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LRK4CHRIST 3/30/2012 8:37AM

    Thx for sharing! May u have good success!

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