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5% Challenge Blog #4 and #5

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

More on my healthy habit blogs. My focus this week has been on drinking more water. Here are my answers to the next two questions:

4) How are you doing day by day?
This really is a day-by-day thing for me. I say it's easy to incorporate water and it really *should* be, but for me, it's so not. I can do above and beyond one day (Monday), and then revert back to no water (Tuesday), and then I'm right back up there today. Consistency is a problem for me not just in this habit creation, but in all healthy aspects. I don't exercise everyday. I don't track my calories everyday. Heck, sometimes I don't even get on SparkPeople everyday. For this lose weight/get healthy thing to work, I have to work on being consistent across the board. That, too, will be a day-by-day challenge/struggle that I will have to overcome.

5) What can you improve upon?
Huh - I guess I skipped ahead a bit in answering question #4 because I can definitely improve upon consistency. That worked really well for me when I lost all that weight on the Medifast diet. There was a set plan, this is how you do it, and I just did it and it worked...almost too well. I've said before that I could never do that diet again, but not having everything totally spelled out for me must make me think that it's too much work. I have to tell myself that I AM worth the work!!

So I have my water bottle sitting here with me now. And I'm about to go do my next C25K workout. Perhaps on my run I'll think about what other ways I can work on being more consistent - that is, after I think about birthday gift ideas for my mother-in-law to give to my sister-in-law....there's always something for me to think about!! It's just what I do...

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BEATLETOT 3/7/2013 10:31PM

    Can you get a super-special water bottle? Then you can drink one of those before your pop...My two bottles each hold 3.5 cups, so 3 of those a day, and I'm over 10 cups. Maybe find you a nice Camelbak...

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HHB4181 3/6/2013 9:15PM

    Of course you're worth it!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Amy, I struggle with water too. I have a 20 oz. cup that I know I need to fill and drink at least 4 times/day. I guess, having these different challenges during the 8 weeks, one a week, is to instill all we have to do to win this battle. We are supposed to get used to it. But, I know how easy it is to slip when the next challenge is due.
Keep on going. Like Ruth mentioned "You are worth it!" emoticon

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KIM--POSSIBLE 3/6/2013 8:45PM

    I can see how having it spelled out for you would make things easier. I guess that is why such programs are out there.

I think we all struggle with consistency at times. I will have months where I feel like I really have it all together, then slip and struggle for a while. We just have to pick up where we are and make those healthy choices! We are worth it!

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MONAKIN314 3/6/2013 3:49PM

    emoticon You can do it!

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WALLAHALLA 3/6/2013 3:38PM


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RUTHXG 3/6/2013 2:50PM

    Yes, you ARE worth the work! Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog post . . . now I send them back to you. Drinking plenty of water is a way to love yourself & honor God's wonderful creation, Amy! emoticon

And emoticon for keeping going with C25K!

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SEATTLESIMS 3/6/2013 2:50PM

    I find scheduling/making an appointment with myself for a workout helps.
And I think that some things get easier to do, like eating healthier.. BUT using spark people for support and accountability can also help build consistency in a lot of areas.

I find a good workout always helps with some of those mind-bending problems always mulling over.. either to work through or to clear the head!
Good luck finding the right balance and consistency!

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5% Challenge Blog #2 and #3

Monday, March 04, 2013

Running behind, so am catching up on answering questions from yesterday and today.

My new habit I want to develop is drinking water, so the next phase of this blogging exercise involves these two questions:

2) How will you do that?
3) What are you doing to encourage yourself and keep on track?

How will I do that?? Drink some dang water, that's how I'll do it! But I need to be more AWARE of what I'm drinking and incorporate water into my routine to make it a routine.

To encourage myself and keep on track, I appreciate everyone's input and support from my previous post. I am a planner, so I need to PLAN to drink water and make small goals. Today, I have already consumed 40 oz., and I just have 24 oz. more, but will shoot for 40 more!!! So taking it one day at a time, implementing strategies like drinking water before I eat or before I drink a Diet Dr. Pepper, that will help me stay on track. I will make small goals - like today, just today, I will drink all my water. That seems easy enough, right? And tomorrow I will do the same. BAM.

Thanks for YOUR encouragement and support in this endeavor...I really do read and appreciate all your comments!

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PAULAAUTUMN 3/5/2013 3:15AM

    emoticon Setting small goals is a good thing and your more likely to keep to it as well. emoticon emoticon

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KIM--POSSIBLE 3/4/2013 9:00PM

    Ah, if it were only so easy! Just drink some dang water! Sounds like you've got some good ideas to make that happen!

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DONNACFIT 3/4/2013 8:30PM

    You have a great plan..thanks for sharing!!

Go Starfish emoticon

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 3/4/2013 5:08PM

    Awesome! I hope it continues to go well for you!!

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RUTHXG 3/4/2013 5:01PM

    emoticon You are DOING this! emoticon

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5% Challenge Blog #1

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Question: What new habit you wish to develop?

Well, after having water being our Living the Good Life challenge last week, I realize that I absolutely do NOT drink enough water every day. There are even some days where I don't drink water AT ALL. For someone who is trying to get healthy, this simple act seems to allude me. And I have no idea why.

You might be wondering how in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I can go for a full day without drinking water? Let me tell you, I make it WAY too easy. I work from home a lot, so the hubs and I can go through two pots of coffee that will last til 11 or 12, then I grab a Diet Dr. Pepper. And I'll have a Diet Dr. Pepper with dinner. And I quit drinking anything after 8 p.m. so I don't have to get up in the middle of the night. Then BAM, I went a full day without drinking a drop of water, or anything good for me for that matter.

Last week I did *ok* with the water. I was excited at the beginning of the week because I knew I needed that challenge and thought it would be a good way to jumpstart my weight loss for the 5% challenge. Ugh - so much for that.

So there's the new habit I wish to develop: DRINK WATER. Period. Not "drink more water." Just drink water.


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RUTHXG 3/3/2013 8:58PM

    You have to figure out what works for you, of course! It might require banishing sodas from the house for a while--I imagine that's a horrifying notion, heehee. Well, I haven't drunk sodas, diet or otherwise, in YEARS, except when it's what my refugee friends offer me as a token of hospitality. And I live a pretty happy life! It can be done!

I get lots of water every day in two ways:
1. make herbal tea several times a day
2. keep a Camelbak bite-valve bottled filled with filter water on hand--I have one at home & one at the office

You've probably read one of my little odes to bite valves, so I won't bore you with that here. Actually this is reminding me that I haven't refreshed my mug of tea for quite a while. Off I go!

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KOKITTY 3/3/2013 1:23AM

    Great place to start! This is why I love the LTGL each week - sometimes you don't realize how much you're missing the basics until you have to track them!
Glad it was an eye opener for you!

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KIM--POSSIBLE 3/2/2013 9:57PM

    I used to struggle with getting my water in, too. Our water at home has a ton of iron in it so it isn't healthy and tastes bad. We used to purchase bottled water, but I still found that i didn't always drink my water and we were spending so much on those plastic bottles that went to the landfill!

We invested in a water cooler (think the office water fountain type cooler) that keeps water cold and every month, they pick up the empties and deliver full bottles. I bought several bottles before I found one that I like.

Target has some with colorful flip-top lids that are BPA free that hold 24oz, so I got myself and dh several and one for each of my kids. I pack a cooler for school each day with 4 bottles along with my lunch and I usually drink those by the end of the day.

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BEATLETOT 3/2/2013 9:29PM

    I've always been good at water. I remember being 12 and drinking tons of water. I was the only kid in my sixth grade English class with a water bottle! Hard to imagine now...

You could try alternating. That's helped me in the past...drink a cup of coffee, have a glass of water (or a bottle, I don't do glasses of water), drink a Diet Dr Pepper, drink a glass of's a way to make sure you're getting it in without feeling like you HAVE to give up other things to do it.

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HHB4181 3/2/2013 8:46PM


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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 3/2/2013 8:36PM

    I love water, but I also drink a lot of water-ish drinks like tea and sparkling mineral water. I like the naturally flavored ones and they make e feel fuller than regular water, plus the taste is interesting. emoticon

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LWADE1963 3/2/2013 8:07PM

    ahhh water... i can consume 5-6 glasses. after that, i may as well put a pillow in the bathroom.

i drink 2 with my workout and then try to drink several throught the day.

good luck to you on this.

i know you can do it.

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CARLYG8 3/2/2013 6:49PM

    You want to know how I get all my water in?
I have to drink it in bottles. I know that if I drink 4 bottles a day, I am good. That is equivalent to 8 6 oz. glasses of water. And some to spare, because most water bottles are 16.9 oz.
I open one and drink quite a bit of it as soon as I get up. I wake up parched in the mornings. I take my thyroid and allergy meds, wash up, and get dressed for the gym. As soon as I brush my teeth, I drink the last of what ever was left in the bottle from earlier. 1 bottle down, 3 more to go.
At the gym, I easily drink another bottle, and start on my third bottle. I shower, get dressed, and either have a snack or lunch depending on how late I was at the gym,and drink the remainder of my third bottle with whatever I eat. That is 3 bottles down, and it usually is somewhere around noon. 1 more to go.
I drink a bottle with dinner, and usually a bottle through the evening, and about half a bottle before I go to bed so that I can take my asthma and hormone meds. And yes, I usually have to get up once during the night to go to the bathroom.
But...that is how I get MY water in.
emoticon m emoticon

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DONNACFIT 3/2/2013 6:48PM

    Great blog...some days I need to try and remember to drink water too..but not yesterday..I drank 14 cups!!

I need to be more consistent. I try to space it out and like you if coffee counted I'd be way over my limit everyday!! haha

So I try to incorporate tea into my beverages...

I love your background..Go Starfish!!

Good luck on your new water habit!!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

As I wrote before, I am "investing in my commitment" to start running again. It has been a few days since I've started on this new adventure, but I find myself making progress.

I signed up for another is the Firefly 5K that I mentioned in my previous blog. I had wanted to sign up for it when I saw a Groupon for it and asked my coworker, who is also running races this year, if she would run it with me. She said she had run it before in the past and they ran out of water. In June. In Texas. Yikes. She said she wondered if it was better organized now, but that she would ask around to see. I went back online to check out the Groupon because I was still kind of interested (it's being held in March this year, so if they run out of water, not as big of a deal) and it was SOLD OUT. Boooooo.

So a few days later, after I had connected with my other friend and we decided to run 5Ks together and signed up for the Vampire 5K in April through a Living Social deal, I got an e-mail from Living Social for the Firefly 5K deal! HOORAY! I immediately texted my friend to tell her and we got the deal!! $20 for the registration....another investment!! And another one I'm pretty excited about!

I decided my coworker is kind of a "race snob." Her reaction to running the Firefly 5K again is based on a legitimate experience that she had, I'm sure, but I just felt like they way she snubbed it was, well, kinda weird. I'm actually really looking forward to having fun with my other friends at that race...I even checked out the glow sticks at Party City today and made a mental note to go get some extras for our run!! FUN!

I need to get new headphones, too. I use my BlackBerry when I run, and right now I have the ear buds that just stick in your ear holes and they're not my favorite. I prefer these certain headphones that I've gotten at Walmart in the past, and i just want to get those again. That is on my To Do list.

Today I finished the first week of the Couch 2 5K program. That felt good. I've stayed on track doing a workout for the program every other day. Today I wasn't feeling very motivated and kept trying to talk myself into why NOT doing it today would be okay. I had two things to do today: 1. go to the grocery store and 2. do my C25K workout. So I woke up at 9 a.m. (that is LATE for me), had a cup of coffee and watched the last episode of a Mad Men DVD with the hubs. I decided, I'm going to go get the grocery shopping over with. I'm all about "getting it over with," so I headed out and busted out the grocery and another errand - at Party City - where I looked at glow sticks! LOL Anyways, I got home and didn't feel like getting my "wog" over with. It was kinda chilly outside. I just ate lunch. I can do it tomorrow. Sigh. The hubs and I started watching some stuff on the DVR, and then his sister called. When she calls, they talk FOREVER. So I paused the TV and just sat there. Checked Facebook. Checked Twitter. Checked SparkPeople. Then I checked Pintrest. While on Pintrest, I looked up some motivational quotes and searched some running pins and I saw one that caught my eye:

No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

Um, HELLO. I was on the couch! So I got up, got ready, and got my wog on!!

And that is how I continue to make progress.

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 1/29/2013 1:26PM

    Way to go! I've been such a couch bum lately and it's SO bad!

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SEATTLESIMS 1/28/2013 4:33PM

    YES! Pintrest fitness page always helps pump me up!
Keep with it, sounds like you've made some good purchase/race plans!

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 1/28/2013 11:46AM

    Way to go! our 5k is on Saturday and we've done exactly one training session, lol!

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BEATLETOT 1/26/2013 11:58PM

    Yay!!! You are awesome! You're going to rock 2013!!!

I got my 30 in, too, even though I'm here without any equipment.

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CARLYG8 1/26/2013 9:30PM

    Yay you! I have learned that the second you make exercising...negotiable in your mind, then it is negotiable, and you will talk yourself right out of it. We have to keep the mindset that it is not negotiable. Once we tell ourselves that, then it does become non-negotiable, and we stop all the internal dialogue crap. Funny how the mind works, huh? Good job!!!
emoticon YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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RUTHXG 1/26/2013 5:22PM

    Way to pull it together when it looked like you wouldn't! And those races will be TONS of fun! emoticon

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Investing in my commitment

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HiÖremember me? No? Thatís cool, and totally understandable! Iím Amy and Iíve realized I have GOT to get back into this whole get healthy thing.

So Iíve basically determined that I have to start over. And by that, I mean I have crept up in weight for the last few years and I am sick of it. What worked for me last time? That Medifast diet that totally worked but that I will probably never do again in my life, and running. So since Iím not going to do the hard core liquid-type diet this time around, what I decided to do is start running again. Here we goÖ

I have had spurts of desire to run again, but this time I am going to COMMIT to actually getting back into it. And to do that, I have to invest in my commitment, literally and physically. I told my husband I was going to buy a C25K appÖitís only $2 on my BlackBerry, but thatís a big deal for me because I only use free apps and honestly donít think Iíve ever actually BOUGHT one. So thereís $2. Next, I am signing up for races throughout the year and planning which ones I want to participate in so I have something definitive to work toward. As I have been mulling over different races with different themes, one of my friends randomly texted me asking if I run 5Ks. Over our text conversation, we decided to do some 5Ks together, and we both registered for the Vampire 5K in Dallas in April through a Living Social deal for $30, a savings of 50%...another investment, but a seemingly fun one. You go as a vampire or a citizen and they have checkpoints and themed areas where citizens try to avoid the vampires (I would go as a regular Joe!). We also talked about doing a Firefly 5K in March, which is a night race where they give you glow sticks to run with. I like that these races incorporate FUN *and* EXERCISE. There is also a program called the Run Project through Run On! here in the DFW area, and they have a series of nine races offered throughout the year that I will keep tabs on to keep me going. I feel like this type of investment will keep me motivated, but add in the fun factor and doing this with my friends, and I have a feeling I will be successful in my running endeavors.

My friend who I am going to run the Vampire 5K with is a freakishly tall Amazon woman with looooong legs, so I had to tell her in full disclosure that I am a sloooooow runner, what with my shorty legs and all. She said that was fine, because she is actually a terrible runner. Whew! I picture in my head Pheobe from Friends runningÖthat would be hilarious! LOL

On Tuesday I hit the road with my new app and did the first workout of the Couch 2 5K program. I am going back out to do the next segment this afternoon. My husband asked if it was easy to do the first workout since I had done it before, and I told him hell no it was toughÖitís been YEARS since Iíve actually run. I told my hubs that my first workout was a ďwogĒ Ė walk+jog, because honestly thatís what the workout actually is, which is nice to ease back into the whole legit running gig.

I also wanted to get back into this ahead of the Starfish challenge because I want to get a head start on that. I have been doing the challenges for a while now and I have never ever been successful at it. Yeah, Iíve participated in the Living the Good Life tasks, exercised here and there, but have never actually lost my 5%, if anything at all. So I hope I can get my head back in the game and be more than just a Starfish, but to be a Successful Starfish.

A few weeks ago I sat next to a lady at church who I know runs and participates in races on a pretty regular basis. I told her, ďMan, I want to run againÖĒ and she pointed at my feet and said, ďWell, youíve got those, so nothing should be stopping you.Ē She was SO RIGHT. She probably doesnít know what an impact she had on me, but Iíll let her know when Iím done with the C25K program and running races myself.

So there it is. Iím going to run. Iím going to have fun running. Iím going to invest in my running. Iíll keep you posted.

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SEATTLESIMS 1/24/2013 3:06PM

    great news! you sound excite and inspired! Have fun reaching those goals. All of those races sound really fun!

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BEATLETOT 1/24/2013 1:49PM

    SISSY! So glad to see a blog from you!!!

How AWESOME that you started running again. You are so good at it! Remember when you smoked Aldo and the other Amy in Williamsburg? We also bought amazing matching purses!

You can do it, you know you can. Maybe you should join mine and Kristen's personal challenge next time. I think it'll start February 13. =) We just made our own rules and message each other to say if we followed them. Easy-squeezy and can be easily done concurrently with 5%

Go Starfish!!!

Edited to ask: Who was it at church? What an awesome thing to say!

Comment edited on: 1/24/2013 1:50:31 PM

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 1/24/2013 11:58AM

    Good for you! I am doing the Color Run on Feb 2nd and I am so not prepared! But I know it will be a ton of fun with just some fitness thrown in there (I hear a lot of people walk portions of it because you get covered in this colored powder and you can throw it on others). your 5ks sound fun! I hope to do at least 3 official 5ks this year, we'll see!

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RUTHXG 1/24/2013 11:38AM

    emoticon It's especially great that you have signed up for races with a friend--yay for accountability!

Go emoticon ! I'm getting a jump on the process too!

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