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Getting Back on the Wagon

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Well, here I am....again. I lost weight, started working, gained it back. I really am too uncomfortably close to 200 pounds again, I don't want to be there again! So I decided to try spark people again and do my best to stick with it. I have the support of my husband and daughter, my husband is sort of following spark people by logging his vegetable intake, water intake, and exercise minutes. A friend of ours has decided to also join spark people and has recently discovered that since starting it, she's lost 3 1/2 pounds! Go You! You know who you are too! emoticon

I thought I would start out slow. I would try to get in 30 minutes of exercise at least 5-6 days a week, drink more water, and track everything. Well, I started a week ago and had a bad day on Tuesday, bleh. I was mostly good the rest of the week until Friday.

I was approaching my spark people restart such that I thought, "Eh, one day of splurging won't kill me, as long as I try real hard to be good the rest of the week." Boy, was I wrong! I had a decent breakfast of cereal, skim milk, and juice. I brought lunch, a light entrée, cup of pineapple tidbits, mini-cottage cheese, and a non-fat yogurt. I did have a snack of two Oreo cookies, but that was the only snack I had up until that point.

Well, I was craving cheese Friday, so, I bought a couple bread sticks with cheese sauce from the cafeteria, along with a small cup of loaded potato soup with about a tablespoon of shredded cheddar cheese to eat with lunch. Then, afternoon snack, what did I eat? A 3 Musketeers bar!

That night? I had a chicken breast sandwich with spinach and artichoke dip spread on it, fries, 1 1/2 servings of fatty sour cream, small serving of cole slaw, and a Baileys and cream to drink. I did drink a lot of a very large glass of water.

We did some walking in the mall nearby and went to a bar that was doing karaoke that night. I wanted to try to sing, but I don't think I did all that well...despite my husband being encouraging and complimenting me. I had another alcoholic drink at the bar, but did water the rest of the night. I don't think I want to repeat my food habits from Friday night!

I did very well today with food and I got in 35 minutes of walking!

I have decided that weighing-in will only take place once a month. When I weigh-in every week, if I don't lose or don't lose much, I get discouraged/disappointed. I figure, if I can be good for the entire month, the numbers might not discourage me as much when I weigh-in.

That's it for now! Enough, isn't it? LOL


Surprising results and staying on the wagon

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I not only lost the weight that I had gained the week before, but I also lost an additional 1.4 pounds on top of it for a total weight loss this week of 5.4 pounds.

I guess all the hiking and walking I did over the weekend and the fact that I slept through pretty much every meal on Saturday due to exhaustion from a Friday night camping trip must have helped. I will say that I did eat something on Saturday, just not much; two South Beach Diet High Protein Bars and a prune. I did laundry on Sunday and did my best to watch my food intake, however, I didn't do well all of Sunday.

The biggest surprise about my weight loss was the fact that I ate so badly during the week last week and had pizza last night for dinner. I will say, though, that the pizza was a Veggie pizza and I only ate two slices. I did eat two Cheese sticks though (both pizza and cheese sticks were from Papa John's).

I've discovered some ways I can still snack during the work day without doing as much damage as I've been doing since I started working again. There is Sargento Mozzarella String Cheese that is only 80 calories and has 8 grams of protein in the gift shop down the hall where I work. I'll pick up a Diet Mountain Dew and one string cheese and I'm good until my next meal. In the morning, I'll feel snacky when I get into work, so I'll pick up a 60 calorie Dannon Light 'n Fit yogurt to eat. A lot better than the muffin/scone/donut options they also have in the cafeteria.

I have started taking advice I've heard about parking further away from the building so I can get in more walking. I end up walking about 10 minutes to the building and 10 minutes from the building, giving me 20 minutes of walking time each day during the work week. Plus, I will actually get up and walk to someone's desk instead of calling or emailing them when I have a question or need to talk to them about something; even if it means going upstairs. :)

I just need to make more time for after work exercise and weekend exercise. I used to exercise for 90-120 minutes every single day before I went back to work. Work has caused me to cut down on my exercise and want to snack more often. Hopefully, knowing my healthier options for snacking and getting in the extra walking will help me in the future.

I have another 8 pounds to go until I hit my goal!


A bad day happened - Thoughts on the morning after...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, I'm having a morning where it's hard to wake-up and I'm dealing with my food mistakes from the night before with a slightly upset tummy now.

Yesterday started out well; I did some stretching after getting out of bed, even though I wasn't going to have time for exercise before my first job interview of the day. I had a healthy breakfast and, after getting dressed, went to my interview. It went well, but I had tons of time before my second interview, so I figured I would have lunch while I was downtown since the next interview was relatively close to where I was at that point.

I went to Steak 'N Shake, that, in and of itself, isn't so bad. I had the Deluxe Garden Salad with low-fat ranch dressing. However, I misjudged the calories on the next item. I had the lowest calorie Fruit 'N Frozen Yogurt shake they had, banana. I forgot that, even though it's the lowest one in calories, it's still close to 500 calories for the whole thing and I consumed it all (didn't discover my misjudgment until I got home later).

I then went to the drugstore to pick up my prescription for which I placed a refill order the night before using their website. They didn't have it and finally discovered that the reason they didn't fill it was because I needed to have more refills authorized by my doctor. Would have been nice for them to inform me of that when I placed my order. Especially since I had NO PILLS left. It's for my Paxil CR; it's taken for my anxiety. I've been a lot more calm since being on it and my temper has improved greatly (according to my

I explained this to the pharmacist who arranged for me to have a couple of pills to tide me over until they received the authorization from my doctor. I called my doctor's office while I was still in the drugstore so I could get them to authorize the refill, but was told I had to leave my request on the voice mail.

Long story short, I left in a foul mood, drove home angry and yelled at everyone who got in my way on my way here. It's a good thing my husband wasn't home when I got here; let's just say it wouldn't have been pretty.

When I got home, I ate the last three or so servings of the Edy's No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream with an unmeasured amount of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Syrup. A six tender serving of Tyson Breaded Chicken Nuggets with an unmeasured amount of Lay's Ranch Dip along with an unmeasured amount of Lay's Light Tortilla Chips (also dipped in ranch), an unmeasured amount of Sunsweet Prunes (that'll move things out of my, an unmeasured amount of pretzel twists, a 100 calorie pack of Pringles Sour Cream and Onion chips, an unmeasured amount of chocolate covered blueberries, and I'm sure there's more that I can't remember right now.

I haven't had a food day like yesterday in a VERY LONG time. I've been fairly good since I started getting more active on SP. The worst I've been before yesterday was on my trip to and from Florida, but even those bad days don't compare to yesterday because I was at least able to measure what I ate and record it all; unlike yesterday's damage.

My stomach is making it clear just how big of a mistake it was for me to overindulge so severely yesterday. I'm just going to eat a small breakfast and hope that my stomach doesn't give me too many problems so that I can exercise. Like they say, when you fall off the horse, you should try to get back on it.

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VIOOOLET 6/14/2007 8:29AM

    It's okay, we all have out bad days! And at leat you regonise why it happened. The fact that you haven't had a bad day like that is testament to how well you've been doing... good luck jumping back on the horse... all the best :)

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Race for the Cure

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well, I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Indianapolis, Indiana this morning with my birth mother, husband, mother-in-law, and her husband. My birth mother's husband just waited for us at the finish line. We only did the participant part and not the competitive part, but next year, we're considering doing the competitive part just to get at the head of the pack so we don't have so many people in front of us slowing us down while we walk.

With all the people there, it took us an hour and a half to walk the entire thing, but we did it and did some walking around both before and after the race, so I got about three hours of decent walking. It helped me burn over 500 calories, I'm proud of that accomplishment. :)

I was happy with my lunch choice as well. We walked to a nearby, outdoor food court and I picked Subway. I got a six inch, turkey breast on wheat with no cheese and added lettuce, tomato, pickles, black olives, and mustard. I did a side of their pre-packaged apple slices and a Diet Coke.

I did good with breakfast as well. I did a Nutz Over Chocolate Luna bar, a banana, and some juice. I'm going to MCL Cafeteria for dinner and getting the Mayfield Value Plate which is smaller entree portions (I do the tilapia filet...fewer calories), two veggies, and a roll. I get two pats of butter, sugar free, low calorie gelatin, and one splurge, a dessert of some kind. I made enough room in my calories today to make room for a piece of chocolate cream pie...yummy!

I'm sore from the walking, but I know I did good today! :)


Big Loss!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, I'm proud to say that when I stepped on the scale this past Tuesday, I discovered that I had lost another 4 pounds! Woo Hoo!!

I've noticed more clothes either fitting me better or fitting me looser. I'm actually looking forward to summer this year too!

My reward for when I do get down to my goal weight of 135 is a pair of leather pants in a size 10 or better. I'm currently in a size 12/14 for pants. I'm looking forward to buying those; hopefully, it'll be this year!


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