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Stress Blog 1: What are MY stress factors?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It is simple for me to point out my stress factors. I am currently separated from my husband but we still live together. I have 3 boys ages, 11 and 7. The 7 year olds are twins and they are all boys. I live in a house FULL of boys. That, in itself is extremely stressful on my mind and my body. Let's add to this that I have ZERO family members around. My parents live about 4 hours away. Not exactly a joyride to get there since it is from Austin to Houston. I really don't have friends but not because I am anti social, I am VERY social but I do not trust people. If you are allowed in my home, I trust you but even then, friendship may not happen. I have been hurt so much in the past by "friends" that I have developed a 'no need' approach to it. But, we know this is not true. Add to the above, I do not make enough money to move out and take my boys with me. This is the ONLY way I will leave the house. BUT, I really don't have to leave the house if I hire a good lawyer. Problem, you ask? Lawyers are expensive. One wanted $3,000 in his account before any work would get done. Um, not exactly rich here. Anyway, it is simple for me, I know my stress triggers. I just do not know how to deal with this heavy amount of stress all day, every day. I just started at Anytime Fitness so at least I will have a place to call my own, well, until 'HE' decides to bother me. emoticon


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