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A-ha Moment!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a quote that rocked me to the core! The Quote reads...

You can't get to a place that you don't believe exists. ~Unknown~

Holie Molie! ! If I want to get to my healthy weight, whatever that turns out to be, and to that place of healthy living that I know I can live in; I have to BELIEVE it exists!

I know that is a huge problem for me...even as I struggle to lose the last of the nine pounds I gained back since my last chemo (I lost SEVEN this week...Go ME!) I have to believe the vision I have in my mind...of myself...healthy, fit, active, even happier and more positive than I already am~

That vision is what is going to help me lose this nine pounds and the next ten and the ten after that, until I am where I want to be! That reality exists...right now...even if it is in my mind. I have to see it, feel it, smell it and touch it in my imagination...then I will live it, feel it smell it and touch when I reach it!

It's so simple really....*grins*

Bright Blessings,
Ame emoticon

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TIME_FLIES 6/7/2010 7:19PM

    Nothing is created that isn't first imagined. You do have to believe.

Have fun!


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Monday, May 31, 2010

I have not had the energy to do any exercising today. My body aches all over and I am so physically tired. I did get my laundry done, but that is the extent of any plans I had. I will do what I can today, but I really think I need to take today off and pick up tomorrow.

I am okay with this...but there is this little itty bitty voice in the back of my head..."must exercise...must clean....must do!" I must ignore it. I want so much to be where I was before I got sick..I'm frustrated...*sighs*

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VICIOUS421 6/1/2010 3:46AM

    Sorry it is slow going for you but just remember that it will take you time to get back to where you were before you got sick and that you are doing better today than you were a week ago!!!!

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All Righty Then

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I have to come to the reality that I am doing too much too soon. I am exhausted and haven't gotten anything accomplished that I had planned. So tomorrow and for the next week or two I will work on fifteen minutes a day. I'll get my paces in at work and during the course of the day, but I will only be able to do fifteen minutes of dancing a day for while. .I don't want to undo all the good I have done in the past six weeks.
Slowly but surely.. emoticon

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VICIOUS421 5/31/2010 2:36AM


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SUNNYARIZONA 5/30/2010 11:24PM

    Sounds like a plan!!!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well, I have officially started dancing every day! Yesterday I danced for 17 minutes( I decided to try the treadmill for 15 minutes as well) I wore myself out! I must remember babysteps! However I was thrilled to be able to do both without my heart palpitating and losing my breath! I have come such a long way in six weeks!

I did dance for 30 minutes today...when it got to be too much, I just walked in place to the music, but I kept moving for the full 30 minutes! Oh! I have lost enough weight that I can even run in place for spurts! I was AMAZED and thrilled.

I AM going to do this.


First day of 28 day plan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am so excited! I have loved Sparkpeople since the day I joined and it has been so motivating to me! However, for some indescribable reason, the Spark book has totally made me excited and sure of myself this time. For the first time I am totally prepared to do this the right way. (I have been Sparking off and on for three years)

I bought new walking shoes and a pedometer...I have my dance mixes chosen and cued...I have an exercise mat and small but useful equipment, not to mention my apartment complex's fitness room...I have loaded my kitchen with healthy food...I have my vision boards in progress and most exciting of all, I have this fluttery, roller coastery feeling in my tummy as I step forward this morning to take charge of my health and fitness!

I even made myself a "Spark" picture to put around my apartment, on my office bulletin board and on my computer to motivate myself to keep moving forward! *LOL*

Long term goals:

To travel by plane and not have to ask for a seat belt extender and worry if they are going to charge me for two seats. (With in a year)

To walk into Victoria's Secret and buy any lovely thing that catches my eye right off the rack! (Within a year)

To walk into my Faire and surprise the hell out of my Faire Family! *HUZZAH! (This October)

Medium term goals:

To break below 250

To fit into a size 22/24 in pants...I can already wear that size in tops! WooHoo!

To walk without hurting (This is due to my illness and I can resolve it by exercising)

My action steps I have already mostly accomplished:

Clean out what is left of junky food and stock with healthy food

Buy walking shoes, pedometer and exercise materials

Make use of the fitness room in my complex at least 4 times a week

My rewards:

Subscribe to my favorite magazines
Go to a movie
Buy new book
Buy lovely Lingerie

I am so excited...This summer is gonna ROCK!

Bright Blessings,

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RENECHAR 5/29/2010 11:03AM

    I have also been sparking on and off for a while. I have purchased The spark book and I couldn't set it down. I t helped me to put into action some goal setting. Reading your blog, I realize that you are a lot farther then I am. You have already set all your goals, long, medium and short term.

I think you have prepared well and you have inspired me to really try and set all of my goals TODAY! Stay motivated and have a wonderful day. I think you are off to a great start with a awesome attitude!!! emoticon

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