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Ahhhhhhh, Saturday!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

WARNING: This is a long one! *Smiles*

Yesterday I showed an old work friend a picture I took of her and her department back in 2000. This lead to a rather introspective discussion as she asked me if I would change anything in my life, knowing what I know now. My answer to her leads me to the first thing on my gratitude list.

I thought for just a moment and then shook my head. I would not change a thing. I know that my marriage to Michael and my divorce from him as well, were gifts. As was my cancer and everything that has happened to me in the past 17 years, even my struggle to lose weight. I am today the result of all I have been through. I am where I am today for the same reason.

1995 is the year it all began for me. I was a quiet, intensely shy, mousy, stay at home dreamer. I can pinpoint the exact moment my metamorphosis began. From that moment on, the journey to who I am becoming was set in motion. I love who I am today and who I am becoming. I am still on that journey and I would not change anything that has happened.

2. I am grateful for the lessons as I learn to meditate. It is an ongoing struggle for me to quiet my ever racing mind, and there are times I despair of ever gaining the inner peace I know is there. That being said, I have found that there are lessons to be learned from my racing thoughts. I look forward to the sudden bursts of insights as my mind runs thoughts over and over and I gently(and not so gently) try to guide them to a box to rest, as I continue to focus on my breath or a word. I'm good with this! *LOL*

3. I am thankful that after much ruminating and softly stressing, I have been made aware that (for now anyway) I am to stay in Las Vegas. For years I have grown tired of the high desert; I am a born water baby!(I am a double water sign!) How I have lasted 25 years in the high desert is beyond my ken) I have yearned to live somewhere that has four seasons, is GREEN, and gets rain! I have always thought I would move to the Seattle area. I have friends in Oregon and Washington so I was very comfortable with the idea of starting over.

However, I never had that epiphany of "Move here, move here!" like I did when I came to Vegas. I KNEW I was supposed to be here and I believed that my marriage and divorce were what I had to experience. However, no matter how dissatisfied I grew here, things never fell into place for me to jump into a major move.

During my recovery, I was transferred to the admin building of my company. Normally I embrace change...I am (or was) a born adventurer. As a result of my cancer and recovery, my tolerance for change was nil. I did NOT want to work at this office with my new boss, I did NOT want to move to this side of town! However, being who I am, I did as I was told and here I am.

While I was not thrilled with my new boss and position, I found that I fell in love with this side of town. The longer I am here the more I love it and once I was transferred this past August to my new department I am finding I am happy! I have fallen in love with Vegas. I am much more aware of it's beauty now and find peace here. As I have pondered a move to Washington since my move here, I have been gently made aware that I need to stay here for now. I am at peace with that. Now I can free myself up to experience the next leg of my journey without the stress! I look forward to it with all my heart.

So, onward and upward! Now that I have rambled on, it is time for me to get off my tush and get to some Fall cleaning!

Life is good!
Bright Blessings,
Ame emoticon

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CHUM48 11/3/2012 12:26PM

    Isn't it amazing the peace one has when one finds their place in this life! May you continue to walk in this peace!

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Happy Friday!

Friday, November 02, 2012

I LOVE this time of year! Here in Vegas we are finally cooling off for which I am so very thankful! I want to wear my autumn clothing, darn it! In any case, I had a wonderful day yesterday!

I am thankful work went so well yesterday and that I accomplished so much. I lovedending the work day with such a sense of contentment and accomplishment.

Speaking of work, I am so grateful that the Universe conspired to get me into my present position. Before this, I was under so much stress, more than I even realized. For the first time in such a long time (we're talking years here!), I look forward to going to work. I enjoy what I do and I'm good at it. Okay, yes, having a giant window that faces the mountains REALLY helps! *grins* It is a soothing balm to look out and see the wind rustling through the trees,see the clouds shadow the mountain, watch the rain does a psyche good!

I'm so thankful for my fur baby Shade and the joy she brings me each and every day. The unconditional love she shares with me. The playfulness, the attitude, the cuddles and purrs mean the world to me.

Have a most awesome day!

Bright Blessings,
Ame emoticon

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PINKNFITCARLA 11/2/2012 9:35PM

    Happy Friday to you also!

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HEYRED221 11/2/2012 9:18PM


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EVERLEARNING 11/2/2012 11:30AM

    How nice to wind up the work week on such a good note!

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JACKIE542 11/2/2012 11:02AM

    Good things to be thankful for! emoticon

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MIMIDOT 11/2/2012 10:44AM

    Glad things are going well with you. Good luck!

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NEPTUNE1939 11/2/2012 10:39AM

    LOL - That's why I live in Carson Valley - It's much cooler - LV is a great place to visit. Likewist have a great day, Earl

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A Month of Thanks

Thursday, November 01, 2012

November is one of my favorite months and Thanksgiving holds so many wonderful memories. I hate how Thanksgiving gets lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas.

One of my favorite things to do is keep a gratitude journal. Over the last couple of years I have become very lax in keeping it, although I have so many things to grateful for and try to always say thank you for my blessings everyday. However, there is power in writing things down.

My goal this month is to use my blog as a gratitude journal. I commit to writing at least 3 things I am grateful for everyday. There is a very strong feeling in myself today that I need to do this, the Universe is gently insistent this morning. It's time to make gratitude a daily blessing again!

1. The beautiful sunrise that is gracing my view with pinks, gold, and wisps of white clouds.

2. My health! Everyday I get stronger and healthier and I am so thankful for my life!

3. For Spark People and all the difference it has made in my life. It has been a slow journey, filled with ups and downs. However, I keep moving forward a little every day and that is because I have this wonderful site with supportive friends who travel the journey with me!

Bright blessings on this beautiful morning, have a splendiferous day!

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JEWELMOTI 11/1/2012 1:38PM

    You have inspired me to continue thankfulness through out my life!

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EVERLEARNING 11/1/2012 12:09PM

It's so important to take a moment to be grateful and aware of all we have.
It can help pull us out of those "Down" thoughts that come so easily some days.

I'm grateful that you posted this!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENGOJENGO 11/1/2012 12:04PM

  I, too, am thankful for SP! emoticon

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LHLADY517 11/1/2012 11:35AM

    Over and over, God's Word tells us (actually commands us) to be thankful. Too many times, we ignore this. To actively search for an attitude of thankfulness is a great goal.

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Autumn is almost here! HUZZAH!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well, yeah....It's been an interesting few weeks. I vacillate between going great guns and doing pretty much everything right, then it trickles away to practically nothing. I ate poorly yesterday and I have to admit it was by choice. I'd been fighting a certain craving for days and finally decided to follow through, rather than let it build and become an obsession. So I followed the 1 step back and 2 steps forward idea. I decided not to feel guilty over my decision. I enjoyed it, it tasted good and I felt content.

Today I ate on the lower side of my calorie range, had 6 servings of veggies, drank all my water and exercised for 30 minutes. I made the commitment to keep moving forward. I am so determined to see more results. My clothes are getting a wee bit looser. I know I'm doing something right more times than not and that is enough to keep me going.

I have my new wardrobe planned and I m looking forward especially to getting my arms toned up. Yes I know, kinda odd...but I wanna go sleeveless! *LOL* In any event, I'm really and truly okay and it feels really good to say it and mean it. There was a time, not too horribly long ago, if I had a day like yesterday, i would have thrown in the towel and given up. So, yeah...I'm feeling pretty good.

Here is to a Sparking good week!


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HEYRED221 9/20/2012 3:28PM

    emoticon emoticon

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    This is one of the best blogs I've read in such a long time! You had a craving, and rather than giving in and then beating yourself up about it, you gave in and totally owned it. AND you proactively took steps today to make yourself feel good and healthy the next day. No self pity, or "well, I've ruined it, guess I'll go eat a bag of pork rinds". That is such a sensible way to handle cravings. MAD kudos to you and a gigantic thumbs up.

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MILADY_LCF 9/16/2012 11:36PM

i know how it feels to go back and forth sometimes, good job sticking to it. I like your goal of going sleeveless!

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Been a while

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wow! It's almost the end of August. So looking forward to cooler weather and AUTUMN! I've begun Fall cleaning and am looking forward to putting all my autumn odds and ends out.

Work has been an adventure these last few weeks. It has been a big adjustment and I am still having a bit of trouble. It will sort itself out...It always does.

I began the SparkCoach trial to day. I'm looking forward to exploring it. I am doing well, but find I am having difficulty with motivation. I hope this will help.

A few weeks ago I had the unique privilege of volunteering at the annual Star Trek convention. One of my best friends heads up the volunteer team of one of the official vendors. I got to be the personal assistant to one of my favorite actresses on Next Gen. I met other cast members and I had the best weekend EVER! I have been asked to join the volunteer team and I will be going to volunteer at a charity event the company is hosting the first weekend of December. This gives me a major weight goal to work towards! Motivation!

Okay, time to fix supper and feed my cat. Loving the weekend and hope you are too!
emoticon emoticon

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HEYRED221 8/25/2012 8:27PM

    I am having issues with motivation as well. The Star Trek convention sounds like it was a blast. The Next Generation was my favorite of the series. Have a great week!


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