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2.2 kgs down in 8 days...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

though I know it won't go on like that, but the first three days of protein only knocked it off I guess! Here's the thing, I am finding it pretty easy! The 'absoluteness' of the rules somehow seem to be making it more manageable.

The closest I've come to breaking was JUST now - Wednesday nights at work always present a problem because they have my favourite rotisserie chicken, giant fragrant PILES of it in the kitchen UNSUPERVISED so more often than not I'd find myself somehow just IN there, scarfing down chicken wings and stuffing as quick as I could .

It's broken me of my best intentions more times than I could count - I am doing fantastically and then - WEDNESDAY COMES AGAIN! 13 hour shift, which goes slooow cos it's quiet..the callof the chicken is so hard to resist. So tonight, I had a breast, which I pulled the skin off and shredded into my homemade salad (yoghurt dressing instead of mayo, natch) and ate happily, though I did add some stuffing (carbs, naughty).

Then about 15 minutes ago (8pm) I went back in there - I always go and wrap up a bunch of leftover chicken and take it home to use for mine and Gray's lunches for coupla days - and I couldn't resist. I ate a wing and a little bit of stuffing. But that's ALL. Whereas previously I would have dogged out baby, first at dinner time and then again later. Seeing as that's the first real crack in my 'diet', I don't feel so bad..OH wait, last Friday night I had a bit of extra meat at dinner and then had FOUR WHITE CHOC BUTTONS. OOOOOOOOH. hahahahah. Not bad at all.

I think what really helps is that a/ I can eat what I want on Sunday and b/ that there's always more food less than three hours away.

Does most everyone reading this have my irrational fear of being hungry? The 'I must eat everything in sight because I won't be eating again for HOURS' feeling? Is it just me? Am I the only one who's often eaten a snack before going to someone's house for dinner in case they don't feed me enough or soon enough? So I eat my small dinner of 100 gms of protein and some salad or veg and I KNOW in less than three hours I'll be eating again. I mean, trust me sometimes I am counting the minutes until the three hours is up, but it's never so long I feel like I can't make it and I know I'm getting something that will fill me up - 100 gms of protein really hits the spot.

I dunno though guys, I always do good for the first few weeks and then slide but this time I have to stick with it, I am SO DETERMINED. That said this time I am so much more focussed than I have ever been - my thing has always been 'softly softly, just try to make healthier choices' etc, never exercising really hard or depriving myself of anything I wanted really, whereas this time I have been exercising til I sweat like crazy every single morning (excpet Monday, Mondays are bad enough without bluddy exercising I reckon), really sticking to my regime....All's well so far and I feel strong and full of energy so YAY to that -hey last night I was actually looking forward to gettin gup and exercising the next morning - now THAT is a first.

Speaking of exercise, I have really had a breakthough - I used to read or watch TV while doing it, almost trying to exercise without noticing, you know? But a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine who's health and fitness trained said that I would be be better off not distracting myself because I wouldn't get the most out of the exercise...I TOTALLY pooh-poohed her because I felt that I'd never be able to stick to it if I didn't read while X-training.

However the next morning I thought I'd give it a go, so I tried going hard for one song and then going slow for the first 45 seconds of the next song, then going hard again, and so on until before I knew my 30 minutes was up! It worked a CHARM, I've been doing it every day and I am working so much harder and enjoying my exercise heaps more as a result. Like I said I ACTUALLY am starting to look forward to it! Oh my GOD I never thought I'd say that EVER.

Anyhoo, gotta go peeps, lovin ATCHA!

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MISSMITSY 2/12/2011 6:05AM

    Yay for 2.2 kgs!!! How awesome, and glad you're finding the eating plan manageable maybe this plan was just the push you needed, and just in time you're going to look smoking hot in your wedding dress!!

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SCHENPOSSIBLE 2/9/2011 12:27PM

    Even with the slip of having a wing and some stuffing, you're still being accountable for what you're putting in your body the majority of the time. So I think you're still on track and target. We all have slips but forgiveness is the key. The diet coupled with the exercise is working to your favor, as shown on the scale. Good work, Amy. You're going to be a smashing bride!

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JMEPAYNE 2/9/2011 10:36AM

    Nice job, hon!

you're blogs always make me laugh...
"Mondays are bad enough without bluddy exercising I reckon"

you're doing great! keep it up and you'll hit your wedding goal in no time! just a couple of months away!!!!

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BSHELTON1 2/9/2011 9:23AM

    Nice work Amy! emoticon

I completely get what you mean about the "softly softly" approach sometimes just not cutting it - I find it too easy to just continually cut myself to much slack. And the fear of being hungry? I work in the mines, on a site that is fully catered, 3 full meals a day, and I STILL feel the need to pack a suitcase half-full of food! Yeah, I totally get it.

Anyway, glad you found something, however drastic, that is working for you. Just get it off, and then worry about keeping it off later? - sounds like something I might have to try! Best of luck.

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Drastic measures undertaken here...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello. I am taking drastic measures. I have never been on a diet in my life. Never. Not once. I've only ever tried to live a healthier lifestyle, make better choices, you know? And I cannnnnootttt seeem to loooose this frickin weight while taking the 'softly softly' approach - I am TOO kind to myself, give myself too much leeway.

Tick tock goes the wedding clock and the biological clock ticks right along with it. So I have started yesterday a new program my BFF gave me.

It's a high protein low carb low fat type affair. My BFF has lost 12 kgs in 12 weeks on it and that's pretty much the length of time I have and amount I want to lose - my first wedding dress fitting is on April 11th and I really want to be under 80kgs AT LEAST by then. I weighed in at 87.1 this morning.

I don't really approve of these highly structured diet type things because they don't seem to work in the long run but I'm hopeful that after I've dropped the weight for the wedding I will be able to maintain the loss with the help of Sparkpeople!

So I am on DAY TWO of the three day kickstart. Actually I'll reproduce my friend's email here which outlines the program in case anyone's interested!

Here it is:

When to start?

Best to start this on a Monday, so you can always have Sunday as a blow-out day and Mondays are always protein only days. This is the pattern. You peak your carbs on a Sunday, starve the carbs on a Monday and your body will restart and you don't go crazy eating like an angel every day which is just plain unachievable long term.


First three days is carb detox so is as follows (starting on a Monday);

Protein only, 6 times a day, once every three hours.
Easier than it sounds.
3 x Main meals 100grams of protein
3 x Snacks 50-100grams protein

Just think, it is three days and it will end. Be strong, I know it is hard, I was HANGING for a vegetable everyday but just pushed through. You can have sauce or dip with the protein but just a teaspoon or so.


Must have a minimum of 2L of water every day- irrespective of other beverages, water is counted seperately always and you will find yourself being thirstier anyway.
Tea and coffee fine, no sugar, light milk, try to limit dairy overall so no iced coffee.
Diet softies fine but not great for you and aspartame will make you feel hungry and fatigued so avoid too much. However, you will be hanging for a sweet hit of some kind as your body blows out the sugars/ carbs in the blood. It might do more harm than good if you aren't careful but one glass or a mini can of diet drink is fine and will be a welcome change for your taste buds trust me.
Tip- avoid alcohol for at least 4 weeks to give yourself a good kick start

Exercise minimum 6 days of the week

The idea here is 10,000 steps over the day
This is roughly 1 hour of walking if you did it in one hit, but if you move around a bit at work, you can just try to do a minimum of 1/2 walk. He recommends one half hour block and the rest is incidental. Just move. Shopping, vacuuming, washing, playing with the dog, just move more.
Exercise is not encouraged to be strenuous as the lack of carbs will mean you will tire easily and potentially build muscle when you want to be 'lean'. So cross trainer is fine every other day but maybe just stick to walking on the off days. Just fast enough to hold a conversation. He really doesn't recommend anything harder, actually he prefers you don't. The whole program is about rebuilding the engine and the way you burn food overall without killing yourself at the gym or even counting every calorie you eat.

After carb detox

Yay! You will be LOVING vegies by now.

Protein, 6 times a day, once every three hours.
3 x Main meals 100grams of PROTEIN + complex/ simple carbs but only as directed
3 x Snacks 50-100grams PROTEIN ONLY

Simple carbs

Bread, cereal, fruit must only be consumed as part of your brekkie and you MUST have it with the 100grams of protein.
MAX one piece of fruit, toast and about 1/2 cup of cereal.

Invest in a good protein powder (Boomers Isowhey Isolate is best) so you can have smoothies- I can give you recipes. Or mix with milk to have with cereal.
Alternatively, invest in good bread and have one piece.


You can have as much of most complex carb vegies as you can with any of your main meals.

Avoid all potato, pumpkin, sweet potato.
Limited to 2-3 times a weeks and only 1-2 Tbspn, corn, pulses, peas
Loads of all green veg and more water based veg, broccoli, tomato, zuchinni, lettuce, carrot. Think water based and you will be fine.


Whatever you touch now you must only look at carbs, forget fat, calories bla bla bla- just carbs.
Tip- Rule of thumb is LESS than 10grams of carbs per 100grams NO MATTER WHAT YOU EAT.

All lean meats- chicken, fish, kangaroo, pork, whatever, just keep it lean, bake or grill
Cold cuts - ham, roast beef, bbq chook (skin off), kangaroo sausages are great too (kanga bangas)
Little tins of plain or flavoured tuna
Boiled eggs
Protein bars -yummo. I have this at night for a sweet treat.
Tip- Aussie Bodies HPLC bar only, highest protien count, lowest sugar, carb count.

Generally, be prepared, have it all good to go in the fridge for the week ahead.
Tip- I usually have a good stash of shaved ham, maybe a bbq or roast chicken, some kanga bangas and portioned grilled chicken.

With snack, just a handle of ham or chicken will be roughly 50-100g. You CAN have a spoonful of dip or sauce with it too which is a great treat and tasty.
Tip- I usually have some home made hommous with some shredded chicken or shaved ham.

Eating every three hours

This is integral but you can be a little bit flexible. I stick to 7am brekkie, snack at 10, lunch at 1pm, snack at 4pm, dinner at 7pm, snack at 10pm.
Yes you MUST have protein snack at night after dinner.
Do the best you can
If you are hungry and you may well be, that's fine, you can have protein every hour (less is best, bite of a snag etc) but you will discover that you will never really be hungry outside of meals and snacks cos protein is more satisfying anyway. I have never been hungry.

Blow out day (Sunday)

Just do everything the same EXCEPT you can exchange two of your MAIN meals for WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT. Pizza, pasta, whatever.
You will actually find you might only either have a few drinks over the weekend and stick to everything else as normal or just have a bit of pasta. I don't really go ALL out cos I just actually drink more over the weekends anyway but the thing is -

You HAVE to have BLOW-OUT SUNDAY because

Typical day for me

Always 2-3L water

7am Poached eggs (2= 100g) on toast with sliced tomato and hommous
Tea with soy milk

10am Coffee and soy
Shaved ham (abt 50g)

1pm Tin tuna (95g) with steamed broccoli, tablespoon chickpeas and corn combined, diced tomato, spring onion, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and a splash of olive oil (favourite)

4pm Tea and soy
Kanga banga (really lean and about 80g) with a bit of sauce or just on its own

6pm Walk an hour

7pm Diet lemon cordial and ice
Grilled chicken caesar salad minus croutons and with grilled shaved ham (yes, you can have the good dressing as it's lower in carbs but not too often)

10pm 1/2 a protein bar
Hot cup of Ekko (caffeine free drink)


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BLAIRJ1 2/9/2011 6:22AM

    that sounds like sooooooo much work. i get why you're doing it though. here's to stickin' to it and bein' under 80kgs, you got this!

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    Sounds an awful lot like Atkins diet... though they don't give you a splurge day... (and even with my self-created diet, I don't give myself splurge days until I am "there") It does sound VERY complicated... does it make it harder to stick to being just so... specific in what and exactly how much and at what time? Just do me one favor... if it doesn't work for you, just keep trying something else until you come across something you can stick with permanently. Sometimes switching things up is what it takes to break through a weight loss plateau anyway. :) Good luck!

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SCHENPOSSIBLE 2/1/2011 11:22PM

    Sometimes when you have a big prize ahead of you, you gotta go all out. This sounds like it will certainly keep you satiated so I say go ahead. And if your pal had success with it, why not try it yourself? You can do this because I know you really want to look smashing when you meet your groom. You got this lady!

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JMEPAYNE 2/1/2011 11:01AM

    Kanga banga?????

sounds drastic for sure... but as long as it's short term, then i think it'll be okay!


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MISSMITSY 2/1/2011 7:29AM

    Good luck with the kick start, as long as it's just a short term thing I think you'll be ok, and be under 80 in time for your wedding... Just make sure you keep up the strength training so you stay nice and toned!

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LIBBYFITZ 2/1/2011 2:24AM

    emoticonI wish you success!

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BECKYFLOR 2/1/2011 1:11AM

    This sounds drastic indeed, but I know it works for a definite period of time, and it will definitely kickstart you. I have lost lots of weight on a dukan diet (very similar) after the birth of my son, I had a job interview I really wanted and needed to look healthy and professional (aka not just post pregnant LOL) and I lost 10 kilos in 10 weeks. After, not so much.... But I did not switch to a healthy diet and was fed up, so I gave up

Comment edited on: 2/1/2011 2:20:04 AM

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bless me father for I have sinned

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's been 43 days since my last blog and around the same since I last tracked for a full day and I have put back on about 3 kgs.



Eighty-frickin-eight kilos AGAIN. *Cue load swearing and self flagellation*

Right, now I've got that out of my system - hurrah sparkpeople! Just writing this is making me feel more focused, accountable and in control already.

My best friend and Maid of Honour has lost 12 kilos in the last 3 months or so oh YAY FOR HER! Grrrrr, yes I am very jealous and can offer you a thousand reasons why it's all SO MUCH EASIER for her, none of which hold even a single drop of water, darn it.

I have ummmmm hang on (goes and checks calendar) 14 weeks until my wedding AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Holy Matrimony batman.

(side note, here's a picture of the bonboniere I have ordered: The text is mine, the artwork is vistaprint's, How freakin COOL is that! if anyone leaves theirs behind, they will be totally off my Xmas card list)

Today is the first day of my awesomeness. If I can just get down to 80 I will be happy. That's not much to ask but is still more than I've ever asked myself before.

How will I do this?

1. Track my food daily, I KNOW this is why I've gone up again, tracking is so important for me.
2. Exercise 5 days a week - I haven't been too bad, usually doing 3 mornings on the x-trainer but I gotta RAMP IT UP kids, so....
3. do the bootcamp I bought a 6 week pass for and haven't used yet. It's a daily bootcamp down at the beach and for 6 weeks I can go as much as I want. (which is not at all, obviously)

Other things I need to do:

4. Take my supplements! My IUD is history (whoo-hooo) so baby making is on the agenda big styles and I need to take the supplements my nutritionist gave me more religoiusly - I am SHOCKING, did you know that I have NEVER EVER finished a course of antibiotics in my whole life? And here I am trying to take different supps at different times of day, some with food, some without, blimey, it's hard work I tells ya!

*****TMI WARNING*****

5. Have more sex. It's good exercise and we'll never get me up the duff if we don't seriously upscale our sex lives. Trouble is, girls, he's just not that interested. I mean I am not either really, though I have a real 'the more I do it, the more I want it' kinda thing, but I also have an agenda filed under the heading BABY. Which is his agenda too of course but still isn't sufficient to get him getting it on more than twice a week. I'm aiming for at least every three days but so far haven't been hitting that target. Maybe it'll just take a little while for us to get into the swing of things. It's only been just over two weeks since I got the IUD out and I had TOM for a few days after so it's early days..

I'm not feeling too sexy due to the FATNESS but I need to find my sauciness and then maybe I'll have more success. Anyone got a line on sexy underwear that holds your tummy in at the same time as being raunchy? Tummy control and raunch factor cannot co-exist I fear....

I don't think I have fallen yet (though you never know) so once I've had my next TOM I'll ramp up my efforts..

*******TMI SECTION OVER*******

Aaaaah well it's been supernice talking to y'all again! Thanks to those who've dropped by my page to ask where I was, been wedding planning to the bejesus but it's all planned now, bar a few little bits and pieces that can wait until closer to the date.

Nothing more to do for a bit, what a strange feeling that is! Gosh it was SO overwhelming at first, I got a bit stressed out actually, which I hadn't expected. But now the venue and all the suppliers are chosen and booked, I'm way more relaxed and will breeze the rest of the way I'm sure!

So that's me, mostly, all caught up. So so so so so determined to drop a minimum of 7 kgs by my wedding day - I CAN DO IT!

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BLAIRJ1 2/9/2011 6:19AM

    hahahahahah your raunchy underwear but i feel fat section made me LOL hardcore. you crack me up lady. you are going to be absolutely stunning in that wedding dress! i need to get on target as well. it seems that a lot of my sparkfriends have been having a tough time the past couple of months. what's up with that? let's kick some fat ass!

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    ...I feel like an absolute dunce... but uh, how much is 7 kilos? ...compared to pounds??? lol :")
I'm trying to follow you here, but I ended up taking a different path!!! lol

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MISSMITSY 2/1/2011 7:27AM

    Absolutely you can do it! Way to go getting the wedding all planned, you'll feel so much better now... We didn't leave much time for planning ours and it ended up more something we wanted to get over with then something we were looking forward to... Side note, if someone leaves theirs behind I totally want it, coolest bonboniere ever!

Good luck with the baby making! With any luck you'll be preggers so your munchkin can be at your wedding too!

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LIBBYFITZ 1/25/2011 6:00AM

    emoticon emoticon

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RACHEAL01 1/25/2011 5:57AM

    Good luck and Congrats on your wedding and future baby plans :) 7 kilos - you can do it :)

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JMEPAYNE 1/24/2011 9:56AM

how exciting!

7 kilos by may... you can do it! remember, working out helps with stress and as the wedding nears, you'll need all the help with stress that you can get!

as for the TMI part... i can't imagine having to do it 3 times a week! LOL we used to, but something changed when we started living together. I don't know. we average about once a week, sometimes twice on a good week lol i don't think i have the energy for more! HA! GOOD LUCK GETTING IT ON!
go make a baby! emoticon

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GOLDENLEAF1 1/24/2011 5:40AM

    I think with your energy and enthusiasm you can definitely do this. You are hilarious - keep up the positive attitude and you will go far. Best of luck!

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

l'il bit sheeepish.

I think I overreacted to the whole Bieber situation.

I couldn't wait for G to sort it out any longer and MIL messaged me about his Christmas present so I just came out with it - but I followed my IMPORTANT RULE that I use for dealing with...well, anything...which is 'LEAD WITH LOVE'.

So instead of going 'why the f*ck are you a**holes taking Nissy to a damn concert in stead of coming to my wedding reception' which is what I felt like saying, I said 'oooooh Mandy Gray and I are so so upset at the idea that you and Graham won't be there for our reception! Please tell me you've found a way around this terrible situation!'

To which she replied 'Only I will be going with Nissy to the concert, we'll be at the ceremony though and it will probably be for the best seeing as G's real mum will be there, it will probably make thing less tense if everyone's had a drink or two before she and I come face to face.'


So she's not being evil after all.

I'm just so used to her being evil I jumped to conclusions.

What a relief though!! I couldn't BELIEVE what was happening, as Schen said in a comment to my previous blog, I thought we were reconciled.

And it turns out, we are.


It'll be a Merry Albany Xmas after all.

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SCHENPOSSIBLE 12/9/2010 10:05AM

    Whew! Glad all is right in Amy world and that the inlaws will be at the ceremony. Great news

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MRSSIBRAT 12/9/2010 6:56AM

    yay!! i am so glad it all worked out and that they will be there after all!

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LIBBYFITZ 12/9/2010 6:53AM

    emoticonYes that old saying "dont make assumptions"!

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ME_HERE_NOW 12/9/2010 3:32AM

    awesome, so glad it worked out!!!

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MIL trouble..again

Monday, December 06, 2010

Oh. My. God. You will not believe what I am about to tell you.

On Friday I got a facebook message from my fiancÚ's step mother. 'Oh crap' said she. 'At 7 pm on 7 May 11 (my wedding day), we are taking Annissa (G's l'il sis) to the Justin Bieber concert. It's her Xmas pressie. Still, the celebration will probably still be going when we get back.'


So the father of the groom will not be at the reception. Because he'll be at the JUSTIN BEIBER CONCERT.


So I replied thusly:

'Gosh. Surely someone else could take her to the concert? After all, she won't enjoy the reception anyway being as there won't be any other kids there, but it would be a real blow if you and Graham Snr weren't there.'

This was on Friday. She hasn't responded. G has been calling his dad all weekend to try and find out what's going on and he's not answering his phone.

The mind just boggles. Can you believe it?


In other news though, I have tipped the scales this morning at 85.5, lowest weight since 2008! I have been eating really well, especially since we went organic back ooh I dunno mid October, and since the wedding planning started I've been really really good - every time I want to eat something bad I say 'size 12 wedding dress, size 12 wedding dress' a few times and the craving fades, and same when I don't want to get on my cross trainer - 'size 12 wedding dress, size 12 wedding dress'. Works like a charm. So I've been exercising at least three times a week. I haven't been tracking really though - the BIG boss has moved into the office next to mine so I have to pretend to work all the time and can't just mess about half the day as previous.

I have also given up caffeine! Plus G and I are now 4 weeks or so into the 6 week detox program designed for me by my pre-conception nutritionist friend. Ooooh man, we have to drink this green mud drink, it's so rank eeeew but we choke it down like good l'il chickens. Gray is such a trooper, he valiantly takes all the pills and potions and never stops smiling. What a mighty mighty good man. Did I tell you guys about the regime we're on, it's pretty full tilt. I will read over my old blogs and come back and blog about it if I haven't.

Still drinking too much on Saturday nights though :-( it's SO FUN! But I feel so bad the next day - I threw up all day yesterday, which probably explains the low weigh-in but what evs, I'll take it where I can get it :-) haven't had a drink during the week for an age though and I know I am making consistently better choices.

AAhaaah anyway who knows what will happen about the inlaws - G says if they don't come to the weddo, that will be the end of our relationship with them - we have forgiven them so much and this is just the last straw. And if I am honest - which I must be with you my dear sparkfriends - I am kinda wishing that will be the case. I try so hard not to hate them and to remember that they are only so horrible because they are unhappy and wounded people but they make it so hard! They are just so horrid! I would so love to have them out of our life. Especially the step mother, man, she is poisonous.

Oh did I mention that the tickets for the Bieber concert haven't even gone on sale yet? So it's not like she's got them already - she hasn't even bought the tickets yet.


Out with anger, in with love.

Peace, out, people xx

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SCHENPOSSIBLE 12/7/2010 12:51PM

    Wow, I thought you guys had reconciled with his parents? I'm so sorry to read that they're still acting shady. I am floored that they'd rather take a tween to a Justin Beiber concert over seeing their son get married. That's a real slap in the face, and I'm sorry you and Gray have to deal with it. But it does make me happy that you're enjoying your Saturdays and still staying on the straight and narrow during the week. I've been hitting the bottle one night a week and I think this may be the way to go for me. I can't be a straight teetoler, but I'm doing the best I can do. Can't wait to see pics of you in that size 12 dress. You're going to look smashing!

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JMEPAYNE 12/7/2010 10:44AM

    oh honey! it is amazing how weddings turn people into monsters! we had no issues with my in-laws until wedding time. when my sister-in-law caused a huge fuss (do NOT get me started on that sorry excuse for a human being!) the parents took her side and it was a HUGE MESS! Rodney wanted to scrap the whole wedding plans and just elope! (which i would have been okay with, had my parents not already paid for plane tickets and such)
you two continue to do what makes you happy and don't let them ruin it for you!

and you'll be rocking the hell outta that wedding dress! i just know it!!!

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BLAIRJ1 12/7/2010 4:45AM

    UGHHHHHHHHHHH. that is the most frustrating thing EVER. sounds like you two are doing wonderfully though. i applaud your organic eating, your working out, and your 'size 12 wedding dress' mantra. you can do it! you'll look beautiful no matter what. yayayayayayyyyyy for weddings!

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MRSSIBRAT 12/6/2010 8:26AM

    OMGGGG that is horrible!! they should just get her a different pressie and be at your wedding!! what is wrong with them!!! arg! try not to stress about it too much girlie..maybe it's best if they aren't your wedding and then you can just enjoy your day and not have to worry about them at all! I'm proud of you for sticking with the exercising! I beleive in you!!

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MRE1956 12/6/2010 7:10AM

    WTF!!!!!!! JUSTIN FLIPPING BIEBER is more $#!@#% important??? WTF is wrong with those people, anyhow?

Now more than ever, I'm NO "Bieber-believer"! Gawd almighty!

I am so, SO deeply sorry that you have to deal with this crapola.....

Love your quote "out with anger, in with love"......heard that on an episode of Absolutely Fabulous (one of my favorite Britcoms, BTW).....hopefully, reasonableness and sanity will prevail and the tickets will NOT be bought!


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LIBBYFITZ 12/6/2010 6:57AM

    Different people! If that is what is important to them then it says a lot about them! DITTO! emoticon

That saying"size 12 dress" Is such a great motivator! emoticon emoticon

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