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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok, my husband and I got married July 28, 2007. We started trying to start a family in December 2008 (we'd been together for right about 4 years at that point). That's when I started having problems with not having periods again (had happened twice before, but I hadn't been trying to get pregnant, so hadn't worried about it...taking the Pill "fixed" the problem.

In April 2009, my nurse at the gynocologist's office referred me over to the doctor they had that specialized in fertility problems (my actual gyno had retired about the time I got married, but her nurse had still been doing my exams, etc.). This new doctor, Dr. H, came it, looked at me, actually LISTENED to me, and said she wanted to do some bloodwork and a pelvic ultrasound, that she was sure I had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Ok, well, she was right, and we started me on metformin in July. After several months of that, with a few 10-day runs of provera to force some periods, she decided that we needed to try adding Clomid to the mix. This was in December (so after 1 year of TTC).

After starting the clomid, my periods came on their own in January & February. When it was running late this month, I was actually starting to worry that I was going to need to fill the provera period was due to start back on Friday, so this morning, I dug out the last test in the house, just to check before calling in the refill...


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WAZZU.REN 3/19/2010 1:57PM

    emoticon emoticon

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JENNA-P 3/19/2010 12:15PM

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear about your pregnancy journey!!!

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HEATHER39 3/18/2010 12:47AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TERRI77 3/17/2010 10:34PM

    What a blessing! Congratulations.

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TERRI77 3/17/2010 10:31PM

    What a blessing! Congratulations.

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MARATHON_MOM 3/17/2010 6:42AM

    Congratulations! How exciting and what a blessing!
I look forward to hearing all about your pregnancy journey!

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AUDREYJO_R 3/16/2010 8:34PM

    Congrats! I am so happy for you, and its so inspirational for me!

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STARLIGHT082307 3/16/2010 4:23PM

    Congratulations!! emoticon

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SHAM47 3/16/2010 3:03PM

    emoticonI'm sooo happy for you!

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MONETZPOND 3/16/2010 2:55PM

  u r pregnant?

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13DETERMINEDME 3/16/2010 11:44AM


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2010TRIATHLETE 3/16/2010 8:50AM

    Congratulations! That is fantastic! I know ya'll are so excited. Can't wait to keep reading about your pregnancy journey!

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JENNYBETHIN 3/16/2010 8:42AM

    Happy Blessings on your glorious news! Hoping for a girl or boy? emoticon

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ADPFLORES 3/16/2010 8:03AM

    Yaaayy!!! Congratulations!!

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JULIEWATSON1 3/16/2010 7:43AM

So glad for you and your husband!!

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MMHACKNEY2001 3/16/2010 7:41AM

    Congratulations!! It is always wonderful to hear those wonderful words "Congratulations, you are preggy" when you have been waiting to hear them for a long time.

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PALMETTOWREN 3/16/2010 7:38AM

    U CAN HAS A BABY! Congratulations!

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ALBA06 3/16/2010 7:37AM

  congrats that's awesome. it is such a wonderful time in your life and enjoy this time in your life. i had six boys and would have kept going if my dh hadn't said no more for us. i loved being pregnant and best of all the new baby what a wonder it is how it all happens. i have a grand daughter now who is one and i just love her to pieces. i wish you the very best, melissa emoticon emoticon emoticon

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New Cat - Adopted Feb. 5th

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hubby and I got a new cat the beginning of February. He was a stray in my friend Kelly's neighborhood, that she took care of getting "fixed" and shots, that decided he didn't want to be a stray anymore after that. He's so sweet and cuddly! This Friday will make a month that we've had him though, and we haven't decided on a name.

I didn't think I'd be ready to adopt again after losing my baby-kitten back in September (big baby...she was born in the spring of 1991! I'd had her since she was about 3 months old though) but this guy reminds me of the cat I'd gotten before her (got Bandit in 1988, passed away June 6, 1994; was roughly 17-18 yrs old)

Currently going by "Garfield" he is a large (12 lb) orange tom-cat. Okay, so not much of a tom now, but he's sized like one! He's a little chubby, but not fat. His paws are almost the size of my palm. He goes through about 2-1/2 times as much food as the other cat (she's about 7 lbs, appropriately named in Death & Destruction). His tail was apparently broken at some time in the past, because when he holds it "straight" it curves back similar to a Husky's tail...he can move it freely though, its only noticable when he's walking. Oh, and he doesn't open his left eye all the way and it tears up alot...he'd gotten in a fight only a week before we got him, and it got scratched. Went to the vet, got ointment, its seems mostly better, but might not heal completely.

He likes to sleep on my chest, preferably where he can nibble my chin, ears, and nose, as well as kiss my cheeks. He drools ALOT. Wants to cuddle so much that he will try to lay on me IN THE BATHTUB...

So far, I keep vetoing my husband's name choices...they are:
O.S. (Orange S***) - friend named their orange tabby "O.C." (Orange Cat)
ID-10-T (courtesy of hubby's know like how Luke Skywalker had C-3PO, and R2D2...)

Other than vetos, I'm out of ideas though. Anyone wanna pitch one to me? LOL

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LADYNETTIE 3/2/2010 2:31PM

    What a sweet blessing! I think that cats are angels sent to watch over us. I know mine does. I like Bluejean's suggestion, but I would shorten it to "Punkin". Congratulations emoticon

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BLUEJEAN_GIRL 3/2/2010 1:43PM

    How about Pumpkin?

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4ANEWME2DAY 3/2/2010 11:37AM

    emoticonThe names that DH suggested are quite unique. I like "Garfield." He sounds like a handful. You are his "Mommy!!"

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BAD427 3/2/2010 11:33AM

    Well he sounds wonderful. Try something that you like to eat or do. Or, a name like Mr. Suess etc.... Maybe make both happy and call him Mr. Fluf-a-muff. Ok, just don't let hubby name him. I let my daughter name all of ours. Lets just say I have a cast of Disney girls running around. Down to two now, but it was getting alittle mousey around here (LOL). emoticon

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Progress Report after 2 months

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Okay, so now that we're into the 3rd month of the year, time to look at how far I've gotten so far...

I've lost about 5lbs of the 90 I'm aiming for. Not exactly a quick start, but I have managed to quit GAINING any weight, so that's a plus side. And my size 18 jeans are fitting looser, so that's another plus (honestly, if I could comfortably wear a size 4-6 and weight 350lbs, I don't think my weight would bother me, lol!)

I haven't really started working on my fitness test goals, but I have started doing more in the pool and on the treadmill. I've managed to swim 1 mile (1650 yds, or 33 laps) twice in February, and can handle up to 45 minutes on the treadmill @ 3 mph. So, progress here too.

The housecleaning isn't going so well. It was really clean for a few days at New Years for a party (except for THAT one room) but then I saw a mouse in the garage and started tearing stuff apart trying to help the cat find it...I did empty a couple of boxes in the garage that way! Right now, I'm sorting through alot of paperwork in the office for trash, file, and shred. Hopefully, when I'm done, it'll stop looking like a tornado went through there.

I start my next class on March 23rd (my birthday!). Its HIS 101-World Civ for spring quarter. I had to take the winter term off, since after paying for hubby's master's class, we didn't have enough to pay my tuition, too (for the cost of his classes, I could take 2...but he is on 18 week semesters, while I'm on 9 week quarters). Since we're both in school again, I'll probably be taking longer on my associate's than I'd originally planned on, since as part-time students we're not eligable for financial aid (and I don't want to take out student more debt!)

Once we get our tax returns filed, we should make a good sized dent in our credit card debt. Now, if we can just keep his mom from being a leech while we make a dent ($3,000 of the initial debt load was because of her; another $2500 was from her mom's funeral...we've made over $2700 of the payments that she'd promised!) This isn't the first time she's done this to her son (last time was before me) but I'm going to make sure that it's the last!

And for my final progress report...I may not be pregnant yet, but thanks to my wonderful gynocologist, I'm on the right medications to have been having regular periods so far this year! Step#1 in the right direction. If I'm not pregnant yet by mid-May, she's going to schedule me for a test to see if my tubes are clear.

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AUDREYJO_R 3/2/2010 1:53PM

    Your progress sounds great! You have to start somewhere. 5lbs is a great start and it so good to hear that you've stopped gaining. Even though it may take you longer to get through school its awesome that you aren't taking out any more debt and are working on your current debt. (yours or not). I'm almost done with school and this is the 2nd school I've taken loans out on. I will be paying for it for a while! Keep it up and concentrating on the good that you are doing for you and your family. emoticon

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MICHELLEKMO 3/2/2010 11:00AM

    I like that you are seeing progress! Even in the things that may be viewed as 'hard' or 'tough' - you're continuing to plug away and look at the bright side. Keep that great attitude and you'll continue to do a emoticon job!!!!

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moving from 2009 to 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

okay, so I don't have the excuse of forgetting, here are my resolutions to work on in 2010:

(these are not in any particular order of importance)

I want to lose enough weight to be able to fit into a size 6...approximately 140 lbs, so lose 90 lbs.

I want to get fit enough to pass the Air Force fitness test for my age...minimums of 33 sit-ups in one minute, 18 push-ups in one minute, run a mile-and-a-half in 16 minutes, 22 seconds, and a 35.5" waist...somewhere I really have to excel, because while those are the minimums, if that's all I can do, I still wouldn't pass.

I want to get my house clean and organized for the first time EVER. That means everything unpacked from previous moves, storage items repacked neatly (so I can find stuff without opening 6 different boxes), and put away neatly, so all I need to do is maintain the organization, not fight utter chaos!

I have 12 classes left on my associates degree. I can graduate in the spring of 2011 (7 quarters) if I can buckle down this year.

I want to get our finances in order, and get out from under our debt. I can deal with a mortgage, time-share payment, and car payment (for now), but I want everything else paid off (I'll work on the other 3 later)...

Most importantly, this goal is rolling over (again)...I want to be a mother! This is the 3rd time I've set this goal for the year, and I'm really hoping it actually happends this time. Some other goals (like the size 6) can go on hold for this one (not that I want to gain alot of extra weight, but I don't see losing 90 lbs and having a healthy pregnancy going together very well)

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MISTIC2006 2/13/2010 7:26PM

    I have my hats off to you for these goals I am right there with ya sister. I have about 9 more months of school and so much debt to clear it scares me. Not ready for kids yet though.
I know what you mean about cleaning out the clutter though. I've been living back with my father and his new wife for about six months now and still haven't gone through everything. Trying to move an entire apartment into one room isn't that fun. But its all about remembering if you haven't used it in the last year, your not gonna so just get rid of it.
I too am trying to lose about 90 lbs. so I know what your going through. Hope your resolutions stay on track. Others have done it so I'm sure we can do it too!!!


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SASSYKAYAKER 12/29/2009 4:09PM

    Ug, I also had boxes from previous moves and felt them closing in on me. I made three boxes while I was sorting...a keep box, a box lined with a garbage bag, and a donation box. I would put the donation box into my car as soon as it was full! No more lawnsales, as that just gave me permission to stack my unwanted stuff and store it for a later day. Have you considered purchasing large totes for your storage area? That way they will all stack easily on one another, and you could label the contents as you consolidate/repack.

It's amazing how liberating it is to rid yourself of boxes!

Go for it!!!!

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WESTWIND19 12/29/2009 1:06PM

    These all sounds like great, achievable goals. Setting mini goals about how much to get accomplished in this time period will help too.

I had to clean out a room full of packed boxes that had been sitting in there for 3-4 years and I made a goal of a box a week and sometimes I did more, but I never did less. I got it all done too. :)

Best of luck meeting your goals.

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