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Sunday, March 03, 2013

As I near the upcoming summer, I am gladdened that I have maintained my fitness -- but know that there is much to do. To that end, this blog entry will be my reflective journal; my thoughts being that putting it in writing, will lead to foward progress.

My personal goals:
By May --
Run a 2 hour half marathon May 5 (or at least close to that);
Improve my nutritional intake (I have ;
Reshape my legs allowing the muscle to show through
Drop 10 - 15 pounds

My legs are my least favorite features & summer is coming up. I want this to be a summer of strength and confidence. Yes, this may be vain, but not looking 50+ is my goal. In the winter, I can camouflage -- summer, not so much....

Our family is taking a rafting trip down the Colorado the end of June -- I want to be the most physically fit and tone possible. We may go rock climbing, and I want to be able to do that. And yes, for once in my memory, I want to look good in a bathing suit -- is that so bad?

Now to meet these goals -- it will require serious effort. Running on days like today, when it is cold out. Attacking my penchant for closet eating of ANY available food source.

Yes, I eat very healthfully -- what people see, anyway. But if I could only walk the talk.... Well, here goes, day 1 of walking the talk: exercising 6 out of 7 days and eating what I should and no closet eating. That SHOULD do the trick.

okay -- got to get ready to run.


getting stronger with water!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

So in April, I started journaling my nutrition through sp and noticed an improvement. Two days I upped my water, after hearing that I may not be drinking enough for my mass -- 1 ounce for every 2 pounds I weigh. Absolutely no cravings for 2 days. working on a streak here!!

It sounds like a lot of water, but it really isn't -- I fill a gallon jug with water and lemon slices, cucumber slices, or lime slices. I have a 1 L Camelback water bottle that I refill all day long, sipping on it as the day progresses.

Added bonus ---- I am getting my ankles back!! It has been 25 years since I have seen bone on both sides of my ankles (since my first pregnancy). AWESOME


My journal to a better relationship with food (cont.)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Well -- not doing much better with food. Thursday and Friday -- Fell off the wagon big time and ate what and when regardless of its value. Sigh...

Good news, I woke up today, worked out and have done well for the past 6 hours. Moving on and will focus on that...

Went shopping for a new swimsuit. Dang, I have made so much progress this past year, still so near yet so far. I know, maybe I can wear my work out clothes to the pool and beach. I look good in those, a swim suit.... still seems so far to go for that. Why is it so hard to forgive oneself one's failings? Hmmmm, I will need to think about that during tomorrow's long run.

In one week, my daughter and I are running the baltimore 10 miler together. It should be a good time! I am thinking of doing the Baltimore half marathon in October. Can I do three more miles? Let's see how my mile time looks next week.


My journal to a better relationship with food

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I first joined spark people a year or so ago, but never really used it until this spring... the advent of my 52nd birthday. It was time to get real. Something was off... why was my size not changing? I could feel the muscle. Muscle that was well camouflaged. okay, something had to change.

Last summer, my doctor recommended I join weight watchers. The thought of being weighed and/or measured in front of someone, anyone, was not up there on my list of ANYTHING to do. I am also not one to attend meetings, I like to do things on my time. She also said to log in my food choices -- boy, what a bother!!!

Let's fast forward to this spring. I ran my first 10 miler, the DC Cherry Blossom Race April 1. I was to run it with my daughter, but she got a badly sprained ankle the Thursday right before the race. I had to run it myself (with 10,000 plus people). At that time, I had been training for 5 months and had lost about 5 pounds... 5 POUNDS!!!! Are you serious??? 5 pounds after 5 months of running and/or working out 6 days a week??? No, it was not muscle that I was building. I had to fess up and be honest with myself.

Then the email for the spring boot camp challenge came. I took the challenge. What an eyeopener.... Tracking my workout and my nutrition showed how just how much I was eating, dang. It has been two months since that challenge started. I have lost about 10 pounds and bunches of camo!

Yes, I still have closet eater syndrome, but not as often. Also, I have realized that it is okay to slide occasionally, just not every day. One of my triggers is when my husband goes out of town (no one to witness my eating slide). Last night hubby was out of town and I raided the pantry repeatedly. Hubby is still out of town tonight -- but I ate appropriately.

Tomorrow is another day and another challenge (hubby won't be in until late at night.). I don't have to be perfect everyday. Just be smart on most days.