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Calories Burned - Common Workouts

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Note to self: when tracking exercise, use the following general numbers:

BodyCombat 500 caloies
BodyPump 300 calories
3 mile jog (10 min/mile) 400 calories
BodyJam 450 calories
BodyFlow 200 calories
BodyStep 500 calories
Zumba 400 calories


Closing in on those skinny jeans!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last night was my husband's work Christmas party. He works at a Christian school, so his "work friends" are actually our good friends who we see really regularly. It was a fun chance to get together. Something very cool happened there. Someone I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks told me I look like I've been working out!

I am feeling really good. I have lost 4lbs since the beginning of December, which isn't that much, but it is healthy progress towards my goal of 15-17lbs lost. I have been working out about 5 hours a week at the gym and am loving it. I have been doing 3 PowerCut classes a week and feel stronger. I moved up in weight on some of the lifts! And, I cringe and complain from the effort during class, but leave loving it and looking forward to the next class.

My eating is going pretty well. It is hard to have Christmas cookies in the house. I haven't had great discipline as far as the cookies go, but I haven't totally "fallen off the wagon" either. I have been trying really hard to make my meals healthy and balanced, which makes me less likely to be angry with myself if I indulge in a cookie later in the day.

Pants update! My "skinny jeans" and my brand new "goal pants", which I could barely get over my hips 3 weeks ago, are very close to fitting! I can get them on and buttoned, though not comfortably. I told DH that I think I'll be in them by New Year's Eve! Hooray!


A Note for Myself

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My period started today. I noticed, as I've been tracking food and generally paying more attention to what I've been eating, that I have been all about the fat yesterday and today. I ate more fat yesterday and today than I have any other day in the last 2 weeks (when I re-started tracking). Interesting. I wonder if there is a correlation? I'll keep an eye on it.

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JIBBIE49 12/10/2008 10:23PM

    That is interesting. My dd, Maggie just wants to eat chocolate. I don't even like chocolate that much.

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Home for the Holidays

Sunday, December 07, 2008

My daughter (2.5 y.o.) is old enough this year to help me decorate christmas cookies! I actually haven't made many cookies the last few years - usually I make one or two batches and then a batch of fudge (DH's favorite), then use the batches for cookie exchanges so we end up with a nice assortment. Well, my pleasure for cooking is back now that my "Little Mama" likes to be my helper.

Tomorrow we will be decorating our cookies! We did some when my In-Laws were here for Thanksgiving so they could watch her and help her too. Those we sent home with Grandma and Grandpa. =) Tomorrow's batch will be split between a cookie exchange and gifts for some of our friends.

Then next Sunday I have bunko which, for Christmas, will also include a cookie exchange. I found a recipe for shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate. I think I'm going to let my daughter help me decorate those too. So fun!

The good news is... I like to MAKE the cookies a lot more than I like to EAT them! (I'll leave that to 6'2, 160lb DH!!)


Something clicked!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Last week, I was wallowing in a sea of Thanksgiving starches and goodies, with Christmas cookies on the horizon. Pretty depressed - we had family in town so I didn't make time to work out and spent the entire time cooking and offering people food. I gained back the few pounds I lost in November. Blah.

I learned that sometimes the way a person loses weight once is not the right way a second time. After my first baby was born, I used the Sparkpeople meal plans to help me lose my baby weight. The plans gave me direction and I felt like I was eating all the time. I lost the weight pretty easily.

This time (after baby #2 was born) I gained more weight and waited longer to work on getting it off. In November my son turned 1 and I had about 5lbs to lose to get back to pre-baby weight. I started the Sparkpeople meal plans. This time, I felt like the meal plans were boring and expensive to follow. I was a meal plan cheater.

Last weekend I was surfing around online and came across a site called "The DIY Diet" (Do it yourself). It is a blog about making a diet program that works for you. There are lists of meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner that are all under a certain # of calories. ("Breakfasts under 300 calories", etc.) There was also a link to figure out base metabolic rate and a really clear, easy explanation of how to set up your equation to figure out how many calories you need to burn a certain amount of weight. Surprise, surprise! The range I got is the range Sparkpeople gave me!

I decided that I am not going to do the meal plans anymore. Instead I am going to carefully weigh and measure, use to calculate nutritional value of meals I'm making, and be sure to track ALL of my food intake.
I started a liver and colon cleanse 2 week program.
I am carrying around a big water bottle with me at all times.
I have been jealously guarding my time to go to the workout classes I like at my gym.

I have been feeling really good, physically and mentally. Yesterday I made the mistake of going to the grocery store while I was hungry. I resisted the temptation to buy a frosted sugar cookie (those things are REALLY good! a pregnancy discovery!).

This weekend there we have A LOT going on. I need to watch my "grazing" at parties and make sure I find time to work out.


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