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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to close out my time with Sparkpeople by saying that I haven't left because I've stopped my journey to health--rather that I've moved onto something that works for me now as much as Spark worked for me a few years ago: Eating Clean.

You can find me on username amacuba.

Thanks so much to Sparkpeople for all the help over the years!

Goodbye and good luck everyone!



18 Days Eating Clean and Counting!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've had a few treats over the past few weeks, but they all would add up to less than I would have had in a couple of days in the past. The recent past!

I feel fantastic. I feel empowered! It's my TOM and I'm STILL managing to "deflate" from my 6-week chocolate bender. In June I weighed 152. I went up to 157.8, and now I'm at 155.0.

I've been working out pretty consistantly, though there could be some improvement there still, just like my eating. Things have already improved so much, that when I eventually lead an almost entirely healthy lifestyle (I'm aiming for 95% or higher), I can just imagine (actually I can't! lol) what things will be like.

I've entered a contest by the Eat Clean people, which will end in June next year. That's a whole year to make over my body FINALLY!

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LAURIEBLT 9/11/2010 8:51PM

    This sounds very cool! Eating Clean, is that eating all whole foods?

Way to go!!

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Doing Pretty Well I Think

Monday, August 09, 2010

I've continued with this Clean Eating and changing my life thing. Yesterday and today were a bit more of a challenge than the previous weeks, but that's not exactly a surprise. Bloody PMS!

Anyway, moving

The "bad" non-foods I've had in the past 7 days are:

1. A few fries. Like maybe 10.
2. A small bag of Lays. The 150 cal kind.

That's it. No seriously, that's it. The closest I came to other junky things is having 1/2 tsp sugar in my tea last Saturday, and the smallest piece of dark chocolate you can imagine that same day. I'm not even having sugar anymore...I have switched to blue agave again!

I bought 6 new lock-n-lock containers for the many small meals I'm to eat during each day, for the energy I need with life and exercising each day. I'm going to have to learn more things to bring for work--I've eaten way too much hummus. No more hummus!!

I'm feeling very positive about this, and not just positive, but CONFIDANT. I know I'm going to do it. I KNOW that I'm going to succeed in making my life the life I've always wanted. I'm choosing to do it. Therefore I AM doing it!!


Eat, Pray, Love...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

During the past 36 hours, the "universe" has been giving me a shove. At first it was just a suggestion, but so many things have come about in such a short time, that there's no denying it.

The "universe" or whoever your particular deity is, has been telling me in no uncertain terms to get with the program. I won't go into super detail, but it's a real slap to the back of the head lemme tell ya!

It started with my deciding that I need to get control of the freaking sugar again. I can't believe I'm back there again. Then a dear friend of mine emails me and tells me she's going to join a challenge this month, and then take a year, from September 2010 to September 2011, to make all the changes in her life she needs to, to make her life truly healthy.

I said cool I'll do it too! I started yesterday, since there's no time like the present. All is great thus far--saying no to unhealthy stuff (I'm going to do the next few weeks extra sugar and sat fat free, because I want to give myself some space from that kind of thing, and my body a chance to recover), exercising, etc. I'm not thinking like I CAN'T have it, more that I choose not to. The shift in thinking helps.

I'm not going to blog about the details, because I want this to be a great experience, not just a way to measure if I failed or passed. That's not what this is about--it's about changing for life, or rather changing the last bit to live the life I want to live. I will however blog about things that I am accomplishing, or have accomplished. The positive spin dontcha know!


Oh Pooh!

Monday, August 02, 2010

It's absolutely amazing to me how easy it is for me to slip into the "sit on my bum and eat unhealthily" thing. Like seriously, you'd think I was new at this!

Right now, I'm feeling a bit icky, owing in part to the 5 or so peanut butter chocolate balls I ate this afternoon. They weren't even all that great--but they were THERE, therefore they were eaten. The other part is that I've apparently taken a holiday for the past few weeks.

I threw out the rest of the package. My cat doesn't much care for chocolate you see. So I'd have to eat them...

My previous blog entry was about The Plan. I still like the plan. I even ran for one measly day...week before last? Bloody 'el. Seriously!

I know how it's going to make me feel physically. I'll be tired and kind of sicky feeling, with a low-grade headache. I know how it's going to make me feel emotionally--like I'm out of control and moving in the dead opposite direction of where I need and WANT to go.
I adore how I feel in all ways, when I lead a healthy lifestyle. I love how people come to me and ask for advice on how they can get healthy. I love everything about leading an active healthy lifestyle.

And yet, even after all this time, I find myself slipping back into my old ways. I know I'll get nothing out of doing it in the end, but at the time it seems like a better choice. Good lord I need to get this under control.

If anyone has read my other entries, this is nothing new for me. I've been battling against this since day 1. I think I really have to sit down with myself and find out why I'm choosing to make so many unhealthy choices.

I'm sure it's different for everyone, but I'd love to hear about some other people's issues/journeys/solutions to this. It seems to be a pretty common thing, so there should be lots of ideas out there!


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