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BMI Sucks

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I just took the American Heart Association 7 step assessment tool survey thingy (
) and all of my scores were "excellent" except for the BMI. At 163-165 pounds, my BMI is above 25, which means that I'm considered "overweight." Screw that! My body fat percentage is only 27% these days, which is perfectly average. And I get 180 minutes of moderate activity and 90 minutes of vigorous activity per week, don't eat processed foods, and get lots of servings of whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Why should I be told to choose the "next step" of seeing a dietician to ensure I'm burning more calories than I'm consuming? Or reducing my portion size?

BMI just isn't fair to those of us who are built from "depleted uranium," as my parents used to say (that is, very densely and heavier than we look). I'm going to ignore what the survey thing said and just be happy that I got "excellent" scores on everything else. My heart should be in good shape!

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SPARKLE1908 3/25/2013 6:23PM

    I never take those surveys, etc. seriously because there are too many "factors" that aren't long as my doctor says that I am ok or whatever, that is the only "BMI" I care about...good job with the rest of that!!!!

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45AQUA-MAN 3/22/2013 1:11AM

    I totally agree BMI has been one of my pet peeves for a long time. When I went below 185 I looked terrable so I went back up to 185 and I'm fine. My wife likes me at 195. I think the BMI is set for people without muscle.

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ARIZONASHELL 3/22/2013 12:45AM

    I completely understand where you're coming from!! I have the same problem, but I think you're on the right track! You have to focus on the positive and realize that there's always going to be something that is off. You can't let yourself worry when you're on the right track and doing well. Just keep working at it and doing what you're doing. You're doing great... don't let it get you down! :)


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I figured it out! :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I've been trying to figure out how much of my weight loss was fat. I've been thinking about it all wrong, and way underestimating.

I was trying to times the difference in percentages by the amount I lost; that's dumb. Of course the simplest way would be to figure out how much of my weight corresponded to fat, then subtract those values. :) This is what I came up with.

I'm doing really well! All of the weight that I've lost so far has been fat! That's fantastic! That means I must be doing something right. :)

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CHARTHESTAR 3/20/2013 8:19PM

    good job!

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GRANDMABABA 3/20/2013 5:34PM


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JAIMESIZED 3/20/2013 3:23PM

    Congratulations! :)

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A New Target, and Finally Some Progress!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I have been struggling with my food for a while. It's so discouraging to track and see that no matter how hard I try my calories are too high and my vitamins are too low and my fiber is never high enough and blah blah blah. I know that the interactive trackers that give feedback are supposed to be more effective and help, but it was killing me. I stopped tracking and just struggled along as best I could.

I lost 3 pounds from Thanksgiving to the beginning of February.

I spent most of January and February sick. But I tried as hard as I could to eat right and get to the gym. One night, I went to the gym even though I was sick and had a little bit of a break down with the trainer. He said I needed to increase my protein intake. I bought the Abs Diet book, which talked about foods that you should eat and stuff. I looked through it and made a couple easy tweaks to my diet, but I didn't really change how much I was eating or anything, I just started writing my meals down in a little notebook, and aiming for 125 grams of protein every day.

I lost 5 pounds from February 8 to February 28.

I think this is working. It's easy to write down my meals in my little notebook, and it doesn't tell me how many calories or how poorly I'm doing. It's just a nice little reminder that I should pay attention, and I can keep track of how much protein I'm getting. I went from about 30 grams on average a day to 115 to 125 grams per day. And it's easy! It only took a little bit of tweaking to my diet. I added some low-sugar protein powder (made with whey protein) and I feel great!

I think that this is sustainable. I know that my trainer wants me to be eating like 1,400 calories a day, but I'm not going to worry about that. I'm just going to keep tracking on paper (no feedback!) and keep my protein intake up, and we'll see how it goes. I think it will work for me!

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AURORAMILLET 3/1/2013 3:30PM


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STEVIEBEE569 2/28/2013 8:14PM

    Way to go! Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon

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JULESJET 2/28/2013 8:00PM

    Keep it up!

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Really?!? Enough may just be enough.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We signed up for a gym on Friday. Good timing, right? Right after Thanksgiving, I'll try to get back on track. One of the "Black Friday" benefits of the deal was a free once-a-month meeting with a personal trainer. Last night we had our first meeting, and now I'm mad at myself. I'm 1/3 fat! I knew I was weak, but 32.2% body fat is a little bit ridiculous for me. Even when I was at my heaviest (195 lbs), my body fat percentage wasn't that high. I think I've hit a new "low," and it makes me angry. Angry at myself for letting it get so bad.

That having been said, at least I know where I am and where I need to go. At 175 lbs and 32.2% body fat, I have 119 lbs of lean body mass (32.2% x 175 = 56 lbs). If I want 16% body fat to be healthy, that means I'll need 19 lbs of fat (or so), leaving me at 138 lbs. My target weight is 155, so that means I need to put on 17 lbs of muscle.

The personal trainer said that if he couldn't get me there in three months of weekly meetings he'd train me for free. Weekly meetings are $25 each, so it's $100 per month, and both my husband and I would get training. We just bought a house, so money is a little tight, but an investment of $300 to be at my goal weight (which I've been at before) with lean muscle mass (which I've always wanted but not known how to get) is very, very tempting. I have hated how weak I've been while moving in--I can't lift anything, and I get tired very easily. I haven't gained a lot of "size" but I've lost most of my muscle, and I want it back. I only need to lose 20 pounds...

So what are your thoughts? $300 and three months is a lot cheaper than lipo (which for the record I'm not actually considering) and if I can do it, the results would last. Has anyone had any success with a personal trainer? Has anyone thought it was a waste of money?


I'm worried about the family dog

Monday, August 06, 2012

So, DH and I have been living with my in-laws all summer, waiting to hear back from the bank on the short-sale we've had an offer on since May.

When we first moved in, I tried running with the dog. She loved it! And I did too, but then my knees started acting up again, so I had to stop. My new program is great -- elliptical three times per week, daily yoga, and a 60 day Pinterest challenge I picked up -- but the dog can't participate.

Unfortunately, I've noticed the dog packing on the pounds. Granted, this is not my fault: she was overweight at the beginning of the summer too. And I don't get to control how she's fed (her bowl is filled whenever it's empty, and she gets leftovers from the table) but I think I am going to talk to my mother-in-law about that. At any rate, since I haven't been running, neither has she.

So here's my plan: daily 30 minute walks with her, after work. It won't be *my* exercise plan. I'm going to continue my elliptical/yoga program, working my way up to running in the mornings instead of elliptical. When that happens, I'll bring her along, and do the 30 minute walks in the evening too. By that point, we'll both be in good enough shape!

I hope that the walks will help. It is such a shame for a dog to be overweight! She loves to play fetch, but it's just not enough for the amount of food she's eating. Wish us both luck on our journey!

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IACTA_ALEA_EST 8/7/2012 12:18PM

    Im much better about the fitness of my dog than my own...working on equalizing them. I have a seatpost attachment and the dog joins me on a bike ride every morning. He loves it! It takes care to watch out glass on some streets and wildlife on others, but we keep the pace slow for safety. He burns so many calories he gets three meals a day...after all so do I.

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JESSICAMARIE12 8/6/2012 3:54PM

    It's a big responsiblity owning a pet, and making sure they stay healthy. It's even more difficult when you have someone who doesn't understand/know/care about the health of your pet (who is usually an extention of your family to most people). My grandparents have a mini Yorkie, who is the sister of my mother's Yorkie. The poor baby is so obese it breaks my heart. They take her to the groomers every week, but she sweats so much that the next day it looks like she's never been. They feed her sausage biscuits from McDonalds in the morning, hand feed her from the table, and hand feed her dog food (if she even eats it). And they say the vet tells them she's healthy!!!! What planet does that vet live on?! She's only supposed to be 3 pounds max, and she's around 7?! But anyway, she fell off the couch last week and broke her leg in 3 places. They say it's because she feel from the couch and landed wrong - I say it's from her extra weight....BUT my point is, pets need exercise just as much as we do, so GOOD for you for taking time out of your workouts to care for you baby!! :)

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