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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have better ways to spend 140 calories. For example, 140 calories of cottage cheese gives me 22 grams of protein. The other night, I ate 140 calories of straight tangos—but I multiplied the serving size by 5 and mindlessly ate 700 calories!!! In the 700 calories, I got 10 grams of protein and nearly 100 grams of CARB!! AND 35 GRAMS OF FAT!! Holy moly!! That is A LOT OF CARBS AND FAT.

Frank Zane keeps his total fat below 20-25% of his total calories, which for me would mean keeping it under 30 gms of fat. This is tough. He also would have me eat 130 gms protein per day and no more than 165 grams of total CARB. Wow. Right now, I’m working on getting at least 80 gm of protein a day. Baby steps.

If I use portion control and eat 9 chips of Tangos, I have 2 g of protein, 19g CARBS and 7g FAT. Not worth it. But if I did have it, I would stick to less than 9 chips (4 or 5) and have it with cottage cheese and salsa (15 cal per 2 T). The problem with these types of foods is they trigger binge eating. What the heck do you do with the chips in the rest of the bag? My family is not crazy about them and I end up eating them.


One more observation: the manufacturer lists sugar 3 different times in the ingredient list: dried cane syrup, cane sugar and honey. It is a ruse. When they divide the sugar ingredients like that, sugar does not show up in the top 3 ingredients. Instead, the ingredient list looks wholesome—stone ground corn, sunflower oil, whole brown flaxseed…then sugars begin. This is junk food masquerading as health food. SHAME ON ME!! I fell more than once for buying it. The marketers put it in a brownish bag—reminiscent of old style food—and announced in big letters that it has omega 3, whole grains and no transfats.

No more tangos (tortilla chips).

4x(130 gm of protein+165 gm of carb)=1168 and 9x(30gm of fat)=270 for a total calorie of 1168+270=1438 TOTAL CALORIE



Sticky Chicken Day

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sticky chicken is going from the frig to crockpot this a.m.—no time to stick around and baste it. When one chicken is done, I’ll pull it out and throw in the other.

Yesterday’s workout was spinning 45 minutes. Because I can’t stand being in the gym and not lifting on my “off” day, I decided to do some cable exercise-internal and external rotations, abdominal crunch, biceps and triceps. I stuck to upper body/abs because today, Wednesday, is leg day.

Stew turned out great. I chopped and threw together a lovely mix. I even threw in drained black beans for more fiber and protein. It is heavy on the protein—which is just what I want. Have enough to freeze and have leftovers.

LEARNING MOMENT: I served Tangos whole wheat and flaxseed chips with Ortega salsa as a side with the stew in lieu of bread. I ate four servings! (4x140cal—whoa!! You get the picture….) I served on a whim to please my family. Did not think about how I would handle them. STRATEGY—Avoid serving unnecessary nutrition. Everyone in my household is old enough that if they want bread along with their stew, they can create their own side. And they did.


I made oatmeal (half cup dry) with raisins, walnuts, flaxseed and flax germ plus one full scoop of vanilla whey protein (27 gm pr-). Did not need any more sweetener! I also notice today WALNUTS ARE SWEET. Are my tastes changing?!! STRATEGY-OMIT BR SUGAR FROM FUTURE OATMEAL AND ADD VANILLA WHEY PROTEIN INSTEAD OF TASTELESS SOY


“Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”

I reflected to DH yesterday that I intended to lose 100 pounds starting last Nov 4 to be fit this November for “parent-senior day” with my high school son. I have not lost 100—and it feels like failure. However, I HAVE LOST 25 and am a LOT stronger. I’m more trim. I’m going SLOW. I’m slowly bringing my family along. I’m always moving forward.

DH was incredibly supportive with his words to me. He is not disappointed that I’m not at the 100 pound lost mark. He is thrilled with how my body has changed—more energy, more strength, and down from size 22 to 18. He likes my enthusiasm for eating right and exercise and has tried to incorporate some of the actions in his own life.

I am wonderfully blessed. I love my DH.

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ALYFITN 9/29/2010 7:44PM

    I'm suppose to make it in the oven but can't be around today to baste it. I followed the SP recipe because of all the comments and good reviews. My grocery store had buy one get one free sale on chicken so I had two birds. I put the ingredients together and onto the chicken overnight as the recipe described. There is no stickiness to my finished crockpot version. But, hey, it's protein and my family is eating it up.

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PEGGYMAS1 9/29/2010 9:14AM

    I love sticky chicken but we do it in the oven

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MissPerception IS Lady-In-Weighting

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today, I change my sparkpage screen name from MissPerception to Lady-In-Weighting.

My new theme song—“I Can See Clearly Now” the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s going to be a bright…day.

I’m doing great today! So far (lunch time), I’ve had 71 gms of protein. Carbs are 120, and fat is at 26. Almonds will be my snack later today. POSITIVE eating is helping me. I can see I already do a lot of stuff right. Like, I was knocking myself for eating toast with pumpkin butter and 1 cup of milk along with a pretty well balance 300 calorie “meal” of oikos yogurt (13 gm protein) and bare naked granola (4gm pr-). My body is right!! I had a tough workout morning. The extra calories were good and added to the protein and did not go over on thecarbs. Besides my tough YMCA workout this morning, I have been doing a ton of physical activity. DH and I are ripping carpet out for replacement and I’m still doing painting, staining, varnishing projects.

For the afternoon, I will pack a cooler. I have hardboiled eggs on hand as well as good produce. I have 2 broilers in the frig to make sticky chicken when I get back home. I have crockpot beef from yesterday that will go well in a vegetable stew. I need to pick up carrots, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. I have nothing ready made right now. Ooooh. That’s dangerous. I’ll run out to the store, get the veggies and throw it all in the crockpot before I take off to pull carpet and paint.


Frank Zane

Monday, September 27, 2010

I read about Frank Zane online and ordered a couple books from amazon. I’m intrigued by the older guys from California who were part of the 60s and 70s bodybuilding movement. Derek Prior recommended Frank Zane’s material.

Frank emphasizes slow negative, quick positive and I absolutely agree with him. I had a great workout today using a tempo that held me in contraction 3 seconds, slowly lowered against gravity, paused 2 seconds then shot back up with power for another repetition. It makes a difference. Frank also recommends --train 3 days in five, makes your body survive. That doesn’t include cardio and some calisthenics that I can do daily. But clearly, I was overdoing it. I’m going to train smarter.

Frank is 63. He cycles during the year so sometimes he is “in training” and other times he is in maintenance. I’m eager to read his books.

I used lower weights than usual as I concentrated on tempo today. I am proud of myself. Given the limitations of my Y, I'm able to switch things up on short notice. My Y closed at 3pm while I was there for compound exercises. So I took it home and made it a home workout for shoulders. Today, I did Back and Chest and avoided overhead shoulders to rest that area. Someone was using the flat bench so I did inclines and returned later for another set on the flat bench. I listen to my body. I am sore today after 2 good sessions in a row, so tomorrow will be abs only and cardio. I look forward to legs on Wednesday.

I have learned many exercises. My current goal is to organize and plan my workouts. Some pre-planned systems simply do not work for me. Usually it is a workflow problem. I am excited about learning and picking up tips from more experienced body sculptors.

I ate 100 grams of protein so far today!! My ratios are good for me and that is progress--150 gm carb, around 50 fat and 100 protein. Yay for me!!

PS Today I did Frank’s “abs-cardio” circuit. For ten minutes I did a one minute cardio of whatever was handy at the Y alternating with one minute of leg raise, crunch, or twist. I LOVED the feel of the workout. However, the logistics of wiping down your cardio machine and getting over to a mat was cumbersome. So I’ll do it only on slow-Y days and can do it at home.

I’ve been doing Brett’s bridges first thing in the morning when I roll out of bed. I do at least 100 throughout the day. Wow! They are really tightening my gluts. ‘Nuf said.


Derek Prior’s Foundations for a Better Physique

Monday, September 20, 2010

From Derek Prior Foundations for a Better Physique on my kindle. I also ordered his F.I.S.H. workout recording book. Will pencil in daily and enter it online on Spark. It gives me a system to record tempo.

emoticonImportant to record my eating and drinking—will provide my baseline in terms of ratios of macronutrients I typically consume—I followed everthing in my nutrition tracker for 3 months religiously Jan thru March 2010. I am too low in protein. Strategy: PROTEIN WITH EVERY SNACK AND MEAL; add 1 T olive oil to Kirstin’s berry smoothie; use 1 oz or less of walnuts or almonds for fat; stick to one half avocado for fat, no more.

emoticon“For losing fat, it is crucial to increase incidental exercise you do”—walking in daily life, stairs, painting, gardening. Might be helpful to record incidental exercise with a pedometer or record time of walking. Body adapts swiftly so you must keep making things harder or add variety. E.g. walking faster or taking longer route.

emoticon“Circuit training at home or outside is a great adjunct to the main resistance training program b/c you will combine cardio with core and endurance based resistance work.” Strategy and a ‘good for you!’ – I LOVE working out at home or in the garage or in the back patio or on the deck or outside in the yard. Just LOVE IT!! It feels like a major break in my day. It generates improved mood and energy. It gives me pause from my work to take in the sunshine and fresh air of the day while purposely working my muscles (no guilt!). I’m too old to give a damn about what the neighbors think. I have given Chris Downie’s perception on “fifteen minutes a day” serious consideration. I agree that there is improvement in my psyche and physical well being by including fifteen minutes daily as a habit. This is above and beyond my planned workout at the Y. Sometimes, I cannot make it to the Y and that fact of life shall not derail me.

emoticonI find I am increasing my “incidental exercise” lately—as Derek Prior would call it.

Derek’s 6 foundation exercises:

1. Dead Lifts
2. Squats
3. Dips
4. Bent over rows. At this point, I closed the book to guess what the next 2 would be if I were Derek. My answer first, his in parentheses:
5. Bench press (clean & press)
6. Pull downs (chin ups—yep, a pulling motion!)

emoticonI love Bret Cotreras’ hip thrust that I do at home for my gluts. They are my squat variation. I like them b/c I do them from my bed and my bed is a perfect height. I also sometimes do them from the couch when DH watches tv:

The guy in the kilt (sparker sargeantmajor) does
1. dead lift
2. squats or lunges
3. bench press
4. overhead press – Arnold or military
5. rows
6. pull downs—similar list accept for Derek’s inclusion of dips which I love and kilt guy’s separation of bench press (pecs) from overhead presses (which Derek uses but excludes the bench press. I’m surprised b/c I think the bench press is extremely important. I’m going with kilt guy on this one)

So, my list. And a question. Knowing that ORDER of exercise is important, did these authors mean to keep the exercises performed in this order. My guess is yes. But I will think these through to see what work flow is best for me at my gym.

2. SQUATS or lunges
3. DIPS (triceps) or assisted dips on Y machine
4. BENT OVER ROWS. Can add other rows but in addition and not to replace. (I’ve been doing low rows on cable b/c I like it better than bent over rows, but will consider now doing both. Need to think about it.)
5. Military press or Arnold. When my core and balance improve, I will combine these with squats or lunges.
6. Bench press
7. Pull downs or assisted chin ups on Y machine

I usually pair my assisted dips and assisted chin ups (pull ups) b/c I use the same machine. I superset with my gluts b/c in my Y, the assist machine is close to the glut machine. I can also superset the assisted exercises with leg extension_90#. Either way, I like the upper body/lower body pairing b/c it gives my body a break and allows me to keep going in the gym. Time efficiency.


Chest and back
A1 bench press_80#
A2 seated cable ro_45#

Shoulders and lats
B1 Arnold or military press
B2 Lat Pulldown_45#

Biceps and triceps
C1 standing BB curls
C2 standing BB triceps extensions

Quads and hamstrings???? Don’t know about this. Think I would pair it with hamstring curl—machine is right next to leg press.
D1 Squats
D2 Leg press

TriSet leg extension, hamstring curl, stiff legged deadlift
E1 leg extension_45#
E2 hamstring curl
E3 stiff legged deadlift. I’ve been doing E1 & E2. Chuck taught me. New strategy: Do 10-15 reps on extensions, do same for hamstring curls. Rest one minute. Then 8-12 stiff legged deadlift. The problem is, I have to have the bar ready for the dead lift—but I can do that during one minute rest.

F1 Standing calf raises—just blast those suckers
F2 seated calf raises. Do MaryAnne55’s calf 21’s to hit all 3 heads of calf muscle
F2a_3 inches apart, weight inside ball of foot
F2b_12 inches apart, weight inside ball of foot
F2c_12 inches apart, weight outside ball of foot


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