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worn out

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i can't believe i'm doing this, but i need help - - please repost if you're so inclined - thank you


since you have access to a computer you should probably read this...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cory Doctorow's New Guardian column: What happens to your keys and passwords when you die?

and yet again, i'm reminded i need to put together a dnr, a living will, power of attorney, and at least a simple will and testament (not that i have a lot of stuff or any money, but i don't want to leave a mess for t or my parents if something happens, and i definitely don't want to be put on life support for any significant amount of time)

and i'd bet a lot of you need to do some of these things too


more less than good news...

Friday, February 27, 2009

so moving is decidedly not going smoothly, there are problems w/ the new place (like the only heat in the apt, a gas fireplace, not working; the kitchen faucet leaking like crazy; the "screaming" toilet; no light/power on the private patio; and the landlord not returning my calls), and between work, waiting for utilities so we can see etc, and fubar schedules and my dr's appointment we're no-where near to packed although we have to pick up the rental truck saturday

and a lot of friends are having major problems themselves right now - i wish i could make it better for all of us...

but what's really got me down is the results from the doctors appointment which wasted half my day yesterday and cost me $1600+ for the visit and the meds for the next 30-60 days depending on the medication (and that doesn't include the meds that i can actually get at walgreen's) - and so far bc/bs won't cover a cent of my treatment - i can't really afford this, but without treatment i'd be killing myself...

he's been running more tests and i'm getting worse, not better

my adrenal system has gotten a bit better in some ways so i get to stop taking cortisol, but thyroid function, systemic yeast infection, and overly coagulative blood is worse - so more thyroid meds (smaller doses 2x/day), back on heparin, fluconazole (which i can only tolerate for about 10 days before it makes me really sick), double the dose of the anti-coag pills to 2 2x/day and add nystatin in the hopes of getting that back under control

and he wants me back on <20g of carbs/day (which means more weight loss - i DO NOT need/want to lose weight, but my body doesn't react well to that few carbs and it just happens)

oh, and apparently i have fibromyalgia - he's ruled out all the other possible causes for some of my symptoms - it's not chronic fatigue as a result of the thyroid issues which was the original thought...

so more drugs for that including clonazipram and flexoril (the later was previously prescribed only for bad pain days) every night to see if they help - if i'm understanding his diagnosis correctly i've probably had fibro for years (since grad school at least) and been mis-diagnosed and treated incorrectly - luckily i'm allergic to most nsaids so at least the wrong treatment for the pain didn't destroy my liver...

the diagnosis explains some of the difficulty concentrating and multi-tasking which are fairly new; it's entirely possible that the stress of my split going to hell coupled with the excessive work hours last spring/summer/fall worsened my mild symptoms to what i'm dealing with now - which is terrifying to me - i'm making stupid mistakes and finding i have to triple check myself on simple things - also new

gah - how am i supposed to react to this? i do everything i can to take good care of myself; eat right (eat really well actually), exercise regularly, try desperately to get enough sleep (i've been tracking it; i average 7.5-8 hours a day, although i always wake up at least once during that time, usually more), i try to do what the doctors recommend, and i just seem to get worse

and even with the added meds i still can't fucking get to sleep - insomnia is recognized as both a potential cause/aggravator of and a symptom of fibro

wow - depressing post; is it sunday yet? (can't go dancing tomorrow; moving takes precedence; i intend to be out sunday though or i may lose it the rest of the way) - i hope that given some time i'll learn to cope with this too, but really - wtf have i done to make this my life? i don't want to spend the rest of my life coping, i want to enjoy being alive

comments are screened; no comment necessary if it's just an i'm sorry or a hug - i know that already and i love you all for the good thoughts


busy busy weekend

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

this weekend i was even busier than normal, and while i was over tired yesterday today i'm doing better

did the usual dance nights friday and sunday, but danced more than usual as the music was so excellent

add to that a warehouse sale and movie premiere on saturday, an expo which involved about 2 miles of walking sunday and i felt like ass monday

i am proud of myself that i worked out pretty hard in spite of the pain yesterday

and i spent about 3 hours cooking - first for my neighbors, then for my partner and i

since we have a garden that's at the end of the season we had a ton of fresh tomatoes to use - so fresh pomodora sauce for everyone - mmm



Friday, January 23, 2009

just wanted to introduce myself here

i'm a 42 year old woman from Los Angeles CA

i work hard to keep myself in shape and take care of my body, but i wanted to do a better job of tracking diet and exercise as i work thru some medical issues i'll have to deal with for the rest of my life

i'm struggling with hashimodo's thyroid - an auto-immune disorder which among other things means my body doesn't make or process many of the needed hormones to keep it functioning smoothly; it also means that i have a systemic candidia infection which makes for a very restricted diet and a daily med/supplement count of 25 things to take/apply (frustrating, but i'm working on dealing with this more gracefully and i am thankful that at least i'm now on a treatment plan that seems to be working)

in addition i have arthritis in my right hip from a fracture when i was in my 20's - california weather helps a lot (i moved from dc about 2 years ago) but regular exercise is also part of my routine to keep the pain and numbness at managable levels

i am surprised that there aren't more options for adjusted counts and plans for people who have to stick to very low carb diets though (this site tells me i'm doing it wrong every time i look at my daily stats)

anyway - not looking for sympathy or anything like that, but as i figure out how to use this site i'm sure people will start to see my counts, etc and wonder why i eat the way i do or about my exercise choices - the reasons above make it pretty necessary for me to stay healthy

i'd love to hear from others who have thyroid or other issues that keep them on low carb diets and ideas for coping with this (man do i miss bread)

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UZUMEDEVI 2/21/2009 12:29PM

    I miss bread..& rice..but above all other things..pasta. *big eyes* Today I have finally given in to the fact that I will have to do math & calorie count.

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