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Getting used to Home

Monday, February 25, 2013

Okay, so I've been back home for about 10 days now and things have settled down (a bit). I've looked into the nearby gyms and have almost made a choice on which to sign up for. Still haven't tried their classes (going to hopefully finally try Zumba tonight).

The transition has been nice, but also a bit unkind to my weightloss goals. Despite my efforts something always came up and I did jump a pound or two (it keeps fluctuating). Pet peeve with this site at the moment is that it tracks a number, not a unit. As I've had to switch from kg to lbs, this presents a bit of an annoyance vs MFP which is my go-to on the go tracker... which was just a change of settings to make all my previous numbers change as well.
Anyway, yeah~ its a lot harder to keep on-track than it was in europe. Everything seems to be more calorie-packed and the portions certainly fool you into eating more. I'm getting better though ^_^

We did get a food scale, which helps, though I can't use it for everything without upsetting dinner. Also did several outings with friends, including a couple parks in Cali... so that was also a major calorie overload.

I think my main problem is that I've yet to get over the "if people are eating, we're *all* eating" thing. I can't seem to allow myself to be the only one without food in front of her when we're in a group (though I did only eat a fruit cup and a bite of a friend's burger while people had burgers for lunch... so I'm taking it as a step in the right direction)... anyone know how to get over that without looking like a hard-core dieter or overly picky eater?

As far as gyms go, I've so far developed a slight love/hate relationship with them. I *want* to like then, I do. But... well, I still feel a bit overwhelmed in figuring out what I want from them, or what to do.

I've shied away from the 'big boy' equipment, mostly sticking to treadmills and some of the machines that clearly show what the hell to do (many don't, especially in the gym that's at the top of my list atm ; its older and smaller, but far closer than other options and I'd assume it still has all the stuff I need). I have yet to try free weights, which I know are supposed to be a far better exercise than the machines... but yeah. Don't want to hurt myself doing it wrong. Any tips? I'm finding it especially hard to figure out how to do cardio for significant lengths of time. I did Insanity okay, not saying I kept up with everything, but okay... I can't do treadmill for more than 10min. I get bored and tired and just decide to move on. I keep doing cardio and strength routines. Any ideas for non-running gym cardio?

So yeah... overall, I need help with the gym thing -_-; Part of me is wondering if going back to doing insanity wouldn't be wiser, but I do want to incorporate strength, etc... and I do have a lack of good workout space at home. I'm hoping I don't get too high a setback before I figure everything out. Here's hoping ^_^

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BEANIES_MOM 2/26/2013 4:37AM

    The gym overwhelms me mostly because I feel super self concious, but I find that a buddy helps if you can get someone to go with you it makes it easier. A sparkfriend on here also suggested meeting with a trainer a few times just to get a routine and get familiar with the machines.

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BOPPY_ 2/25/2013 2:35PM

    Minor suggestion:

Reading is a lot easier with blank lines between paragraphs -- 'specially for us oldies with weak eyes. emoticon

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F'ing Feb -_-;

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sorry, this is an utter rant, but I'm hoping that by putting it on paper (erm.. e-paper?) it'll finally stop driving me crazy and start letting me move on and sort of reset.
I started exercising (then dieting) last winter, went steady until summer and then stopped when I went home. Came back to EU and more or less started dieting and exercising without much problem. I've been dropping in weight (not counting summer's spike) quite well.
And THEN came F'in February!
From the 31st of Jan everything has seemingly gone to the dogs. I'm averaging an extra 200+ cals vs jan, with the numbers steadily growing. Oh, and I'm not exercising.
First, I get sick on the 1st; too icky and stuffed up to even *think* about cardio (I even took the elevator instead of the stairs for a couple days).
I'm doing calorie cycling, and since I'm leaving and a lot of friends want to do going away eating out lunch/dinners I've planned the high, low and med days appropriately. Feb 1st was my 'high' day, and I was right on track. 2nd was a medium, and it too was okay. the 3rd was supposed to be a med day, but gran decided to make me my favorite pierogi and load me up with them... suffice to say, it turned into a high day again, which at this point I hoped I could mitigate by shifting things around for this week. 4th, I *thought* I was going to go back on track (low day)... but the 5th (which also should have been a low) got upgraded to a medium. Still I thought I thought I could salvage the situation. 6th, I had one of said 'going away lunches'... and planned to at least keep it as a med day. And I did, until I got home and discovered that gran had bought several kinds of doughnuts for the upcoming holiday (today). I sampled said doughnuts and went over 100cals *above* a high day (above BMR*1.2). And of course, today WAS said holiday... and another going away dinner... after which I was told that I simply *can't* not eat at least one doughnut on the holiday. I ate 2, after sitting out the doughnuts all day. I *nearly* made it, but noooo. I'm so mad at myself -_-;
And all this without any exercise since the 31st (and I'm still sick n' sniffling non-stop).
I know the above has mainly to do with my control issues (which up to this point have been *fine*)... but it just feels like all Feb I can't catch a break!
Now I'm going home in a week (exactly), and fear all I'll be faced with there is a ton of friends wanting me to experience all the food I didn't have here (like mexican, korean bbq, etc).
I'm seriously panicking that everything I've worked for will be undone in a few weeks and I'll be back to square one! It took me from August until late Nov to work off the weight I gained back over last summer. Now I'm going to be home until (at least) Sept and by then I can weigh as much as I did before starting all of this... and I don't think I can deal with starting over from scratch.

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BOPPY_ 2/23/2013 7:24PM

    Friends and especially Family can *sometimes* be *part* of the problem, especially if you indicate to them your recognition of yourself as the old you (by dis'ing yourself).

BeckysFriend said it well, "You know what you need to do". Start taking and *recording* in your blog and the trackers small steps, and say how in additional small steps you're going to improve tomorrow.

You are doing it! (a missing icon)

emoticon emoticon

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HDHAWK 2/10/2013 3:12PM

    Focus on time with friends and family instead of the food (easier said than done). Last time I lost this weight (yes, starting over here too) I had to say no many times before my friends finally stopped bugging me to eat things I didn't want. Good luck!

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BECKYSFRIEND 2/7/2013 7:00PM

    we all have setbacks. You know what you need to do and emoticon . emoticon

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Calorie Cycling Issues

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Okay, I figure I'll start trying to write things down after all. And since I's trying the Calorie Cycling thing, now is a good time.
A little background;
I've been eating an average of just 1200cal a day since I started this site, and have gone down to the high 700's on a couple occasions. I've still been losing weight, but I feel like my metabolism is slowing as is, and I heard this is a good way to counter that. I still want to drop at least 10kg... but I don't want to be left with a metabolism that basically won't let me eat more than a salad in order to maintain the weight.
I went to the site I posted a link to in my first entry, entered my data and got calorie req of
1300 (avg) a day for no exercise and 1600 a day with exercise. While I don't keep exactly to the calendar, I *have* been doing insanity most days, so I figured I'd do the 1600 average (this means my low would be 1300, med 1600 and high of 1900) with a plan of M M L H M L H starting on saturday.
I started saturday and was barely able to eat 1600 calories (1570). I do guesstimate calories, but I couldn't be *that* much off. I try to over estimate if anything (though again, estimating is estimating). Either way, I felt miserable and realize that there's no way I could eat 1900 caloires, hell, I doubt I can eat 1600 again today... I feel like I have a big rock in my stomach -_-;
I'm also up nearly a kilo from last morning's weigh-in (which is also why I used yesterday's weigh in in my tracker, not today's... though I usually write in the sunday weight). I check everyday but only input the value every week (though I'm thinking of just putting it in daily since I check anyway... but then the graph will look crazy, lol) I realize the kilo (from 67.2 to 68 this morning) does not mean I gained that in fat... and hopefully tomorrow it *will* go down at least a bit... but it still hurts, you know? I also feel heavy and bloated T_T;
Anyway, seeing as I can barely make the 1600 cal mark, I've decided to switch to the 1300 average (so 1000/1300/1600 respectfully), making yesterday my high day.
Long story short, I am going to try and stick with this for a week or two and see how my results go.
I just really hope I didn't break my losing streak and sabotaged myself -_-;

EDIT: Update; it *finally* fell back to 67.3 this morning (29th); it's been hovering around 68.5 since the blog post ^_^

Side note about a pet peeve I have with this site; Just because someone uses the greater than/less than signs does NOT mean the person is using HTML!!!!
I can't use most of my faces and have to substitute the side emos X(
grrrr so frustrating!

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HDHAWK 1/27/2013 10:47AM

    Going from 700- 1200 straight to 1600 is a big jump. You could try bumping up 100 at a time and do it gradually. Give yourself some time to play with the numbers to find out where you're still losing. Your metabolism is probably slow because you've been eating really low with the exercise you're doing. Your body may hold on to a few calories if you haven't been eating enough but it will level out. Be patient and good luck!

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GOPINTOS 1/27/2013 7:54AM

    Best of luck to you! Like you mentioned, try it and see if it works. I have tried to fix things that werent broken, and weight loss stopped! So I am glad you are staying on top of it!

Thanks for sharing!


Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
Melinda (gopintos)
Calorie Cycling Team
Missourians Team
Perfect Health Diet Team
Country Living Team
Dr Oz Show Fans Team
Wheat Belly Team


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Some links I've found helpful

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Not really a blog entry... more of a "I don't want to keep looking for these" page for links.
Still, I found them useful, and who knows? Maybe startring a blog might be a good idea (never tried ^_^)
3D generator
Calorie Cycling

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KA_JUN 1/26/2013 3:58PM

    I've found blogging an invaluable tool just to process things I'm working on and also to help keep me accountable! emoticon

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THE_SHAKESHAFT 1/26/2013 2:02PM

    Cheers!! :D

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POSEY440 1/26/2013 12:56PM

  emoticon m emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CAT609 1/26/2013 9:08AM

    Awesome, thanks!

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BOOKWORM27S 1/26/2013 8:43AM

    Thanks for the avatar link!

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SEAGLASSQUEEN 1/26/2013 8:38AM


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