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Good news bad news

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well, the doc says I'm down another 7 pounds, making a total of 15 since Thanksgiving. There's the good news.

The bad news; Metro's killing my bus route home, meaning I'll have to either drive (which cuts out my 2-mile walk), or figure out a bike commute for the 8 mile trip.

Mind you, I'll walk rain, shine, snow. My route is also past a police precinct. So the weather and getting soaked is not something I'm really worried about, and I fear for my safety more during the DAY when walking in that area. But I am wondering about safety concerns riding at night that I wouldn't have when on foot at night. Anywhere I can get advice on the feasibility of biking to work on swing shifts?


Where the weight started

Friday, March 16, 2012

Most of this crap on my frame got on because my mind was occupied with a lot of everything else. It was college, and my mom is still a horrible cook, meaning I knew diddly squat about cooking. Second, I was in a nasty-difficult course of study (Computer Science) and mom made no secret about how she HATED my choice of college, that she didn't want to pay for it, that I should have just gone to trade school, so I was going to take the classes that would get me a **job.** (Meaning I didn't tell her about electives, and didn't have much of a social life).

Oh, then my twin sister got into a nasty row with mom over college and everything else, walked out, and Mom threatened to cut her off. Aunt (mom's sister) intervened and took over support for twin. Mom hit roof and has refused to speak to her sister since (this was the math). I kept my beak shut because I didn't want to make the situation worse and already had a mess on my hands.

Then, I wanted to get some independence, so I started working. It turned into full time work (fast food grave shift)/full time school. My mom's reaction to saying I was overwhelmed and in pain was to crow how "proud" she was of me for earning a paycheck. And since we're talking minimum wage, I was pretty much living on the company discount. Not the healthiest fare, but it was what I could afford.

I went from 130 to 190.

Then, I started working 2 jobs, 16 hours a day, 6 days a week to pay off my student loans. Followed by a dead-end job at a call center with high volume, high stress, hours that changed with the boss's whims, and not a lot of support. Ther good news was that I started to get my depression treated.

Came out of that at about 225 or 230.

Now, I have stable hours, a relatively stable gig, I'm still getting treatment for depression. I don't talk much with my relations, who live 60 miles away and continue to feud. I'm just trying to burn off the visual reminders of bad times.

Frankly, thinking about the situation still pisses me off, especially since holidays are still a three-house affair. C'mon, they're all adults. This crap's gone on long enough, and it's doing no one's health any favors. It's also why I'm obsessive about saving money and taking care of myself - being beholden to someone, living under someone else's roof and rules, having someone else use the pursestrings like a noose. I will fight to keep that from EVER being in that position again.

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 3/16/2012 6:31AM

    Family situations are always hard, but as long as you do what's best for you and get control of your own life.

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How to avoid Girl Scout cookies going to waistline and still help the kids.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Girl Scout cookie wagon came by. I did not buy a box of cookies, but I did slip the kid $5 - $1 for the troop, and $4 for a box of Samosas to send to the troops overseas.

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ALLRONIX 2/29/2012 10:27PM

    Dude, if you're posted in Afghanistan, you've got more to worry about than if the cookies are going to stick to your hips.

Flaming hippie and anti-war protester? Sure. Too many pals who did time in the armed services? You bet.

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NURSEA32 2/29/2012 7:44PM

    great idea

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DIVASPARK 2/29/2012 7:26PM

    That was a good idea. emoticon

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Monday, February 27, 2012

The smoked salmon I ate on Saturday did NOT agree with me, leading to a very miserable Sunday sleeping off the results. The only thing I kept down were two bananas, a cucumber soda (the store didn't have any ginger ale in the cold section) and some low-cal Gatorade.

So, my calorie counts are going to be kinda low for the next couple while my stomach recovers from the insult.


More time on Sparky, less time on Yahoo

Friday, April 15, 2011

Yahoo news is living up to its name. The comments section is just page after page of angry, vengeful, and bullying comments. Thing is, I can't help but wonder if this is how people really think once the politeness filters are off and the consequences gone. A lot of anti-everything, aside from violence.

It's all very lizard-brain. Very "MINE, STAY AWAY!" No room for complexity, thought, ambiguity. "Hurt them before they hurt you" thinking.

Mind you, I'd like to find somewhere to comment and read comments about news of the day. These news boards, though, are as healthy as drinking a liter of water from the Fukashima plant.

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CLEVERSPIDER 4/16/2011 1:54PM

    Good analysis of much of the internet in general-Thank you

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