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Slowly learning as I go...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Well, haven't been writing as much as I had hoped, but since I'm here, why not try today.

For those who have been following and may remember this, maybe not, I had a gallstones attack, I think it was December, 2008, or else it was 2009. Year doesn't really matter. Went for ultrasound, yep, gallstones. Doctor gave me an option to either have surgery (didn't wanna!) or wait it out, but if I have another attack, I'd have to let him know, so then we can go from there.

I went to Pinawa, MB for the town's 50th year as a town in July, 2013. Night before of hubby and I to go, I had another attack. Blew over, but had to let the doc know, had to see him for many vaccines for a trip to Thailand in Feb. of this year (some pics should be in my gallery). Had to go for another ultrasound. Talked to him just before the trip, he wanted to do it after, so close of me going off, didn't want to make any plans beforehand, in case I had to cancel (which I most likely would have, sick for 6 weeks after, finally blew over after that one weekend, poor hubby and a friend who stayed over, crappy Winnipeg weather, couldn't have windows open, way too freezing cold).

Anyways, talked to him, he mentioned that I don't really require surgery, as long as I eat more healthy, my exercise is fine, he didn't realize how much walking I do. Walk to and from work 3-5 times a week. It's just over 1.5 mile each way. Plus going to the gym 2-3 times a week. I tend to walk a lot, cheaper than taking the bus (have no car at the moment), like walking to my mom's and back, whatever else.

Exercising no problem, eating not so much. I like food too much. Eating mindlessly when I shouldn't. Am trying to buy fresh fruit and veggies when I'm at the store. I notice I tend to eat that rather than going into the freezer to take out a bagel to toast to eventually eat. Not only that, working weird shifts, not always so much fun. Eat at 8:30am, at work, then work until 1:45pm, with no breaks, no food, unbelievably hungry when I'm out of there by 2pm, so easy to grab food from a nearby fast food joint. Realized that with my gallstones, I can eat greasy food and/or milk/milk by-products, but make hubby suffer later that night, I let go at night, it's not pleasant, so, I can have it occasionally, but not the way I used to, like every day. I can eat healthier food while I'm out, like subways sandwiches, or salads, but Big Macs, only on occasions. It's good, but sucks. So bad, but so yummy!

At least I can eat it, I was talking to someone else about gallstones, she cannot even it at all, makes her stones worse, really effects it really badly apparently, so, I am happy it doesn't hurt in that way, just gassy.

Subs aren't as good as homemade foods, but could be worse, like the greasy foods I am used to eating, but am slowly realizing what is good to eat if I am out and about. Just need to re-learn portion control, get more healthier choices of food in, whatnot.

Am just introducing lifting weights to my routine. Grabbed some dumbbells today and lifted some weights. Read some lifts that should be introduced into my routines anyways, making my arms a bit toned. Not properly toning as well as I should, will see what happens over time with these new routines.


Been here but not really...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Been coming on most days to do the logging, but not really participating as well as I should have. Gained 10 pounds since I came back from my trip in Feb. Just got back from the doctor. Still at the same weight when he last weighed me a year ago. Cholesterol is much higher than he's like. Just have to watch what I eat and make sure I am getting enough water. Just not paying attention to what I eat. It sucks that I love eating, just have to monitor as to how often I can eat it. I like my fast food, just can't have it as much. D'oh!

Gotta get back to not eating many snacks inbetween, or if I do, it's not chocolate. So easy to buy at work or go next door at the dollar store where it's much cheaper. Hopefully I'll find my balance like I did years ago.

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FERRETLOVER1 5/29/2014 7:26AM

    I have been taking a kind of break from SparkPeople, too. I only do the basic stuff and occasional comments on blogs, such as now.

Hang in there, my emoticon

Vacations can be disastrous to your good intentions. However, now that you are back home, you can get yourself back on track.

I know that you can do this!

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Back, but sick

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Came back on the 23rd, was feeling a bit sick, just a minor sore throat. Haven't been back to the gym since, just feeling crappy. Feel like I'm getting a bit worse each day since I got back. Will try and post some pics of Thailand when I'm feeling better.


So much...

Friday, January 17, 2014

watching what I eat and tons of walking and the gym for me lately, seems like I am down to 158ish or so, haven't recorded it though, finally got around to marking it to 160. Wanna give it a few more days, then most likely will move it properly. Surprisingly, not doing so bad for losing the weight. No set date of when I want it gone, body will make up it's own mind when I get closer to my final weight of whether or not I'm supposed to be at what I'm supposed to be at. Just want it to be 150 or so pounds (hopefully more, looks like it might be at this rate) when I go see the doctor in late May with my blood work stuff.

Going to Thailand in less than a month, will be fun, will be interesting with what they have to offer for food wise. For a friend's destination wedding. At a Buddist temple, I think. It'll be worth going, expensive, but when will I ever go back.

Anyways, off for bed. Just needed to jot a few things down before I forget.

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ALLEYCAT12380 1/18/2014 9:15AM

    Not the greatest in taking pics, but will do my best.

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FERRETLOVER1 1/18/2014 6:28AM

    Oooooh - Thailand. That sounds really cool. Take lots of pictures and post some for us, OK?

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This week so far...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

hasn't exactly gone the way I had hoped. Monday, went to the gym, had plans to go for dinner with a friend who unfortunately was under the weather for herself, can't be helped. I wished I had known, but there was no way of knowing otherwise I would have done some Christmas cooking. Tuesday was a free lunch at work, it was my day off, so, off I went, found out it got moved to Friday, seriously, again, would have done my cooking then, but couldn't. I couldn't yesterday, I was busy, I like me time at the gym, plus I had to work. I like to take my time when it comes to cooking and baking, esp. when it come to Christmas meals as presents. Today, I made plans with my mom to go shopping, my brother surprisingly decline. His foot has been hurting, so to walk, it's hard. We were supposed to go to Costco, but her car, even though it was plugged in, the car wouldn't start. So no go. Tomorrow is hopefully the lunch at work, if the car works tomorrow, my mom will give me a shout on my cell, hopefully we can go. Thing was I wanted to cook all day tomorrow, only if the lunch didn't get moved to Friday. Though, hopefully it'll work out for shopping for my mom and I.

Now it looks like I'll be cooking meals for family members on Tuesday. Assuming it doesn't get bumped. Some people would like premade meatloaf and potatoes (ie, hubby), homemade spaghetti sauce (ie, brother), apparently my famous lemon cookies (no idea how that happened) for a dinner on Christmas day at my grandma-in-law's apartment block. And also extra other things I have fun making anyways. Made a few things already, hubby already was caught eating my sugar cookies. They were presents for others, I never did tell him oh by the way please don't snack on these to him, my own fault in a way, but easy to make new ones anyways. No harm. I could have told him, but he'd probably feel bad, it's good to know he likes my food (otherwise hopefully he would have told me so), it's just easier to make new, fresher ones, the more, the merrier.

Some people have asked me am I done shopping for presents? For the most part, yes, baking and cooking, not so much. It'll end up fine in the end.

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PRAIRIECROCUS 12/14/2013 2:07AM

    Good for you !
Sounds like you are really in the spirit of the Season !
I hope that you and yours will have a nice weekend !

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