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Am I really considering this?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Well, then answer is, yes, yes I am. I am considering running a FULL MARATHON! That's right folks, 26.2 miles. I've been running for a few years now. I've run 5 half marathons, and will run my 6th this November. My superstar running buddy turns 26 this December, and she wants to run a marathon to celebrate. This was an idea that I mentioned a year or so ago in reference to my own 26th birthday, but mine is a year and a few months after hers. I will admit that I am both terrified and excited. I never would've thought I could do a half, but now I've done 5. I just needed a push, a reason to try. Here is my push this time. She is my best friend, and she's done tons of runs with me/for me, it's time to repay! I have until next spring, so just shy of a year. I have an ok base right now.

I will need to pursue some other goals to reach this one. Reaching my goal weight is of very high priority. The less weight I have to carry over all these miles the better. I need to work on my running base and my speed more. I haven't done any true speedwork or tempos in months, so here we go! I need to add a day of running a week, instead of 3, do 4 and continue my cross training (i.e. spin class--good for turnover, and weight lifting--stronger legs and core==faster, healthier Ali!) I have better results when I'm logging my calories. And since I'm car-less for the next 3 weeks (for a total of 5), I will continue running to the gym and walking to work, and burning TONS of calories everyday.

Plan for this week:
mon: run 2-3 mi + the firm
tue: spin class + lift back and biceps w/ short ab routine
wed: 3-4 mi run
thu: spin class + lift chest and triceps w/ short ab routine
fri: run 3-4 +/- yoga
sat: run 6
sun: rest


rockin and rollin

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

i listed out some goals of mine for the new year, but really i started working out really consistently again the week before the new year. by bf and i have started a chart to track our workouts and it seems to be a pretty good motivator so far. well that and being home over christmas and seeing family members going the wrong way...just a quick update: i have worked out 8 out of the last 9 days, and today i did a 2-a-day! beginning with last monday, here they are:
monday: 1.5 mile run on the treadmill with 5 mins walking before and after (coming back slowly after an injury!) 10 pushups, 10 ab wheel
tuesday: 1hr spin class 10 pushups, 10 abwheel
wednesday: 1.5 mi interval run on treadmill, my foot actually felt better after this ran than the easy run! almost completely better today! 20 push ups, 10 abwheel
thursday: 1hr spin class 20 pushups 10 abwheel
friday: 1hr spin class
saturday: worked kennel (walked about 50 dogs!) and SUPER cleaned: i'm counting this as a workout as i was sore the next day and honestly didn't sit down except to eat until i passed out on the couch at 8:30 pm.
sunday: 1hr yoga
monday: OFF
tuesday: 1hr spin class in the a.m., 1hr bootcamp class in the p.m.

i have so far logged every morsel to pass my lips since jan 1, a habit i am trying desperately to get back into. i made myself a good healthy lunch today, was off work so was pretty lazy between classes at the gym except for cleaning the kitchen.

also, operation catch bf is in full effect now. he always runs less than me but is still faster than me, but i am more knowledgeable about running and i know that i get faster with proper strength training, also it will help me keep from hurting myself and so will cross training! i will beat him in a race by the end of the year!!!!

here's to keeping up this momentum!


Happy New Year! and Goals!

Friday, December 31, 2010

So I can't help but list a few goals or resolutions, whichever you'd prefer to call them. and a bit on how i plan to get there. some i have already started.

1: track food EVERYDAY! Huge goal, especially for the month of January while I'm trying to get back on track. January: 31 days of tracking every bite i take on SP!

2: workout 5 days/week: started that this week, so far, very successful: ran monday, spin class tuesday, ran wednesday, spin class thursday and friday, and i'm planning to run tomorrow, start the new year off right and what not. I've also done pushups and ab wheel all of these days except thursday.

3: start stength training in some form again: videos, free weights, machines, classes, whatever, at least 2x per week

4: actually thoroughly train for a half marathon, actually for 2. one in april, one in november. November's goal will hopefully be in the 2:30's

5: that said, run healthy all year. finally think i've got this foot thing mostly under control. maybe 15-25% left to heal, but ok to run on, actually seems to be improving with the running, maybe because i'm better about stretching post run than just for the sake of it.

6: 30-50 lb weight loss: see above :D

good luck to everyone with their goals and have a happy and blessed new year!

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JEREMY723 1/1/2011 1:32PM

    Great goals, thanks for sharing!

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MUN_SILVER 12/31/2010 10:46PM

    great goals.Keep it up

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Thankful and a Race Report!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is my third consecutive Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. I finished with the worst time I have thus far. BUT, I ran a half 7 & 1/2 weeks ago and hurt my foot, and I haven't run at all in a full month, and I finished. I walked a LOT of the race, which is unusual for me, but I am proud that I finished and that I was smart enough to listen to my body when it told me we just needed to walk. There was a 3 hr 30 min time limit and I was a little worried that I wouldn't make it, but I did. It was a different course this year and it felt like it went by faster than usual. My best friend and running buddy Becca was stuck in traffic and started the race 40 mins late. She caught up to me at the mile 8 water stop and walked/ran (mostly walked) the rest of the race with me. Around mile 11 1/2 I think delirium set in and she started slow motion running and humming "Chariots of Fire" HILARIOUS! I ran/walked with a lady for probably about 4 miles, she was doing the Galloway method 4:1, we chatted and some of the miles flew by, then I ran and chatted a bit with a girl running through Piedmont Park, after which Becca caught me. By then I figured it was just me and the road, but that girl is always a savior. And her knee was hurting her so she was ok to walk, so I didn't feel awful that I was holding her back, but I still did feel that way. Usually my family comes up, but my mom is sick, my grandpa is sick, and my grandma fell and broke both of her arms two weeks ago and she's in a lot of pain. I dedicated my race to them today. And I'll tell ya, that was a hard earned finishers medal!

My foot is a little angry after the race, but no more than it hurt after my 2 mi run a few weeks ago. I am thinking of taking the entire month of December off of running and just spinning and swimming and whatever I feel like. Gonna be a gym rat for a while and focus on getting this foot, etc under control so I can start my 2011 running season totally healthy.

and now, the thanks:
I am thankful for this body that carries me for more than 3 hours, even when it hurts, it never quits on me. no matter how poorly i treat it and what crap i feed it, it keeps going. Soon we will see what can happen under proper training and nutrition.

I am thankful for my wonderful family, lots of whom are planning on doing next years 5k that is in conjunction with my half! They're always loving and supportive and proud!

I am thankful for my little family, my boyfriend and my sweet pup. Brian is always there to push me and he tries very hard to make sure I'm happy :) love you babe!

I am thankful for my friends, Becca my amazing running buddy who drops to my pace when we run AND race together. Heather, who is always there whether I need to vent or I need someone to keep the pup overnight so I can stay in a hotel and run a half marathon :) and several others, all of whom I love for their own reasons. And Zack, who is gone from us, but who is a big reason I'm a runner.

I am thankful for my job, underemployed or otherwise, that I love and enjoy, that is rewarding; for the roof over my head, that i don't want for much of anything; that i am in control of my own happiness.

Happy thanksgiving!


it's you vs. you...and you're losing.

Friday, November 19, 2010

i can't figure out why i keep making these great, smart plans and never properly execute them. i plan to eat less meals out this week than the week before, then i eat more. i plan out 5 workouts for the week, i skip two. i plan to eat a salad after work ( i usually get home after 9pm), i eat a bowl of cereal AND chips and salsa.

am i afraid of getting healthy and thin? i know my family has a horrible health history with diabetes and heart disease, i know what to do to avoid it, i don't like the way i look in the mirror. i don't like how my clothes fit, or how i look without clothes. i don't like the number on the scale. i don't like to feel fat and weak and slow, but that's what i am. why am i this way? because i let myself be. i read a quote today: "happiness is a choice" so true! and so is health. no one can do this for me. i have to do it myself. i know that my diet is equally as important as my workouts. i know that if i don't do my workout first thing in the morning, it's probably not gonna get done. and still i eat lunch out almost every day and sometimes nights too. and do i make smart decisions at restaurants and in the drive thru? no, i eat whatever my belly tells me it wants, which is fine sometimes, but not always! i now how my body works, i know what has worked for me in the past. i enjoy exercise, i enjoy healthy food, i enjoy feeling good and proud about what i've done and what i've eaten. i hate how i feel after i eat a bunch of crap. it makes me nauseous, i don't sleep well. but still i do it. over and over and over and over again.

i love how i feel after a good hard workout. i love to sweat, i love the soreness that comes after a hard run or spin class and especially after lifting weights. i miss yoga. seriously miss it. i had made some awesome progress, mastered a really difficult pose. can't do it anymore cause i haven't done yoga in MONTHS. i actually can't even remember the last time.

tracking is thus far only a tool for me to evaluate how poorly i am doing, but i am still tracking. i'm on day 19 of my new notebook that the "start" of my new goal notebook. and for sure, tracking is helpful, it's helping me realize that i have been failing at losing weight and getting healthy cause my eating habits totally suck and i skip about half of my planned workouts. i love my spin class, but last week when i was on the elliptical, i was BORED OUT OF MY MIND, even with tv and an ipod.

i can't count the number of times i've started and restarted a program or a plan or set a goal just to peter out a few weeks in. i just keep letting myself down. i can't seem to wrap my head around it. it can't be just cause i love crappy food and sleeping in. sure i love those things, but i also love healthy food and getting my workouts done. i don't get me. i feel like i'm never gonna be able to lose this weight if i can't figure out why i keep sabotaging myself. i had really good habits for a while and i lost 20 lbs. then i hurt myself and had to stop running and all good habits went out the window.

i have 2 small goals for next week:
drink only water (excluding gatorade during the half)
start wearing my heart rate monitor again

i realize this is a journey, and long slow one at that. it's a learning experience too. sometimes i use "lifestyle change" as an excuse to eat poorly. like this one fast food meal is ok, cause this is a lifestyle. and then fast food becomes my lifestyle again. that's a problem. and i do love to cook, but not at 9 or 10 at night when i get home from work. and usually i'm starving when i get here and there's no dinner cooked by my lovely bf, so i eat something, then i eat something else. and then i feel bad about it.

HUGE GOAL: think before you eat! and be accountable.
i can eat a LOT. especially if i'm not thinking about it and if i'm really hungry, which i often am. sometimes i don't have time for snacks when i'm working. sometimes "lunch time" sneaks up on me. i really need to start logging my food before i eat it. that worked well for me before. i had hoped to be 10 lbs lighter than i am by thanksgiving. i am not. so i will move that goal to next month and try for christmas.

if you made it to the end, and i don't expect that many did, thanks for reading. really this blog is for me. it's cathartic for me to write and examine my thoughts and feelings.


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TANIKEYA 12/21/2010 12:34PM

    I think your efforts thus far are to be commended. I don't think you should beat yourself up for what you haven't done because you have accomplished quite a bit. Like you said, it's a lifestyle change. Every little bit counts. Try adding a little bit at a time rather than saying no eating out, say ok realistically I can have so many eat outs per week and gradually decrease from there. Also, try cooking on the weekends and putting it in the refrigerator so that all you have to do is warm it up when you get home. Best of luck to you. Hope this helps!

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102633 11/20/2010 11:50PM

    I agree with Merry2010. The nutrition tracker has been my guide for success.

You work this plan and this plan will work for you!!

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GO-LOEW 11/20/2010 12:16AM

    You say you keep journaling your food in a notebook. Have you considered using the Nutrition Tracker in SparkPeople. That way you can see how what you eat relates to good nutrition if you look at the Reports at the end of the day. You can see if you are getting enough calcium, fiber, Vitamin D. It has helped me since my goal is to be healthy, more so than losing a bunch of weight (which I want to do too).

Don't give up on yourself. Find some small things that you can do so you have success, like drinking your water. Do that for a week and then add something else. Maybe make a plan for how you will get through Thanksgiving without overeating. Make a plan and follow it and you will be encouraged that you can do more.

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