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Bright, sunny Sunday!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

I actually woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed...if I actually had a tail that wouldn't scare me so much. *LOL*

I hope this day lives up to what it's supposed to be in regards to how nice it's supposed to get outside. It looks beautiful outside, I've not been out there yet, but I will, just finished my exercises and I've been so horribly busy doing those survey things that I've barely had time for anything.

Been trying to get donations for the silent auction for the CAMDEN Playground (an accessible/integrated playground that, at the time of it's building, had broken the barriers for accessible/integrated playgrounds in regards to size and accessibility. Before it was built the largest accessible/integrated playground was only 40% accessible, and not that large. CAMDEN is the size of a football field and 90-100% accessible, depending on the special need! It has also broken the barriers of prejudism against those with special needs because it allows everyone to play together in a natural place that children enjoy. It is used by Senior Citizen communities to take their tenants out for a day way from their homes; by schools for field trips; and by families on their way through Janesville while on long trips.

It's been the model for accessible/integrated playgrounds worldwide with over 200 modeled after it directly since 1993 when it was first built, and many more from those. There are playgrounds in many countries including Holland, China, Russia, India, Canada, England, and all across the United States, just to name a few. The playground was built because of my nephew, Camden, who has special needs, and has been the recipient of awards from the local to National level. It's something that has made our organization so proud and the SCWHOG is the only ones who have done an ongoing fundraiser for the playground since 1991: a ride the first weekend in May. With this, the Ladies of Harley hold a silent auction, so we have to get out there and gather items for this auction, I'm hoping we're able to get as much as we did last year. The money received is used to upkeep the playground, so let's pray for great weather and a good turnout.

Anyway, enough about what I do in my so-called spare time, everyone have a wonderful day!

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DEEO12 4/7/2013 10:31PM

    Wow that is so good of you to raise money for a good cause! Will have to read up on them in my area as i had no idea. emoticon

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Rain and tired

Saturday, April 06, 2013

emoticon Wow, I'm wore out, I feel if I laid down to sleep I wouldn't wake up until June, and I'd still be tired, you ever have one of those days? Oh well, the important thing is I got my exercises done and was feeling great. :D

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, even with the rain, not making for such a great day, but I guess it's all how you look at it. Smile once a day and it'll change things. :D


Missing again?

Friday, April 05, 2013

I'm on here nearly all day and still forget to blog one think my brain took a vacation. :D

Well, the good news is I do have a track on it and should have it back in the next couple...days, but until then, I'm not responsible for anything posted here....unless it's good :D

Got my exercises done, I've started doing the "online survey, get paid to do" stuff, and boy does that keep a person busy!

Wednesday night our daughter's boyfriend talked to my husband about our daughter moving in with him. She was supposed to talk to me but kind of "forgot" (while laughing). Her boyfriend is a nice guy...but there are times we don't get along the best, mainly because of his political views. :D So we avoid those subjects, but if he brings them up, I'm not going to back away. Ya, ya, I know I should, but dang, his views are so warped. Thank goodness our daughter thinks more about the candidate she wants and doesn't just vote for the party. That's what he does, and then when anything goes right for us in regards to the President's actions, he's up at arms...his family has that green stuff, so there's a HUGE difference in our beliefs as to who should benefit.

I get so tired of his mentioning the "trickle down" effect, but I've gotten so I either ignore it, or tell him "trickle down only works if you're trying to get pregnant, and boy do the rich try to s***w" he usually ends the discussion which is good for everyone involved. :D

Alright, so that wasn't nice, but hey, it's true, ANYWAY...step away from political stuff..let's move on.

I'm not expecting to do a lot this weekend, I'm hoping the weather is good, we still have some snow in the ditches, but for the most part it's gone. Fed ponies this morning (daughter and her bf are fixing up a building over at his place for pony stalls...kind of need them considering she has 2 horses and 6 shetlands, and one more on the way any day soon.)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead of you, and that tomorrows sun shines even brighter! emoticon


Movie time

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Going to the movie today with my son, maybe my mom, she's not gotten back to me so I don't know, but I'm hoping it's good, "Olympus Has Fallen", it looked good. Wish our daughter could go with, but she has school at 3 pm, so now I'm hoping she'll be able to go with us to see "42" next week sometime.

Anyway, got my exercises in, been so busy trying this online job thingy, I'm still trying to remember the name of the local business that does the same type of work I used to do, I may have to go through my history to find out. That drives me insane, but then again it's not like I thought about it everyday before my job closed.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and an even better tomorrow!! Skip Forward, never back, you'll get to your destination faster! emoticon



Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I had to clean out the desk beside my computer and WOW what a mess of things I found, good and not so good. The not so good were all things having to do with my Dad's passing, I forgot I'd put them there, but I've been working on a photo album with all that stuff in it, so I put it there until I could get to it. I also have the Teddy Bear that Hospice gave him a couple days before he was one thing of his I really wanted to keep because a few days before he passed away, I was reading "Lonesome Dove" to him, he loved that book and movie and I don't know how many times he'd read it, but he had started reading it again, so I read it to him, and I stopped and looked at the bear and said "Hey, Dad, think we should give him a name? " My younger sister looked and said "I know let's call him Ole" (My Dad's full blooded Norwegian and very proud of it. He'd not spoken or really responded much during the day before that or that day, but he looked at me, and shook his head as if to say "no, not Ole", and I had to laugh, my sister did too. Well I looked down at the book and then to my Dad and said "how about Newt?" (a character in the book) and he got a smile, in his eyes, and nodded. It was the funniest thing, and I felt so proud of my Dad for answering, even without words, it was still an interaction with us, which was a miracle on it's own.

Anyway, Newt will always sit next to my computer monitor along with a photo of my Dad when he was younger. Right now it makes me cry to think about it, but it's more of a happy cry. I miss my Dad everyday of the year, but I know he's in a better place.

Anyway, back to the busy part, I've got that cleaned off and it looks much better, threw away about 1 small trash can full of junk. Now I have to get to work (I'm hoping these online "jobs" are legit, but if not, at least I'm busy doing something.

I hope you all have a glorious day and count your blessings..they're gone too soon. emoticon


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