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Shopped out!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Didn't get the walk in today, but I did plenty of walking while getting groceries and other stuff I had to do all day bad I can't include it on my exercise. Oh well, least I know I did it, right?

Anyway, I'm going to try something different for lunch, I've been eating applesauce and cottage cheese, which I love, but I need to change once in a while. I also got some more cherry tomatoes (can't wait to grow them myself!) and my usual fav, cauliflower.

So I got my regular exercises done, which is most important, so I've already made my weeks "quota", so I'm ready to go.

Have a wonderful day, and don't get "shopped out" today, just smile and love who you are, where you are, and be proud of all you've accomplished!



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yep, you heard it right, I feel like a frog out leaping in the tall grass, a big smile on her face, why? because I have so many great supporters on here, so many who care about what I'm doing, and it makes me feel wonderful.

Not only that, but I was lucky enough to get 1000 spark points, which I shared with my friends on here, and the team too. I thought I'd buy myself something (a Sunflower plant, my Dad loved sunflowers and I saw that and had to get it.), but I had to buy everyone something because of their friendship, support, everything.

Thank you all for being here and for walking by my side as we go down this road, we'll all get there, because we have one another.


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JEMLOVA29 3/14/2013 2:44PM

    How kind you are to share your spark points!

I'm so happy you are feeling the spark-love! You are right, people here are wonderful and so encouraging. Keep up your awesome work and remember always that we are in this together.

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Snow Bee

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frosty Bee Yep, that's how I feel today, flitting from place to place, even though we have snow outside, I'm not stopping.

Today I added 9 more minutes, of brisk walking and such exercise...and it wasn't too bad. I'd like to get up to the mile and 2 mile, then 3 mile, I'll do it, but I'm taking it slow.

I love this time of year, to look out and see the snow on the ground, almost dread the spring because then everything's a mess and when you have a golden retriever living with you, you have to clean him off everytime he comes into the house. The mud, the soggy ground, not my favorite time of year, but on the otherhand, blossoms, tree buds, grass getting green...ok, maybe it's worth it.

Anyway, have a wonderful day, don't give up, we're still going forward!!


Barefootin' Day

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

emoticon Not actually in the physical sense, but mind-wise..I've decided to enjoy the day as if it were a nice, summer day, with the slight breeze blowing, the scent of flowers, and the feel of soft grass beneath my feet. One of those days where you just are so glad to be alive and able to enjoy all that God has given us.

Closing my eyes, listening to the birds singing, the wind through the trees, the sound of tractors in the field, everything that reminds me of happiness, and home-cooking. How wonderful to put oneself in that frame of mind, to be able to move into a place that makes you so exuberant you cannot believe that you're here to enjoy it.

What a wonderful feeling, and I'm going to carry this all day through. I hope you all have a wonderful Barefootin' Day ahead of you, too.



Monday, March 11, 2013

emoticon There are days when I just feel like I'm 6' off the ground walking, and today is one of those days. I'm not sure what brings it on, but I think looking at the sparkgifts I'd been given, helped tremendously and reading the messages....what a way to make someone smile.

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness shown to me, and for accepting me as your friend, I'm blessed and honored, both by your actions and am thankful every day for the friendship which is given.

I think that helps a lot on this little "trip" we're taking together, knowing that there will be someone there. I hope I help others smile as they do me. Again, thank you, now back to "CloudDancing"!


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