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Back to Normal with a lovehug.

Friday, March 08, 2013

emoticon Wow, my blog is working again, first time, I feel great...not just about that, but everything. I'm feeling so much better being able to help others, something I've always loved doing. Sometimes I wish I could do more, but I do what I can.

Actually vacuumed the computer today, it was making a weird noise and all, so took it apart and vacuumed the really needed it and since doing that, my computer has been running so quietly...I don't remember the last time it was that quiet, and I'm loving it.

Oh, word of the day? LOVEHUG, it's when you put your arms around yourself and give yourself a HUGE HUG, because you deserve it.

Have a beautiful day, everyone, and thanks for coming by, it's always a pleasure to have company!

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JEMLOVA29 3/8/2013 2:53PM

    Love that you're feeling so great! Keep it up sister!

I also appreciate your word of the day, very cute and another reason to put a smile on my face.

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OW! Ok, it's not that bad. :D

Thursday, March 07, 2013

emoticon Wow, sore body, but that's good, right? I still love the exercises, though I was trying to figure out a way out of them because my muscles are sore, but then again, I figured, if I don't do them I'll feel guilty, so I did them.

Anyway, got off subject there, I think the worse part is the headache I have now, I'll wait and see if it goes away. OH I found some lefse recipes and one of them is identical to Mom's, so now I can use it to make lefse sometime. Dad and I used to LOVE our lefse Christmas dinner, with homemade veggie soup (yep, potates quartered, rutabagas (mine and Dad's fav), carrots, roast beef, onions, DELICIOUS, and the best part...we had Lutefisk. That was our Norwegian Christmas supper, and well, we ended up stopping with the Lutefisk because Dad, Mom, and I were the only ones who liked it. I miss that and now that Dad's gone, I don't think I'll ever get to have it again.)

Back to the good's beautiful weather outside, though I'm afraid to see all this snow melt, it'll be so messy outside. I think we have at least 15" out there, put it this way, my daughters golden retriever went outside and the snow went over his side!! That's deep, this dog is 98 pounds, so he's not a small dog!

Well, back to SP for some fun, have a FUNDERFUL DAY!


A red rose

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

emoticon I won 500 spark points that I could use on myself. After looking everything over, I decided to save some of them to give others things, but I bought myself a red rose.

My Dad always gave my Mom a single red rose to show his love for her, so I did this to show my love for myself, my confidence that I'll succeed in this trail I'm taking, and I'll never give up, because my Dad never gave up before he passed away, and his strength is what continues to give me strength. I thank you, Dad, for that, and thank you for the memories you've left us with, all the laughter, joking around, teasing, it's been carried on by all your children and grandchildren.

This morning just as I was waking up, I looked over to the wall as my eyes opened, and there was a round ball of light, only there for a second, but it was against the outside wall, so there's no way the sun (which wasn't shining) could have been there. I like to think it was Dad watching over me, like he used to call me when no one else was home, to make sure I'd not had an insulin reaction. Thank you, Dad, for everything you've passed on to us, I know you remain with us because you are a part of us.

Anyway...that's my blog for today, not much more to say right now. Have a great day.


Snow Snow Snow LOVIN' IT!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

emoticon I wasn't sure I'd get here to exercise, we're getting quite a bit of snow, enough that my daughter decided to stay home from classes, for the first time since she started school. Oh well, one snow day to keep her safe is enough reason!

Anyway, my body's still sore from exercising, but that's good, I'll take it because it means I'm working the right muscles, wonderful news! i'm on my 4th glass of water for the day, and just finished eating lunch. Good thing I love cottage cheese mixed with applesauce (or any fruit).

Even with the snow we're getting, I wish I had boots to go outside for a while. I love snow, the more, the ....can I say "merrier" in regards to snow? Oh well, i said it anyway, not that it'll make any more sense, but what says I have to make sense, right? Makes me unique!!

Anyway, have a GREAT day!! :D



Monday, March 04, 2013

Sleepy Better late than never, right. I got my exercise done after running to town and stopping at the cemetary to read to my Dad, but as soon as I got home I got it done. Strange, I'd never care whether I got it done or not, but that's changed. I actually was eager to get home to do my exercises, and I'm glad I did.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, I know I'm going to, sore arm muscles and all. :D


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