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Inside Exercises

Monday, October 21, 2013

Well the weather has gotten to the point where I walk outside and end up freezing, so it's back to inside exercises, but that's alright, at least I get it done, now let's just hope it's working out.

Getting a little tired of going to the doctor and not having any weight loss, while I'm following my diet and exercising every day. This week I exercised, but not in my usual way, it was more walking all over the country getting things. First day I've missed my actual exercising time, but I guess that can be allowed, since I've been exercising daily since February.

I'm going to miss that warm weather, mainly because I used to love going out for my walk and just feeling the warm summer breeze on my body as I walked along and seeing the countryside and all it's wildlife. Oh well, Spring will be here before we know it.

I hope you're having a great week, I know I am. I'll see you soon! emoticon

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didn't get much done..

Sunday, October 20, 2013

but it's not like I didn't try. I had a bunch of things packed for the daughter to take to their house for next weekend, and she forgot it, not all of it, but a lot of it which was in a tub in the house.

Oh well, guess I'll be making a trip over to drop it off..I asked her about the jello shots, but she said she has to work Friday, both jobs, so there won't be any this year. I'm hoping she has time for decorating, if she'd set the party for later in the evening, instead of mid-afternoon, it would have helped.

It'll end up sure, I'm certain, I hope you all have a great day. emoticon

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Friday, October 18, 2013

but there is a LOT of cold out there. Took my walk today and I'm still freezing my behind off.

Have to get out this bit of frustration, please excuse the rant, but got a call from my sister a short time ago who was laying the guilt trip on me about how she, her one son, his friend, my brother's fiancee, one of her kids can't rake mom's yard by themselves. Even though her other son (who has "claimed" to have a bad back, yet still goes out deer hunting, putting stands up in trees and climbing up the trees) has a "bad back" and can't help (bunch of bs if you ask me); and her husband can't help (that's another pile of bs). You have to understand my brother lives about 2 blocks away from mom, and my sister lives bout 5-10 minutes away. We live a good 25-30 minutes away, and our daughter now lives at least 40 minutes away, and she expects US to be there working.

It'd be all well and good, but for the fact that I've been working trying to help our daughter get ready for her halloween party.

PLUS she backed out of going to the baby shower, she was supposed to drive and has a blazer type vehicle. I am supposed to pick up 2 small filing cabinets from up there and now we don't have a way to transport it. Her excuse for not going?

"I work all week and only have Saturday and Sunday off, I need to blah blah blah, so I can't go". Sorry but that's another pile of BS, she has a son, his girlfriend, and her husband living with her, why aren't they doing anything to help?

I'm sorry, but I just get so ticked off at her, and I can't hold this in, she is younger than me, and you know what? you want something done, get ALL of your own family involved, FIRST before trying to guilt someone else into doing it.

I even suggested using the lawn mower to "rake" the leaves up, but she told me "they're too think and heavy, it won't work". Give me a freaking break, we do it with ours all the time!

*Takes a deep breath and decides to head out to make my lunch before relaxing with my soap.*

Ok, I'm dont, again, I'm sorry, but if I don't get it out then I'll do something I shouldn't, like eat! Have a great day, everyone. emoticon


Rain, rain, rain, oh did I mention rain?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wow, I just lost my last blog, not sure why, but it didn't show up and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it back.

Well, I'd talked about how rainy it is today, and how cool it is outside. I guess we have to get used to the cold weather with winter coming soon, so I'll be switching to indoor exercises and walking.

Remember that smile, it's important not only to you, but to those around you, because once you smile you set into motion a whole series of smiles that can spread around the world.

Have a wonderful day, and keep going on, no matter what! emoticon


Rain, rain, rain, oh did I mention rain?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yet another day of rain, I wish it'd stop so I could get out there and walk again, yesterday was fine, but today it's raining harder, makes it hard to walk. Well I guess it's back to the videos again, but then I guess I have to since winter's coming.

Well I know the sun is shining somewhere and it's nice and warm (yep, reminds me of NC trip, and also flying above the clouds seeing how blue it was and sunny above the clouds.)

I hope you all enjoy this day, and remember to smile, it's important not only to your own welfare, but of those you meet. Have a great day, everyone! emoticon


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