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Beautiful day at the Cemetery..

Monday, October 14, 2013

I stopped down at the cemetery like I've done nearly every time when I'm in town, and read to my Dad again, just like I promised. I'm about 3/4 the way through the book with probably over 300 or so pages to go. It was beautiful there, the sun was shining between the walls of the mauseolem (sp) and it actually was warm there. I like to think it was Dad giving me a hug, because on my way into town I passed the Agrace building and started tearing up remembering the last day I saw him, last time I spoke to him, last time I held his hand. Even now, sitting here typing this I'm tearing up, but I know my Dad is in a much better place and is waiting for the rest of us. At least I got to tell him, many, many times how I loved him, and how proud I was of him, and most of all, that he was/is the greatest Father there could ever be.

That was when I'd promised that I'd finish reading the book I'd started before he passed away, so he could hear the ending. He always loved "Lonesome Dove", the book, the movie, and he was starting it to read once again, so I had to do that for him. I'm lucky, the book is 960 pages long, and I think I started on page 20 or so before he passed, and continued reading and will until I'm done.

I guess it brings me more comfort to be there, reading to him, because it's like he's right there, and I believe he is, just not in a physical sense.

My Dad and I were best friends and I'm so glad I have his sense of humor, his love for life, his way of smiling to people. I miss him, but he is still with us. I love you, Dad.

I made flowers for his birthday last year, he loved sunflowers, and I just had to do something. My sweet niece helped me by picking out things she wanted in the bouquet, too. It was a team-work thing.


Chilly out

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wow, what a difference one day can make, it was beautiful yesterday afternoon, now today I had to wear my jacket and I was still cool.

Our nephew is out planting winter wheat and my husband is mowing the lawn, hopefully for the last time this year, but it's hard to tell.

Had some guy run the stop sign and get onto the road I was walking on today, and race right past me. I wish I'd gotten his license plate number, but the cops wouldn't do anything anyways.

My soon to be nephew was nearly mugged in Milwaukee when he stopped for gas and a guy came up behind him, put a gun in his back and demanded his money and keys. The nephew kept looking straight ahead and noticed the guys arms go up for a moment and that's when he brought his head back, hit the guy in the face with the back of his head, knocking him down, then went over and was kicking him hard in the head. He said he saw something fly from the guys hands when he hit him and the guy fell.

He then decided the best thing to do would be to get in the car and take off..which he did. The nephew is going to school to be a heart surgeon, and was heading to his job at the hospital when it happened. He said even if he'd called the cops, they wouldn't do anything.

What do cops do anymore, I wonder that. No coming to deer/car accidents, no coming to accidents under a certain amount of damage, and not coming to help someone like that? Really?

Sometimes it makes you wonder what some people are being paid for.

Anyway, have a great week, and don't forget that smile! emoticon

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AUDISP 10/14/2013 8:51PM

    Cops are dealing with social issues as well as criminal issues. We deal with people threatening to kill themselves. People driving drunk or high, people who have mental illness and are causing a public disturbance. These issues along with neighbor problems, child custody issues, civil matters, barking dogs, 911 calls from cell phones that are not track able.

Your nephew should have called the police, at least it would have been recorded. The reason they usually don't respond to car vs deer accidents if because most insurance companies don't require it. The damages are covered under comprehensive coverage. A reportable accident in the State of Wisconsin is anything over $1000 damage, injury, or public property damaged.

The police are doing their jobs.

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Rains and more

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Heading out for my walk again, I forgot to add the bit of walking I did last night, but that was grocery shopping so I really don't add that.

I woke up around 7 am today and had the worse pain in my stomach/back, just all over and when I got up and walked around it finally went away. I think I may have been sleeping in a weird position and that's what caused it. I feel fine now, but that didn't help me sleep at all.

I'm hoping the rain holds off until I get back from my walk, it's been so beautiful out this year, that I find it hard to believe it's going to rain. Ok, so we had an overflow of rain at the beginning, but since then, it's been beautiful out.

I hope you all seek something to grasp onto and hold tight during this health journey, and never let it go. Remember, you don't need to please anyone but yourself!

This was one of our last years pumpkins..a candlelabra with a spider web in the lower left side. I tried to open up the area where the "flames" were. I love making pumpkins like this.



Friday, October 11, 2013

I love reading the Chats I've been doing and having people actually say that they're enjoying them. There are times I do things and I just don't think anyone's reading them, but when I see something like that where someone is telling me I've helped, or am helping, it gives me the biggest smile in the world!

Thank you, everyone, for the smiles through the past 8 months, I'm so grateful and blessed to have friends like you.

Have a beautiful day! emoticon


Sore muscle for some reason.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Got up this morning and my upper thighs hurt, not sure why, I haven't really changed my exercise and I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary yesterday, oh well, it's hard to tell. Just unsure if I want to take my walk, but I know I will. Won't have many warm days left soon, so I'll get out there while I can.

I know this morning I'll warm up good so I can maybe get rid of that pain, hopefully. Had my breakfast, so am heading out now, everyone have a wonderful day. emoticon


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