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What to do, what to do..

Monday, July 29, 2013

Already made the sugar free, and regular banana bread (I froze the old banana's until I wanted to make some and decided to do it yesterday, worked out perfectly, for some reason the bread is a lot moister, and I'm not sure if it's because the banana's were frozen or what, but it's good, none the less. Had to alter the recipe to make it sugar free, but it still turned out great!.

It was beautiful out today on my walk, didn't need my long sleeved shirt like I did yesterday, I still wore a t-shirt, but it wasn't bad, especially when you get between the corn fields on the road and there's no breeze, the sun was soooo nice.

We're going up to the trailer again this weekend, I still am in shock at knowing we had one weekend where nothing was going on....shall I faint now, or save it in case another weekend pops up?

The Boone County fair is really rushing up on us, and the second week in August is when we go. Our son went to the air show and got some great photos of WWII planes there, I'll have to post a couple here. He loves that era of history, and I was so glad he was able to go. I just wish that I could afford to pay for him to go up in one..that'd be a dream come true for him. Oh well...lottery....come on!

I hope you all have a great day, it's turning out to be one here!

This is our son, Scott, in front of the P-51D Mustang, Brat III.

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MS.ELENI 7/29/2013 7:56PM

    Those planes are awesome. I got Bill a chance to fly one for his birthday several years ago. he had a blast.
I love banana bread but rarely make it. Enjoy your weekend

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DEEO12 7/29/2013 2:57PM

    Glad to hear your bread turned out ! I'd keep the fainting part for incase another weekend pops up and it gets busy for you again lol
I know what you mean about the how pricy it is to go up in the air. We just did that for the kids in a helicopter ride at the fair. I can honestly say it will never happen again at that price. I bet it is alot more to go up in those planes.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our daughter and her pup stayed the night because her bf went to a truck pull with his parents in northern WI. (They've been doing this for years, he drives the truck, as does his dad. His dad got first place last night, YAY.)

Anyway, she, her brother, and my husband all went to see Trace Adkins at the fair last night, while I went to see "The Conjuring" (not a bad movie, has a lot of "jumpy" moments, and much of it is fact from what I've seen. Watched a video by the one daughter and someone who currently lives in the house and, wow..was amazed at the amount of things they didn't put in the movie that actually happened there. I'd be out in 5 minutes...ok, maybe not, but still. *LOL*)

I'm not a big Country music fan, so I decided I wanted to see that movie, my husband hasn't gone to a movie but 2 (with my entire family, it was "required") since before we got married, and I LOVE going, so usually it's me alone, or with one of the kids. Had a great time, then came home and watched tv til they got back with the dog.

I hope you all have a great day today and enjoy it with a smile!

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MS.ELENI 7/28/2013 7:00PM

    That movie is way toooo scary for me. I do not do horror movies. I do miss going to theaters tho.
But it sounds like a good weekend

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Cool outside

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wow, the temperatures have really dropped, it's mid summer and supposed to be only in the upper 60's, really? and it's cloudy out besides. Oh well, guess we can always dress up more better than we can remove more clothes...that tends to make other people shy least in my case. *L*

Our son just took off for the air show in Madison, or whatever it's called, they have a lot of WWII planes up there, and he LOVES anything to do with WWII, I hope he doesn't have any problems finding it. I wished my husband would have went with him, but at least he's going with our son and daughter to the Trace Adkins concert in Janesville tonight at the fair. I don't like country, so I'm staying home with the daughter's dog and enjoying some peace and quiet..though I was thinking of going to a movie. Still unsure.

Anyway, time to get going and do something, I was wrong, I did have a weekend free, YAY!! Have a great day! emoticon

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MS.ELENI 7/27/2013 6:24PM

    Still sounds like a good weekend. No cool weather here. But my AC works great emoticon

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Another Beautiful Day

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wow, my blood sugar was really high last night, so I finally changed my insulin pump and it came down. I'm not sure why it went whacky like that, but 369 was overload considering the small amount I'd eaten for supper. I'm thinking there was a malfunction in the tubing, OR where it was connected to my body was just off. But I changed it and it came back to normal. I hate when things like that happen and I have no other choice but to change it.

Went for my walk today, another cool, beautiful day outside, I love to listen to the birds singing outside, it's so calming...I think I said that already. I've been reading my book while I walk and I love it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to spread those smiles around, it'll not only make you feel good, but may just be the saving grace for another person. emoticon

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DEEO12 7/25/2013 9:27PM

    You must be able to multi task. Reading while walking. I would end up walking right into a pole lol Glad o hear your sugar levels went down. Thats scary stuff.

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MS.ELENI 7/25/2013 4:20PM

    Glad your sugar levels came down.
What are you reading

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Smiles, smiles, smiles

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I know some may have seen this before but hey I'm so thrilled about it, it still has me smiling today.

A couple bicyclists rode by me on my walk yesterday and called out "how's it feel to live in God's Country?" and I just was surprised, but answered, "Wonderful".

I looked around as I walked and saw the beauty of the wheat fields, the corn fields that I was walking past. The creek and listened to the water bubbling over the rocks, the minnows swimming in the clear stream; how the shadows of the trees danced each time the cool summer breeze blew through the branches. The wildflowers that grow along the roadside, and just the way it's so calm, so peaceful.

Don't get me wrong, every day isn't this perfect, but if you look hard'll find beauty in every day.

What a wonderful feeling to hand off to another person, I would love to thank that man, but he's long gone, but the memory of what he did, and how he made my year, will always stay with me. Thank you!


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DEEO12 7/25/2013 9:33PM


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MS.ELENI 7/24/2013 2:11PM


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